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It was a great Sunday.I had my birthday party at the shores of Picnic Island beach near the water.All of my friends and family came to the party with presents to put on the table for me to open up when the time came.We did fun activities to waste time like beach volleyball,go in the water,and played soccer until it is time for me to open up presents.The time for me to open presents came,I decided to open up the first present that is very big because I like large colorful presents. 
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I used to have this friend who is pretty much two-faced.What I mean by two faced is one day she is nice and there for you, and next a completely different kind of person.The only time she wanted me around is when she wanted something from me because I have it around.I learned form her real quick what true friends are supposed to be and not.True friends would not use their friends , lie, or talk about them behind their back like they did not matter.My friends told me that I did the right thing .
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She wanted to fly so bad like the other animals.Seeing the other animals fly so high doing barrel rolls and other flying tricks made her very envious of them.One night, she decided to make wings from large leaves she found hidden in the amazon forest for lift,flexible thin branches to hold the wings,and tree sap to hold it all tougher.She finally made the wings needed to fly, it was time to test it out.Once she made it to the cliff she ran fast enough to gain lift and started to actually fly like birds.
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Summer time has come around and the heat was at a all time high.Me and my sister decided to go to the one part of the apartments that had a large pool to dive in because it looked cooler.we gather our extra clothing , towels ,and beach floats and started our short journey to the pool.When we made it there, we made a rush into the nearest table to put our dry clothing there and started a pencil dive into the pool.The cool pool felt so good on our hot skin since the sun was burning. 
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This was a war like no other wars throughout history.It all started with one country disagreeing on the other countries point of views on what is actually freedom to them.Because that country was basically acting like a child not getting their own way with things,many young adults are being sent out into this pointless war with no true purpose except to get killed.Many mothers wished that there was compromise to bring back their sons from that war but they cannot because it was too late.Many letters were sent to each mothers telling about their son death.
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Today is a rant day for me.When I go to this site using google chrome to write, it says"google cannot display this" or "webpage has expired". How am I supposed to write100 words if it will not let me type, this does not make sense to me.The good news is that Mozilla Firefox works pretty well with this site so at least I have that working out for me.Yeah,the 100 words site needs improvement badly like that sign coming soon needs work.Today is really not one of my best days I enjoy now. 
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You know how in space that there's still lots of things we don't know about or discovered?This was a time when the unknown came to us.They are known as a special group of gems that needs the sun's rays to move around or else they cannot move at all.They came from a very far away planet light years away called crystalsol ,a planet where it had consistent sun all year around.We found out eventually that the reason why they come to our planet is because of the war with their arch rival exploded the planet up.
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I am not much for writing essays and creating stories.If I had a choice to choose between multiple choice and writing essay,I would choose the multiple choice because it is easier to me.Writing an essay for class can be hard,you have to make sure it makes sense,good grammar,and capture the readers attention.Time can also contribute to making it harder,especially for those who like to wait the last minute to write the essay.Speaking of essays,there is one that I have to do and I should not wait until the last minute.
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Meanwhile at the space station,I kept hearing knocking noises outside the large entrance door.I decided to find out who or what it was that is making the noise because it keeps getting annoying hearing the knock.I answered the door and in comes this small ,green-looking life formed alien that has blue spots on it,I decided to call it spot for a lack of a better name.Spot was still scared and decided to hide in our bedroom.When I found spot,spot went so fast into the navigation room leaving behind this light blue trail.
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I thought he loved me. The times we were tougher, it felt like it was meant to be,it felt great and true.I thought he enjoyed my company because he did say "I love the time we are spending tougher" .When I found out he was with another girl,my heart sank like the titanic and tears start dripping on my dry cheeks.My true friend told me that he was at the park with that girl ,having a great time laughing away.I felt like wanting revenge because he could not even tell me that it is over.
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The weekends are great to me.Reasons why weekends are great to me because of no school, I get to hang out with friends,and having alone time to myself.Not having school to me is like having work off,I can catch up on things out side of school life.Alone time feels good to me even though some people do not like silence.I just like peace and quiet from all the noise.If I ever get bored, I can always go hangout with my friends because they seem to like company.These are some of the reasons.
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It is not very easy being the short one.I do not get taken very seriously because of my height even though I am 21.When I walk around the hall ways and see other girls my age taller then me,I feel awkward around them like I do not belong there.Another example of why it is not easy being short is when I try to reach the top shelf by myself but, in reality,I cannot reach it.What really gets me is how some people have the lack of respect for people who really don't know that.
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Mean while in English class,The professor lost her sanity when most of us decided to bomb the test so we can get a curve.Little that we know, she decided to not gives up that curve and our grades were pretty low as well as the class average.To top off the cake, she decided to give out more work for that day so no one had any time on their phone.To be quite honest, I thought our grammar skills would be enough to melt her eyes out.Before the class ends, several students walked out no problem.
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Today was the grand ceremony test for every Pegasus.they have to fly through every obstacle precisely and quickly or else they would fail and had to leave their home town.most of the Pegasus flew good enough to pass except for morning daze and shimmer.shimmer was a very exceptional flyer with great wings to prove it and speeds equivalent to a fighter jet.morning daze had hurt her wing during one part of the test when going through the very narrow walls which slowed down her speed .shimmer wanted her best friend to pass this hard test. 
