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Today I was working in the diary part at work, i work overnight at Walmart in Riverview, Florida. It is so cold working in diary and i cant stand it but the pay is great. the downfall to working overnight is being tired all the time from getting off at 7 in the morning. i absolutely hate being there everytime i have to work. i dread going there so much because i never get enough sleep. my parents are working all the time and are never home so i have to make sure my 11 year old brother is ok.
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honestly i was worried about college being hard but it actually isnt. the way my Criminal Justice, and Criminology class is set up its very easy and light. the only grades are quizzes which we have 3 or 4 of them, 2 projects which both are very very easy to do because i have prior knowledge on the topics, and in both classes all we do is take small amounts of notes and review the chapters at the end before the quiz. i actually like being in there but math and english is not my thinh at all to be honest.
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So today after class i went to Chick Fil A and then went to Sprint to pre-order my iPhone 7 in matte black 128gb. i found out that they actually got rid of the 64gb iPhones in all colors so now people can only get an 32gb, 128gb, and 256gb. Gb is how much storage your phone has. you can buy more storage on icloud for as low as 50gb for 99 cents. its a cheaper way to get more storage instead of getting the actual phone with more storge for more money on your bill with your carrier.
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today i went for a job interview finally after leaving walmart. you want to know what happened? the guy dismissed me as soon as i told him my school schedule. i was absolutely livid because that job paid $12 an hour. i knew i shouldnt have listened to my mom when she said work at walmart overnight, you will do fine. from what she said i picked my school schedule around the job so i would get enough rest before my classes. my classes monday through thursday are dead smack in the middle of the day shaking my head mom.
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i really dont know why i care about what people say about me. i think everybody is like that, they say they dont care but in all reality they know they do care because who doesnt want to know what people are saying about you? honestly i care but i always say i will always do better than them because i worry about my life and how im going to live & be happy. whats the point of letting somebody bring you down? what they say doesnt matter because at the end of the day all you have to do is love yourself.
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WHY IS FLORIDA SO DAMN HOT? I cant stand being here in this heat anymore. In Florida you have to start your car 10 minutes to get the AC running cold as Alaska. Up north you have to start your car 10 minutes early for the heat to be as hot as an oven and let the ice or snow melt on your car. I don't know its just something i cant get used to at all and I've been here for almost 10 years now. I would love to move back to New Jersey when i'm done community college.
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today my girlfriend asked me if i think i should be in a relationship. I took a couple minutes... or 20 to respond. I thought it was a trick question at first until she called me and asked me again. I don't know what she means by that, i mean yeah i think i should. Its been 5 months dating her, in a committed, and faithful relationship for the first time for me. Why would she ask me such a thing because lord knows i don't not like wasting my time on pointless things. She really had the nerve today.
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Im sitting in the library in bougie behind south shore campus and the lady working in here just walked up to me asking me to take it outside so i explained to her it was the sheriffs office about my car accident i got in so then she said i dont care and tried kicking me out. the short tempered person i am i snapped on her, got her life together then i left. i dont like being talked to like im stupid or a child so next time i hope she knows i am NOT the one to play with.
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the thing is i wasn't talking loud on the phone or anything. i was trying to be as quiet as possible in the library. "people" ALWAYS mistake me for being a loud black Tampa girl before even speaking to me. i grew up with manners and privileged from the day i was born in the suburbs of south new jersey and after moving to florida. people always ask me why do i talk or act white which is so ignorant because its not an act. my whole entire family is educated with college degrees. to hear people assume i am "ghetto" is offensive.
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for me i love to prove people wrong which is why i started college right after high school and one of the reasons why i have a saturday class. what im trying to do is get 2 years of college done so i can become a law enforcement deputy for orlando. my mom is about to become a school deputy in a couple months. A law enforcement officer is a job i never questioned about becoming in life. i thought about being a chef because i love to cook and can cook very well... from scratch not just a box or can.
