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This is my first submission into 100 words, and I have not really decided how to use it. Most likely, I will try to make this a daily journal, sharing my experiences on each submission. In that case, today I will right about college. This semester I am taking 9 credit hours, Public Speaking, English and College Algebra, two of which online and the other is once a week. This is my second attempt at college; I tried over a year ago, but soon after the semester started, I was called to go on a deployment, resulting in incomplete courses.
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So far, this semester of school isn't going terribly, but I could be a little more responsible at managing my time. A little bit too much procrastination and not having a consistent sleep schedule may catch up on me. In high school, I always had a problem keeping up on homework and studying. admittedly, there is a lot less work to keep up with now that I have so much less to study for, but I should still be more timely with completion. besides that, the classes are all easy enough, besides the speeches for public speaking, as I expected.
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Since I have moved to Tampa, I got a job at the Starbucks right down the road from my house. So far, it has been going very well. I have always been a slow learner, and this job is no exception, but my coworkers have been very patient and knowledgable, making it a much less stressful experience. I have also learned a lot about coffee and espresso since working there, it is insane the number of things you can make with them, Starbucks barely scratches the surface. I work about 20hrs a week, keeps me busy for the most part.
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When I was on deployment, everything was so much less stressful. We had free food, no bills (not even phone bills because we didn't get any service out there) and a tax free paycheck every two weeks. I got my own room, which was a 100 feet walk from work, so I wasn't even paying for gas. To be honest, I could hardly even tell that I was in a third-world country. I was just thinking about that today and kind of realized I missed a few things from being on a deployment, I never though I'd say that.
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Still thinking a bit about my last entry and being on deployment. during the 9 months I was there, I worked with the same 6 people the entire time, 8 hours a day every day. We were inside and safe as well. I miss the consistency of that on top of all the things I previously talked about. Furthermore, even the weather was nicer; It never got above 60 degrees the entire time I was there. Compared to Florida, where if I'm lucky I MIGHT be able to walk outside and get the mail without coming back drenched in sweat.
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Unfortunately, I haven't been doing much photography lately. I picked up the hobby about a year ago and I was consistently getting great shots, but I have not really had the time the past few months. Florida does not really have much that interests me in terms of taking pictures, I enjoy a lot more elevation and scenery, more than just swamp and bugs. I know that is being a little bit ridiculous, Florida definitely has more to it than that, but I just really don't know where to look for it. I miss being able to take different pictures.
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I have been thinking about where I live and where I want to live recently. I said it in an earlier entry, but I am not really a big fan of Florida, mainly because of the climate and the geography. I do not really care for beaches, either. I know I would like a place like North Carolina or Oregon. The variety of climate, the occurrence of seasons and the lack of yearly humidity have me sold. I would like to visit both of these places in the next few years to see what I would think after staying there.
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I have drill today until Sunday. I have never liked coming to drill... Since I am in the National Guard, we are not on active duty status, instead we are on drilling status, which means that once a month, for about a weekend every month, we have to come the armory (mine is in Deland) and mostly do administrative things, like going through briefings and signing papers. This month, we have to requalify with our weapons, so were going to Camp Blanding, way up in North Florida. It is in the middle of the forest too, I can not wait...
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Half way through this months drill, and it is hot. Spent all day getting most everyone qualified and pretty much just rested after that, so it could have been worse. The food is pretty bad, but its free and its usually hot so I do not have that much room to complain. On the good side, I have a decent pay check to look forward to, almost makes it worth coming all the way up here for this, but not quite. Tomorrow we pack up and head back to the armory, and from there we are released, maybe on time.
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Did not get out as soon as I thought we would yesterday. Somehow, I got incredibly lucky and was selected for ADVON, which means I get to go back to the armory early and do an inventory of all the sensitive items and make sure everything was ready to go when everyone else got back. I say I was lucky because everyone else had to stand outside in uniform for a change of command ceremony. When I say everyone, I mean about 400 people. I was able to completely skip this and sit in the cool air. I am lucky.
