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Just imagine being in a beautiful scenery filled with wonderful beaches and amazing people. Ocean so clear you can see right through it. This is what I consider to be my dream vacation. Getting away from all the everyday lifestyle to be living it up in a place called Hawaii. Yes the beautiful sense of the calm wind brushing against your nose, and every step you take the soft powder sensation of sand between your toes; not to mention the exotic food that will be served their will be very tasty and new to me; that's what I call paradise.
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Oh how I love food. Just the thought of all the different variety of foods to choose from is exciting.I know I may sound fat but I love to eat. Seafood,Jamaican,bbq,and spanish are a few examples. I spend most of my money eating out it's ridiculous. What I love to eat the most is seafood. I'll spend half of the the day breaking down crabs just to get the meat from inside; what a wonderful taste it is after being soaked with warm butter.Overall food is the way to my heart and keeps me happy.
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Physical fitness is an important part of my everyday lifestyle. The sight of going to the gym just excites me. I remember the first time signing up for my local gym, I was kind of nervous; knowing I was so little compared to the majority of the people there. But that all changed after a couple of years that went past. I grew over time and my performance with lifting weights and exercising became more superb.But being physically fit consist of more then just working out. Good nutrients and and correct amount of protein will do the job too.
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Love... when you hear that word what comes to mind? Do you really understand the concept of it? Or is it just just a word frequently used with no meaning behind it. I asked myself this question.. True love for that matter anyway. Now and days I hear that word but I see no actions behind it. So what is love? Can it all be an illusion that bypass after a while, or can it really last a life time. Love is everywhere though. whether you can see it or not people just might have different ways of showing it.
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People will have different affects on you in life. What I mean by that is... Picture being with a group of friends and all they like to do is drink and party. Okay now imagine being around a crowd of people going to school everyday. Or just going out out to your local museums or just traveling around the world. Do you see the difference? Do you have an idea what kind of impact it will have on you. Dissimilar behaviors will either bring out the good for you or even the bad. Be sure to choose your company wisely.
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The whole purpose of life is to be happy. If I'm not getting happier in life then I'm just messing up. Everyone should have a meaning for existence. No one should be sitting home all day just blowing life away. The world is a beautiful place, and there's so much to see and explore. From cities to country's, even people. My main goal in life is to be ultimately satisfied. Through the whole process, even when times may seem to go off course a little, as long as I keep a happy state of mind of mind that'll be great.
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Who doesn't want to be young again? Those were the best times of life. I remember like it was yesterday being up in a tree trying to create something, using every piece of nail and wood I can find to create a tree house. Sounds funny but true, made that into a hobby for a while. Until one day I wanted to create something different. I started finding bricks and tarp to create me a pond, I was an adventurous kid. Now that I'm a 'GROWN UP" now things have changed, bills have to be paid and priorities are first.
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Having a girlfriend.. They can distract or motivate you. Growing up I was told from family members not to get caught up in females; that they will throw you off track" if you let them. Instead they wanted me to just focus on books, school, and sports. And that's what I did all the way up until "middle school"; when I found myself trying to be in a relationship... yeah I know. It was cool for me at the time and me being in one seemed right since all my friends were in one. At that time it was a distraction.
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It was the beginning of the month and the temperature outside was frigid. I couldn't bare the coldness of the outdoors, was just to cold. Residing inside was really the only option for me being that I was always use to the warm Florida weather. Eventually me being indoors will have to bypass knowing that I will have to go outdoors to go to work the next day. The best way to fight against the cold was to lace myself with warmest piece of clothes. doubled shirts, doubled pants, and doubled socks will always get the job done pretty much.
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Being in college is a new and exciting thing for me. I wouldn't of pictured me coming this far, or to keep continuing to further my education, at that. But it's one of the best decisions I have made in my life time. To know I kept pushing and not giving up through all the hard phases iv'e endured is a blessing. Growing up I was never a big fan of school. But as I grew older and start understanding more I realized that school is an important piece of life and without it will be a lot more complicated.
