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learning to trade gives you a lot of confidence and gives you a more practical view of money and how easy money can be made and how easy money can be lost. Being a trader and putting the work in to learning a strategy that makes you profitable is one of the best feeling in the world. You can make from $100 a day to a $1000 a day just by having knowledge about market movement and structure. About 90% of traders that fails in this business doesn't have the drive to learn, study, and a honest goal with themselves...
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You have to be able to set a realistic goal, and look at all of the factors that facing against you. when your losing money, how does that make you feel and what does that money you loss mean to you, and When your gaining profit, what are you going to do with that money? Are you going to Invest? Are you going to the Club? Are you Taking your family out to eat or celebrate? Your Basically trading before hitting or clicking any Buy or Sell Button because you have to set your goals in place and be Honest.
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When you are a trader You have to show no emotions only execute your position. When price hits your target or technical analysis you have to act on your strategy, do not second guess 8/10 your strategy if you have created one that works for you is going to play in your favor. You cant value money in this business BUT, you do need proper risk management. Don't bet the house on one trade, Live to trade another day. Cut your losses and Run your profits. I cannot stress enough how important having good risk management in this business.
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Being is a losing trade is one of the worst feeling you can ever feel, It make you lose confidence and self esteem. You executed you strategy to the fullest your technical analysis is correct there are no fundamentals moving price. you ask your self why am i losing money. it almost makes you want to quit trading it makes you doubt your strategy. This is why you have to teach yourself to block out any emotions from trading. your'e going to survive if you let your emotions control your trading and decision making. Just Don,t Feel Just Act.
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Lots of Interest coming along, new partners, new doors to be opened, new Goals, new accomplishments. Everything is falling into place, I had a vision and I'm breaking through barriers at full force and noting to stop me. Exploring and Searching for knowledge and being able to comprehend and profit from it is a way of knowing that you have a future down the road and your approaching something that would create so much value, and would help develop more successful people. Using this knowledge and sharing this knowledge, can and will create a powerful network that can't be broken.
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My last week was a great week, i expanded my knowledge and was able to produce a more effective and consistent technical analysis. Over the past few month Ive just been going with the flow, Making money here and there and losing money here and there. Now that i believe that i have created a profitable system i am more confident with my trading business, But you have to trust your system to a extent. your system may produce wins and losses but your wins must overrule your losses or, you are going to lose your confidence in this business.
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Don't always believe what you hear, you must be able to filter your news, gossip, life from what is the truth and what are the lies. "DO NOT" watch the news channel believe everything from economic data, Stock News, Daily news. They are Spectators and/or Forecasters, they are no different than you and I. I'm not saying that the news isn't a good resource of information but, you have to do your own research and be aware of what is the truth in the story and what is the lie.Just look at what the banks did in 2008.
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Its a new year everyone has a "New Years Resolution" what is the point? Why wait until the end of the year to decide you need to change... To be completely Honest most people who create a new year resolution isn't planning on change. If you really wanted to change you shouldn't decide at the end of the year, if you are serious in changing you attitude, your financial life, your relationships, and starting businesses and just overall being a better person, do not wait until the end of the year to decided that, be proactive and get started immediately.
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My first year of college, I don't know what to expect yet, I have a lot of goals and Ive set high expectation for myself. I plan on getting to the finish line strong and at full speed. I want a future that will not only help myself but also my friends and family. Be a resource available to the community and inspire not only younger individuals but even older individuals not to get trapped in this "system" our government has created. Gain power and be able to pull string for people and help start businesses and help accomplish goals.
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A lot of people in this world or at least people that I know believe that only going to school and finishing college is the only route or course that you can take to be successful in this world. I am not disagreeing with going to school and further expanding your knowledge is a bad thing but, it really would depend on the personal perspective of life and that persons perspective view on what they believe success is. A person can finish school but still may not believe that they are successful.There are many different ways to reach success.
