BY Bob

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Today I watched Inception by Christopher Nolan and I found it to be a amazing movie, Must people find his movies to be rather boring or too slow paced but I personally think those kinds of movies are the best. The gradual build up to the climatic end had me on the edge of my seat. Leonardo DiCaprio performance was one of his best, rather surprised this movie didnt win him a oscar. The movie explains dream extraction and going deep into peoples minds to gather information.It also deals with how to get over losing someone and moving on.
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Today I watched a marvel movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. I found it to be a very fun movie that has exciting space travel in it. Its my favorite Marvel movie up to date mainly due to the chemistry of the characters and the ways they interact with each other feels natural. The movie includes one of the infinity stones that eventually Thanos will get together to make his infinity gauntlet during the infinity war. The movie is great for the entire family and everyone would enjoy it. I recommend Guardians of the Galaxy to any casual movie goer.
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Dragon Ball Z is one of my favorite anime shows of all time. I've seen it numerous times because I enjoy watching it so much. Its about a boy named Goku who landed on earth as a child and was raised by humans. But as he gets older he discovers that he has incredible powers and abilities. He fights against many foes and travels to many different planets to protect the earth from any danger. A few of his enemies become his closest friends over the span of the show. I recommend Dragon Ball Z to all fans of anime.
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I've been watching a show lately called Naruto. I find it to be rather interesting and very fun to watch. Its about young Naruto a ninja in training to become the strongest he can be. But throughout the way he gets friends to join along with him on his journey. He friend turns evil throughout the show and Naruto must help him become good again and bring him back. There are many cool historical events referred to in the show. Naruto eventually does become a stronger ninja and becomes a little more mature. But he hasn't yet saved his friend.
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Game of Thrones is a great show on HBO that includes great action, drama, romance and my personal favorite dragons. The show includes a lot of people sneaking around others backs and essentially betraying them. Unlike most shows Game of Thrones features many main characters to get attached to but at the same time you know that anyone can die at any given time. The show really starts to pick up at the end of the first season when the soldiers of the north come to the south to overthrow the king and have him killed to take the crown.
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Spider-man the early 2000's movie was a great achievement. Before this time many super hero movies were made very poorly and weren't very good. After the release of the smash hit Spider-man other companies began to work harder and make better super hero movies so they too could make large numbers of sales. At first we just got cheap movies that tried to copy Spider-mans formula and failed, but through time other big comic book company characters were starting to get good movies. Eventually Iron Man would come out and use this formula and make huge sales.
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Halo is one of the best first person shooter franchises ever created and features the iconic Master Chief. The game mainly revolves around space battles and a alien race attacks earth and plans on killing everyone on the planet. Master Chief is told to go into battle and save the planet from certain doom. Along the way they discover that the alien race has a secret weapon in space shaped like a giant ring known as Halo. After saving the planet Master Chief must travel off to this mysterious planet sized ring and see what the aliens are up to.
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I love Star Wars and believe so should everyone else. These movies are just amazing and contain so much heart felt drama and amazing twists that will get you on the edge of your seat. So far in total there are seven movies in the series but only the first six were written and created by George Lucas which personally my favorite mainly due to the fact that they feel much more original. Star Wars introduces the world to Darth Vader the evil sith lord. Most people may also know Star Wars because they introduced the world to light sabers.
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One of my favorite horror movies to watch alone at night is Babadook. This movie has got to be one of the scariest and smartest scary movies I seen in a long time. A mother raises her hyperactive son who has a creative mind and at times came come off as annoying.Then later you find out that her husband the kids father was killed in a auto accident and she was sitting in the passenger seat. During the accident the mother looked over to her husband and he looked back at her and slowly his head split in two .
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Gears of War is a great third person shooter based in the near future and is full of a lot of action and blood. This games main character is Marcus Phoenix and at first he is in jail for previous actions he made during a war that happened recently. Now that mankind is being attacked again but this time by a much bigger and smarter foe the military offers to free Marcus from jail so he can be used as a soldier to help fight against these enemies. Marcus accepts the offer and gets geared up to fight the enemy.
