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So, this is me writing the first of many entries into! I have absolutely no clue on what to write about or even share. I'm not used to just randomly entering data or text into any medium. Well, since I'm halfway into the count for the day, let's begin! Today started out like any other day except i was in the mood for a Starbucks frozen Frappacino with an extra shot of espresso and extra whipped cream. I slowly got up and dressed quickly to go to the very new Starbucks up the road from where I stay. 
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The Frappacino I had yesterday at Starbucks was absolutely outstanding! Chocolaty, frosty, minty goodness covered in a decadent whipped cream made my day. While sitting there enjoying my liquid nirvana, I began to appreciate the smaller things in life. It's not an everyday occurrence that I get to have the chance to go out and have a relaxing moment to enjoy it. I also began to look around at the customers there and I noticed how some of them were engrossed in there work as they typed on their laptops and made phone calls to their jobs checking in. 
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Today, I went to Miller's Ale House for a late lunch. I had a craving for a hard root beer and a good inexpensive steak. I managed to get a good seat at one of the high top tables near the bar to catch a college football game being played on one of the large flat screen television sets. The wait staff was great by being efficient and courteous. I ordered my hard root beer along with a French onion soup as a starter. Then I ordered a twelve ounce rib-eye steak with a loaded baked potato. Good eats!
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Today, I went to visit a sick friend at the hospital. It was a very tough time watching him suffer in agony and pain. I had a hard time keeping my composure while hearing the projected chemotherapy treatment and what other therapies he would have to endure. However, as time passed he kept a great attitude about his condition and a positive outlook about it. I became amazed. He was an inspiration to me and a reminder that life should never be taken for granted. In spite of it all, we should all be grateful for our time on earth.
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Labor Day! A day filled with barbecues and family togetherness. Today, I stayed home! The majority of my family was out of town visiting their in-laws or friends. So today was about getting some much needed rest and relaxation. I stayed in bed until about 10:30 a.m. Then, I got up and went to the movie theater to watch a few movies that I've been wanting to see. I'm happy that I got a chance to see them and relax. Afterwards, I went to Red Robin for a delicious hamburger and sweet potato french fries. Great Day!
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Today, I had to help someone resolve an issue at my desk and it was a challenge. Not because it was hard to resolve but, because the gentleman was extremely rude. His attitude towards others was extremely derogatory. I had to keep myself calm and in check. Why do certain people have to berate one another in order to feel superior? I try to be understanding as the next person but, sometimes it can become a chore. Thankfully, I was able to resolve his issue in time and send him on his way in a better mood.
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Today was an entertaining day. I went to Walmart and happened to watch two ladies go after each other like immature children! The funny part was what they were fighting about. Panties! That's right! I said it- Panties! Ladies underwear. Grabbing each other's hair and pummeling each other for something so trivial is beyond me. It's amazing to me that someone's behavior can go so wrong, so fast. Just like that, they were ready to literally beat each other down over clothing! Neither one of them chose the high road to let the other one to keep them for herself.
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Good Morning Football!!! 
Today begins the start of the 2016 NFL season. I have been waiting in high anticipation to see if my team will make it as a contender in their division although they do not play until Sunday. However, there will be a double header on TV tonight and that will keep my appetite at bay for the time being. In the meantime, I will continue to do my assigned home work until kick-off tonight. So far, I have maintained a good attitude and a palpable excitement towards my classes to succeed. It's a good week.
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    Thank God it's Friday! it's been a long but productive week and I am ready for a break tonight. The funny thing about today is that I have no idea what to do or any plans for tonight. I suppose that i could go hang out with the guys from my group in Riverview since I haven't seen them for a while now. Another option is to go home, relax and study for the evening since I have my English composition class tomorrow. Decisions....
    I think I'm going to do both!
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    Today, is the tenth day of writing on and I'm amazed that I got this far! I surely thought that I wouldn't be able to find anything to write about but, it's not as bad as I imagined it to be. In fact, I have had to trim some of my paragraphs down to meet the daily, one hundred word, count. I believe the biggest challenge that I have been met with is choosing what topic to write about. If I can keep the subject matter simple enough, this will be a moderate task.
