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Being in honors classes is difficult. There is a lot of work that is required of honors students, and it always seems as though once one assignment is finished, another is waiting to be completed. It is made especially hard for those in marching band. There are long, hard practices twice a week and football games on Fridays. Marching band is so tiring that it is often hard to get any work done after practiced and performances due to fatigue. However, I won't quit marching band because I made a commitment to the band and I need to keep it. 
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It is often said that music is a universal language. I find this saying to be true. Feelings and emotions are big components in music, and even if the words are in a language you don't understand, or doesn't have lyrics at all, a message is still being sent across. And the beautiful thing about this is that some people will take away something different from others from a piece of music, and each experience with music is unique for every individual. It is something we all an relate to, and brings human beings together through chords and harmonies.
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I wish I were more creative. Sure, playing a couple instruments can be considered something creative, but when playing music, it is often the product of another's creativity. The composer wrote the music, and I am just reading the notes and lines on a page. I want to be able to create something concrete on my own without relying on others for the creative process to occur. I know that there are many hobbies that I can learn and teach myself to solve this, but every time I try, my perfectionism gets in the way. Hopefully I figure it out. 
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I have a playing test in November. The music is extremely difficult, and it will take a lot of practice. I got the music several weeks ago, but I haven't had the time to practice due to homework. I don't think I will play very well because I don't know when I'll get the chance to practice. This test will determine what chair we'll sit in for each section (first chair being the best) and I fear that I'll lose second chair. However, if I lose second chair, the pressure to practice will be lessened, therefore alleviating a little stress. 
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When I started dual enrollment, I hoped to earn my associate's degree before graduating high school. However, I don't think that this dream can become a reality. For this semester, I only had room to do six credit hours, when the recommended amount to graduate in two years is twelve. There is a high chance that I also will not be able to take the full amount of credit hours next semester, so the outlook isn't looking too well. I can, however, take summer classes, but I don't think summer classes will be enough to make up for the hours.
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I have three brothers. One is named David, another is named James, and the youngest is named Daniel. They are all younger than me, and because of this, they can be quite annoying. Sometimes it seems as though they annoy me on purpose. However, I know that is what most brothers do, regardless of whether or not they are younger or older than you. But it's hard to remember that fact when one of them is waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me about a crazy dream they had. But, I still love them lots.
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Mpving to a new area is difficult. None know this better than I. My father used to be in the Navy, so I spent much of my childhood moving around the country. And even after my father got out of the Navy, he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, and this caused us to move around more. Now, his pursuit has brought us to Florida. Moving to Florida has been difficult because we have mostly lived in the north. But I'm sure I'all a climate soon enough. Hopefully. 
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It might sound strange considering I'm going to a school for doing so, but I don't really enjoy playing the clarinet. However, my main instrument is the bass clarinet, but my band director made me switch to the regular clarinet because they were running low on clarinets. This felt unfair to me because I went to Blake High to further myself as a bass clarinetist, but I can't play it because of something that was out of my control. So because is this, I find going to school exponentially less enjoyable because I must play an instrument I don't like.
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This year, as my math class, I am taking AP Statistics. This class is very interesting. It explains the probablitlies and percentages of data and surveys. When a survey or observational study is done, the power of statistics is used to determine the percentiles and help analyze the results. This is important because sometimes the data that we collect can be complex and therefore confusing, so statistics helps clear up the complexity of the data. In addition to that, most surveys are done on a small portion of a population, so statistics helps us estimate the data of the population. 
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We had an assembly for the Juniors about class rings at school today. The presentation was given by Herff-Jones, and it was very informative about our options and the opportunities. In addition to the ring, you get a necklace as a place holder until the ring is finished being crafted. Also, the ring comes with a custom made ring box. After all of the rings are finished. ring produced, the company, Herff-Jones, has a ring ceremony where they present the students with their rings. Because of all of these benefits, I made the decision to get a ring.