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My favorite artist of all time is Kurt Cobain lead singer of the best band ever Nirvana. He was known for making the best rock hits of the late 80's and early 90's, known for understanding the emotion most people at that time were going through. Kurt and Courtney had a daughter together, during pregnancy Courtney would use crystal meth. Sadly after Kurt came back from a concert and went home he was killed by his wife Courtney Love. She rearranged the crime scene to make it look like Kurt killed himself letting her get all his money and possessions.
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One of my favorite shows to watch is Dexter it plays on Showtime. Dexter is about a blood annalist who lives a secret double life as a serial killer. Dexter kills several people through the show but he follows a rule that his father gave him, Dexter was only to kill people who were murderers and other very bad crimes. Dexter worked in the Miami police department and has access to all the records and information on these criminals. To top it off his sister Debra works with him so Dexter must be very careful about how he handles situations.
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I started to play Halo 2 the sequel to Halo. Master Chief still hasnt yet stopped all the aliens from using the Ring shaped weapon. He must team up with a alien that stopped fighting the battle he was in to join and help Master Chief. Together they work together and stop the Halo ring from being activated and eventually explode the ring so nobody could ever use a weapon that powerful to harm others. Master Chief and the alien known as Arbiter are friends and have a great friendship. They later realize that there is more than one Halo.
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I just got to beat Halo 3 the final Halo game in the epic trilogy. Master Chief and Arbiter are still working together destroying the rest of the Halo rings and heading after toward the evil aliens using them for power. Eventually they do destroy most of the rings and kill the men responsible for using these weapons to harm other people all across the universe. Towards the end of the game Chief and Arbiter must head different directions and say there goodbyes to each other. Master Chief is then frozen and put to sleep until next time he's needed.
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Earlier this week I watched a movie called the Avengers. Its a super hero movie were all the heroes must work together to fight a evil foe. Iron Man. Thor, Hulk and Captain America at first don't all get along with each other. But eventually once things get really bad and the villain began to attack New York city the heroes began working together and go by the name of Avengers. At the end they take down the big bad guy and save the city. At this points they are all now friends and continue to save the world together.
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I don't watch too many kids movies but I do enjoy a few. One of my favorite to watch is Finding Nemo. Nemo the clown fish loses his mom while hes still in his egg. Later on Nemo swims out too far into the ocean and his dad tells him to stop. Nemo does not listen and then a giant shadow appears behind him. I turns out to be a human and he captures Nemo. Now Nemo's dad must go on a journey through the great ocean to find his captured son Nemo. Eventually the dad does save his son.
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I just played Tomb Raider a video game for the Xbox . The main character Lara Croft goes through tombs in search of artifacts and treasure. Eventually some people in the area shes in capture her for being in their territory and try to kill her. After out smarting them Lara gets away from these men and is trying to escape the island she is on. While on the run you must fight different corrupt religious groups and enemies attacking you. Towards the end you see a ship on the shore of the island. Lara gets in and gets off island.
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On my free time I like to give my friends haircuts. Haircuts is a form of art and I find it to be rather relaxing. Over time and with a lot of practice I got much better at cutting hair. The other day I had to give my brother a fade which is kind of rough because of all the blending needed to do this style. If the blending isn't performed correct then the haircut will turn out bad and leave noticeable lines on the persons head. Luckily I been cutting hair for a while resulting in a nice haircut.
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I love to go out to Ybor Centro in my spare time. The nightlife and all the different pizza joints are all amazing. You can find varies clubs for all kinds of people in the Ybor area and if your not into all that dancing they also have nice relax bars. The prices of drinks are not so high so most people who go can usually afford to have a good time. Then when you are done drinking and the clubs close you can walk right across the street to grab some New York style pizza that tastes absolutely amazing.
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On my spare time when I really bored I like to sit down and draw whatever comes to my mind. I'm not very good at drawing but I find it to be relaxing and calms my nerves if i'm stressed. I don't like to use pen while drawing because I find that pen usually smudges the image and doesn't get as sharp as lines as a pencil. When I draw I forget all my worries around me and become focused on my artwork, especially if I am listening to my music while drawing. I love drawing and will never stop.
