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The hardest thing for me to do was to quit my job. However, it had to be done. I've been working for this company for 8 years. The company provided me with a lifetime of experiences. Which I knew it was time for change. So with the help of my husband I'm now pursuing my dream. Some may never have that opportunity to go full time to school. I'm so thankful to my husband and God for allowing me to be able to make moves for growth. Sometimes I beat myself up for not doing this sooner than later. Thanks!
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I got into a huge argument with a best friend of mine. Which we are not speaking as of today. I just feel like she never understands anyone else unless you on good terms with her. She allows the pettiest things to tick her off. We had been friends for over 15 years and it seems like every since I've gotten married she has changed. Our fall outs happen every year since my marriage.Prior to me being married we never had any long lengths of silence. Now it seems to be every 6 months. It's crazy how friends are.
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Me and my husband watch HGTV all the time. We are so ready to finally own a home. We should have been more focused in the past to pursue this goal. However, God has this already mapped out. Maybe backed then it wasn't the time for us. We have five beautiful children who are also so excited to have a house. I pray everyday that this dream comes true. I can honestly say this would be a huge accomplishment for me and my husband. We would be the first ones to own our home on both sides of the family.
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Once I graduate from school. I have so many plans for my future.I always wanted to be financially stable for my family. My husband holds it down for the family he always has. I'm so thankful to have someone like him being so supportive. He's not only supporting me because of the promising field I'll be in. However, It's the support of pursuing my goal in life.I don't think any material thing can be bought to express my gratitude. With all the stumbling blocks that I have encountered he has been my number one fan from day 1.
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One thing in life I dread doing is moving.The packaging is the hardest thing to do. When downsizing from a bigger place to a smaller place can be frustrating. One reason is that all your stuff my not fit inside the new place. Which leaves room to begin discarding items. I can't wait to purchase my own home. I'm not into moving all the time. Actually I moved last year trying to save a couple of dollars and we found out we were better off where we were in the first place. Well just until we purchase our home.
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Looking a place to rent can become frustrating. However we really need to move quickly. My patience for the current place we are in is wearing thin. This week I went to take out a bag of trash and caught three young men breaking into neighbors cars. After going back in my house to call 911 they continued going checking doors of cars. Well speaking to the 911 operator was not a pleasant experience. The operator asked so many questions about the suspects. The phone call took so long the suspects left and the police station is across the street.
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I have a dachshund as a pet dog. It's a male dog. My husband was the first one to fall in love with him. Growing up I never imagined myself being a pet owner. At first it took some getting use to. For instance taking him out for a walk everyday. Also cleaning up after him. Not my expertise. My husband called home and begging me to buy him. I was hesitate because I know my husband can be lazy at times.So I gave in and agreed to welcome him to our home.It's the best decision we made.
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The cost of gas has went up. Back then I use to fill my mother's car up and it was only 98 cents a gallon and it took $15.00 for a full tank. My mother was able to take me to school and work within a week time without filling up. Now a days it costs me $2.29 a gallon and the cost is $65.00 for full tank. This only lasts for the same amount of time. However, doing the week at times I like to ride around just to get some fresh air every so often.
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Being married has it's advantages.I'm not the only one responsible for rent,insurance and other bills. My husband has been very responsible when it comes down to handling priorities. Some of my friends this is one part of the marriage that is suffering. Some of them work many hours just to make up ends meet with the husband still being the home. Marriage is about having each other backs. But no bum ass guy will not be taking advantage of me. I was always taught to be independent. However if that day comes I know how to handle it.
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I have friend that says she makes $23.00 a n hour. However her rent is always late and other bills. One time she mention to me that she didn't have any thing to eat and she asked her father for $25.00. I felt bad at first until she decided to take the money and get her lashes done. Not to mention she also has a husband that she will break the bank for. Her rent is less than $730 a month. Sometimes it makes sense to me why she would be in this predicament. But it's not my life.
