BY Nas

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I have two jobs, I work at a pharmacy as a technician and I work at a hospital as needed. I'm now in school taking my prerequisite for pharmacy school. I'm liking Texas A&M pharmacy school and USF pharmacy school. I want to get my Pharm.D and specialize in chemotherapeutic drugs and medicine it self, I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I am learning French and American Sign Language. I have my own car and I like to travel and drive. My parents, and family and myself are proud of the woman I am becoming.
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I enjoyed the idea of wearing expensive coats and expensive boots. Hats perfectly knitted and mittens to match. I loved it when my hair will turn into this dark brownish red that made my skin tone look three shades lighter. I loved it when you waited with me for the bus and how I use to place my hands inside your grey Nike hoodie. Before you left you kissed me. I didn't want to let go; you're the only person who made me feel so warm. That was the winter when I cried the most. The coldest and saddest winter ever.
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Now a year later I sleep with the ceiling fan on and the collection of all my exes T-Shirts. I destroyed your hoodie, and threw it away it still smelled like you, I also had your yellow helmet. I destroyed that too. All I have is the memories. I now am not as vulnerable as before. I drive a red 2013 Kia Rio, I leave the windows down so the sun can shine on my hair. Everyday it looks orange and my complexion went from three shades lighter to three shades darker. My weekend and summer vacation destination is the beautiful city of Miami where a piŮa colada makes the world a better place.
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Iím surrounded by women of different colors and sizes. I enjoy the fact that every two weeks you must get a manicure and pedicure. I love how the sun is always out and on raining days the world still doesnít feel as cold and sad. I also love how I donít need you to keep me warm anymore. Iím in a better place, better state, surrounded by positivity and better people. The food is all not great but being around my culture and my people makes it feel like home. Iím not that far from Mi Isla del Encanto either.
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It was summer 2011, My very first summer in Tampa, Florida. It was the summer I fell in love, one of the most memorable summers, the summer that would change me completely.He washed his hands and slowly turned to my face; he wet me. He then turned to dry his hands and then turned back to me and kissed me. My eyes were closed and I, for the first time have never felt so magical. I felt like I was floating in mid air. My feet were not touching the ground, I couldn't feel anything my body went numb.
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I couldn't feel anything, my body went numb. I couldn't understand what was going on. I just knew that I've never felt that way before. After that summer I never felt that way ever again. Until six years later when I reunited with my first love. It was September 2015. He picked me up in his Grey Kia Optima and dropped me off at my house. On our way to my house we reminisce on summer 2011 and how life has been since then. I wanted to cry, seeing him for the first time after so many years made me fall for him even more.
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Everyone should love who they are, even if others do not love you. A person can never get caught up or worry about what others must say about them, we live in a world where people rather see you upset and miserable than happy. I would never understand why , but as the years go by I've gotten to experience hatred and envy. It's an ugly trait to have, I hope that one day people can read my blogs and be inspired. It's a free world and you are entitled to be you and be free, don't let your past mistakes effect you, learn from them and be better.
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Education is key and opens many doors. I am loving the fact that I am not only bilingual but learning other languages as well. It makes me proud to see a customerís reaction when they speak little English and they try to communicate with me, when they acknowledge that I speak Spanish as well. They feel relief and they smile and say ďthank GodĒ. Then they proceed to what they had questions about. I am now learning French and even though French is not a common language used in the United States, you never know when youíre going to run into someone who only speaks and understands French and needs help. To be able to lend a hand makes a difference, education makes a difference.
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Today is a beautiful day to go shopping, the sun is out but it's still a bit cloudy. The forecast said it was 78 degrees outside, you can say it's not that bad. I have a cardigan on which was one of my mistakes but it's okay. I really want to go to the outlets in Orlando, the drive seems draining. There's some outlets not too far from here, I think it's about thirty minutes away. I might end up going there. I will try my hardest not to spend too much money. But knowing the type of shopper that I am, I might go overboard.