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Recipe for the worst day in college: add 1/4 teaspoon of over sleeping to make you late for the class.mix in one cup of test that you did not prepare for,lightly sprinkle in the realization that your grade just dropped.Now add in your dry ingredients; 2 cups of homework,1/2 tablespoon of long lecture that you probably could not focus.mix well or else it is going to be worse than it already is.bake for six years or more depending on your major.once baked and cooled down,top it off with student debt.
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Cats are very interesting to me. one of the three cats that I have likes to follow me around like I have food.the second cat is more chicken than cat because he gets easily scared by just stomping on the floor.the third cat is very talkative,she will talk like if she was a human and will communicate with you with no end.but, when you bring the three tougher,they will fight each other like they are enemies. All three of my cats are very unique in their own way and I love them all the same.
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She used to be very happy.Ever since people talked about her difference in a teasing way,her feelings do get hurt.She was told to ignore them because it was better off for her but it got too out of hand.few months later,the bullying escalated to cyber bullying and the not-so nice picture of her as a pig was permanently posted on Facebook.She was devastated and never want to go back to the school that is considered hell for her.Her parents try to convince her to go back to the school but it failed.
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Today,I am going to be doing various things that keeps me occupied.First things first,I am going to be baking cakes and cookies for Sunday.Next is to wash my laundry,it needs it bad and no one else will do it.After laundry is the dishes.Dishes are not my favorite thing to do,they smell bad.My assignments that i have been putting off which reminds me that I should do do them before it is due.Today will be a very productive day filled with something to do rather than be on Facebook posting memes.
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Guess the object day. It lives in trees,rooftops,and maybe even in your attic chewing up wires.It has fur all over from head to tail ready for the winter time.This object loves eating acorns and storing them for the cold winter time.It is cute when it is a baby all curled up in a ball.This object that I am talking about is a squirrel.Squirrels are one of the most interesting and nutty(no pun intended)animals that I have encountered.I had to take care of one because the mom squirrel had abandoned it.
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My least favorite course to take is Algebra. Algebra is just, for the lack of better words to describe it,horrible.The fractions within the equation just takes the cake and you have to make sure it is simplified.The other problem that I have is knowing how to do part of the equation but getting lost at parts of it.I know some people would suggest to me to go to tutoring if I had any troubles.All I just hope for is that I can finally be able to pass that class and not have to take it.
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Part two of the crystal gem story.After the gems landed on planet earth,they started their search to find resources to live off of before the sun sets.Sadly, the gems did not find any good resources to live off of or any ship parts to use for repairs.Hours passed by without any effort.One of the gems finally found the resources needed for their life to use across that river.They started their journey all the way to that river in hopes the resources are not stolen.When they make it ,all the resources are there still.
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A rainy day is sleeping weather to me.During my English class,I almost wanted to fall asleep because of the sounds of the rain dropping on the roof tops gently.I cannot sleep in class unfortunately because of the important notes I need for that test to take on Monday.I wish the rain would stop pouring down so the sun would come up and dry part of my shoes that I some how manage to get wet.I like days where it is not too hot,not too cold,but just right with a sprinkle of blue sky.
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I lived out on the desert.many deadly creatures and other dangers have lurked around this part of the canyon.I almost died out there because of not being too careful about these holes that might have a poisonous snake.the good news is that I had carried around an antidote for poison in case something like this happens.Sandstorms around here can cause major damage to your houses .  The heat around here is un -bearable for plant life except for cactus, the desert is not a place to live at if you do not like the heat much.
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Being creative on a daily basis is a lot harder that you think. It takes time , skill , and the know-how to get through any project needed for the art project.Today is not one of my days where I feel artistic or even creative at all and I am volunteered to decorate these jars without asking me.The jars came out ok, they are not the best work that I have done but they are passing.It is just like trying to come up with things to write about. If it does not sound good,it will show up.
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I feel sick.I am running a fever that is very unbearable and i just threw up in the trash can with a sore throat.To be honest, I have no idea where I got it from or the time that I got the cold but I did.I seriously wish that I had a protective bubble around me to prevent from being sick from all these people.Being sick is not fun at all,I miss out on all the fun like going to theme parks or hangout with my friends.I am stuck in bed writing this assignment.
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The person in my family that I find the most interesting is my little sister.She is very photogenic for her age and it looks like she can be a model.At night,I see her come into my closet to take my clothing to use as her own.She says she is going to give it back to me but,when I get it back, it is dirty.She loves animals, if mom and dad allows her to have a lot of animals in the house, she would make it a zoo.I cannot stay mad at her long.
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One of the burning questions that I have been seeing on the internet is" what does it take to be an adult?".To me, by being an adult means you take responsibilities for your actions.Being adult means that you have bills to pay or else you will have no electric or water for the house.Even though the legal age is eighteen, the mindset is still not like an adult who would actually be more open minded about certain situations.Yes, there are days when adults feel like they don't want to be adult and they really envy children.
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I finally got this monthly hundred word assignment done! The experience of it was okay, it got a little hard when I started to ran out of ideas to write but I got it done.I would never want to do this again but, it was sure better than writing 10 pages.At first when I heard about this assignment,I thought I would have missed a day but I did not miss any day of this whole month.I think this was the best choice for me.I would say good bye to this word site that is interesting.