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There is so much a person can take in a relationship of any type. I believe that when two or more people are in a relationship of any sort, they should all be involved as they should. When selflessness is the main source of a relationship, it helps build the relationship a strong foundation. Being selfless in a relationship is hard for some but a very natural thing for others. Everyone should be involved in a real relationship and give their all in it. That is the best way to develop a healthy relationship. it is a beautiful thing overtime.
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There are many definitions of "love" or what "love" means. Everyone has their own definition of what love is and how it is put into action. Most at times I believe that "love" is misused and practiced wrongly. In many occasions, it is used among coupleís in a relationship or between family members or friendships. In this short paragraph, I would be talking about my very own perspective of what "to love" means to me. "To love" or to be loved to me means overlooking ones flaws, cruelties, sins, bad habits, misbehavior, and immoral acts. Love is very beautiful.
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Selflessness is also one the main attributes of what love is. Patience and trust also goes a long way in loving a person or a thing. Growing up I was thought in church that there is no greater love than laying down oneís life for a friend. In the bible, in Romans chapter 5 verse 8, it talks about how God showed his love to us in that while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ died for us all. This I believe is the best love portrayed to the myself, the world and to humanity if you ask me.
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Live, love and laugh. These three things go a long way in living life. When life is too stressful or hard to deal with, remember to live a little. Just because things are not going too well doesn't mean life shouldn't go on for you. Remember also to love when you feel like the world is crumbling in on you. When loved ones turn their backs on you, love. Love to the point where you feel like there isn't any more love left in you. Remember laughing through life's hardships. Once you exercise these three things, life will be better.
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Music; a lot of people enjoy listening to music including myself. Music is a bunch of words or sometimes just instruments turned into sentences or beats made to fit a situation or a fantasied scenario. To make it more powerful and catchy, beats and rhymes and rhythms are then added to it. I love listening to music because of the comfort it brings me. My personal favorites are contemporary gospel songs, African or Afro-beats, reggae and jazz. Theses things soothes me when I feel sad or feeling down.I enjoy listening to them very frequent. I love listening music.
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My first Love. I'll never forget about him even now that we're not too much in each other life. Before we started dating, we were really good friends. We talked almost everyday and discussed a lot of meaningful things to us each. When we got into a relationship, we still maintain that friendship we had; only this time much better. He showed me so much love that I started to question if there was a love stronger than that of his. He made me feel so beautiful about myself. My insecurities became a thing of the past. I miss him.
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I know at times he misses me because I miss him too. Around October of last year, 2016 he checked up on me so much at once. Although I rejected the calls because it was so sudden to me, deep down in my heart I was happy he called me. He was my very first love and he treated me like the only woman in the world. H made me feel so alive just by the words he uttered to me. What a great man he is. Maybe someday we can just tell each other about our deep hidden feelings.
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Candy, candy, candy, I love candy. My most favorite candies I would say are the sweet and sour ones. In America, I realized that majority of Americans love chocolate candy. Chocolate is used in almost everything in America. I don't care too much for chocolate but on the days I crave it, I like Hershey's almond chocolate bar. It is so yummy to me. I love the texture of the almond nuts versus creamy smooth chocolate bar. It is very interesting when both texture meet in your mouth. I would recommend that chocolate bar to everyone out there. so yummy!
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Traditional wedding ceremonies of the Yoruba people in West Africa, Nigeria. I will state some of the reasons behind this celebration, and how is celebrated amongst them. In Africa, traditional wedding ceremonies are regarded and commended. For a couple to be considered as husband and wife, they must undergo a traditional marriage ceremony. Although some traditions may vary from rural to urban areas in Nigeria, traditional weddings are oftentimes celebrated with common customs. The customs of the ceremony include a meeting between the coupleís families, the presenting of a dowry, and the engagement ceremony to seal of the deal.
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Before a date is set for a traditional wedding ceremony, invites are sent to friends and extended family members and neighbors. Details included with the invites are the venue, dates, the name of the bride and groom, RSVP information, and the color code for the day. The couple may select their own venue or the brideís family may pick. The interesting thing about choosing a venue is that it is usually a compromise between both families. Sometimes the more financially capable family contributes a larger portion, but traditional wedding parties are a combined effort by both families. Very nice!