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I love to eat all kinds of foods but my favorite type is fast food. I usually grab food in a hurry and tend not to have much time to eat out. I usually go to Taco Bell because I love all there burritos and tacos. My favorite would have to be the Five Layer Burrito. I like the layer of nacho cheese melted in it not to mention its stuffed with rice, meat, sour cream and much more goodies. I also enjoy going to McDonald's for their famous McNuggets. These are my favorite fast food chains of all time.
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I have had my dog named Shinobi for over ten years now. Shinobi was given to me as a Christmas gift when I was in second grade. I remember the day I got Shinobi I was so surprised and happy. Hes always been a pretty relaxed dog and never bothers anyone. Most of the time he likes to lay on my bed with me, however now that he is getting older I help him on to my bed. I would never trade Shinobi for anything in the world and consider him to be my very best friend in the world.
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Today in class we are going over our essays. We had a little activity were we switch essays with a person near us. I found this activity to be helpful and let me know were I stand with my essay. My hook and transitions both need a little work not to mention my paper feels a bit scattered. Tonight I will have to stay up and revise my paper and make the appropriate corrections. My paper is about movies and what audience a movie is aimed for. I find it to be a bit tough of a topic but doable.
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Today I watched a great show on Netflix called Stranger Things and it has a retro horror movie vibe. The show flows like early 70's horror movies which are my favorite mainly due to the amount of effort put into making each scene. Horror movies now feel a little bit more cheap and rely on CGI too much apposed to using practical effects. Don"t get me wrong there are still good horror movies being created but it is much more hard to find. People now usually enjoy the new sillier horror movies that use jump scares but not me.
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A long time ago back in the early 2000's most people who had cell phones usually made more money. Cell phone plans were much more expensive than they are now. Also cell phones back then didn't have data and all the extras that we grown to love today. Most people were lucky to get a cell phone that had a camera on it. Now every phone has a camera built in and people hardly use phones to even make phone calls compared to back in the day. A part of me likes this but another part of me does not.
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Today a few friends and I woke up early and all got together to go the beach. But first we made a stop at Publix to pick up some snacks to eat on the way. I got a bag of Cheetos and a white Gatorade. When we arrived at the beach we were shocked to see that it was empty. We found a nice spot close to the water under a dock with some shade. We don't tan at the beach and prefer the shade. We all played some catch and had some very interesting conversations today at the beach.
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Sometimes I lay at night and wonder what is the meaning of life. Some people go to school, then college and afterwords find a job because everyone else is doing the same. Others may go to work before school or may not go to school at all. People will work for over twenty years of their lives, day in and day out they clock in at their jobs. After twenty years of work a person might die of a heart attack and all they did their entire life is work and have no true memories that are fun or meaningful.
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Today i went to a nice salsa club with a few friends. We had a drinks before we went and called a Uber to get to the club. The club was plenty of fun and we stayed until 3am or so. After we left the club we all went to Taco Bus and grabbed some really tasty food. I had two soft tacos and a coke on the side. Taco Bus has a chill environment and they play Spanish music in the background. After we left Taco Bus the Uber driver began taking everyone home and we ended the night.
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Today i bought a brand new HP laptop for school so I can have all my work organized. Having a laptop has helped a lot to make sure i have all my assignments and class information organized. The HP laptop includes a touch screen display and includes multiple applications that are fun to play on my free time. Being organized is the key to getting good grades in class and ensuring you do not forget any assignments. Once I began to do well in school I also began to clean my room and become cleaner around the house as well.
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I wonder life is a dream and once we wake up we are in realty. What if we could enter the minds of other peoples dreams and interact with them. I find this thought to be fascinating and interesting. If I were just in a dream would suicide wake me up or will I just believe that the dream is my reality so once a wake up I would think the real world is the fake. Some people might wake up thinking this world is fake and try to kill themselves to go back to what they think is reality.