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Its truly crazy how the world works outs. Its also crazy how society its self is a big factor especially where you live in. You would honestly think life could be so easy; you would think life is suppose to be so easy. Being a BLACK MALE in America is one of the hardest things to be in this day n age. Brought into a system that wasn't meant for you in the first place. I just want everyone who doesn't think its hard or that racism doesn't exist i just have one answer for you. Try and be Black.
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I knew when we met that i wasn't so into you. But Jesus she has some sugar walls. I was only able to hit it about 4 times. I couldn't really do my best due to the fact that my father was home and my bed at the time was god awful. I still did my thing doe. I didn't use a condom and thought i got her pregnant with pre-cum but i was overthinking. She was gay when we started to talk but i knew she was diggin me. i knew when she was dating my best friend. \
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When i first met her we was in biology together. Destiny Cheyenne was her name. She was asian and truly took my heart for a ride i tell you. I can honestly say that she was my first true love; but idk how accurate that is simply because i don't know if its like that cause i never got to fuck or just the simple fact that she left me to hang when we started to date and fucked like four niggas. The crazy part is that she expected us to still be friends after everything we went through. Shit!
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I want to be great so bad i can damn near feel it. Sometimes when im alone i act like i just won the national title. Celebrating and all like i don't give a fuck. The only problem is that i dont train, eat, or live like a champion. You would think i would have the game plan but sometimes i am my worst enemy. I can be a bitch sometimes scared to make that move or when i get close i ease off the gas. I guess i will know when its my time cause ima take it; nodoubt
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living on your own for the first time is kinda scary. knowing literally this is all you got. No mom or dad to call if you fuck up its on you and you have to take full responsibility of it to. No one to blame. Kinda angers me about my dad i feel like as a father you're suppose to give your children something you never had before. trust me he had it made growing up but he decided to be a hood nigga and piss it away not thinking on how many lives it could change if he succeeded.
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i always watch cartoons when even as a an adult; and yes im an adult. I feel like if i'm able to go to faulkenburg jail then im an adult. wouldn't go as far to say im a man but shit im still an adult who watches cartoon faithfully.i honestly think im probally going to watch it to the day i die. Alot of the cartoons i can relate to. not these new ones that are out. The old school ones are the best simply; reminds me when the times was good. when life was truly simple as pie
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when you know that this life is set up for you to lose and die a poor sad man you either become a wolf or a sheep. i decied that i will become a wolf. i seen my family struggle enough and i cant see that for myself. i know i deserve better; i want better; im going to get better for myself because i fucking said so. i have goals i want to achieve in this life that i live and i plan on doing it whether the odds are in my favor. i simply cant lose in life.
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i remember when everything was so peachy growing up. no a worry in the world. being young and naive doesn't sound so bad to be honest. especially since i get fined for not having heath care. Like i can afford that in the first place. i tell all kids to be greatful and love their elders like its the last day. i know sometimes they get on your nerves but you have to understand that it isnt easy living on your own. Now imagine doing that while someone else depends on you for their livelyhood. pls be ready for life.
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I HONESLTY don't know why we are taxed in the first place. I can understand how the rich can be mad at Obama for everything when talked about taxing the rich. they tend to find ways to get around it and i understand. I would have done the same thing if i was in their shoes. Some people depending on how much they get taxed about 43% of their money. Depending on where they live they will be taxed federally, state, city and local. Mostly in Big states usually hit you deep in your pockets without any type of remorse.
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Working for yourself in my opinion the best thing possible if you want to be successful in life. People get so use to this American dream; work. If you lt the American Dream drive you; you will work till you die and i promise you that. The American dream is built to only let the top man stay at the top. Something like the survival of the fitness but the people at the top have the cheat code and have altered the way for them. only way to be at the top is to make your own way up there.