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So glad to be back from drill. It was actually very refreshing to go back to work over at Starbucks. I got free caffeine all day, got to work in the AC (I hate sweating unless I am working out) and dealt with more pleasant coworkers. Besides the 6 people I worked with oversea and my best friend of about 8 years (also deployed with me) I do not really like any one that I work with in the National Guard. Also, its hard to come by any caffeine, let alone getting an unlimited supply for free. No more withdraws!
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I have been wanting to put more decoration up for my room for awhile now, but I haven't had the extra money for the stuff I want. I have some memorabilia from my favorite video game, Fallout, and some cork boards up, but that is pretty much it. I like having a room that is fully decorated and clean, because it is so much less stressful to live in. Since I am doing all of my homework and studying here, it should bring as little stress as possible, right? Ill have to save up for a few photos or something.
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So my girlfriend and I have planned a trip to Northern Georgia for our one year anniversary. We are staying in a cabin in a small town called Ellijay. She found the cabin on AirBnB for only $99 dollars a night, and even the fridge comes fully stocked, so I am pretty excited. I have never been up to Georgia, and cannot wait for a change in pace and in scenery (Also climate, but I have said that a million times). We will be going October 2nd and leaving the 6th. It is a 9 hour drive. I cant wait!
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Sort of related to my last post, but I got my girlfriend her one year anniversary gift! She is a big fan of this artist she found online, his name is Leonid. He paints pretty vibrant pictures, I am not sure what style to call it or what sort of pant he uses, but it is very colorful. She already has one of his paintings hanging up in her room, but I could not resist getting her another. On top of all that, the painting I ordered actually looks like both of us. Can not wait to see her face.
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I just got back from Naples yesterday (My hometown). I go there every other Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon to see my girlfriend, Liz. and every other week she comes up to Tampa to see me. I really do not mind the drive, I occupy the 2 1/2 hours by listening to audiobooks, which makes it go by very quickly, even with traffic. I don't think she minds coming up to see me either, considering I got her hooked on the same series of books that I am listening to. It is called the Ryira Revelations, by the way,
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I have never really had any success with keeping a journal, I have tried and after a couple of days, I lose interest. Even with this, it feels like an assignment, not a journal. Do not get me wrong, I like the idea and ease of this being 10% of my grade considering how easy it is to write 100 words about my day. I keep my entrees on paper because it is so much easier for me to write with a pencil, although it takes a bit longer. maybe I will do a 100 words for October? Probably not.
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I get most of my news from Reddit, a link and image sharing website online. I do try my best not to fall in line with any bias, but I feel like it is nearly impossible. Finding any site or news source that does not seem to push an agenda and have a bias is very hard to come by, I have yet to find one. I myself lean towards a more liberal viewpoint, as most people in my age group do, but I do not like being in a echo chamber, I like to see everyones point of view.
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On the topic of my last entry, I can not stand how especially cable news channels like CNN/MSNCB and FOX (all of them, really) are just pushing agendas and reporting news from a very biased standpoint. I do not pretend to be some worldly expert on everything that goes on, but when people are only getting news from places that are reinforcing their opinions and not showing different points of view or just showing the whole picture, they are getting the whole story, it is very frustrating to see this. I guess things like this are just human nature.
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I finished the second book of a three part series today, The Ryira Revelations. It is the series I mentioned earlier that I was listening to the audiobook version of. It really is an incredible series, and the narrator has done a great job telling the story. Each book is about 25 hours long, so I get to enjoy them for awhile. After I finish the finale, the author has also written another trilogy that takes place before the original three books, but still has the protagonist from them. My girlfriend is about a book behind me, she'll catch up.
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So one of the biggest reasons I dislike living in Florida is the weather. Not just because I do not like the heat. I have a motorcycle that I would ride every day given the chance, but almost every day this past summer seems to rain. I can not even remember how many times I have been caught in the rain but it is more than a handful. I do not know if I just haven't noticed how rainy Florida is until I got a bike, or if it has always been like this, but I can not stand it.
