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So far college is no fun. Between working full time, trying to stay fit, learning Muay Thai, and going to school, I don't have enough time for my girlfriend, or to visit family. My routine has been all jumbled up do to classes starting. I hardly ever do yoga anymore. My cardio has greatly declined. I'm not eating enough. The only good thing to happen since school started is getting a pit-bull named Athena. Maybe I need to structure my daily life better. Or maybe I should work part time. I'm starting to think I should have just enlisted.
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I really miss the gym. I miss the sweat and iron. I miss feeling the fatigue in my muscles two days later, ghost of the extreme stress I had put them through. I hate that schooling is taking up so much of my time. I started a new membership at a much closer gym the other day. Maybe i will get back into my rythmn? I sure hope so. I need to get big. 165 is too light for me. I need to be 185 again. That 20 pounds didnt affect my lifts. but it affected my size and look.
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I skipped out on Muay Thai today, I didn't feel well and I had a stressful day at work. I like Muay Thai, it's fun and you work up a great sweat. Plus there are lots of attractive, muscular women in the gym across from us. Last time I went I had to partner up with Victoria, a tiny woman. She was a good instructor and took her time to show me the new moves she wanted to incorporate into the pad work. But, because she was small I couldn't go hard on the pad work. Muay Thai is cool.
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My dog's name is Athena. She is an American Pit-bull Terrier. She is Brown with a white chest and paws. She is very sweet and playful. Recently Canada decided to euthanize all Pit-bulls and pit bull like dogs currently in shelters. This is due to recent dog attacks, one resulting in a woman's death. But there is no evidence even saying that a pit was responsible for this attack. Pits are loving, they like all people. Other dog breeds, such as dalmatians or poodles, are very aggressive, but nobody gives a shit about that. Stop this nonsense Canada.
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Donald Trump is a lunatic. Why do people support him? He says hateful, stupid things. Hillary is also awful. 2/3 of America doesn't like either candidate. Why don't we all just vote for somebody else. Why cant we just keep Obama for four more years? I just want someone trustworthy and honest and sane to be our president. Why don't people want this as well? Why do we let bad people run for office? How can we fix a rigged system? Is there any hope? I think America is on a bad road and they need to turn around.
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I want to live in the woods, possibly on a mountain somewhere. My preferred locations would be Europe, America's Pacific Northwest, or Colorado. These places are beautiful. It is where I feel the most at home and content. After the military I will retire in one of these places and provide for myself with my retirement and manual labor. I can chop wood, harvest my small garden, and hunt for my meat. My dogs can run free and I wont have to listen to city noise. So, I just have to wait 20 or 24 years for my dream home.
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I can do 30 push ups at a time. I used to be able to do 50 push ups at a time. My slacking at going to the gym hasn't affected my body negatively, but it definitely affected my chest endurance. I started a push up program written by Stew Smith today though. This should add 20 or 30 more reps before failure. We shall see what happens. I think it shall be cool to she that large of a change. Maybe it will improve my bench press as well. Maybe my chest will improve. I hope this thing works.
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Dishes are boring. Dishes are bad. We need a new way that's totally rad. Maybe tiny pressure washers? Maybe UV lights? Maybe little dish monsters, with little shiny eyes? I hate looking in the sink to see a nasty mess. If we didn't have to wash dishes, that would be the best. I would rather be snoring, or not, but in my bed. Id rather stuff my mouth full of lead. I hope dishes clean themselves pretty soon. Our technology is so great, we've been to the moon. Can we ask aliens to tell us the truth? Dishes are boring.
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Can we have gravy with every meal? Gravy is delicious and bad for you. I think we should enjoy gravy as much as possible. We can go at any time. Yellowstone could explode. A nuke could go off. An asteroid could smash into Earth. A massive earthquake could flatten Tampa. The odds really are not in our favor. Every day should be filled with happiness. Eat desert before dinner. Buy nice things. Watch that new movie. Enjoy the gravy. Gravy is like the sweet nectar of the ancient food god's meat tree with turkey flowers that squawk all night long.