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Life moves you around so fast that you wont even realize how fast you are moving up and how quickly you can become successful.For instance, My business partner and I were just meeting in Starbucks three months ago,the two of us, and we were discussing starting up a trading group, now within a one to two months later we have a expanding group of people who are hungry to learn the business of trading. We didn't realize how fast we were moving until we meditated on our business. Life can be so fast but, you must be Humble.
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My definition of success is being able to live a life that allows you unlimited time and financial freedom and being able to help others with reaching their goals and success. In this world being financially stable is a very important factor in mostly everyone lives. Being humble and not forgetting where you were at one point in life is so very important "in my opinion" in a successful person. You should not talk down on others who are trying to get where you are in life because, at one point in time you were in that same persons shoes.
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Being able to put a smile on your family's face and create memories and share your success and failures with them is something that money cannot buy. Even my business i consider my family we are always looking out for each others help in the upbringing of our future businesses. We genuinely strive for each others success and we never look down on anyone ideas but, we provide out honest opinions whether something is a good idea or a bad idea. If someone is down it is our duty to pick them up, keep them focused and striving for greatness.
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Everything is falling into place for me. Everything that worked for day and night is finally starting to pay off. From video editing, to music producing, to graphic editing, now to trading. I started video editing when I was 13 now I'm making commercials for businesses. I started graphic editing when i was 15 now I'm making professional logos for businesses. I started music producing at 17 now I'm making music for the commercials I'm making. Everything I've taught myself is finally showing a purpose and now I'm becoming so proud of myself because of my expanding portfolio of talents.
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I started video editing when I was 13 years old. i was creating and building roller coasters as a hobby/dream. Filming mini movies and posting them to public and getting feedback and getting better every day and putting my heart into making these videos are finally paying off. I expanding my editing to call of duty editing where I've had my most success and YouTube fame and becoming a icon on YouTube. gaining connects putting me in a position to create success and it all started with just having a dream and ambition to do something you enjoy doing.
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2017 will be the year I finally get to dig into some success. From Multiple businesses and Trading all coming together so quickly in the first moth of the year gives me so much joy and happiness to keep focused and stay humble for the future. I've already decided what super car I'm buying this year, that is my life long dream and my goal for this year. And at the pace that I'm moving it may come sooner than anticipated and I pray everyday that I am able to provide for my family and put smiles on their faces.
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I am so grateful that i was able to have the Uncle that is able to take My cousin and i Traveling all down the east coast of america from Maine to Florida and even some states out in the west coast. Traveling really helps you open your eyes to see that where you are now inst the only place in the world you can be. It creates motivation to do great things and also makes you want to travel even more. He has done so much for me in my life and has a great impact on my future.
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Networking with people is a very important and effective way to build your business and gain people interest in hopes that people will contribute to creating you business idea great or investing in your business. You have to be able to speak with many people no matter their position in this world whether they are a CEO of a huge organization or corporation to the average consumers. Not saying that you cant make a business successful with out networking but it provides a strong foundation on which a business can possibly grow into a huge and known organization or Corporation.
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My personal example of Networking, I gained knowledge about trading about 7 months ago with no experience just the will to learn the markets. a few days later i decided that i "cant" get into the business because i didn't have the time to trade and i can lose a lot of money or i can gain a lot of money and i didn't have any capital to have a high return on investment or any return on investment so i just left trading alone. a few weeks go by and My god mother know a Guy which is my...
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Which is my Mentor who is very successful in this trading business making 20k-30k a month and my god mother sets me up with him so we can have a meeting so that he can maybe teach me the markets. That is one form of "its not what you know its who you know". So we meet up and im basically looking at my reflection, he is very much who look up to, And he gives me this book called "Bird watching in Lions Country" very powerful book that provides someone with the mentality of a very profitable trader....
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The strange thing is i actually finished reading the entire book from cover to cover. Even when i was in high school nobody could get me to read a book of any kind, but simply because this profession was something i was so interested into i was able to read this entire book and remember 90% of everything I read, i even wrote summaries on each chapter. only if i would have put that much effort into school work i might be going to Harvard as of right now. i am so motivated to learn these markets and be successful.