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its kinda hard to see the light when your stressed out. hard to stay focus when you got some much on your mind. from the smallest to thing biggest. To class assignments due in 2 hours and you know you should have been done it yesterday. Knowing me i like to stay ahead of things especially school. I know i gotta do better or my future wont look so great. I gotta do better for my self i know i can but i find myself bullshitting wasting time on things that wont benefit me in the long run yah know.
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Its hard to start something with somebody when i don't have my shit together. Alot of things in my life has caused me to be weary of those things. I fell like im at a place in my life where i cant afford to give somebody my time; simply because i don't have any time to waste. I truly feel like a failure and its hard sometimes trying to stay motivated. Its hard to wake up and know that you are all you got. Now please explain why waste your time with someone and you know that there isn't none
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i hate feeling stressed out i truly do. Its the worst feeling in the world; plus having a junky room doesn't help either. trying to keep everything together while stressed the fuck out; then keep it cool like everything is ok cause you cant go to work with an attitude cause people will complain on you. Nobody knows and even when you talk to someone you still don't get your message across. simply because you can't get the words from your mouth to come out like its from your mind. The shit is hard and life is harder i swear.
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you only have 24 hours in the day to do whatever you want. Thats completely bullshit. Well i mean you can do whatever you want but if you're not in the situation to do that; you most likely end up becoming broke and homeless; none the less happy. But at what cost. In a text book schedule day seven to eight hours go to sleep, another eight or nine hours go to work. Then you got the driving, sitting in traffic, dozing off, shopping, ect. but you got to ask yourself how are you building your future. The main question.
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i got big goals i would like to achieve. I want to become something that my parents was not. I'm not going to knock them they helped me gain this mentality. I feel like the odds are against me everywhere i turn. My money isn't my money cause i got things i want to buy, bills need to be paid and everything has a date. My schedule consist of work, wrestling, and school. Still gotta find time to study cause to be honest i don't like failing or losing. I take pride in working harder everyone that is by me.
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I like winning i truly do. But the fear of losing is nerve wrecking. Makes you question everything; even for the reason on why did you even do it. The best part is that you know time is never on your side> You have to work around it change your bad habits and turn them into good ones. Have time on your side is the key. the more you stress the more its likely for you to fuck something up in the long wrong. working under stress isn't healthy either. You won't be looking good for too long i swear.
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you would think they day you was born you are entitled to somethings. A nice home, money, and empire to just live the legacy. It's not always that simple for some people i tell you. Some people don't have it that easy. Some people are brought into this world with nothing but what god gave them; and is forced to sent out to create a legacy for themselves and others who choose to be in their lives. It kinda sucks but that's life. Never waiting always on their time, has no type of consideration for nobody else but themselves; bitch.
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love is the craziest thing yah know. And im terrified of it. Growing up i would have never thought that love could cost you everything. Especially in our time; falling out of love could cost you half of everything. Literally half; god forbid that you have kids with the person. My father start his life over 3 times cause of love. I've only seen him start it over once when him and my mom split up. It made me falling for someone so hard. Simply because i didn't want to be hurt like how my parents was. love can hurt.
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I need to know why i am sad all the time. Why i never feel like i have anything, when in realty i have everything i need. Maybe its the school,or my job, or wrestling. Or its because I don't have it down to the T like i like it and it freaks me out. I don't like feeling like i'm failing in life. Its the worst thing to feel. Have all your peers to look at you and question "what the fuck happen to him" i don't like being judge even though i live in a judgmental world.
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I don't want her to feel like i'm a dog, cause i'm actually a good person at heart. Its just that i got a lot of shit to get done and stay atop of. Not trying to be rude or seem like a dick but these goals i got and is going to achieve is bigger than you and this thing we call a relationship. She wouldn't believe me if i told her these things. She would only think i'm just like the rest of them niggas; but i'm not i tell you simply because i know who i am.