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Hey, this site blows. Who wants to actually write 100 words a day. Plus the syllabus said we could pick a month to write in; September or October. But alas we have to do it by October first. I dislike writing. I like making lists, and goals, but I dont ever write for fun. Can't we just have a doodling class, that would be much more fun. Just come in and doodle for an hour, then spend time going over the doodles and reading into what they say about us. It could be a psychology course. That would be cool.
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I wrote one thousand words in one day, just for the ridiculous Gordon Rule. Why do we have to write so much in college courses. I dislike it very much. I have to do it in three of my courses. Cant we just have writing requirements set by the instructor? I want someone to change this requirement. I want school to change in general. Maybe students should set up school, they would know how they learn and what would work best. Why do people in offices think they know what works best? I dislike college more than anything else ever.
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Coffee is wonderful. Its like black fuel that makes you awake and motivated. We flavor things like coffee. We make things smell like coffee. We even make soap with coffee. America should be covered in coffee plantations. We could have awesome coffee and not even have to import it from poor countries where they don't pay their workers anything in return for the labor and profits that they provide for the owners. I think this is a good idea that we should look into. We could make so much money and pay less for quality coffee that tastes super great.
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The lottery is great. You pay a small amount of money, and you get a chance to win a very large sum of money. The lottery also makes money that helps pay for scholarships for school. I'm going to buy a bunch of lottery tickets today. I saved my lottery money for two months to buy tickets in bulk to increase my chances of winning. Im going to buy 10 powerball tickets and a bunch of scratch offs because they provide a higher chance of payouts. You can pretty much always win your money back if you buy in bulk.
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I want to go somewhere nice and cool with lots of trees to give me clean air and block out the sun. I want to be in a cabin in the woods, far away from civilization. Where I have to provide for myself and live of the land. That's how people are supposed to live. People who live this way are more conscious. They know more about themselves. They care more about the world. They can think without the noise of the city. They can think without television to numb their brain. They can write with a clear, clean mind.
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I think that false authority is an awful thing. Nothing pisses me off more than somebody with no actual authority over me thinking they can tell me what to do or how to do it. High school killed me inside. All i wanted to do was tell the teachers and principals to shove it and mind their own business. Who are they to tell me how to dress, or that i cant use the restroom. I was only there because the government made me go. Why should I have to sit through mind numbing, ridiculous classes that i could teach?
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The United States school system is based on the original public school system, established during the industrial revolution, to turn creative human beings into thoughtless robots to work in their factories. The bells simulate factory work bells. The bathroom breaks and lunch at scheduled times simulate the factory schedule. This system is a cruel destruction of creativity and thinking in our imaginative youth. Imagine where our world could be if only our school system allowed creative thinking and imagination. We need real change in our country's education system and it needs to start right now before it is too late.
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If I enlist my life could be better. I would get married and not have a dead end job in retail where I struggle to get by. My life would be structured and routine. I could get in awesome shape. I could do what I actually want to do. They say that what your mind wonders to when you daydream is what you really desire to do in life. Mine wanders to fighting and warfare. Maybe I am messing up by going to school. If so, it will only be for a year. after these two semesters i will decide.
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I really want a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on top and a bagel for a bun. This delicious combination of lunch and breakfast is a truly magical thing to eat. All greasy and fatty and meaty. If you haven't tried it yet you should. It will blow your mind. I think every restaurant should have this. Also they should have gravy fries. You cant find gravy fries on any menu in Tampa. It is ridiculous. This awesome combination should be loved and devoured in every city across the globe. The world would be a happier place to live.
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Why must we destroy the planet just to fuel our homes and cars? Clean energy is available to use for use, but oil owners would rather line their pockets than admit oil is killing us. In a few years our world may be unrecognizable. The sky may be gray or brown. Our weather will be very hazardous. The seas will have risen. Entire fragile ecosystems will have been erased. The air will be toxic, our water deadly. The world will have been horribly destroyed by greed and sloth. Why does money create such disregard for the well being of others?
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I'm currently eating peanut butter on a granola bar because I couldn't convince my girlfriend to go to the McDonalds down the street to get food while i finish up I wish I was currently doing yoga, but no, I'm frantically typing 2100 words to finish this assignment so I don't fail this class. I really need a cigarette. Can we ban tobacco? It's a poisonous product that ends many lives every year. We don't allow people to have crack or coke but cigarettes are fine because we say so. Without them we could be much healthier people.