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But back to the original point of these writings, Networking, Withing a period of 7 months i was able to connect with multiple people from starting with my mentor to meeting millionaires. its all started with a small dream from when i was kid around the age of 13 saying i was going to be a investor and now i'm 19 going into my 20's about to start one of my dreams as a investor, managing around $100,000 in capital just by meeting the right people. Don't be afraid to express your dream because someone around you is listening.
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I wonder why a lot of people when they refer to either their parents home or either their grand parents home, people either say "I'm going to my grandma's house" or "I'm going to my moms home" without acknowledging the fact that their grandad or dad lives there as well. It is simply not only your moms or grandmas or vice versa Dad or grandad. is this considered to be disrespectful of the other spouse. to some it may be second nature to just call their parents home saying "moms house" but some may be trying to be disrespectful purposely.
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I don't understand why people let other individuals make them upset. If someone is being ignorant towards you why let that person make you upset, hypothetically if that person is become a threat to your daily life you should most definitely be upset but, if that person is just simply speaking words from their mouth in which they have the right to do so referring to the first amendment. People can have their opinions about anything whether it is Donald Trump presidency to iPhone's. Nothing is going to stop Donald trump from being president and nobody is stopping iPhone production.
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he journey to the life of a successful person can be very volatile, emotions, failures, successes, a lot of times you may want to give up most of the time you may feel like you are on top of the world. Staying humble and never losing focus plays a major part in success. Also being able to share the failures and success is a major part because your failures and give someone an open eye to avoid what your failure and even success, if you share your success with someone who failed they may be able to avoid future failures.
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Back to business, on the verge of quitting these dead-end jobs where people work for pennies while creating wealth for other people. Since these past few months I was able to put myself in a position to make millions of dollars within the course of one year just by being able to network with other millionaires, Creating 3 different businesses, Trading education, Trading Facility, and also Money Management. I would have never thought I would be in this position six months ago. Life moves fast when you’re working hard and can be very difficult to keep up with.
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Today is the big day that i sign the contract that may change the rest of my life. i have been praying for years for this moment and to actually be here about to make this big decision is just so astonishing and it motivates me to be able to do even more great things. this brings me closer to helping communities and families, building homes, and even creating more powerful successful individuals just by my experience and I'm only 19 years old. this is just so remarkable and I am aiming for even more success in the near future.
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Atlanta is an environment that produces an ambition to strive and become a successful person in life from the People you encounter, mansions in multiple different communities, college campuses, and lifestyles. Atlanta has a lot to offer and there is a plethora of people that become successful just by the people they were able to network with and connect with. There is a lot of opportunity, but you have to to take advantage of these opportunities an you can't procrastinate and create excuses, you have to be brave, just dive into this world and go where ever life takes you.
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Coming towards the end of the month of January. this month has been a great work not only for school also for business, and life. Ive been getting great grades keeping up with assignments in each of my classes. Coming to school everyday is so fun because it means I'm making a contribution to my future. business wise this was a great month I've made over $1500 profit in addition to my full time job salary. me and my mentor was able to connect with a millionaire we are now able to invest large capital of money in the future.
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I want to make as many people as possibly rich not only financially but also knowledge wise. people cant walk around here their whole life working for someone else. i want to be able to open a door for people and be able to create their own business. Im tired of watching people not pursuing their dreams and i want to be the one that invest in that dream for people there is a lot of talent in this world and it isn't being used because of financial reasons or even ambition reasons. Be That person someone looks up to.
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I never thought I could be a film maker,but I think I can actually manage to make film making a hobby. I have very professional experience video editing video games but, I never expanded to more reality films and commercial like films. I just created my first commercial like film for a product and it didn't come out to badly. at first I didn't have faith in myself to create a decent commercial but after making my first one I might not be too bad at it. This has definitely taught me a life lesson and believe in myself.