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The ceremony starts with the family of the groom traveling to the home of the bride to present a letter asking for the brideís hand in marriage. Accompanying the groomís family is traditional entertainment like dancing, singing and offering of dowry. This is performed to convince the brideís family to take into consideration the letter. This process usually happens a few days before the wedding. Following the introductory ceremony is the engagement ceremony. This ceremony begins with the groomís family revisiting the brideís family to hear their final response to the letter presented days before.
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I have a thing for for fashion and because of that I like to dress up pretty well. A lot of times people from my church, school, and especially my work place. On social media also, i get compliments from friends and complete strangers. My love for fashion started when my childhood friend and I discovered vintage clothing. We use to look at fashion blogs and adore the styling of the blogger. Now at age 22, I've matured in styling clothes. I have gotten better a putting pattern, colors, and textures together. I look forward to start my own fashion blog soon this year.
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My father is such a great man. When i was younger at the age of 3 my mother passed away from diabetes she had no clue of. Ever since she passed away, i drew closer to my father. Although my older brother and I were separated from him due to his travelling abroad, we still had a connection with him. When he use to visit us a few times in a year, we spent much time together enjoying each other's company. My father is a great man because of all that he has sacrificed for my older brother and I.
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My transition from Ghana to the United States of America was one challenging aspect of my life. moved from Ghana, West Africa at the age of 12. I loved living in Ghana. It is such a peaceful place to live at. As much as i loved living there, I didn't mind moving over to a different country to have other experiences. When I moved over to America, I started middle school within a few months. Going to school was a challenge for me everyday because I felt so out of place. I never enjoyed my middle school days at all.
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Junior. Junior is the fraternal twin brother of Senior. Junior is also the youngest one. Junior has one older brother and older sister. His father and mother are so blessed with wealth. They are so respected around the neighborhood and around the country. Because of Junior's well known and respected parents, he is also well respected around the country. Junior, although has the ability to do whatever he wants, he uses that ability to do community work and take care of orphans. Junior is very passionate about helping people in need.
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There is much life can teach one about love. IN this society now, love is thrown around with meaningful meanings I believe. Young kids ranging from the age of thirteen to fifteen use the word "love" more than anybody. When they find a crush or someone their young minds and bodies are so drawn to, they begin to think its love. At that age, I believe they haven't yet experienced what true love is as they might be saying to each other. After the age of eighteen or nineteen they will know the difference between "loving" and crushing" on someone.
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When a positive feedback has been given back to the groomís family, both families finally introduce themselves to each other and their guests as well. Plenty of food and drinks are used to celebrate this occasion. The food and drinks are often accommodated by the groomís family. Traditional food like pounded yams, rice, and drinks as palm wine, and soft drinks. The brideís family are then offers bags of sugar, bags of rice, alligator pepper, bags of salt, large number of bitter kola, kola nuts, and a keg of honey, and about forty tubers of large yam.
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Continuation of Nigerian traditional weddings... To present the gifts to the brideís family is an elder most likely a woman to officiate it. Her mission is to properly officiate and coordinate the proceedings so that each provision of tradition is strictly adhered to. The woman is called, Alaga ijoko, the person that communicates back and forth between both families. The professional goes through a series of a question and answer format where the groomís representatives are put through a lot of hoop. There are different stages the Ala coordinates some in which the groom might not be present.
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Continuation... Each stage involves the collecting money which she will keep. When his presence is needed, he comes forward to present himself to his in-laws to be. The groom and his friends are then made known to the bride's family. This involves prostrating in front of the family of the bride and elders requesting their daughters hand in marriage. The groomís family also hire a much-experienced wedding official called the Alaga iduro, which means a master of ceremony who follows the groom and family to beg for the hand of their daughter. This is very much recommended.
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Continuation... The Alaga iduro is also a professional custodian of Yoruba wedding tradition. Itís usually a female who could be a family member or hired for the occasion. After all the requirements are met, the groom can sit in one of the two large chairs decorated and placed in front of the guests. The chairs are designed in the ceremonial colors chosen by the wedding planner.The bride is then hurried into the hall, accompanying her bridesmaids, and friends. At the end of the ceremony, the bride stays at her family house to prepare a white western wedding ceremony.
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Continuation... During the traditional ceremony, the bride's outfit reflects what the female guests will wear. She might choose damask, lace, Nigerian wax fabric, or any fabric that appeals to her. The outfit consists of gale which is the head tie, the buba tank top, and an IRO, which is a large, ankle-length piece of material tied round her waist. The colors she chooses reflects the color theme her family has chosen but should also complement the groom's outfit and look similar. Accessories like gold chains, beads, bangles, gold earrings, and shoes to match. The bride is to stand out.