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Maybe I was born in the wrong time period. I could have been a viking, or a pirate. My life could have been adventurous and dangerous. I enjoy learning about vikings very much. They were incredible people who sailed across the ocean in tiny little longboats to raid and plunder. They cared very deeply about children and valued their women very much. They made women do the math because they believed it was witchcraft. They have a very complicated system of gods and religion. Norse mythology is very interesting and intense. Odin gave his right eye to learn about runes.
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Amalia wont let me watch star wars. she is the worst. I just wanted to watch 20 minutes or jedi shit before i leave for class. But she would rather watch NCIS and learn about the murder that happend on the show. It's very lame. But at least I have my Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew makes me happy. The cool refreshing citrus will "tickle your innards." Mountain Dew was first made as a whiskey mix in Tennessee. But now it is owned by Pepsi and millions of people all over the globe drink this delicious mixture like it is water.
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1400 words written so far today just on this one crummy website. This is getting very boring and i would rather be doing anything else. Can I be done yet? I think the only thing this site has helped me do is increase my typing speed and efficiency. Im almost up to where I was in high school. Is this the purpose of this assignment? Why do we have to follow the ridiculous Gordon Rule set out by Florida? I think they need to get together and change this up. I dislike the authority that we find in school now.
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The drive to my saturday english class is always so peaceful. I enjoy it very much. With the ocean at one side and the city on the other, it really is quite beautiful. Another added bonus is all the beautiful people running and working out on bayshore blvd. All the people in their skimpy clothes and tight bodies, it is enough to make anybody happy. Saturday morning traffic on Bayshore is never awful like in the evening. With my music and the scenery, it allows me to think clearly. Thats about the only thing i enjoy about my saturday mornings.
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Life would be more entertaining if we all had our own score playing in the background at all times. Different songs for different situations. Songs already written and maybe songs that havent been written yet, just improvised on the spot. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Wouldn't sitting through a lecture or walking to work be a little easier with tunes in the background. Not too loud, just background noise, a little quiet quest in our heads. Maybe one day when we have our own little microchips in our brains this will be possible? Somebody should be working on this right now.
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My writing tutor on Smarthinking wrote back to me with revisions on my Classification Essay. THey stated that my essay wasn't even a classification essay because I did not choose an appropriate topic. But my instructor didnt seem to mind it much. I will just disregard this feedback as it involves me starting all over on an essay that is due by the end of the day. Their feedback said my essay was great, just not for the type of essay I was supposed to be writing at the time. Apperently I have unified topic paragraphs though, which is good.
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I always show up to class between fifteen and thirty minutes before class starts to make sure I am prepared and set up to learn efficiently. This is something I had to learn to do after doing fairly poorly in my high school classes. I have the highest recorded IQ score ever in the county I am from, but I was never prepared for class. I found movies, books, girls, work, and sports more important at the time. If I had only worked as hard in high school as I am in college, I could have been something very great.
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Writing has never been a strong suit of mine. I can do very complex math problems, and simple ones in my head, but I just hate writing out my thought process and ideas for a class. It takes the fun out of my thinking and ideas. Hopefully college will help me to do this all more efficiently so I can do this in the shortest possible time and get on to my thinking and ideas. Can I just tell someone else how I am thinking and have them record it for me so I dont have to write out anything?
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I have taken out three grand in student loans for my first semester of school. This is not very much compared to my friends in larger universities, but it is still something I will eventually have to pay back to get on with my life later on. I hope I do not accumulate too much debt, that would be unfortunate for me. Hopefully I have a good job when I get out of school so I can take care of it quickly and not be stressed like everyone else. I hate that I had to do this for an education.
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I am finally done with this website. I do not think this site has helped me, but I am done now. I wrote 2100 words today to finish it. I procrastinated pretty bad but thats okay. Im excited to be done with this. Maybe it helped me without me knowing? I sure hope so. What is the point of this website anyway. I hope to never do this again. It made me really want to smoke a cigarette, I should quit that soon. I think I will get my body and mind into good shape for the military pretty soon.