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I really donít know what to write about anymore , Maybe I should write about my math class . It is so hard to do the home work in this class because he gives us like three hundred questions and they all take some time to do . What makes them so hard is not that they take long but the fact that we only have two days to do them , and it takes me more time then others because I suck in math . On top of that I work a minimum of 45 hours a week so I really donít have much time . Its my own fault , I should have taken less classes ,me thinking that I could take it on and work full time was a mistake.
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I'm so ready for the new movie Kong to come out . So Kong is this movie about the grate king Kong .i think the movie take place on skull island , which is located in the Bermuda triangle near the Galapagos islands. On this island all the animals are unusually large and very aggressive . So people stubble across it looking for that new unknown. Shortly after arriving they realize that they are not alone. Come to find out not only do large crazy monster animals live there , but also a group of savage Neanderthal that attack them. On top of attacking them this tribal people also try to feed the new comers to Kong as a sacrifices
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What a time I'm having at my friends palace.having a few drinks talking about the past and what life friends are good to know I don't think of it much , but I love my life . There is much to do in it , and so much to think about . Like why am I hear, what do I need to do saying this is wonder how I'm even hear.LIke really how am I hear what is my purpose.I don't mean to bore you with the my talk of self awareness, I just can't help it.
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Sleep is hard to get, especially during the daytimearly.when the sun is up in don't know what it is, but I can not sleep well.olny if there where a way to help you go to sleep, and I don't mean like some drug , like a sleeping peal.I'm talking about an exercise that would relax the mind allowingredients it to be free from stress.TV always helps me go to sleep , even though doctors say that it's not good to watch TV befor bed. It's said to prevent you from having a good night's sleep , and delays the recover.
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she is now coming up to read my stuff and I really do not know if I can finish all of this stuff in such a short time span .well just have to get it done and make sure that it sounds well and looks well. hope that she dose not mind that I'm just talking about anything and everything. have to work tonight . I go in at 8 pm and leave at four am . what a night that I have for myself. just like the ones before me . I will teach the next killing bird to fly to the bottom of the sea
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I look up at the sky thinking why should I be the one to do such a thing like this . why am I the one who can see these things that I see. my brothers have all died and I am left alone I this battle for the world . who is there to have my back , who can I call to come and kill the sun when I need them to .what this all means may not make any senses to you . why is there a bubble around the world why do they lie and say there is not a bubble
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In class now writing this stuff. wow I really don't know what to write about any more. Now that I'm hear and doing this work I really wish I would have finished this yesterday. The sky is blue the and the ground is lost. what more can I do to get this done . Hot dogs and red books what am I going to about this work . ok , now I just need to really think . open my mind and just let it all out , be free and say what you want to say. it's not that hard if you go the extra mile
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the black sheep of the undead sea has come to the second land of the new son of the king . where the battle will take place . I will fight for the lives of the living as he fights for the lives of the dead . who will be the victor is up to the one that wants to win the most . I son of cane , and brother of the grate one who has move the sea and the sky will do as I'm asked to keep this world in one. only because of what happen to my home , all gone and dead .
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It comes to mind when in collage maybe even when in high school of how good your teachers are. What is a good teacher, like how can you judge that when different subject require diverse methods. I donít know about others but I feel " its your own opinion " , you may feel that they donít like you ,or that there're a bigot or whatever . But it's up to you , I have this teacher that inspires me . From her life yet I donít know it all but from the little that I do know she decided to make a huge change at a point where most would not bother.
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As I sit and I think what could I be doing productive with my time , like Home work , or reading up on politics and what's going on in the word , even improving my skills at writing .Even at this very moment I can not help but feeling as if someone, or something is watching me . Maybe I'm just crazy , that's one possibility . But then think about the others possibility's , what are the other possibility's? Well have you every had an experiences' where you felt something was wrong like an unpleasant event mite accrue, and then one did why is this. Are you psychic ? Probably not so why .
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why am I the one that has been taken from his home , I do not know this place , I do not like these people . Humans they call them , theses things are nice but lack the ability to see what is around them . I want to help them , I was sent to help them and save the world . they may not like me , they may not understand me , heel I don't think I can do this but I must try something to save them the killer of dreams . from the one who steles your dreams , and kills your children in the night .
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I feel that life is every changing it, is swirling heap of randomness ,misunderstanding ,and hardship . Well thatís if you see it that way . Some days I feel I can take life on ,even with all its challenges , but other days the sky's are gray and the light's are dim. I guess you could say that my life, for the most part is black and white . Day in day out I would wake and relive that my life had no purpose . Hell even my thoughts had no purpose . I worked two jobs ten plus hours every day for what ?
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Now that I'm hear I donít know what to feel . The work is not hard but a load , and without much time to do it I'm not sure I should have taken 3 classes . Yea and I know its not that much, and that if I just work hard and push I can make it . This place is all about you . Without self motivation hear you will not make it. Only if I would have just left for the marines I think to myself sometimes . I just want to be in a place where I can be free to do anything. A wild animal I am , stuck in this body just waiting be free. Ready to spread my wings , ready starch my legs , and rip trough tides .
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just keep swimming and you will make it. one day I hope to live in another place where I can be what I really am. the king of the sea , the dog of the dammed .I AM THE ONE THEY CALL really if you don't believe me that's okay I like it that way, one day you will see what I am and who I am . the day will come when the world will end the last days of this place is hear .no one can stop it . it will happen and I will be there to see
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like I said the world that you know will one day be gone and the sky will rain down the hell of flame burning the flesh of all who do not believe I me . I do not mean to scare you , this is to warn you of what is to come . I think that you need to know . as you sleep in your bed thinking that you are safe in your little brown house not knowing that the king will be hear soon. the only thing that you can do to save yourself is die with peace and give in.