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Valentineís Day is creeping up and a co-worker of mine told me today, to find myself a boyfriend just so they can buy me something or take me out. I thought that was ridiculous, I have planned a girlís night out with my girlfriends. Fifty Shades Darker is the way to go. I have not been to the movies since senior year of high school, THAT WAS TWO YEARS AGO, Iím really looking forward for Fifty Shades Darker, I loved Fifty Shades of Grey; not the movie. The book, itís one of my favorite books other than the Pretty Little Liars series.
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Instead of going to the movies with my girlfriends on Valentines Day. I chose to go today, I went to go watch 50 Shades Darker and by far the best movie this year! This is the sequel of 50 Shades of Grey, the prequel was a bit difficult to comprehend and I felt like it didn't have a purpose. Now that I've watched the second one, I finally understand wants going on. I recommend everyone to go watch it and pay close attention to what the story is implying and the main idea. I love the movie, I have not read the book but that is on my to-do list.
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My work schedule for the next two weeks is a bit chaotic. I am working everyday this week and I do not know how I am going to survive it. I work at the pharmacy Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-9 and Saturday. I then work at the hospital Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I am a really busy girl and I hope that after these two weeks pass by, I can go on vacation. I am loving the idea of spending one week in Key West. I've never been on a vacation, now that I have two jobs and go to school, I am advising myself to take one. As soon as possible!
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Being a Pharmacy Technician is hard work. We assist the pharmacist but we are the ones who keep the pharmacy going. We are in charge of answering phone calls, filling the prescriptions, communicate with insurances, doctors, and the patients as well. The pharmacist is always supervising us, and if we have any questions we'll ask them but majority of the time we help each other out. The pharmacist main job is to counsel the patients on any new medication, they also counsel customers who are have adverse reactions and abnormal symptoms. The pharmacist also does vaccinations for patients who need or want them. A pharmacist is a doctor, and one day I will be like them.
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Today is Valentines Day, and I did something far from my comfort zone. I worked at the hospital today and as soon as I clocked in, I seen him. He asked me where have I been and I couldn't answer him because he was in the elevator with a patient and the doors were closing. I then seen someone who works in the same department as him and she convinced me to approach him first. It was eight o'clock and he was about to leave. I had a cap on, a mask covering my nose and mouth, a gown, and an apron over the gown. I ran down the steps, chased him, stopped him, and the only thing I said was hey.
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Bittersweet situation when you're a thousand miles away and can't be there for someone. On Valentine's Day my best friend called me and she told me something I did not want to know. As a best friend it is still her job to tell me. When she told me all I wanted to do is cry but I had to be strong. I tried so hard to make this person better, I tried my hardest to change them and still nothing, they're back to where they started. I told my mom and she told me "You can't save someone, who does not want to be saved".
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He said "She wants someone to save her, no body saved us when we were in a one bedroom apartment". She said "it's not me who needs to be saved, is you. I'm trying to save you, I'm trying to protect you make you better so you don't end up in jail, so you don't end up killed." He made it so difficult to love him. He hurt her and she still was there for him, how ridiculous of her. When she finally chose to leave, he grabbed her and said no I need you. Let me hold you, she allowed him to hold her. And he crumbled her and broke her.
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Today I worked nine to nine at the pharmacy today and I made the biggest mistake. I chose to wear designer leather boats. I was standing for literally twelve hours today, of course I had a fifteen minute break and a thirty minute break. I was actually suppose to have an hour break but we got busy. When I came back from my thirty minute break there was a non speaking English customer waiting for me in drive through, I had to explain to her why she has to start paying for her medicine. I talked to the lady for at least 20 minutes! I was standing all day I was busy all day. I got home took a bath, laid in my bed and my feet were in pain. I will never wear those boots for a twelve hour shift again.
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I'm not sure on what I want to become just yet. I would like to be a doctor, but there's other things I want to do as well. I want to have my own store for interior design and home decors. I also would like to publish a book. My goal is to make a difference to change the world and I know that it will be difficult but is not impossible. I would like to get my doctors degree, and teach in a pharmacy school. I want to make an impact in somebody's life, we need more doctors, lawyers, judges, authors, remodels.