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i also thought about becoming a real estate agent but i wanted to make money fast and not start from the bottom. A law enforcement officers starting salary after training in Hillsborough county range from $45,000-$60,000 a year. While you're in training you also get full benefits as well with exceptional pay. besides the money i love helping people and would love to save lives as well. helping people comes natural to me because of the type of people/family i grew up looking up to. it is completely genuine for me to do so for people.
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yesterday was 9/11 and on that day people take the time out their busy lives to stop what theyre doing and remember all those soliders, officers, firefighters, vulenteers, and even bystanders that did all they could to help those in the twin towers. now to honor those who lost their lives people from all over visit to what use to be the twin towers now which is a huge monument. all i remember is i was in kindagarden and my mother signed me out of school which my grandmother worked at. she got me and left to my grandmas house.
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Some days i miss being in New Jersey a whole lot because literally all my family lives there. i also have a niece and nephew that live in Pennsylvania who are 4 and 2 years old. The four year old is my niece Harliegh which has the biggest heart and the cutest face. My nephew which is two years is the absolute best oh my gosh! i freaking love him to pieces man! i really cant put in words how much i miss them. they are my pride joy like they're mine, cant wait to see the little farts for thanksgiving.
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Honestly getting tired of writing this stupid 100 words thing. i told my friend about it and she said "what kind of teacher do i have?" i told her one that doesn't think coming in the middle of our day on Saturday for class isn't enough already. I wish i didn't listen to my mom about taking this class because i'm missing valuable Notre Dame football games because of it but ehhh i guess my education is more important... that was a joke by the way if you didn't get it. im annoyed by this rain right now and smell of old people.
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The library near Shields middle school smells like moth balls, old peoples home, and hospitals all in one. Its disgusting to say the least but i have to get over it to finish this 100 words thingy thing. i am not trying to fail this class at all. One because i will and do not want to pay back the financial aid for this class and two i am not trying to get scolded by my parents for it. My mom thinks school is the same from when she went wayyyyy back in the day in the 1800s or so.
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I didnt know the south shore campus library closes at 4:30 on fridays. Now i have to hurry adn finish this up because i looked and it says that you want this done by before class on the 1st. now im really stressing and yes im working backwards because i am not responsible when it comes to remembering when stuff is due and what i need to do on the daily basis. i write so many notes in my phone and say things over and over again to remember them. i shouldnt be this young and have bad memory.
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one person i look up to is my mother because i have always seen her hustling and trying to do her best for my family and i. she always keeps a smile on her face no matter what shes going through. never brings other people down when shes not feeling well that's why i never hesitate to take care of her when shes sick because she deserves it. i don't want to admit this but she does EVERYTHING in the house like cook, clean, wash & fold clothes, give the dog a bath, iron clothes, and etc. that's sad but true.
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i have been sitting here for over an hour and my phone when from 48% to 53%. charging my phone on these computers suck and take forever. i just want to go home and lay in bed and watch A Different World. the show was made back in 90s but i like it. all of my family memebers say i am an old soul and i really dont care. the library is closed and i have to go run to my car and get rained on in my nice dress clothes. i will see you in a bit 100 words.
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So I showed up at my girlfriends job tonight to make my face known because guys always try to talk to her. She works at a recreation center in westchase where a lot of guys come to skateboard or play basketball inside or out. I know she wouldn't do anything like talk to these guys but I'm still protective over her. Is it crazy that I just popped up at her job with no warning? I honestly don't think so because she knows how I am. This is my first time doing it though so I don't see the problem.
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My girlfriend is extremely annoying when it comes to me asking for help with the littlest things. She acts like she can't get off snapchat watching Khloe Kardashians snapchat story for one minute. It's honestly as I don't know what when she does this but she expects me to do something right away. I don't know what her problem is but it needs to change. I'm reading this out loud to while I'm writing this and she's sitting across from me. She keeps giving me the crazy looks like she wants to say something or grow a book at me.