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Continuation... The bride's face would have gone through a beauty regime with professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and color coordinators. For the groom, he can decide to wear an Agbada, which is a two-layered piece of material of heavy dimensions like the aso oke. It might be cotton and damask or he might wear lace, wax fabric also known as ankara. The color combination should complement the bride's and reflect the color his family has chosen as well. The entertainment for the ceremony might consist of a celebrity master of ceremony who could be a member of the family.
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Continuation... or a professional also known as the Mc, he or she is different from the traditional female masters of ceremony on the groom and bride's sides. This master of ceremony coordinates the entertainment by introducing the live band or any form of other entertainment. Some of the entertainments besides the live band is usually ethnic contemporary popular songs blending with both English translation, Yoruba native tongue, and talking drums. The most popular music genres played at such traditional marriages are high life music, gospel music, hip hop, and current Nigerian sounds. The mc, then adhered to the prearranged program.
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Continuation... after everything has been done per the program, all that is left is to dance, feast, and make merry. In Conclusion, Yoruba traditional marriages are occasions for family members to reunite and catch-up on current happenings. They are fun-filled and interesting planned events that announce to the world the union of two loved ones. Till this day, this ceremony is still being carried on by most Nigerian. Nigerian weddings are known as one of the most popular, most expensive, most beautiful and exquisite all around Africa. Their culture is so rich in every aspect of their lives.
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My Cherished memento is a purse that has been down to me by my grandmother. The purse was once owned and worn by my mother who passed away when I was three years old. I would not trade it for anything. On a visit to my grandmotherís house one day, I went into her room to talk to her and in the midst of us talking, I saw a small messenger purse hanging amidst the wall of her collected purses. The black velvet purse with tiny gold beads embedded in it stood out to me. It is eye catching.
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My motherís purse is my most cherished memento, and I would not trade it for anything else. It is the only thing that reminds me of my mother. I feel a sense of love, worthiness and special when I carry it. The purse means the world to me. It brings me joy whenever I am sad. When I feel lonely, I am always reminded that my motherís spirit is around me. I plan on keeping it until it is time for to me pass it down to one of my siblingsí children or one of my own children.
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Sex, a subject that almost cannot be ignored due to the society we are in. It is advertised in the movies and television shows we watch, the music we listen to, the very well-known social media, schools, and among peers almost making hard to escape from. Although sex has been known to have a negative connotation to it and may bring forth consequences such as unplanned pregnancy, diseases, abortion and other life threatening situation, it also has a positive side if practiced safely. Human reproduction is one of the main reasons why sexual intercourse is not considered all bad.
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Birth control methods have been used for many years all over the world. Some of the methods are medications, procedures, devices and behaviors. These are to include birth control shots, pills, intrauterine device (IUD), birth control patch, installment of vaginal ring, birth control implants, birth control sponges and many more. In addition to preventing pregnancy, one other health benefit includes reduction of the menstrual cycle; which means less bleeding and less pelvic pain during menstruation. Today, birth control is still in practice by many for the prevention of pregnancy and other health uses. Research to find out more about it.
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Know your status whether you are infected with STD, HIV Aids or infected. Knowing your status and the status of your partner is also effective in practicing safer sex. Going for checkups should be considered if one has engaged in sexual activities without proper precautions. Checkups can be completed at specialized healthcare facilities or by a primary care physicians if preferred. Diseases can be detected easily and in some cases even treated at an early stage. It is better to act ahead with proper caution. For more information about it, one can visit health clinics or research about it online.
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If I won the lottery, I would most certainly pay for my college education and for the continues years in medical school. After four years of undergraduate school, I plan to attain my masterís degree and go to a medical school to further my education as a doctor. As we all know, medical school come with enough stress and higher expenses. Tuition and debts after medical school can be paid off with some of the money won from the lottery. Also, I would set up a scholarship fund for those in need for education and those of lower income.
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Many people dream about winning the lottery. Although the lottery seems like a game of gambling to some, others see it as a gate way to a better living. Winning the lottery can change oneís life forever. It All my dreams and aspirations could be achieved if I won the lottery. All my worries would be gone and my family wonít lift a hand working again to support our living if I won the lottery. The old saying money canít buy happiness doesnít seem to apply in this time where there is a price on everything.