BY Masee

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Today has been a very good day for me because i was able to have enough sleep. I usually go out all night long and is not able to sleep until the early morning. I work almost 50 hours a week and it is mainly during the day so I don't get able to sleep throughout the day either. My boss yesterday told me that he didn't feel like working so instead he just took me out to eat and gave me the money I was supposed to make working that day. My boss is a very kind hearted man.
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My boss is an amazing successful young man that always has my back no matter what. We work together as painters mainly in the Riverview area. My boss has always been there for me even when I felt there wasnít anyone there for me. He took me into his own house at one point when I had nowhere else to go. He calls me his kid and told me that he always wanted to be a father figure to someone and help them mature and help them financially which he is. I can honestly say that my boss is amazing.
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Today I would like to talk about my 2nd oldest brother ďJahedĒ. He's a very hard working person just not very intelligent. He is more interested in fitting in rather than being too smart or being too nerdy. He is about 5í10 feet tall and is 20 years old. I have already caught up to him education wise and am now taking the same classes as him just with different instructors. I believe the reason he is so far behind right now is his girlfriend. She is a very bad influence on him and has been poison to him.
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Today I would like to talk about my oldest brother ďHamidĒ. He has always been very mature and I look up to him. He has been through a very bad breakup which at one point took his eye off of his goals but when he recovered from it he became so much for focused. He does not work right now but he goes to USF and is studying very hard to become a pharmacist. Heís far ahead of me education wise and always helps me and gives me the power to try harder. My big brother is my role model.
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Today I would like to talk about my mom. My mom is so amazing. I would never replace my mom and would never think any parents is better than mine. She has become a lot more lazy as time went by but I canít blame her she had a very difficult life. When we first moved here she used to walk all of us to different schools then walked all the way to work and after work she would walk back to each of our schools to pick us up. Iíll never forget what my mom has done for me.
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Today I would like to talk about my Dad. My Dad is the most unselfish and hardworking guy I have ever known. He works every single day from the morning till the evening. He has never changed on any of us. My dad is a little shorter than me about 5í5 and has gotten older as the years passed by. His hair grew white and he got a lot wrinklier. My dad I and have been through lots of problems in the past week but in the end of the day he is still my dad and my role model.
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Today I would like to talk about myself. Me, Myself, and I. I believe that I am the hardest working kid that is my age. I have 3 jobs and go to Hillsborough community college as a full time student. I work as a painter (which is my main job), I also work at papa johns as a delivery driver and at Winn Dixie as a cashier/bagger. My hardest and favorite job is painting because I always make good money when I paint my easiest and worst job would be Winn Dixie because time takes forever to pass during nightshifts.
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Today I would like to talk about my painting job. My painting job goes by very fast and is very easy to me. I start at 10:00 and my boss and I go get breakfast and get to our workplace at around 11:00. We get there we scope the house out and me and my boss each pick what rooms were going to paint and start working. Before we know it itís already 4 and we go and grab a bite to eat for lunch. After we finish eating we start cleaning our tools and we call it a night.
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Today I would like to talk about my papa johnís delivery job. I absolutely love this job only downfall I have with this job is the wear and tear on my car. I am free and able to do what I want, get free pizzas, and drive around all the time. I usually am talking on the phone or listening to music while Iím doing my delivery so Iím always entertained. I even brought my girlfriend to come work with me which was a bad idea because now we broke up and everything is awkward when Iím working with her
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Today I would like to talk about my ex-girlfriend. I love her I care for her but I donít see us ever being. I donít feel bad about any decisions that I made and I donít feel bad about anything she ever did. Money donít matter itís the times and the memories and thatís all that matters. We ended up being at the wrong places at the wrong time which caused us to be where were at now. Unfortunately she didnít take the break up as well as she should have but I wish I told her Iím always here.
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Today I would like to talk about what I like to do for fun. I have a whole bunch of hobbies but my 3 favorite hobbies is playing football, watching movies and making money. I played football all throughout my middle school and the beginning of my high school. During sophomore year I started working so I didnít have time to be playing any extracurricular activities. During that time I used to always get home late at night and wasnít much I could do so I would buy a movie and watch it with my family until I fell asleep.
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Today everyone around the whole entire world have smartphones. Whether they have old metro smartphones or having galaxies and iPhone. I myself has an iPhone 6+ one of the newest phones ever. The day I bought this iPhone was a Tuesday like two summers ago. I was begging my mom and dad to buy me a phone and I told them that I will slowly but surely pay them back. Finally they felt sorry for me and bought me the IPhone. I paid them some money when I got my first check then never paid them back for the rest.
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This week has just been horrible. I have so much things I have to do that I canít keep track of it. Me working 3 jobs really makes it difficult for me to do my schoolwork. For example today I came to school at 12:00 and I get out of school at 2:55. As soon as I leave school I go straight to work in which I have to be there by 4:00. I work all the way until 11:00 and that barely gives me any time to complete the homeworkís that I have due later that night at 11:59pm
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My head has been hurting all day today. I been going through so much stuff lately that i understand why its in such pain. Only thing i have right now that is going for me is money. I love money. If I go a day without making money i feel like i wasted a whole day. I have saved up a lot of money so far but coming December im gonna spend everything i saved up on a car. I love coupes so therefore im thinking about either buying a infinite G37 a scion FRS or a Hyundai genesis coupe
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I used to play a lot of games when I was little. My favorite game when I was really young was halo. I was a professional at that game. I even played MLG at one point. My parents finally got tired of me and my brothers always fighting over the game so she just picked it up and slammed our game system. Ever since that day we didnít have games for a long time then finally on my 16th birthday I was allowed to get a game again. I bought my ps3 that same day but now Iím always busy.