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Pets can be a big influence on ones life. Why you might ask? Well people have connection with animals better then human beings in a lot of cases. The saying "a dog is a man's best friend" is kind of accurate. There's people out here that will not give another person the time of day, but have a special bond with an animal and will spend all day with that pet. I feel like that is true for the reason; dogs aren't judgmental and are compassionate to their owner and will stick by there side through the most difficult situations.
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Today I woke up this morning, got out of bed and stretched, in the process I threw on some gym shorts and a white-tee. Thankful for another day I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.Then I eased my way to the kitchen and whipped up some breakfast. Eggs,sausage,toast,and juice, boy was that good. After that I prepared myself to leave the house and start my day. Today was going to be a wonderful day. The weather outside was delightful and a felt good on my skin. A perfect day to go running at the park.
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Fishing is an amazing experience for me. While a lot of people believe that fishing is just throwing out a clear string from a rode and patiently waiting for the bait to be snagged by a fish. There is more to it than that. Fishing is a wonderful “stress relief” and freedom from everyday life. Spending a day casting down the bank of a forestry lake is a peaceful place of being, or even sitting next to a calm flowing river away from everyone, watching fish journey down the stream is an amazing scenery.Fishing can be a great experience.
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Many people with degrees are forced to seek employment at places that don’t require a higher level of education because there are no other jobs available to them. In these cases it can be even harder for the individual because the employer can sometimes pass this person over for the position because he/she is over qualified. The employer may choose a candidate with a lesser degree of education because he/she can be paid a lesser salary than someone with more education. So it can be hard for an individual, but don't settle or give up on things.
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Newer vehicles today often have had a lot of updates featuring technology that helps the driver. Self-driven cars are known to have a very rare feature that so happens to notice the difference between a pedestrian, infrastructure, and surprisingly another car. Beneficially it will eliminate accidents, speeding, or any other dangerous things done while driving. When backing up in some automobiles a camera appears in a mirror or screen showing you the distance you are from another object or vehicle and in some cases will beep once you’re too close. Cars are increasing in performance,appearance, and overall.
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Many questions come up when we think of male nurses. The article “Men in Nursing: Barriers to Recruitment” explains many of the questions that I had when it relates to male nursing. Sometimes many may think nursing is more of a female job than a male job. Then many may believe that the individuals get criticized based upon their gender instead of their work ethic. In my opinion, I feel like the job is a great opportunity for everyone.An article that I read in the past, mentioned that being a male nurse will be a little more uncommon.
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A poor diet can undo all the good exercise has done for a persons body. Good nutrition is the foundation that needs to be built upon when embarking on the road to physical fitness. It is important to start practicing good nutrition habits early. Studies have shown that habits formed in childhood tend to be practiced throughout adulthood. In other words, if a person is overweight or obese as a child, he or she will more than likely be overweight or obese as an adult. It is also important to interest the child in physical activity at an early age
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A major benefit of exercise is weight loss or weight maintenance. Physical activity allows one’s body to burn calories. Maintenance of one’s weight cannot be achieved without regular physical activity. Weight loss is accomplished by increasing the amount of physical activity performed and at the same time decreasing the number of calories consumed. Lack of physical activity can lead to obesity. Obesity increases a person’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, cancer and numerous other diseases. Exercise can also help to build strength and endurance. Physical fitness is great hobby and something I endure doing.
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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Its seems as so that everything that use to be common as to sending/writing letters lead to another. In today’s society it’s a little more different now then back twenty years ago and so on. Families are now able to get together through video chats for big events or holidays. There is now a thing called online dating when your able to talk to people instead actually meeting them in person. Technologies are at its highs and are only advancing It is one of the main aspect of our lives.
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What is it that I really want out of life? The main thing I really want from life is to be ultimately happy. Be able to be with family and share laughter with each other and look back at all the accomplishments and all the things from positive to funny things that happen in life. I want to be able to tell my kids stories of all the the good things that happen. To look back on life now I can see accomplishment and hard work and dedication and I want to be to be to provide the best life.
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Proper nutrition along with exercise can help improve a person’s self-esteem by improving his or her body image. Body dissatisfaction due to either real or perceived fatness is widespread in North America.Examples of beauty are often unachievable and yet they are the greatest influence on a person’s body image. Women are especially susceptible to low self-esteem related to their body image. A case study involving 139 women showed that after viewing commercials which promoted images of thinness and attractiveness the participants displayed signs of depression, anger, anxiety and dissatisfaction with their own self-image.