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How people who fall in love so early is besides me. Im scared to be with somebody who barely knows me simply because i don't know myself. They swear they know me but i know its what they think they know. My mental is so cloudy when it comes to me knowing who i am. It's come in spurts like the answers in the rain. i try to hold on to it when it comes but i can never keep it close. trying to balance everything out is the hardest part. nut i think i will know when i'm alone.
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Its hard to say what you will do when you have power. Its something you don't know until it happens; if it happens. I seen my brother change when he came into some money like it wasn't nothing, like it was meant to happen. I told myself that it wouldn't happen to me simply because i could allow it to happen. i always wanted to stay the same and never change but again; you never know what would happen if it comes your way. Money is a spirt a lot of people don't know that and that's when they fall.
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More money more power. More money more problems. Its all the same. Both will come. But how yo act will determine who you are as a person. Something a lot of people know is. They get some money and turn right into the person they sought they wouldn't turn into but what can you say. More money more problems. More money more power. You in the end have to understand it's all on you who you become. I personally told myself that i wouldn't tell nobody that i came into some money because thats when everyone want to be friends
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I wonder how my life will end up in the future. They say if you work hard and stay focus then you will be successful. Well thats what they say. I don't know if it's true buts it's all i got to so i might as well make my best out of it. It's funny how they say if you work hard and stay focus that you will become successful; but urn around and say that you dont know what life has got for you. Still leaves you to become unsuccessful if that is lifes plans for you; consider that.
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For the people who is at the top; who ever the powers be, who ever constructed this love the fact that the people at the bottom are to busy and consumed with the fact that they are stuck in this cycle we call life. They cant even do wha they want to do. To busy to become what they want to do. In the end we are going to be recycled back into the system through our offspring. I want to let me future children understand and know why its important to become your own boss. Sign your own checks.
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its crazy when you think of it. Being alone in the world is it really that big of a deal. Well i understand right now its kinda a big deal but tbh i feel like right now i have no room or time to share with somebody. All my time is going to myself to insure i have a great future. I need it more than anyone and anything. I refuse to struggle in this world. Living Paycheck to Paycheck. Poverty is the worst torture but people still find happiness and love out of it. How? i couldn't answer that.
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Eating Healthy is so important. Especially to me i fell like if you don't eat healthy it would alter your moos causing you to lose opportunities. In my field of work my body is the money maker, so its very crucial for me to eat healthy. I want to be able to live and die of natural causes. Mainly in my sleep that would be perfect. I know i been slippin lately on my eating habits but i know its going to come in effect very soon. I can't explain how important it is to eat heathy all the time.
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Music is all we got. It's truly the language we cant explain clearly out of our mouths. artist some how know how to communicate through there music. Simply amazing in my opinion. Without music we would lose another way of art. we need art to explain how we feel about certain situation. Someones if you get lucky you can catch a good song and it will make you cry cause it hits home so good and basically saying everything you are feeling. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be the lyrics it could just be the beat that touches down.
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there is a reason for why everything is the way it is. Whether its for the good or for the bad its always a reason behind why it is that way. It is up to you to decide who you are as a person and how you react to certain things.IN the big subject it goes back to everything happens for a reason. Finding that reason can be hard sometimes, depending on the situation you find yourself in; it could lead to being stressed out and that is the worst thing to be. you would become blind to everything.
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i need to know. why the world is so close but yet so far. I say that simple because my generation is the internet boom. We are as close as ever. Everybody post their personal information on social media. But yet we as a people seem not not be close anymore like the old days. I remember as a child i always stayed outside. Now i see the kids growing up they are always on the ipods and ipads. i feel like the next generation is going to lose out of the nature of the world that they live in.
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you would think that working hard will get you everything you wanted. But life tends to bend what facts you think you got on life on success. when you break someones hope and will after working so hard only two things can happen. Either they go completely off the grid or you pick yourself up and go back at it again. i tell you when you decide to pick yourself up you have to understand doesn't mean its going to go your way. Just know that you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to be the best.