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I'm the number one man Burning bright in the palm of my hand I think I'll start my own brand Of heat that could singe the earth Stopping each and every birth No one can match my power They are all shacks while I am a tower I'll soon be the king and ruler of this planet "Have a seat" i say to all who can't stand it I'll crush them all under my heel Not overconfident just so real that it's surreal I got no chill and if it was up to me you'd all be getting no meals
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Hey, Bob it's me Phil we used to chill
Remember when we used to play football, we used to kill
Hey, Phil it's Bob I now run the mob and a Bodega on the corner as a part time job   
Wow that's real crazy, don't you have a baby? You used to be a nice guy ain't the mob a little shady?
Yeah... I know... You're probably right but I cant feed a family off of bread and rice 
I guess I should've mentioned that now I'm a cop... WAIT, PUT DOWN THE GUN! DUDE STOP
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Brain more active than a squirrel with a sugar rush
I couldn't hush, even in the library where them nerds was reading books and stuff
I'm cooking up, a pot of weird and strange things like a booger lust
You couldn't touch, me i'm like some art so just keep looking bruh
The teacher told me that I couldn't cuss, I looked at her
Told her "blah blah" now she looking dumb
Spit some cool bars now I'm at seventy words
So basically i edited just about seventy slurs
And you would think i'm from the sixties the way these seventies blur       
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I'm different from all of you whether you want to believe or not. Ripleys
I'm like the sun and all ya'll do is circle around me
I be the bright purple pants with the zippers while ya'll just basic tan.
Eating good off the intellectual plate, while ya'll brains stay.
The amount of times I had to tell ya'll I'm something special.
If we animals then I'm seen as the big bad.
Army of Hogs pointing firearms hoping they can.
Hit me
But Harambe on my team ain't that a.    
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Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and could swear I'm not human
See, I could be told by anybody that "obviously you are" and given lengthy pages of facts explaining why and still not believe
There's just something different about me, not in the way in physically constituted but in the way I think
I look at everyone just moving through life like some type of robot programmed to stay on a strict path determined by some greater being 
I myself can not live that way
I think I may be a robot to, but a broken product   
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I like Hockey 
Society say the stereotypical black guy should not 
Again I'm really different  like i do not fit many of those stereotypes 
I don't like fried chicken
I don't like Grape soda alot
I do run like a mile away from my original location at the maximum speed my legs will take me when I laugh but some things are just really funny and deserve that action
I am always late but not like 3 hours late just usually like 10 minutes because i end up rushing in the last 10 minutes
I love me   
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Animals are awesome
For like the past couple months I've been really nice to everything
I have had like this overwhelming urge to love everything I come in contact with 
As weird as this sounds I've been nice to even ants
Like who is nice to ants?
I let a couple ants live in my house 
Like I don't even ask for rent
They're just there, living and stuff
The other day i saved a turtle 
Turned my car around in the middle of the street
Hopped out and took that little guy to a paradise 
He chose a lake 
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I am a party king
That was actually a lie 
I feel like these days you have to drink and not be able to stand afterward for someone to say "Dude hes awesome"
I'm more of a party king in the sense that I have a lot of natural energy and bring mad positive vibes  
