BY markees

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today was a beautiful day I woke up around 10am rushed down to get breakfast and my boss called, he asked me to come in to work early because someone called out. I was really pissed because he needs to fire those employees. I really need to look for another job that pays more money. the employees there are extremely lazy and they continue to show their laziness and they still have a job. many customers complain about them but the boss does nothing. if you asked me he needs another job because I am really tired of him too.
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today I caught the bus to school. I was almost late because the bus had to take a detour and it took us to a totally different route than what I expected. I was really lost and ended up downtown. I quickly dash to the bus driver and asked her for the next bus that was coming down 7th avenue and she pointed it out I arrived to school with 10 minutes to spare. I rushed up stairs only to discover that my teacher cancelled class. that was disappointing I really wanted to learn something new today from my teacher.
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This morning I woke up I wasn't feeling well and I had a extremely painful headache. I dash to the medicine cabinet and looked for some ibuprofen to take. Of course it wasn't any in there so I had to go to the store and get some. I was already upset so I was speeding and almost got a ticket but I didn't so I get to the store looking for the pills and I look every where on the shelves and they were out of the pills. This day was jut not a good day for me at all.
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Yay!!! It's Saturday my favorite day of the week I am off of work and I'm looking to get some rest and have a little fun today. I got invited to a party and a cookout. I have no idea which one I' am going to but I kinda want to attend both. The party is at night so I have to go but an outfit and shoes to wear tonight but the cookout starts at noon so I might be running a little late to the cookout because I have to go shopping for clothes so I am lost.
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It's Sunday and it's super bowl time. We are only a few hours away from the biggest game/event of the year in sports. The game will feature the Atlanta falcons and the New England patriots. Of course I am pulling for the falcons because I can't stand tom Brady at all. He is a great quarterback but I will never like him ever. He cheats to win all the time, and he already has won 4 championships. He doesn't need anymore and he doesn't deserve no more championships. It is going to be a great game I can't wait.
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Well it's Monday!!!! I am extremely upset that Super Bowl game last night was a great game but I am not happy with the outcome. The Atlanta Falcons lost the game in overtime. They blew a 25 point lead in the 4th quarter. That was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history I was not happy because tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl in his career. The most by a player in NFL history. The falcons had the game wrapped up too and they blew it at the end. They could have won if it wasn't for the penalties.
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Hey guys it Tuesday and I started a new class today. I have another nice teacher and he is really helpful. Im enjoying my first semester so far I have two great teachers and I had learned a lot so far. I'm looking forward to my teachers teaching me many things and showing me the best posssible way to be successful. You will always need reading and writing throughout life and it is a great thing that our teachers are helping us become more fluient. Now I got to go the black history month celebration and I am really thankful
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ring my alarm goes off and its time for work well at least I thought it was. I thought I set my alarm for 2pm but I set it for 2am. I rushed over to the bathroom and turned on the water so I can brush my teeth and wash my face and I then realized that it was really 2am instead of 2pm. now I am upset because it is going to take awhile for me to go back to sleep because I am wide awake now. so I reset the alarm and fell to sleep 2 hours later.
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Today my teacher took us on a campus tour and I got to see many of the other buildings and resources this school has to offer. I am really enjoying my first year at HCC it's a lot of great students that go here and I have made many friends. The teachers are nice and really seem like they want us to succeed as much as we want to our selves. I am looking forward to learning a whole lot of new things from my teachers and learn enough to succeed as much as possible I will always be thankful.
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It's Friday yayyy I am ready to have a great weekend but I won't start to enjoy it until after I get off work tonight at 9pm. First of all I am extremely happy that I get off at 9 now instead of 12 because I have time to get off and go and enjoy a Friday night. I haven't gone out in a while because all I have time for is work and school when I'm not at school I'm at work and the other way around so I just really can't wait to finally get to go out.
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Wow my weekend just got even better. I Went to hhgregg this morning and I applied for an account and they approved me for a $2500 credit in store. So this is just wat I needed I been wanting a new tv for the longest I have a 49 inch smart tv in my room but I been wanting a bigger one like the family room. The family room has a 75inch and parents have 70 so I need a bigger one so I bought me a 65 inch and no I can't wait to play my PlayStation 4 today
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It's Sunday and that's mean church time I have to start my week off right. I'm looking forward to hearing a good message and receiving a home cooked meal today. Only thing I am not happy about is that it is nomore football I have to wait until September to watch football again. Well really august if u count the pre season then it will be august. That just seems so far away and I don't wanna wait I love coming home and watching football on a Sunday and eating some boiled peanuts and just sitting and enjoying the game.
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It's a beautiful Monday and i will get a lot of rest today because I don't have to be to work until 3pm so I will sleep in all day pretty much. I hope I have a better day at work then I did on Saturday because we were slammed and were getting backed up on orders I don't understand why we were so busy and had that many big orders. That was the most people I saw in one day since I've been working there i have never been so drained out in my life in one day there.
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It's Tuesday which means one of my favorite shows will be on tonight. The haves and the have nots, I usually don't like soap operas but that one right there is really good. It always leave you in suspense of what's to come next. Tyler perry is the director and creator so you never know what he is gonna do next. I watch pretty much all of his shows because he gives you something in every episode and I believe that this is some of his best work. I only feel that way because I've see seen most of it.