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    September 11, 2001 was a harrowing day for the United States and for me personally. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was in Denver, CO preparing to drive nonstop to Seattle, WA in my Ford Excursion to catch up with the my artist in the MTV TRL concert tour I was a part of. Fully fueled and all six CD's in my audio player, I loaded up everything in the SUV and proceeded to head out at six in the morning local time. I drove 300 miles nonstop before getting 'the call'.
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    Today, I went to school for my classes and learned some interesting things in my two legal studies class. I originally thought that becoming a paralegal would be a boring choice but, as it turns out, it has become a very engaging subject so far. I am excited to know that once I get my degree, I will be able to help to those who need it and make a decent living while doing it.
    In other news, I went to The Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant for lunch and had an outstanding Lasagna. 
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Today, I received a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones from a vendor called Patozon on These are now going to be my go-to set from now on. The highs are crisp, the mids are set back just enough, and the bass isn't 'muddy' at all. They are extremely comfortable and have various sized ear-tips and specially made wings to fit perfectly. Also included are the 'sport' tips just in case you need to allow a little more sound from the outside in. For the price, I have to say, I'm impressed
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    I can't wait for the cooler temperatures to finally make it into Florida eventually, I know the cooler temps won't make it here until mid to late October but, a man can dream! It has been a very hot summer so far and I am tired of sweating for no reason!
    The great thing about cooler temps is- 1) being able to take it easy on the air conditioning 2) wearing clothes comfortably without worrying to soak them through and through, and 3) lastly, get a chance to see some Fall fashion.
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    I absolutely love to travel! Jumping in a car, boarding a plane, or loading onto a cruise ship are my favorite forms of travel. My favorite places in North America to visit so far has been, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Washington DC, New Orleans, South Beach in Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.     I also miss traveling to Europe. So far, my favorite cities there are Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I have to get back into taking traveling vacations to add more favorite cities to my list!
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    So today, I'm working on my classification outline for my essay. This has been a challenge so far. However, I have to embrace the challenge and stay positive. Not only is this vital for me to succeed in this class but overall in life. Getting to be successful  is my ultimate goal. As I'm typing this out I'm beginning to come up with an idea for my outline. Hopefully, it will be an outstanding one but, I will be satisfied with all the constructive criticism that makes it better. Time to get to work. 
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    So time to hammer out another paragraph for I actually missed doing any submissions for a few days. Today I think I'll talk about one of my favorite foods- Pizza! I absolutely love to have it covered in extra mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. The crust of the pizza can be deep dish, thin crust, traditional style or even stuffed with more cheese! My favorite style is New York even though I do like Chicago style as a strong second place. Typing about any pizza makes me want one for dinner tonight!
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    Over the next few days, I will be writing about a few of my favorite movies and television shows. Today, I'll begin with my absolute favorite comedy- Shaun of the Dead. This movie (starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Kate Ashfield) is about a 30 year old loser with his slacker best friend having to battle a zombie apocalypse while trying to get back in the good graces of his girlfriend! This is a great movie to sit and watch with a girlfriend or boyfriend. I suggest to pop some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy!
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    Welcome back! The next movie I'll talk about is The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. The Green Mile is about the lives of 5 Death Row guards affected by a HUGE black man accused of rape and murder of 2 little girls yet, he possesses supernatural powers. The story is very engaging and emotional and had me interested from the very beginning. This movie is very entertaining written by Stephen King and directed by Frank Durabont. I highly recommend to watch this film. Coming up next- Let The Right One In.
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    Continuing the theme of my favorite movies, is a foreign horror film called Let The Right One In. Set in 1982, this film is about a young 12 year old boy, named Oskar, who is bullied by his peers but, finds love and revenge from a girl, named Eli. Now Eli may look like a normal 12 year old girl but, she is well over 200 years old and a vampire! I thoroughly enjoyed this partially romantic, coming of age horror movie and highly recommend this film to be put on your to-see list.
