BY Krock

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So the new year 2017 is here and guess what for the first time I fell asleep last night around 10:30 pm because I have the worst flu ever. So much for welcoming the new year. 2016 wasn't great so I was hoping like so many others to receive the new year in good spirits but this flu has kicked my ass. I wonder how much truth is to the way you receive the new year is pretty much how the rest of the year will be. I hope not because I don't want to be sick all year.
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Well of course I'm still sick so I'm going to make it the best since I'm stuck in bed. I'm going to watch movies all day long and eat whatever I want. My new year resolution is not to worry so much on how I can be so productive on my personal time or worry about eating something because its calories, carbs or fat. I love food anyway so guess what, I'm going to pamper myself while I'm sick and just relax and not take it as being stuck in bed and just enjoy my free time to do nothing.
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So anybody that knows me knows I love Madonna. So since I'm not sick and I'm on vacation (wink, wink) I'm watching whatever I want and I decided to re-watch Truth or Dare from 1991. The first time I watched this I was only 19. My opinion remains the same; she was a pioneer for so many minorities. She was and still is a strong woman and did not back down on her views. She opened pathways for so many artists now a days with her so called outrageous behavior. She made it acceptable to express and be yourself.
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I had my daughter when I was 19. The last year in my teens. So I guess I was a teenage mom. Ironic back then when I got pregnant it was a big taboo. Not like now a days, it seems that it's kinda celebrated with the shows on MTV. Back then having a child out of wedlock was a big no, no. Now looking back I definitely know I was a child having a child. I only had her but now I am still young enough to do all the things that I didn't get to do back then.
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These housewives on Bravo do not represent the average housewife in the USA but I guess we are drawn in because of the luxurious lifestyle they live. Almost every episode has a cat fight or some drama going on with these ladies. Geez, they have so much to be grateful for why argue or make such a big deal about the most insignificant things. Maybe it's all stage for reality television. Maybe they have it all but not inner peace that they feel the need to make others feel bad about themselves because some of them are just plain ruthless!
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One of my favorite Christmas presents I got was a salt rock lamp. The glowing light is so soothing. I love the warm feeling I get when I look at it. It really gives off positive energy in my opinion. I found the perfect place to display it in my living room. I get compliments on it all the time. One of my guest just kept on gushing about it. She went as far as saying how expensive it looked and asked me how much I paid. I smiled and told her I had no clue it was a gift.
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Another great gift I got for Christmas was a wooden basket with 2 copper mugs, ginger beer, vodka, and snacks. All I have to add is lime and I'll have the popular, comeback drink the "Moscow Mule." I tried it for the first time last Memorial weekend and it was such a refreshing drink on a hot summer day by the pool. Well now I can make it whenever I want to. It will be a great addition to my home bar. If you have never tried it please do and make sure it's served in the copper mug. Cheers!
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Told my friends that I'm anxiously waiting for school and that I missed it. They all laughed at me and said they never heard anyone say that. Hmm, well I guess they didn't enjoy school in there younger years. I did till I got to High School and I guess hanging out with my peers was more important to me than school work. I can honestly say I was a straight "A" student till I got to High School but having a social life became more important to me and I neglected school. But it's never to late for education!
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First day of school and my first class is College English with one of my favorite professors. She definitely has me pumped for this semester. She said she's changing up the curriculum. We will be doing current affairs, presidential issues and Scientology. We were also introduced to this website and if we participate this will be 20% of our grade. This is great I will get to journal, reflect, and write about anything I want. Hopefully it will also improve my writing skills. Awesome start to school. I am so happy I picked the same English teacher again this semester!
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Yesterday was a good day. Today didn't start well. I walked into my Public Speaking class 15 minutes late while the professor was speaking. I had gone to the wrong building. I know it's my fault. I should of read my schedule more carefully and allowed more time. So of course it didn't stop there. I got my coughing attack while the teacher was going over the syllabus. So not only did i disrupt the class once, now I'm sure the students can't hear over my loud coughing. Well he let us out early and I ran to get water!