I no longer like this topic so I'm changing it right now
I doubt the existence of them but how cool would that be to see a unicorn as you go down the street 
just doing its unicorn thing          
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I feel like music these days is wack
Nobody really makes anything that generations down the line will come back and say "that is amazing"
Like name any song from the past five years (in rap or r&b) and its honestly not even on the level of what music used to be
The closest ting i think we got was Drakes album If you're reading this it's too late 
The entire album was great and he actually seemed to put some effort behind it
I'm comparing that to the recent stuff like Lil uzi and Migos
Those things are complete polar opposites 
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Lemme Spit Real Quick
It's day 10
I'm writing no pen
I got no friends
Waiting for my end
Pop Pop Pop shots in the air 
Just shot somebodies grandma and I don't care
Purple Bears in a cage and they got no hair
Dead lions at my feet man life ain't fair
Five course meal man and i won't share
Black Batman come and see my lair
Drummer drummer boy can you be my snare?
Red diamonds on your finger, where you get that from?
Mad bright future momma called me Sun   
This easy not fun                   
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There's no one cute in here (lying by the way)
I swear I am like the only attractive person no matter where I go
Like it seems like no one can keep up with me, I'm on like a whole other level 
Despite my active melanin production some might even say i shine or glow
I look like what most people think when the word god comes to mind
I am a being who has evolved past our current standards of beauty
I am like as cute as if a Panda and Elephant had a kid       
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I want a baby T-Rex 
Like if i had to travel back in time and fight a full grown T-Rex and kidnap it's child... I would 
I would not even feel bad, like i eared that baby T-Rex
Imagine the size difference between me and its parent and the advantage it had
Like that parent would have to be a terrible one 
I'd probably bring it back to the future and be a billionaire
I'd rule the world when that thing grew up 
A billionaire with a baby T-Rex are my goals    
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Thirteen is an unlucky number and I'm not even that superstitious or anything 
I think it has something to do with the fact that Halloween is right around the corner 
Halloween is like my least favorite holiday
Like who ever thought of that day is a terrible person
I personally hate being scared and i have the worst reactions to it
As if the world is ending right before me 
But the costumes are cool 
Especially when people actually try and terrify you because their costume is really realistic and stuff
Yeah i hate them too   
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I'm about to have a panic attack
like i just want to finish this and go home and sleep because I have work tomorrow
Yes I'm going to sleep for like twenty four hours to make up for the sleep that i missed throughout the week 
I've been working alot and it's crazy that im still alive
I honestly don't know how workers in all those stories did it and SLAVES those people must've been like superman or something 
To keep up what they do their whole life
Slaves should have been hired as assassins    
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We have arrived at the half way point people isn't that great 
No it's not you silly goose that means i'm only half way done meaning I've only suffered through half the painful beating my wrists are going to get today
only halfway through this hell
I honestly didn't think one hundred words would be hard to pull out of thin air  
Like i swear i talk way more than this and I'm typing everything that comes to mind 
Monkey Cow Goose Elephant Turtle Monkey crap i already said that lets go again nevermind... yeah  
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My mind is great

