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During my high school years I worked at Busch Gardens in the kid area formally know as Land of the Dragons. I was about 15-17 years of age at the time and I loved it; the paychecks that I earned were great for someone my age. after awhile it started to get boring and I wanted to do some thing different. I was tired of sitting at home doing the same things over and over. At the age of 18 I decided that I would join the ,military; honestly the only reason was so that I can leave my moms house.
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Your life is always planned out for you and you don't even know it. During my junior year of high school we had the opportunity to take the ASVAB test. I was not sure of what the ASVAB was but I knew hat If I took it I can get out of class for a couple of hours; so I took the test. When I decided that I wanted to join the military; I went to see the recruiter and was told it was great that I took the ASVAB. My recruiter said that the ASVAB helps to decide what jobs you are qualified for.
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Going in to the recruiter I wasn't really sure what exactly I wanted to do in the Air Force, it was like picking what major you want in college. After the recruiter and I discussed the possible jobs that I could get I decided on being Security Forces; which in the civilian worlds is equal to the police. Being that I was still in school of course the recruiter told me that I would need to graduate before I can leave. I was later entered in the DEP program(delayed entry program). I was so excited to join I didn't care when I left.
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On the weekends myself and a bunch of others that were in the DEP program would meet up at the recruiters office to do PT. I was already in shape because I always participated in high school sports. However, the military PT was a whole new ball. Turns out that I was more out of shape that in shape. we met up on a weekly bases for 6 months; I got to meet new people and explore other jobs in the military. There was also a time when we met on base which was my first time going on base.
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Mcdill Air Force base was like a whole different city inside of Tampa. They had their own gas station, grocery store and homes located on base. Me and my family all watched out first air show and that's when I knew I made a great decision to not only join the military but to join the Air force. Four months before I was set to ship out to basic training(or boot camp as a lot of people like to say) I swore in for the first time. My mom was not that excited that I decided to leave but she supported me anyway.
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After swearing in we had to get physicals done. these weren't the normal doctor physicals that I was used to. the physicals took almost 8 hours to complete! Also because I had chosen to be Security Forces I had to be able to lift a certain amount of weight. That was the easy part. After doing all the physical parts of the qualification we had to be sworn in again. They don't tell you before you swear in for the second time that you have the option of changing your mind, even though I was not trying to do that.
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Turns out we were going to swear in an additional two more times before we left. After the second time of swearing in the time fly by, and I became more nervous to leave. I graduated from high school in May of 2009; my date to leave for the Air Force was August 25th, 2009. it was great that I had the whole summer to spend with my family, or so I thought. I was still working at Busch gardens and worked almost 6 days a week that summer. I worked there until one month before I was set to leave.
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My last swear in was August 24th, 2009. I still have the pictures at home to show just how scared I was. my mom was with me the entire time and I loved her for it. We were told that we had to be at the recruiters office at 6am the next morning. August 25th we boarded a bus that took us to the air port, our destination was San Antonio, Texas. when I boarded the plan I noticed that the entire plane was boarded with people all going to basic training which I thought was pretty cool. Landing in Texas there was big charter bus waiting to take us to base.
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I do not have anyone that I can talk to anymore. My older sister and I never got along growing up and to this day we still do not. My younger brother and I used to get along very well. I always thought he and I were the closest siblings. Until recently we have not been on the same page. My brother likes to lie and deceive and I really despise liars, he also owes me money that he refuses to pay back. Just recently my best friend and I, that Ive known for ten years; also are not talking.
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Ive had people tell me that I am mean, and I am starting to believe it. Two years ago I would have probably argued them about it until my life changed forever. I don't like to talk about what I am going through on a daily basis. Whenever someone asks me how I'm doing I always reply with "I'm good". Nobody never knows exactly how I'm feeling because I choose not to show it. It would be nice to be able to express that to someone one day. I know that there are others who feel the same way as myself.