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I went down to my grandmas house this past weekend in Hollywood. She has lived there as long as I can remember, owns a nice little house and everything. My grandpa past away a few years ago from cancer so it is just her and her two pugs. She also just retired so does not have a ton of things to keep her busy. My Dad still lives down there so he sees her a couple times a week. I usually only am able to get down there a once every couple of months. hopefully during this holiday season I will.
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Usually when I go down to Hollywood, My grandma will take us (I brought Liz the last few times) to different restaurants depending on what everyone feels like eating. Also, this time my Dad took up out on his boat and we got to see the sun set on the water. I have never really been a huge fan of them. It is not that i dislike them or anything, i have just seen them every day for my whole life so they do not take my breath away or anything like that. Regardless, the trip was still pretty enjoyable.
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Liz is having me take care of one of her dogs because her apartment complex is having an inspection at her unit. She has three dogs and they only allow to so I am going to be watching one just in case they make a fuss about it. His name is Teddy and he is a mini long haired dachshund, pretty energetic and fun. I will be watching him until this Sunday and then I have to bring him back. Neal and Andy already love him, so does Xavier (Andy's Shitzu). They do not want me to bring him back.
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I have been thinking about getting a new dog recently. Being around Liz's three dogs and getting to take care of them with her really makes me wish I had one of my own. It can get pretty boring over here at the end of the day, and I really think a pet would help me responsibly occupy my time, and make my days a lot more enjoyable. I have been doing a lot of research and watching tons of different videos on breeds and dog training, so I feel more prepared. I guess we will see how it goes.
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On the topic of a new pet (probably a dog) I believe I have found what kind of breed I want! An Australian Shepard seems like a great dog for me. They are really energetic and playful, friendly to almost everyone and they are definitely the coolest looking, especially when their eyes are different colors. I have been going on craigslist a couple of times a day looking at different postings and seeing what people are offering. Generally, they are pretty expensive animals so i will have to keep an eye out for good deals. I am pretty excited now!
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Liz and my one year anniversary are coming up, I can hardly believe it has already been that long. She will be arriving in Tampa at about 2 am on the 2nd, and then from there I am driving us up to Ellijay. If I remember correctly, it is about a nine hour drive. The only other drive that I have had to do nearly that long was when I drove to Pensacola, Florida from Naples to see one of my high school best friends. I think it will go much better this time, because I will not be alone.
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I secured a down payment for an Australian Shepard I found online, the seller lives about an hour north of me. She is mostly black with a splash of white and has one brown and one light blue "ghost" eye. I am going to be getting her tomorrow after work! I think Liz is more excited than i am, and I am pretty excited. It makes sense though, she will eventually be OUR dog instead of just mine. We talked about what I could name her and came up with a few ideas, from a few or our favorite books.
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Right after work I drove up to the sellers location (rainy day, perfect) and picked Auri up. Liz and I decided on Auri last night. She is a character from a book series called The Kingkiller Chronicles, one of my absolute favorites. The character has a unique look and personality that go along with a shy but adventurous demeanor. Luckily, it seems to be perfect for my new dog. The drive back got off to a bit of a rocky start, she peed on my lap right when we got out of the driveway; Although it did get much better.
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Everything with the new dog is going well, I ordered a cage online for her, that should be large enough even when she is fully grown. It has a divider until then, so it is not too spacious in the start. I also have a vets appointment scheduled for the morning of the 30th so I can be sure she is up to date and get some flea and heart worm medication. Other than that, I have just been trying to give her enough attention and make sure she is adjusted to the new place as best she can be.
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just TWO more days until Liz and I drive up to Ellijay, Georgia and celebrate our anniversary. We have looked up many of the local restaurants, orchards and sightseeing locations around town and it has us both thrilled to get there. Also, I think I will enjoy the drive there, I love to see new places. I will most likely try and convince Liz to stop at a ton of places while we are up there, and I bet she will not need much convincing. Neal, my best friend, is watching Auri while I am away, I will miss her