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Every year I have a problem out of a friend of mine. We had been friends for 15 years too long. I say this is because she always has a problem about petty things. I have other friends that I have no problems with. It's strange that I would have the same falling out with this friend all the time. My other girlfriends say talk it out. But I'm so tired of rekindling something I should have let go a long time ago. This time I can't see myself talking back to her. This time it's a rap I'm done.
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My mother and me have a very distance relationship. I think she doesn't know how much it hurts. I tried to keep close but it seems all my life it's been on and off. I really don't understand why I was placed in this dysfunctional family. No one has ever been happy for me growing up no matter what it was. It's hard to go through life looking for what needs to come natural and that is love. We moved 1 1/2 year ago to be closer to family. That did no good it seems like it gotten worse.
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I've been through so much growing up until I can't believe I'm still standing. Growing up in the projects was tough for me. I always knew that when I turned 18 yrs old it was then my life to tackle. Everyone always said you don't want to grow up before your time. I did because I wanted out of my mother's house quickly as possible. Over my childhood years I've raped and shot all in the same neighborhood. Over the years I had to become strong before my time. Not to mention I became pregnant at the age of 15.
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The hardest thing to do is to wash your hands with people such as siblings,children and family. Especially if the relationship is causing someone pain. Growing up I never knew it would be this hard to make it without family.The holidays really hit me hard because my family isn't a close knit family. They pick and choose who they want to invite to their homes. All I'm trying to do today is be successful in my career and develop a closer relationship with God. That way I can understand the battles that await me and conquer them quick.
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At times when I'm alone a thought goes through my mind about having another child. I gave birth to my first child at the tender age of 16. The problem was that I got pregnant at a young age. Now that I have a husband before I get to old I would love for us to raise a child. I can't even tell you what it's like to give birth. All I know is that it does hurt. However I'm speaking of the months you carry a baby. Hell I heard Janet Jackson gave birth at the age of 50.
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I can't wait to finish school and start my new career. Finishing is such a priority now more than a year ago. If someone had a thought about going back to school, I would strongly encourage them. We never know how much of a difference we would make within our family and life. After years of wasted time from job to job making less money than normal because I didn't meet the qualifications. It was because of me being so afraid to go out on faith. This is one accomplishment that no one has to pat me on the back.
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I've learned early that no one can stop us from doing and trying our best. In the early years I used to blame everything on everybody else. Now days I take responsibility for my own actions. I look back and realize that not everyone going to be about your best interest. However that's fine with me we get to a point in life where there's no more excuses and no more pointing fingers at one another. We control our destiny. Most will see this later in life before sooner only because we are so stuck on putting blame on others.
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The hardest thing for me was watching my child go to prison. Whether they know it or not mothers try to shelter their babies from society. Now kids are so turned on by the fast money and material things. They are willing to give up their freedom all for a pair of Jordan's. I grew up knowing the only way to get my hair done was to work. I can't think back to a time I was without a job. My whole goal was about surviving. We all want a better life but crime will not get it that life.
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I was so pissed at my husband's foreman. My husband is real humble he doesn't like to speak up when needed. And at times this is a problem for me because whenever he disagrees or dislikes things that I do or say he's on top of it. But when it comes to outside our home it's a different ball game. It seems to me that his foreman has problem with him that is not being address. And I never like to pull the race card but out people will not back each other up its like we envy our ownkind.
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Sometimes I ask God why did he put me with my family. I even picture life without them. They are the most rudest and evil set of family members I've ever seen. Not one time have I ever seen my mom being kind to me or even saying I love you. The hardest thing for me was to be raised with no heart and no feelings. Which I have both but it never dawned on me until I got older. I feel that I've accomplished so many things that my mom never thought of and she can't face the fact.
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Both of my Aunt's are in the hospital. I never would've known that until my cousin called and mentioned it. Crazy to me because my sisters,brother and mother knew about it. I never know what their motives at times are. I taken up so much time trying to firgure them out even re-evalute myself. But as time passes I just give up. Sometimes I wish I had that dad whom can fill that void. However that's another story because he's a deadbeat. In in this world so alone. Nobody understand are been know my pain I bear everyday.