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The Spanish food I get by my house isn't good at all. The roast pork is always dry, the yellow rice does not have any flavor and the plantains are hard. Oh and they are definitely overpriced. People around here talk about the best Spanish food is there. Funny it's the only Spanish restaurant in this area, so maybe they don't have anything to compare it to and don't know any better. I prefer to drive 20 minutes to the other side of town and get my self some real Spanish food, at half the price and double the quantity.
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So tonight I went shooting for the first time. I held the gun in my hands and just could not pull the trigger. I panicked. I was told it was going to have a strong recoil. I just didn't know what to expect. As I stood there I thought, I'm holding a gun. An objective that is so small but has the power to change lives. All these thoughts crossed my mind about news reports. So I put the gun down and composed myself and picked it up again and finally shot it. It definitely had a kick to it!
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Doing some deep cleaning today. Just like so many other chores, I hate starting but I know once I do it I will be happy. Not to mention I am a little OCD. So when everything is picked up and organized, I feel better. Maybe one day I'll make enough money to pay someone else to clean for me. The organizing doesn't bother me, its just the cleaning. Like the shower, all these chemicals are so strong and mess with my sinuses. Ugh, but if I don't don't do it, it won't get done. One day I'll have a housekeeper!
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We are in West Tampa in this very popular coffee shop and yes the cafe con leche and sandwiches are great! This tiny restaurant was featured on the Travel Channel, Man v. Food. They were voted #1 for their tasty Cuban sandwiches. The show is right about the sandwiches but everyone that comes here to the Aguila Sandwich Shop agrees and many come just to visit, Mayito. Mayito is the ray of sunshine server at this place. He makes every single one of his customers feel like home. He will make you laugh and you'll always leave with a smile.
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My little cousin came to visit me today. She's much younger than I. She's only 29 and has accomplished so much. She is a triple threat. She has passed the state board in three cities. Boston, New York and Tampa. Now she's a public defender here in Hillsborough. I have always looked up to her even though I'm much older than her. I'm so happy she came over. I needed to hear her tell me how she knows how difficult school is but not to give up because I too can do it and will look back on my triumph.
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School just started last week but there's no school today because it is Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. I wonder if he was still alive, what would he think, do or say about our new president elect. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about unity and coming together as a nation and as of right now our country feels the most divided. Did our country ever really make any progress? Does this mean that time has just stood still? Has the country secretly been discriminating this whole time. Is there a voice now for how most of the country really feels?
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I love the HCC campus in Ybor. It's not as big as the campus on Dalemabry but that's fine because it feels cozy. I guess that's why the staff seems friendlier at Ybor because there are less students. I also love walking over to 7th avenue and getting lunch. The historic buildings remind me of where I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I would go up and down on Manhattan Avenue in Green Point. Do a little shopping and eat at one of the local restaurant. Maybe that's another reason I love Ybor it reminds me of my childhood.
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Yesterday I wrote about Ybor city, here in Tampa. Well tonight I visited Seminole Heights which is also another historic neighborhood in Tampa. In recent years it has become a dining destination. Well we went to Cappy's pizza. The original one is located in Hyde Park. It's a cozy little place just how I like it. The Greek salad and calzone are my favorite. It's decorated with 80's memorabilia and it has the classic stand up arcade games. The outside seating area has fountains and the string lights. So on a cool evening like tonight that's where we enjoyed dinner!
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Yesterday I had psychology class at the HCC campus on North Dalemabry. I'm really liking this class. I think I am going to learn a lot of valuable information. We learned about memory which was very interesting. I think it's going to be a very interactive class and the rest of the students seem to be enthusiastic and willing to participate in the classroom. I'm definitely wanting to learned all this course is going to have to offer. Now I'm thinking this class should be mandatory because we can all benefit from it. Well looking forward to my next class.
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Yesterday I had my first algebra test for this semester. I don't think I did very well. The other students also well very concerned and the instructor told us just not to worry and enjoy the weekend. However I am still thinking about it. I study all the time and do all my homework but Algebra is just one of the subjects that is very difficult for me. I even look at you tube videos on my free time. I've already have taken three algebra classes and this will be my last one. So I am very thankful for that.
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I spent the night at my mom's house with her and my grand baby. Yes my one and only daughter had a baby boy and now he's two years old. This morning we went to Village Inn to have breakfast. My mom and I love the breakfast there. It is always a challenge with a two year old. Who ever coined the phrased the "terrible two's", what's so right. We don't ever know what to expect with a two year old. However he was surprisingly very well behaved. So it was great start to the day. He's such a blessing.