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Sunday. My new favorite day of the week. My whole week is filled with homework, school, marching band, responsibilities, catching the bus, waking up early, going to bed at a reasonable time. However, Sunday is my day where I stress the least. This is the day I used to shed the stress from the previous week to prepare for the rest of the week. I sleep in for as long as I want, and I do my homework at whatever pace I feel because I have the whole day to do so. Although it might be uncommon, Sunday is my favorite. 
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In journalism, we haven't had a teach for several weeks. When we started the class in the beginning of the year, our teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was still teaching the class. however, a week later, instead of starting with our bell work like usual, she had us all quiet down and she started talking to us. She spoke of how her husband had passed away in April, and how she isn't handling being a teacher very well. She told us that she had a substitute lined up for the rest of the year, but nobody ever came to teach us. 
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I moved here to Florida on May 8, and it was a sad occasion. The night before, I had gone to senior prom with my friends, even though I was a sophomore, because they had invited me due to the fact that I was supposed to move soon (we hadn't known that it would be the very next day) and we wanted to have a good time together before I left. But on our way home, my mom had called me because she forgot to tell me we would be leaving the next day. So I left with barely a goodbye.
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After moving to Florida, I had spent all summer alone because I was new to the area and didn't have any friends. For a while, I hated Florida because my parents moved away from all of my friends halfway through high school and then the summer break I had worked so hard for would be spent alone. It was hard to adjust because I had no one here to give me company besides my own family, and we drove each other crazy very often. It's easier now because I've met some friends, but I'm still trying to adjust to everything.
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Winter is, in my opinion, the best season. The cold, crisp, air is always very refreshing when you first step outside and the snow is always so peaceful. It seems to dampen all the sound, and the surrounding environment is so bright that it seems surreal. The sky turns a shade of purple that is not usually seen any other time of the year. One of the best things about winter is when you go back inside after being out in the cold and getting a hot mug of coffee or hot cocoa, and sitting by the fire place inside.
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Today, I played at the homecoming for Blake High School. There was a pep rally that the MYJ (Marching Yellow Jackets) participated in, and it was a lot of fun. I am glad that I decided to join marching band because it is a great group to be a part of. However, it is very stressful due ti the fact that I am taking a lot of high level courses, and I often do not get home until seven at night. I don't think that I will do marching band next year, but I am glad to have experienced it.
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Today, my cousin drove me to class instead of my mom. My cousin and I are pretty close, so it was a nice car ride. He always blasts his rap music, and often listens to what he refers to as "trap" music. But today, the music was different. We were riding on the Selmon Expressway, when I noticed that the song was in an entirely different language! The men in the song were singing in Korean, yet it sounded just like any of the other rap songs that my cousin listens to that are in English. It was very enjoyable. 
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Forensic science is a very interesting subject. Last year, I took crime scene investigation as an elective, and in that class we learned the science of forensics. We went in depth about blood, fingerprints, evidence, and many other things that are involved in the process of solving a crime. While it might not seem as though this would be a class that is useful unless you plan to work in criminal justice, it was more useful than you'd imagine. For example, I used the information I learned about blood when I was trying to learn more about blood donation. 
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Today, my band director made an offer to me. He asked if I wanted to play in the pit orchestra in the upcoming musical being held by the theatre program at school. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love theatre and wanted nothing more than to join that pit orchestra, but I simply do not have enough time to make the commitment. I am taking two different college courses along with several AP courses along with marching band, and the regular music I get everyday that I have yet to finish. I hope that maybe next time I will have the chance.
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Sometimes at school, other students will come up to me and start speaking Spanish to me. This would be cool, except I don't speak Spanish. Many of the kids at school think that I am Hispanic (namely Mexican), but I'm not. They say that they think that I am Hispanic because of my skin tone, but I am this color because I am half black and half Korean. In addition to that, I am usually quite pale, but since I am out in the sun a lot for marching band, I have a very deep tan. It is getting very old.