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wow what an amazing game last night between the cavaliers and the t wolves. the game came down to the very end. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving showed out as usual they combined for 60 points. at first I thought the Cavs were about to lose but then the star players showed up in the 4th quarter in order to seal up the deal. I don't know what the Cavs would have done if they didn't have those fantastic players n the team. no one expected the t wolves to even last a quarter with them but they did anyway.
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Oh my god I don't know how I am going to make it through the whole semester in one of my classes. I just don't get it my teacher is a great teacher don't get me wrong but I'm sick of hearing him talk all he does is talk every single day the class is 2 long hours and he talks the whole class and leaves us with 10 minutes to do our work I'm getting fed up with that crap already because I don't wanna sit there and hear that mess the whole class I prefer to do work.
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It's Friday which means it's the weekend and I'm extremely excited as usual. I'm off the entire weekend so that's mean I'm going out and gonna spend time with the family. My cousin is coming over and we are going to hang out with his girlfriend and her beautiful friend and I can't wait. We always have a blast every time we hang out. It be none stop laughter and just a great time. I have no idea what we are going to do or where we are going this time but wherever it is it will be really fun.
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Last night went as planned and I had a great time last night with the cousin and friends. We went to ride goat karts and went to a movie and to my favorite restaurant Charley's steak house. I had the usual which is the scrumcious lobster and the steak. Man it was really delicious and I tried the shrimp and scallops which the lobster mac and cheese. I can't even describe how delicious it was if you ever get a chance to go there you will not be disappointed. It's a little pricey but it is money well spend guaranteed.
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It's Sunday and that means church. I went had a great time as always. I went home and got some rest and then woke up and watched an amazing all star game. The NBA always put on a show for the fans and I was not disappointed. Although Saturday night I was because the NBA 3 point and dunk contest was not good this year the people we expected to win did not win plus it was just not as exciting as it normally be. Man fans wrote in complaints because the feel the same way I do wasn't good.
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It's Monday and I have to work today so I will be sleeping in no class so I will get some rest before this busy week I have. It went as planned got some rest and no I'm On my way! To work I don't really wanna go I hate working night shift it is really boring because business is not as busy during the weekday at night and I am always sitting around wishing I have something to do i need another job asap it' it getting out of hand now if something doesn't change soon I will leave
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Wow what a long and busy night at work. This was by far the busiest Monday that I have worked on. I have never seen the place be so busy during the weekday. First when I walked in it was slow, so I thought that it will continue to be slow throughout the entire night. Well I was extremely wrong this time. After being at work for 20 minutes, the customers started coming In like a swarm of bees. For 4 hours straight we had none stopped orders coming through. it was only 3 employees on the shift last night.
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Oh my what a day!!!! I woke up late for work so I had to rush to the bus stop because my car is in the shop so I have to ride the bus until it gets fixed. Well I woke up and couldn't find my hat so I had to wear an old and rusty hat that I received when I first started working there. I didn't really how dirty the hat was but it was gonna have to work. I dashed out the door and it was pouring down raining really bad so I got all soaking wet
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Well as I was getting poured on I not I left my phone at home so I had to go back to the house and get my phone. I can't go a whole day without my phone I am addicted. So now I am 1 hr late to work I know I am gonna get written up but oh well things happen. When I got to work my boss understood exactly what happen but by the rule book he has to write me up so I signed it. Next time I will make sure everything is ready the night before.
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It's Friday my favorite day of the week I'm suppose to enjoy it but of course I have to work as usual. We were extremely busy and I couldn't wait to get off today omg. The manager was making me upset I wanted to snap on him but I didn't wanna get fired so I bit my touge. I really need another job before I beat him up because he is just always complaining about everyone because he hates his job. Well he should've went to college and got a degree instead of dropping out so that is his problem.
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Saturday oh my I have to go back into work at 8am after getting off at 1am this is crazy. I am tired and we are still as busy as we were last night. I am really sick of this place I can't say it enough. I need some extra money for this hard work I'm putting in this is not enough money for the amount of hard work and time I put in to working I know it's on fast food but the air doesn't work that good and the kitchen is extremely hot as heck in that place.
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It's Sunday so as usual I will be attending church then coming home to relax and catch up on some rest since I didn't get any this weekend... I really need some rest because I worked all weekend and longer shifts than I expected. I get excited on sundays because of Sunday dinner and my mother is a phenomenal cook and she really knows how to throw down in the kitchen anything you name she can make with no hesitation. She has many catering businesses and her stock just keeps on growing each and every year I love her cooking.
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It's Monday and I am excited about this week it is my mother's birthday on Thursday and I can't wait to spoil her I like always do. I love my mother more than life itself. She does so much for me and always have provided everything I ever asked for or needed as a child. I never lacked on anything 300$ pair of shoes or anything she got it for me and I just want to show her like every year that she is appreciated and I really love her so much she is definitely the best mother on earth.
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It's the 28th today and that means this is my last entry for 100 words. I am very happy that I am all caught up and I didn't miss a day of doing this. I am not behind like I thought I would be. I really enjoyed this assignment because you have the freedom to write about whatever you like and it is also a great strategy to strengthen your writing. I wish my teachers in middle school as well as high school would have done this in our classes it would have made writing more entertaining for sure lol.