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Today we had another outing with my mother, daughter and grandson. We went to Chucke E Cheese. It's so loud in that place so if you are prone to headaches stay away or take Tylenol before going, lol. But to watch my grandson playing and interacting with the rest of the children it's all worth it. They really are like little sponges absorbing everything they see and repeating actions. I actually had fun playing games with him. He would pay attention and catch on really quick. We played so many games. We had a blast and he was so happpy!
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This week I will actually have all my classes. The first Monday of school I didn't have my class in the afternoon because of the National College Football Championship that closed the Dale Mabry campus. Last Monday, there was no school because of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. I Wish I'd known the first Monday of school I didn't have class in the afternoon because I bar tend at the stadium so I didn't confirm that i could work that day. I am sure those bartenders made a killing in tips that night but I missed out. Well next time.
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Yesterday in our English class, we discussed the decision of Sea World not to breed anymore Orcas. As we looked at different pictures of these killer whales on line, my mood got somber. These huge whales in captivity, where captured and made to be kept in small pools of water versus being out in the wild where they have miles and miles of water to swim and interact with other Orcas. In captivity most of them only live up to their 20's. versus the wild they can live up to their 80's. Just some of the inhumane, cruelties they endure.
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Today I got up and went to the gym. I was going to make it a productive day. I was going to feel energized. At least that's what we hear all the time. Well after my work out I got home and showered and started feeling sleepy. I had some coffee that usually does the trick. Instead I felt even more sleepy. Well I had to snap out of it because I had to get to class. During class all I was thinking about was my bed. After class my drive home seem eternal. I just wanted to be home!
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It was finally here. I had rehearsed my speech over a hundred times. I knew it back and fourth, I could start at any point of my speech. I definitely had it memorized but I was still so nervous. It was my turn, so up I went in front of the class. I made sure to make good eye contact with the audience. I spoke my words loud, clear and next thing I knew it was over. The feedback from the class was incredible. The applauses were loud, the smiles were big and the positive comments made me feel victorious.
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Saturday Night Fever came on so I naturally started watching it, lol. I was a little girl, like five yrs. old when disco music was popular. I remember it very well. I remember my family having parties and asking me to dance like the movie. I remember the music just moving my feet, hips and the rest of my body naturally flowing. Looking back all the teenagers and adults were so cool. I loved the fashionable clothes they wore. My mom would dress me in the bell bottom pants 's and big collar shirts. I think the 70's were groovy.
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Today I worked all day on all my classes. English, Algebra, Public Speaking and Psychology. They all have homework and papers I have to work on. While I definitely love school. Sometimes it's overwhelming and I question myself if I can really do this? I also don't have much of a social life lately and I am cash poor. I just keep reminding myself that at the end of this journey it will all be worth it and that I'm doing this because I want to. No one is making me and no one can take it away from me.
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I want to go to the grocery store and plan my meals for the week. I also want to cook some comfort food today. Maybe I'll make my Italian meatloaf. I filled the center with mozzarella cheese and for the sides I think I'll make Alfredo pasta and some garlic butter asparagus. I think I will also bake some brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Ok now my mouth is watering. Tomorrow I will get on the scale and see a couple more pounds and then I will be good the rest of the week to take off the two pounds.
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The debate today on campus was should our college president get a pass on his DUI charge. It got pretty heated up with some students displaying outrage and some trying to make their point. Unfortunately some were not willing to listen to others speak and just wanted to get their opinions heard. Which may me question, "why can't people really listen, try to understand and respect each other." While I understood what each side was trying to say, this matter is a very difficult one. Empathically I say, "I understand we are humans but there's always consequences to our actions."
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Tonight's occurrence is a little "TMI" (TO MUCH INFORMATION) After a long day, I get ready to go to bed, I go to the bathroom. Get up and flush the toilet and something made me look down and as the water swirl I saw a small toad/frog. I scream at the top my lungs. I felt dizzy, like I was going to faint. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Just to think that this critter could of jumped up as I sat there, makes me cringe! Is this going to be another worry for the rest of time?