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Today, while in band, the rest of the clarinet section and I were folding origami swans in between playing songs and movements. After all of our swans were collected, it was somehow decided that I would be the one whose stand would proudly be adorned by the various pieces of folded paper. Of course, a draft blew all of the paper swans off of the stand (while we were playing a song!) and the band director noticed. He stopped the rest of the band, and squashed our cranes on the floor. We all had a great laugh after class too.
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Today, in driver's education, I got behind the wheel for the first time. At first, it was very stressful because I didn't even know the difference between the brake and the acceleration. But as soon as the car started moving, I knew that i would drive alright. We were practicing turning and the process was not as complicated as I imagined it to be. It was actually fun to do, despite the rest of the people in my car worrying that I would mess up. We'll be practicing turning for a couple more days, and then we'll drive some more.
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Coming up on the 30th, I should be finding out the results about a contest I entered. I entered a poem of mine into a poetry contest that the America Library of Poetry is hosting, and they contacted me back and said that they were going to publish my poem in one of their books, so that was really interesting. However, I also want to win the contest because it will make me feel more accomplished (that's the name of the book my poem is getting published in by the way :)) about my poetry and my writing skills in general.
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Every Saturday, I have a class for English Composition. I am always tired because every Friday night, I play in the marching band at football games. But, it gets even more tiring when my 5 year old brother wakes me up at 7 in the morning (I usually don't get to bed till 1 a.m.) and wakes me up. I get very upset because I am grumpy and tired and want to sleep in till 10. But I get a little less upset about it when he says "Hey! you can't sleep during sun time! Sleeping is for moon time!"
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I am getting very stressed out because I have a 75% in AP Physics, and I am afraid that this will drop my GPA. I try very hard in that class, but the material is extremely difficult. I am going to go to tutoring on Thursday, but the end of the marking period is in two weeks, so I don't have very much time left to boost my grade before it's put into the books. I know that a 75% isn't the end of the world, but I want to make sure that my GPA is high enough for college.
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I miss singing. I used to be in choir in Pennsylvania, but I can't do it at the new school I'm in. At Blake, you can major in one art, and I chose band. I know that singing is easy, that I could just do so in my own time, but I have so much school work to do, and listening or singing along to music is too distracting to my thought processes. I get distracted by music because I listen to all of the different nuances of the music, and then I am paying more attention to the music than my work.
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Upcoming in November, my great grandmother is going to be celebrating her 70th birthday. This is a big deal because she has had many different ailments that many others don't survive. She had a heart attack, and pulled through on that. She also had thyroid cancer, and is currently in remission. She also had a problem with her diabetes and almost had to get both of her legs removed. She has been through so much in her life, and yet here she is, celebrating her 70th birthday. I am very proud of her because she still has to strength to make me smile.
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At my lunch table, my friends and I act like idiots. We do bottle flips like the ones seen all over the internet, we spend much of our lunch period trying to balance pennies on their sides, we throw carrots at each other (because no one likes those anyways) at each other, and we watch videos that we find funny that have over-enthusiastic clarinetists. Every lunch period, we struggle to finish our lunches because we are too  busy attempting these stupid tasks, and are laughing too hard to eat without fear of choking. Every day at lunch is fun.
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Today I got my learner's permit to drive. I know that it is a little bit late because I am 16, but the rules in Pennsylvania stated that I couldn't get my permit till I was 16 and then would have to wait 6 months to get my license. Here, teens can get their permit at 15 and would get their license at 16. Although I am behind a lot of the other kids here in Florida when it comes to driving, this is still exciting because this means that I am one step closer to acquiring my license. 
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At marching band, we usually have to run a lap around the football field before we start to march and after we finish stretching. For me, this is absolutely terrible because I hate running and I am embarrassingly out of shape. But today, the drum major had a surprise: any section of instruments that had perfect attendance at marching band rehearsals for the previous week wouldn't have to run! My section had perfect attendance so we were one of the few sections that didn't have to run. I was very happy, and this ended up making my whole day.