A Large maze 

So many twist and turns that it’s almost impossible to understand 

You’ll find yourself lost and confused 

So many images and memories 

A collage of my past, present, and things imagined 

Most mean nothing  

Just things I’ve seen or idea’s I’ve come up with 

The others can represent something from my childhood  

The fun I used to have 

Or somewhere I was frequently  

Either way they have some sort of deep meaning  


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I am insane 

I am big hearted and creative  

I wonder if aliens exist 

I hear animals talk to me 

I see the galaxies before my eyes 

I want to soar through the skies 

I am big hearted and creative 

I pretend I have superpowers 

I feel energy flow through my body 

I touch the bright, glowing stars in the night 

I worry that I will one day no longer be remembered 

I cry at the death of someone close 

I am big hearted and creative 

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I am from peanut butter, from Jif and Peter Pan 

I am from the pictures of everyone’s big moments on grandma’s wall  

I am from gathering at grandma’s, and small ears, from Pavrette and Pierre-Louis and Brice  

I am from talking during a TV show and watching old movies a million times 

From “Get out of the street” and “Don’t play in the dirt” 

I am from Jesus Christ and Catholic schools 

I am from Upper Darby, Pa and Haiti, Chicken and Brown Rice   

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My brain is mush like I am dead I can't think anymore...
I tried to be creative again but that didn't last 
Wow I think i just discovered the solution to all of my problems 
Visual aids like i am about to just look around the room and pick out random stuff that I see and put that down on this computer because I honestly do not care anymore 
This is worth a lot of points and I need them 
This thing is ten percent of my grade
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Black Pen Black Pen everybody needs a black pen
Green desk green desk that green desk is a pest
Black Screen Black Screen that Black Screen is real mean
Kodak Black Kodak Black Let him out i need my music back
White bored white bored this assignment has me mad board 
wrong words wrong words yeah i used the wrong words
Tan walls Tan walls nobody should ever wear no tan drawls
Black Phone Black Phone man i really want to go home
This is lame this is lame I really need this fame so that im no longer a lame
You're welcome america   
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People are weird Like Asia especially DON't Yell at me
frogs are green the sky is blue i like plaid shirts 
i don't like leather pants because my friend wore them to the mall in the middle of the summer with some boots 
My friends are cool like i made really good choices all of them are gonna be famous with me even the one's i havent seen since i was like ten it's two thirty nine and i'm running out of thoughts 
a fence why must a fence block my path to success 
i hate stupid fences 
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tattoos mean a lot to me i can't wait to get some like they are all going to look amazing on my beautiful bronze skin in the shimmering light yup i am going to look great maybe people will actually like me and stuff because right now i get really sad when i feel ugly yes i feel that way even though it makes no sense since i am obviously gorgeous
monsters on his shirt and his shirt is red he's got curls on his head they almost look like dreads hes a Rasta who eats pasta in the night sky 
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She got buns in her hair and a blue plaid shirt and a lot of tattoos with no meaning because she doesn't care like i do 
Corey just called me a mean name but i'm not hurt because he's joking he moved his head left then right and looked around the room why is he still looking around 
he's picking up his backpack and no he's leaving 
he's exited the door and i can no longer see him 
goodbye Corey this entire thing has been really creepy but but hey i got the words yay 
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quick copy copy paper is probably white in side the box if i could look right inside the box i'd see white paper that's blank with no words or images or anything to identify each individual paper it is like they're all clones of each other meaning they all have the same mother yeah that's a lot of babies yeah that is kind of crazy how a lady can have so many babies always lying on her back giving birth has to make her kinda of lazy 
yes i just said all of that everything you just read  
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Who even chews double mint gum i rather me a five that's a five gum pack or orbit in my mouth
They both come in blue packs like blue crack I chew them like a teething baby I know i sound real crazy and this flow is kind of wack but step back and relax while i slap this track or dunk it like my nickname Shaq   
New verse i just started the last one has departed or ran away like a fat lady farted oh man i think she sharted now my eyes burning bleeding I'm conceited goodbye
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I'm a rabid dog 
I was about to start rapping but i realized i hadn't spelled rabid right..
like why did i not know i didn't know how to spell that
it's a really common word that I should know or at least i should know that i didn't know how to spell it 
is rabid a noun cause if so i'd like to smell it 
I know that's weird but what does rabid smell like?
If i smelled a rabid dogs mouth which would probably bite off my nose would i still be able to sniff it's insides
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I really need a girlfriend like if girls only understood the amount of love i have in reserve inside of me in my mind i'd be surround by a line wrapped around the world 
but i actually spoke to Daraya and a couple other girls and they said something that makes no sense 
like girls enjoy the chase or something meaning they always go for the bad guys because they want what they can't have 
 well I'm making an announcement right now!
NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE ME! I'm unattainable..
Now let's see where this goes 
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Only three more entries people 
We have almost finished 
I don't know why i didn't do this earlier it's actually pretty fun 
I wanted to do this while under the influence of a strong herb found in nature but it seems all i can do then is eat and sleep 
But in those moments I have so many thoughts rushing through my mind i could write a book if my thoughts somehow reached paper
I also noticed that things such as tv and food change for the better
like i don't even like doughnuts 
but yeah...  
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What if we could talk to inanimate objects 
like how mad would a bench be when it finally got to yell at everyone who sat on him for the past ten years
and i think trees would hate dogs, like how much urine can one take splashing on their feet before they go haywire  
OH MY GOD... Toilets
I forgot about toilets... like what did they do to deserve such punishment if they grew arms and legs i think we'd have to worry about our toilets killing us in our sleep 
Yeah welcome to my stupid mind   
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I can't wait to be famous 
like no one right now believes in me but i know it's going to happen
I've had dreams about it since i was twelve and i'm like the most interesting person i know 
I not gonna be a comedian but just a funny guy who says funny things at funny times in funny places 
That is my dream and i'll make billions just being myself and buy even more funny things to make myself even more money to do greater and dumber stuff
DON'T Sleep on me Famous Peter 2020 vote for me