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I did my research and ever since fall 2000 the amount of students who are attending four year colleges has increased by 5.2 million. As of fall 2016 the amount of students attending four year colleges is 20.5 million. We have about 3.1 million nurses, 25,000 BSNs and 13% of nurses obtain a masters or doctorate. We only have 18,000 general surgeons. That is not okay and that number is really low. We need surgeons, I know it's a bit frustrating going to school for so many years and resident year is like five years extra but we need more general surgeons.
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A pair of Jimmy Choo flats cost about a 300-1,000 dollars. I will never pay a thousand dollars for a pair of shoes but I will pay 300-500 dollars for a pair of shoes. I've been the same size since high school. If I buy a pair of expensive designer shoes I can have them sitting in my closet for years and decades. It's not the same as clothes, we gain weight like every year sometimes lose weight. When we wash clothes it can shrink and lose it's colors. But not shoes, shoes don't get mess up.
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This weather keeps switching up on us. One day is raining the next day is sunny and then it's cold. I keep getting sick. I don't think anyone likes being sick. I feel so tired and I just want to sleep, but I can't I have to go to work, I need to pay bills. I just want to be financial staple, I think everyone does but it's difficult. I've been working everyday this week in two different places. I hope all of this pays off, so I can go on vacation for memorial day weekend. It's about to be March, time is going by fast.
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My dream vacation, is laying on the beach and just relaxing. I do not want to think about my past relationship problems, I don't want to think about school, I don't want to think about money. I just want to relax and not think for once. The only thing I want to think about is how amazing that sun is going to feel on my face. I want no drama, and no problems. Once my vacation is over, then I can start stressing about whatever I was stressing about. Honestly I don't want to stress at all, is that even possible?
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I think it is possible to not stress. If you just surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts, your outcome will all be positive. Stop worrying about things you do not have control of. Worry about what can you do for yourself, what benefits you. I know we get side tracked and we start to invest and focus on our love one. But we need to focus on us and what is good for us. You can love someone but it's more important to love yourself. When you begin to love yourself, you get to see things different, you begin to feel better.
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I was at work and a co-worker told me that he's better than anyone because he's going to school to become doctor. He's not even in medical school yet, and I was a bit shocked because I'm going to school to get my Pharm.D. Which is a doctorate, he's implying that if a person does not have an MD which is a medical degree. An MD is a physician, no one should be called doctor if they do not have an MD. I thought that was preposterous, anyone who obtains a doctors should be called a doctor, because they have a doctor.
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I worry later nights because I am not with him nor do I know what he's up to. I pray that he's in good hands and surrounded by people who will not harm him. I've always felt like I'm the only one who can protect him. He can protect himself, but there's only one person who is stronger than any weapon, than any defensive technique and that person is God. I pray to God that he protects you and leads you to where you want to be in life. I was raise to love one person and one person only.
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That only person is you. I know you've been through a lot and you hide it very well. I've been through worst, and I fall apart at times. But when I see you, you motivate me to do better. Everything I do is for me, but I am who I am because of you. You're hard on me and you have no sympathy for me. I need that, that is why I fell in love with you. You taught me a lot and for that I thank you. We've been through a lot together and individually. We've learned throughout the years.
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You asked me once, "what do you love about me?". I am now telling you that I love you, but I hate you at the same time. I know you were mainly raised by your mother. She raised you to be about your money and to remain humble. I also love how she taught you to iron your clothes every morning. I never use to iron my clothes before work and now I do every morning. Although you claim you can cook, not once have you ever made a home cooked meal. You always eat on the go, and I go that from you too. I guess when you're too busy working, you really do not have time to sit down and eat a home cooked meal.
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I do not cook, that does not mean I do not know how to cook. There's difference, I'm just always doing something. I'm never home, I'm usually at work or paying bills, or at school. The goal for this month is to start cooking and packing my own lunch. I spend too much money eating out, I do not want to do that anymore. I can cook, I promise. You just never gave me a chance. You live in your own world not caring who gets hurt or who get's left behind. You're selfish and oblivious, I'm choosing to leave.