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Realizing there's so much more out there in life. I remember I use to sit back and ask my self what would I be doing in the next 10 years. Will I be working for someone or will I have my own business. Will I be able to get up from my task and be able to travel whenever I want or will I have to wait and be told when to have vacation time. Well yeah.. I'm not at that point yet in my life right now. where I'm able to get up and travel ,but I'm working towards it.
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Not everyone is going to enjoy running or going to the gym and lifting weights or getting on a treadmill. There are many alternative ways to incorporate exercise into one’s daily routine. One example would be taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Another would be walking, biking, or even skating to places that are short distances away instead of driving. Swimming is another alternative that provides lots of aerobic exercise. Pushing children in stroller while taking a walk or playing a game of tag with older children also provides exercise in fun ways that don’t necessarily seem like exercise.
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One of the major benefits of diet and exercise is the reduced risk for chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is a rising epidemic in this country. A major reason for this is the unhealthy lifestyle that is so prevalent. There are fast food restaurants on almost every corner. It is cheaper to eat out than to cook. It is definitely less expensive to buy foods that are packed with sodium, sugar and preservatives than it is to buy healthy, organic foods. All of this leads to an increase in the number of people with chronic health issues.
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It's been said that the person who depends upon his own experiences has very little material to work with.So, again, ask questions and seek to learn from the experiences of anyone who is willing to teach you.And, although you can't pose to questions of the great people of the past, you can their biographies. You can learn from their successes, and you can learn to avoid their mistakes.The bible is the best of all books for learning from the experiences of others. And to ensure that you learn, you should try an do it everyday that you can.
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Life is a lively process of becoming.If you haven't added to your interest during the past year , if you are thinking the same thoughts, relating the same personal experiences, having the same predictable reactions, then your not growing as a person. It's all about progressing in life. Who really wants to sit in the same spot in through out there who life. It all starts with change, when your growing then your becoming. Growing teaches you certain things and aspects of life, helps you evolve and help you realize the key concepts of living and keeps you going.
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A guide is someone or something that leads you through unfamiliar territory and keeps you from getting lost. Jesus promised he would give believers a "guide" to live in them and always be with them. That guide is the Holy Spirit, who lives in all believers and guides them into all truth. When you come to Christ the promise of Jesus becomes true for us. As a result you will have your own guide-the Holy Spirit- who leads you throughout all of life and through all of the situations you will ever face or come encounter with.
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Do you ever wonder how inventors get their ideas? Have you ever been curious how scientist researching cures for deadly diseases come up with the break that cracks the problem wide open? Do you ever think about what sparks the imagination of a novelist or a artist or songwriter? While it's certainly not a linear process,patterns can be recognized in the way human beings come up with new ideas and discoveries. When faced with a conflict or searching for a solution, one of the stages of discovery is an interlude for scanning.
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Multiple forms of technology are used for schooling today such as a projector, laptop, and in some cases a cellphone. Every student has a different learning style in the classroom and by using technology they then have different sources and ways to better understand the information being taught by the teacher. For some peers with disabilities this will help them speak to the teacher better with applications such as text-to-speech and follow with the rest of the class. Although, students mainly benefit from technology teachers do as well.Technology is becoming a big part of are everyday use.
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The new year is hear. It's that time of year to set goals and conquer them. Its never to late to start over on your goals and start fresh. I've made a commitment to stay in the gym, keep God first, and surround myself with positive people, who support my dreams. The best way to go through life is to set goals, write them down and accomplish them.There may be times where I might not have the will-power to get up every morning. But I made an obligation to state the "Why" am I doing this to begin with.
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Waking up this morning I felt so exhausted. Knowing I have a lot ahead of me today made it no better overthinking things questioning myself whether I should just go back to sleep. "OH WELL", I have to suck it up and put my feelings in my pocket. Today is a day I will just have to man up and through back 12 oz cup of coffee. not to mention waking up late missing out on breakfast. Trying to fight through rush hour traffic assuming that I already have no time to to spare, i'm hassling to get to my destination.