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What is there to write about anymore? My everyday life is boring... it consists of going to class and having to leave an hour prior just so I don't get stuck waiting for the train to pass on U.S 41. Gosh I hate when I get stuck at the train tracks because the train literally goes alllll the way forward then reverses allll the way back the way it initially came. Everybody is sitting there waiting or some people turn around and go the opposite way because they're tired of waiting. I have at least turned around 3 times.
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My girlfriends obsession with pickles is really nasty like she be eating a whole jar of them in one sitting. The sliced ones that you put on burgers or something but anyways it sickens me because just like ew. I hate pickles truly hate them but she loves to keep eating them then try to be all in my face trying to kiss me like no back up please. Oh and another thing she likes to drink the juice out of the jar like that's okay or something. Next time I'm gonna smack the jar out her damn hand bro.
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Sometimes I miss high school because of less responsibility like having a job, paying car payment and insurance, and other adult responsibilities. Now that I'm graduated my parents are all down mg back asking for stuff and where's their money like get out of face. I always pay my bills on time so I don't know what they be tripping off of. Sometimes I just want them to get off my back and let me breath a little while I'm in school because it's annoying to hear the same stuff every month. I guess they think it's okay but I don't.
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I wonder if anybody knows you can look at other people's entries because I just found that out. Now I am so embarrassed about some of the stuff I wrote on here but then again I don't care what people think. I laugh at myself all the time because I think I'm hilarious and other people agree with me..... unless they lie and just say that to shut me up which my little brother does all the time. I think my great attitude comes from both of my parents because they're both equally funny like they make each other funny.
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I'm soooo bored sitting here waiting for my parents to get here at the Cheesecake Factory at the Brandon mall. I'm finally the one on time but they aren't here yet of course, shaking my head. Oh the best things on the menu at Cheesecske Factory is the Shepherd's pie and the Herb Crusted Salmon. For dessert the best cheesecake is the red velvet cheesecake and the banana cream cheesecake which has fresh Bavarian cream and fresh banana slices. It's not my favorite restaurant but it does the job when I'm really hungry and want a good meal to eat.
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Sometimes I just don't know why I'm in a relationship, she always has an attitude about something I say or do. The life of dating a black women is hard to say the least but I try to get through her craziness because if I leave she might get crazy foreal. Don't get the wrong idea I do treat her right like literally like she's a princess but it's hard. It's been almost 6 months and I'm more than happy with her, I couldn't ask for anybody else to be with. She keeps me aware of what I need to do to be successful.
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I finally received my iPhone 7 in matte black with 128gb and I couldn't be happier! I been laying here thinking though like I'm not as excited like how I use to get when getting a new phone. I think it's because I was in school to show it off to everybody and now it's like only I'm seeing it. The color is sexy though and very sleek, I been starring at it like yesss you looking good. No but I really hate having no headphone jack, it's annoying that I need the adapter everytime I want to use headphones.
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I have failed to get my car fixed still and it's really depressing because Clyde(my cars name) doesn't deserve this hurt from a car accident. He has been nothing but good to me! All the miles we have driven, from Panama City Beach for springbreak to South Beach for Pangea Miami, and back & forth to school. That's a lot on my poor poor baby's heart and soul to be dealing with. Honestly my mom doesn't get I would have rather broken my arm rather than my car being messed up and smashed, at least we have good health insurance.
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Two days left after today of this 100 words crap and I'm so ecstatic because lord knows my time is very valuable. I mean yeah it takes like 3 minutes to write one hundred words so that's why I do it right before I go to sleep or in between my next classes. It goes by a lot quicker than expected but the hard part is trying to figure out what to write honestly. I lay in bed thinking what happened in my day that's worthy to write 100 words about. My day is really the same every single day.
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PRAISE DA LORTTTTT!!! It's the last day of this shenanigans and I'm toooo excited right now. I shouldn't be this happy but I am and I'm running around the house yelling it in tears of joy. Let's rewind to the beginning of this month. I had some crazy crazy family issues, a car accident, then not having job, and now stressed out because English is the only class giving me trouble right about now which is irritating my soul. Well now I'm about to sign off of this because my best friends are in town from FSU and BCU so bye bye.