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Once again I come to think of the meaning of life. So simple, yet so complex we think and live. I can not say that I even understand , just the thought is beyond my keen. Think about this. This writing that you are looking at , the light in the room or, even the slight discomfort in your back . How do you know this is real , and what do you call real ? See the way I see it is there is no best answer for this question. Not really sure how you see the world or feel about the world , but I do know that you should question the present reality that which see . I remember read about the light that comes from any give object is just an allusion or reflection .
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so the other night when I was hanging out with my friend and he as me to do some blow . I talk to another one of are friends , and we talk to him about his problem , and what he needs to do to fix it. I would hate to see my friend go down a slipper slop. in this world all you have is your friends to get your through tuff times. As a friend it is your job to let the know when there is something wrong . It is your job to make sure that they are okay and
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The art of cleaning tables is one long lost .wipe up wipe down cricle , cricle down down.some don't know of this skill, and never as you read this what are you thinking ?, maybe that I'm full of crap and I'm just trying to meet the word requirement. Well you would be worng .There is an art to it and it will change your life .you must first start with a nice clean wiping rag. Next you starch your hands to prep for the challenge to you want to rilize that your where right haaa aa
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I just got a new watch and I really like it. it cost a pretty penny . the water on the table is so pretty and is full of life , as this world is full of life .the sky that I see is so nice and gray . the world I see is but one of many . the place's that I have been to are unlike most that you have seen .they can be dark and cold but also loving and warm . there is not much more to say about these places besides the fact that they are different and strange wow
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so i got a zero on my homework in my english class.I think its becaue i could not email her. my dum computer wont let me message anyone on now i have a fifth in this class. im reallying trying i hope she knows that . Guess its my own fault,should not have taken three classes at once and working 50 hours a i know for next time, to only take two classes .besides that i got an ok grade in my history class. its the only class im for sure that i will pass.
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this year I have lots to do, I think I will be starting school in the summer .wait what am I talking about summer is so far away . well lets talk about how I'm doing at work . the store has been doing good and making lots of money. The more we make , the more I make . I get a bonus every month when we hit specific amount of money . I love it , getting to work a fun job and make money easy. I could do this job in my sleep . only this is the hours that I work really drain me at the end of the day.
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Just broke the glass on the back of my phone. Not really sure what to dour, I'm think about getting a new but I'm not up for an update yet .so if I buy one know I will have to pay full price .which I don't mind , but that's less money on my pocket. I did just get payed but it was on 7.21 dollars though it would be 8.70 so that's also a conflictingredients factor .thinGSM like this are just a pain in the butt. Well I think I should let you know that again I was meeating the word requirement
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Just got off work and im feeling so good .i dont knwo why , but at night is when i feel as if i'm at my peak.I feel stronger, faster , smarter , like i can do anything. I'm starting to wounder why?, can there really be a reson for it? i really hope i can pass this english cass.i dont wnat to have to take it again.Tonight is the night that i really make the change and try to lock it donw.Don't get me wrong i really have been tryin ,but know i will try something new to help.
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The times when I'm alone are some of the peaceful I've every matter if I'm in a room full of people , if I'm not with friends I'm at peace.makes me think what's the point of making bonds and friendships. Even now I'm sitting alone and feel so relaxed. Maybe it has something to do with the primal part of are mind. That awareNess that keeps us alert, it want let you be at peace when people are very close and in you bubble .or maybe that's just some wired compaction with my mind.some daye we will have all the answers
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Going out tonight just to get a brake for all that I have been doing. I love the fact that I can do this work anywhere , on my phone during work at the club , or even in bed.but back to what I was saying , I'm going out to the club called Dallas bull.It's this country club on 301 and MLk. The crowd is not just country there's,hip hop, r&b , tecno and more . The people are very fun , there's no's plane old fashion fun.I go with my friend Colby who is a airplane pilot
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Know thinking back , I was suppose to be over seas.In the Marines living my life. Only if I lied like they told me to , I would be gone.maybe happyou, not thatI'm not happy now , just saying .I had it all planed out. I would go , do some work over there for like 8 years,then maybe get out start a business and settle done. Most young men like me say that's crazy to think of .settling down of course,I'm not sure why really , maybe it has something to do with living it up aND see the world
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Just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years. It feels like a new beginning, but also a big hole in my hart. Not really sure how to feel about, or what to do .I really think I will just worry about school and not women for a change.This has really open my eyes.I was not happy with her, she could not see that all I wanted was her attention and love.she could only see what she wanted.I'm starting to think she never cared at all.That it was all just to pass time before she went to college
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So I took a test in elary American history,and I think I killed it. That being said it was not that hard due to the fact that we got to use some notes. The class is easy if you read and take notes, well it's a little more then that. Like organizing your work and the notes. You can write down everything he says , but still not have the hight school I didn't like history but nowe it's very much that can be Larned about this country and it's people , like the American dream
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Being a manager is alot like taking care of a child .you have to train people like they are children , and deal with there problems'.Everyday I learn so much more about managing people, I learn how to deligate as they call it.wait I know this is random, but my friend just asked me to do some blow. Now you got to ask yourself what do you want for your future, and will this current moment where you decide to do something dum.If your wondering if did not do it.I'm all work and school, no time for that crap
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So in the club and it's just so many people that I can't even walk around , this week there is alot of people . So now think , I have some work for English do to tomorrow.Need to get that done so I can pass that class and get on with my life . Got to be at work at 9:30 and don't get off until ten I stoped typing, this is an update , people still going hard dancing. Will keep you posted.think I'm getting tired of dancing .don't get me wrong it's fun and all, just wow