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Has anyone seen the movie Billy Madison? The exact feeling that Adam Sandler had in that movie is the same exact feeling that i have returning back to school. To return back to school after 9 years out is the most excruciating thing.Especially with having to take freshmen classes with freshmen.No offense but usually "adults" coming out of high school are not the most mature, or the most respectful. I can only imagine being in the teachers shoes and having to deal with high school graduates who think they are entitled to respect without earning respect.
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This is my first time ever working in a call center. At first I thought I would love working here and helping people but, I hate it. More so because I am sitting down all day and on the phone. I'm the type of person that has to be moving around all day or I will sleep where I'm sitting. This is a big adjustment from moving around all day in the military to sitting down for 9 hours a day 5 days a week. Thankfully I have decided to continue my Air Force career part-time on the weekends.
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My journey to become a Veterinarian is going to be long. I do not regret anything however; I wish I would have started school earlier. I am so anxious to start working with animals I've considered doing a internship at the zoo or the animal shelter. I cant say that I have specific favorite animal however my top three would be a giraffe, elephant, and horse. Ive always dreamed to own my own zoo so I can live on it like in the movie We Bought A Zoo; People always look at me crazy when i say that.
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When I was 11 years old my family and I moved from Florida to New Jersey. I remember when we were leaving for New Jersey my little cousin said " is New Jersey down the street?". We were too young to understand that we wouldn't see each other for what turned out to be 8 years. People always say that your cousins are like the sisters/brothers you never had, that couldn't be more true for my cousins and I. That first year in New Jersey was my first time ever seeing snow and i loved it; until it kept snowing.
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We have to stop lying to ourselves about the way certain people make us feel. We know when they aren't really good for us. We know when things are different.Making growth a priority to you will teach you; If you've ever tried to teach me something, thank you. I may have not known it in the moment but in some way I've learned since. I believe every person I met has been intentional.I'm thankful for all my teachers; all of the relationships that I had.Loyalty is rare. Sow the seeds that you'll be proud to see grown.
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I don't want to fight every time I make a mistake. What's the point in being close if we can not be friends, if I cant enjoy how I'm made, or talk to you about the things I fear, dream, and feel. If I'm not free to open up fully, eventually, I'm forced to shut you out.I want the choice to miss you, I don't want to feel programmed to talk to you.Not everyone is trying to hurt you. The past is the past, just because you didn't get your way doesn't mean God wasn't doing his work.
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My Tips of love to live by: 1.Take your time. 2.Give the love you wish to receive. 3.Be patient if you're dealing with anyone who isn't delivered from the fear of getting hurt. 4.Love like you understand what it's like to be hurt before. 5.Be patient and let it grow. 6.If you don't put your guard down and let them in you're asking them to leave. You don't have to be looking for love to appreciate the good in someone.Love serves us better when we stop thinking it owes us a easy life.
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Things change.Change happens by choice, but the discipline to stay consistent can't be developed overnight. True growth is a gradual process. When you start to change, no one will understand. They wont understand the growth or why you are doing it. Don't worry about them. Focus on the bigger picture.Sometimes the growth will hurt a bit, the path may look different than you thought it would. Don't let your moods get in the way of your goals.Be present and trust the process.Do what makes you feel free. Let go of anything that makes you feel otherwise.
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If you're doing well in life. I pray things only get better. If you're looking for answers, I pray clarity for you. I pray you're open enough to recognize and accept what's best for you. if you're lost I pray you have awareness. I pray that you're surrounded by people who remind you of how great you are. I pray you're given the strength to let go. If you feel like quitting, I pray that you are given a vision that shows you beyond today's circumstance, one that inspires you to keep going. But why cant I pray for myself?
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When I was a little girl I always thought that I would become a singer. I know that everyone dreams of being something when their little, but I honestly thought I would be like Beyonce. My family used to ask me all the time to sing something for them and I would. I cant really remember how i sounded or if I was truly a good singer. Then when I was around 11, my family and I moved to New Jersey and i stopped singing. If i would have continued I probably would be in Hollywood right now with Beyonce.