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    Today, I had the most wonderful experience meeting up with an old friend from high school. He hasn't changed much which, is a good thing! It's good to know that he and his family have been doing so well after all these years. The last time I had the chance to talk to him, I was in the Army getting ready to head to Iraq. We were both concerned and nervous about the war at that time.We spent most of the day catching up with each other! It was absolutely great to see him! 
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    Today, I decided to watch one of my favorite art shows- The Best of the Joy of Painting hosted by Bob Ross. Just watching him paint and explaining his methods to the TV audience is extremely relaxing and inspirational. He makes oil painting look incredibly easy. From mountain ranges, to seascapes, and various other settings, he encourages the viewer to take that chance and just start painting! I myself have done so, and it is easy to do! Watching Bob Ross painting and listening to his soothing voice can make an average day so much better.
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    Today, I watched another episode of the Best of the Joy of Painting featuring Bob Ross. He painted a wonderful forest landscape with an old log cabin set in the forefront. I am always amazed at his technique and skill while, he paints away on the canvas. The different shades of blue, brown, red, and green make the painting seem to come alive! I hope when the time presents itself to me again, I will be able to create paintings and other various forms of art to keep me relaxed and poised for another day.
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    Today, I continued to work on my classification essay both at home and in English Composition class. In class today, we got a chance to have a peers review and go over the essays. I received some constructive criticism and applied it to the essay. I also submitted my essay in to a school tutor for review and suggestions. Hopefully, in the next 24-36 hours I'll be able to make whatever corrections necessary and submit it in to my English professor on time. This is my first classification essay that I've been tasked to write.
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    Today, I watched an exciting NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The excitement lasted the whole game as both teams traded the lead score often throughout the game. Both teams played well most of the time but, they also made crucial mistakes. Then, when it came down to the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter, the game had to be suspended for 1 hour and 9 minutes due to lightening in the immediate area. Once the game resumed, the Los Angeles Rams beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-32
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    Today is a good day! I managed to finally turn in my essay while crossing my fingers that it will get a passing grade. I also managed to get to the gym early this morning without any interference! Today I was able to do some strength training on my arms legs and stomach and then walk 4 miles on the treadmill. It's been a while since I was able to get a decent workout in a day. Now, all I have to do is continue to be healthy and stay focused for the rest of the day!
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    Today began like any other day- getting up sluggishly, going to the fridge for some orange juice, turn on the local news on TV, begin to figure out my existence on this blue planet and then it hit me! Not an idea or, an incredible idea or, the answers to the universe. No, nothing that astounding but, what hit me was a ceiling fan blade! For a moment, I thought I saw stars circling my head like in those old cartoons! So I picked it up from the ground, cursed at it, and put it back.
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    Only a few more days left on! Wow! I didn't see it as a possibility to just type about random things but, I did it. So I hope that I have gotten better at this whole writing thing as time has passed by. I wonder if anyone has felt the same way about typing on this site like I did. I'm not sure if this is a shared experience between peers. But, if anyone decided to ask me about my opinion on doing this task, I would simply tell them- it ain't so bad!
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    Today, I was reminded on how fortunate I am to be alive. A friend of mine passed away. You see, almost two years ago I was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer (rare for a person my age) and had major surgery a little over a year ago. It's been a long, tough road recovering back to almost 100%. The surgery alone was so extensive that my doctor compared it to receiving five Cesarean sections at once! After the surgery, I had to endure chemotherapy for six weeks. Thankfully, today, I can talk about my experiences.
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    Wow! My last day on and I'm kind of saddened that I won't be adding any additional entries after today. Well, at least nothing more for the immediate future. Unless, of course, I can get extra credit! I feel like I should be making a speech at a podium thanking my professor, certain classmates, and family for their support and guidance! Nah! I think I'll just come back to reality and recognize that this is just the beginning in a quest to achieve my degree as a Paralegal. It's been a pleasure.Good Day!