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Today Iím going to talk about the day I crashed my car for the first time ever. I was in ybor city delivering a pizza to a hotel. I call the guy and tell him that Iím outside the hotel and he tells me to go inside the parking garage and meet him up there. It was pouring rain outside and my right window was stuck a little cracked open which didnít caused it to completely fog up the car and not let me to have a clear view of the streets. Next thing I know I hit a wall.
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I hit that wall so hard I was in shock. I donít really remember everything that happened but I do remember I looked down at my phone because the customer was calling me again. I think I was probably going 20 miles an hour and it was a square shaped wall just in the middle of nowhere. I hit the left side of my car I didnít think It was a bad accident but that accident actually ended up costing 1000 dollars. I needed to replace the headlights, the bumper, and the fender of my favorite car in the world.
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How I first started driving was I used to always pull the car out the garage when my family and I were getting ready to go somewhere. Slowly but surely I started to take it a little further. Next thing I knew I was driving the car to the first stop sign of my neighborhood. I didnít have a license so I wasnít allowed to go any further than that. One day my mom made the mistake of allowing me to drive to the grocery store by myself. I gained a whole lot of confidence in my driving that day.
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Today Iím going to talk about a topic Iím not so proud about. I believe that the United States should allow the legalization of marijuana. The reason I believe in this is because I have had a lot of bad times in my life and I did smoke before and it helped me get through a lot. Only problem with marijuana is that it can easily get addicting but I believe that I only use it when I have a purpose of using it for example me going through a break up or me having a lot of family problems.
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Today Iím going to talk about my English teacher Ms. livesay. I honestly donít know you that much but youíre my favorite teacher. I say that with all honesty mainly because youíre very open minded and understand that everyone has their own problems. You took the time out of your own life to buy us snacks knowing that were going to be hungry in this class. Today my 100 words were due and when you came up to me you remembered what you read of my previous stories and said ďI know that you are very busy just keep working.Ē
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Today Iím going to talk about my goals for the future. I have worked very hard to get to where Iím at right now. I donít ever plan on quitting because I already got so far. I plan on continuing my education until I can become a pharmacist. Pharmacist make 100,000 dollars a year which is almost like 50 dollars an hour. I plan on owning my own house by the time I am 24 years old. You might think itís crazy but my boss told me itís going to happen because he already helped my coworker buy his house by age 23
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Another one of my goals is to have my car by the end of December this year. I have saved up a lot of money already and am just waiting for my financial aid money to come in for the second semester and I will have enough to buy myself a nice car. My boss told me that he is going to be giving me some cash for Christmas which can help me save up more for my car. In addition to my boss giving me money I am also getting money from my dad in order to buy a car.
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Today I am going to talk about how I feel about I actually think itís an amazing and easy way to stop us from doing a whole bunch of essays. A lot of people donít appreciate it but in all honestly I appreciate it I just never have time to work on it. I really like the fact that you actually take your time and read what everyone writes about and you actually memorize their stories and tell them about it in class. It lets us know that you actually care about what we have to talk say.
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Today I am going to talk about a quote that I read and really liked. ďYou need to sweat like a pig to look like a foxĒ. I believe in this quote mainly because I know itís true. No one will ever be able to call themselves perfect unless they work hard to get to be perfect. In the gym you need to sweat and work hard to achieve any kind of progress. Itís a proven fact because some people go to the gym and instead of working out they talk with each other and wonder why they never see progress.
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Today I am going to talk about me again. I love to look the best I can. I always try to dress good and look up to my standards. When I have something bad going on in my life or donít have a haircut I end up not dressing good either. I tend to dress how I feel. When Iím not in a good mood I usually just show it through my style of dressing. For example right now I been going through a lot of extra stuff with my ex and am not in a good mood so I dressed in pajamas.
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Today I am going to talk about how much I love food. Food is a necessity to everyone but for me food is motivation. I love to go to expensive restaurants and eat and the only possible way for me to be able to do that is work hard and make money. A lot of the time after me and my boss finish a house we go home wash up get the paint off of us and go to a fancy restaurant and eat. I love going to fancy restaurants with my boss because then he pays the bill and I save money.
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Today I am going to talk about my hair. I love how my hair looks but sometimes my barber messes it up. A lot of people that see it still like it but to me I know it could be better. He usually messes it up because he does too much of a high fade but this time he messed it up because he made my edge a little crooked and my line isnít straight. Even though he messed me up a couple of times I still would never change barbers because he treats me like family and is hardworking
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Today I am going to talk about social media. Social Media has grown in importance throughout the years. Almost everyone in Tampa right now has a phone mainly for social media. People use apps like Facebook and Instagram for many different reason for example they use it to stay in touch with family and friends and other people use it to find ďthe oneĒ. People also use social media to stay in contact with people they use kik and snap chat as a different easier method of talking to each other. Social media is slowly turning into a necessity in the American culture.
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Today I am going to talk about what family means to me. Family to me doesn't mean being blood related. I believe that family is anyone that cares about you with all their heart. If someone wants the best for you and no matter what has your back then thatís family to me. If they understand what youíre going through and is still there to help you go through it their family. Family never turns their back on family. If anyone ever stopped being your friend because of anything and completely gets out of your life they were snakes not family.
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Last but not least I am going to talk about fake people. I once treated one of my old friends like family. I told him stuff that I never told anyone and thought it was safe with him. The next day that I told him my ex already coming at me crazy. He told her that same time I told him to make sure not to tell anyone. He is no longer family he is a snake. I almost got in a fight with him a couple days back but we just squashed it now I just know to not trust anyone.