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I see why some people turn to drinking and doing drugs. Life obstacles are difficult to deal with. I'm not saying that I approve of it only that I can understand. People come from all different backgrounds in life. If I had a opportunity to give back to society it would be to help young women who are pregnant or women who have trouble coping with society because they have been left alone in these world. My goal would be to let them know the meaning of love,family and self investment. We lack these things in our everyday life.
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2016 has added a great deal to my learning experience.I know every year we tend to gain knowledge on doing better in life and also becoming a better person. One of my goals is to focus strictly on me people will always give their opinions based off of someone's inexperience with you.I've learned nobody can provide you a better description of a person but that person. People will do everything in the world to tear one another down. My objective this year is to build a better foundation with God. That's all I want is that too much?
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I wish there was a chance to see my grandmother and auntie once again. I know once I depart from this earth I can be once again reunited with them. They are missed so much by me. My aunt would give her right hand to me. She was just like a mother to me. Matter fact our birthdays are two days apart. My grandmother also would give her soul for her grandchildren even though she had her one favorite which was my cousin Keith. She would have us to rub her feet and scratch her head for fifty-cents everyday.
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We sometimes question God doing. I know everything he does is for a reason. This sometimes weighs heavily on my mind. Only because I miss my love ones. My aunt use allow me to do her hair and nails. I was so excited due to me being cosmetology school and she was my first to try out a product. I missed those things. Right now I have no one to speak with regarding life but God. It's sad when no one has a human form to cry on their shoulder. But I know we have a great God to worship.
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My father in law was just like a father to me. We lost him four years ago around Christmas time. That was the hardest time for my husband. He's father raised him to be a man for his household. He was so proud of his son. I'm praying that he continues to watch over us. We truly need his guidance. Mr. Green your grandchildren are growing up to be fine young teenagers. I wished we spent more time together. My husband misses him everyday. At times I see him drifting off into space and shading tears of love forever missed.
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Time is passing by so fast. Sometimes I wished I had finished before now. But we all learn from our mistakes. Like having a home by now. We are so sick of paying rent. I go to sleep thinking of a way to speed up the process to own a home. My husband says to have patience. Which I do however I put so much stress on myself because I want a better life. I would love to be sipping mojitos and laying on a Caribbean island. We both have worked so hard to stay afloat of what we deserve.
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I never enjoy watching the news. Its always a tragedy somewhere. Can we all just get along? That is not the case nowadays. United States has elected Donald Trump as president and the decisions has the whole country undivided. Refugees are getting screened heavily. Some are not allowed in the United States so they are being turned around. Families are torn. America is suppose to be the land of the free. Now that Trump is in office we can only expect for things to worsen. Many are saying give this guy a chance. Chance to do what his doing now.
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My sister called to let us know that she was being discharged from the hospital. I was a little shock because she never called to let us know she was going. However she was having problems with her stomach which turned out to be her gallbladder. She said that they only gave her some medicine for upset stomach. But she still is in pain. I've tried to warn her prior to this to always consult with her primary care physician. The only reason why is that he or she are aware of her medical history which the ER doctors aren't.
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This month has went by so fast. We are one day away from February. Which is crazy because just last month we were celebrating Christmas. These days you have to cherish and be thankful.Love our family. Keep our health up. If life permits it, we plan to live it up. My dream is to own my own home and buy a RV to travel the world. Hopefully our retirement will allow us to settled down and enjoy our days left on the earth. Kids have no idea about the future.Can't blame them,I used to do the same.
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The thought of owning a home is weighing heavily on our minds. My husband and I think this will be the year to go ahead and at least try to get someone to speak with and start making plans to repair our credit. Actually it's my credit that needs to be repaired. I'm having a hard time with planning to move and get into another lease. I really would like to move because I'm not pleased with the place where we live. However it does have it's pros for instance, being centrally located. But everything else I'm not to thrilled.