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There is so much going on in the world right now. I never speak on anything because honestly I am one of those people that doesn't like peoples opinions. I know everyone is entitled to one, but if I feel strongly about something I do not want to hear someone try to make me feel the same as they do. When I look on Instagram or other social media sites all I see is gossip about celebrities and non important things. It makes me upset because there are more important things going on then to be talking about celebrity drama.
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This year me and my best friend Tynisha will be going to Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I went last year and that was my first time going in years. Last year when I went it was an okay experience. The lines were so long, and it was so crowded. I expect the same for this year but I will be a little more prepared. I think i will buy the fast pass, if they sell it. That will allow me to skip the line and not have to wait the 1 or 2 hour normal wait time.
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Before I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian, I took cosmetology classes in high school. I wanted to be a professional nail technician. My first year in the class was all hair. It wasn't that bad but it is not what I wanted to do. we learned to do perm rod sets, wax eyebrows pretty much everything that you need to do about cosmetology. The second semester is when we started on nails, which didn't last long. For only about 2 weeks we learned how to properly paint and do nail extensions.I took this class for 3 years.
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Horses are one of my favorite animals. Today after class, my co-worker and I are going horseback riding.My co-worker found the ranch on Groupon for a cheaper price.The first time that I had been horseback riding was when I was 11 or 12. I cannot contain my excitement. I am the type to read reviews on a place before i visit. I am hoping that when we go to the ranch it wont be anything like the reviews say. If the ranch is like the reviews I will probably cry because I love animals so much.
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My Shih-Tzu Is 8, turning 9 on Octobe 13th My mom got him for us when he was just 8 weeks old and he has been in our family since then. When people say that your dog is just like your child it is true. Everytime I see him he instantly turns my from around. Anyone who knows me knows that if I am out then my dog is with me. He loves car rides so I try to take him on as many as I can. I'm afraid the older he gets the less enjoyable it will be.
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Last Saturday I went horseback riding with a friend from my job. Anything that involves animals I am down to do. The experience itself was so calming and relaxing, I will definitely be going again. However when I go again I will look for a different place to go to. The ranch we went to this time, the view wasn't all that great. They also have teenagers that volunteer there and they mistreat the horses. While riding I witnessed our tour guide slap the horse because it kept walking when she told him to stop. Overall the experience was great.
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I am now the sole primary caregiver for my younger so sister. She is 22 years old but requires around the clock care because of her disability. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Especially trying to juggle my job, school, taking care of her and trying to have a social life. It's like I have become and overnight parent. My older brother and sister share none of the responsibility with me but I rather have it that way anyway. They are not the most responsible. My aunt helps me out from time to time when I just need a break.
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I was told today that I don't like to accept help from anybody. It is partially true. I have never been the type to depend on anyone. I guess I get that from my mother. Of course I would like help but I always feel judged taking it from people. I am one of those people that will break my back for anybody but not expect anything in return. I just love helping people. Most people just love helping you to say they did it. Of course Those are the type of people that I have to watch out for.
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I love Nicholas Sparks' books. I recently just finished reading The Longest Ride. It was based on 4 people's lives. Two younger adults who are compete opposites who end up falling in love, and a older man reminiscing on his love for his wife that passed away. I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie so I can picture it while watching. Well, I watched the movie the same night I finished reading the book and I was not that impressed. From now on I will just read the books and let my imagination do it's thing.
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I probably have a total of 100 books in my home. I have always dreamed of having a wall on my house full of books. Like a in home library. Eventually once I collect enough books I feel like I can make that possible. Right now my books are currently still in boxes, I am still looking for the right bookcase to hold them. I've been told I should get rid of some of them but I love to keep them so I can re-read them. I don't think I would be able to ever part with any book.