BY Blunt

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My first day at school was the most scariest thing I have ever been through. For one I haven't been it school since the 8th grade where I dropped out. I really didn't know to expect or if I would be able to keep up.Being in my 30's and starting college was a wonderful thing but very difficult. At the end of the day I'm keeping just fine. My professors are down to earth and pretty cool. Now that I'm here it's not so bad, long as you do you work, listen, pay attention, and please don't fall behind.
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I would love to be a famous writer of urban books. The ones I've read is what has me ready for a book deal. Besides I have one of those faces where I'd look good on the back of a book. So far I have about 10 chapters written so far. The people closest in my have read it they say it's great. Most don't believe I'm the one that's really writing it. I like to to smile at this part because makes me feel great. To the people who love me I'm already a famous writer in there eyes.
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Nobody told me that having kids would be so hard. I have an 8 year old daughter who is the love of my life. But every other day of the week oh hell on wheels. I've been told girls are better than boys and I beg to differ. Daughters are girls and that alone scares the shit out of me. Boys like girls and i'm not ready for that as a young and vibrant parent. So many thing young girls have go through in life, I was I could shield her heart from hurt, pain and everything in the middle.
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I can remember being a kid and it was horrible. I was picked by the boys because I could play sports and i kinda acted like them. The girls picked on me because I had long hair but acted like a boy. I was called a tomboy all my life and my grandpa just called me that yesterday. Might I add that i'm in my 30's and I had a kid. people only see what they want to and I think that its the bad things. I've been through a lot of aches and pains because of horrible little kids.
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My mom thought me to drive when i was about 6 or 7 years old. I guess she wanted me to learn early so I did. My grandma had 1980 Pontiac and I learned to drive in that dark blue baby. I would sit on my moms lap to see over the steering wheel and put my feet on hers to mash the gas. On my 10th birthday my mother moved over and I took the wheel ready to burn some rubber. I almost hit my house coming from my test drive from around the corner. I didn't hit it.
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The best day of my was when I had my daughter. It was weird only just meeting her and loving her with all that I am. 12 fingers and 10 toes is what the doctor said having I pushed her out. Now that I was not expecting my doctor to say that. I was freaked out at first but then my doctor assured me that I happens often. All I could think about was my kid being in math class and not having to use her toes in place of fingers. Now she's 11 and only has 10 and 10.
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My favorite color is Blue and it's the color I will choose. There are different shades of Blue but I'm in love with dark Blue. Sky Blue is also nice to stare at if you like to get lost in the moment. My mom and my brother's favorite color is Blue to. When my brother and I where small we couldn't decide on a favorite color so we took our moms. Still to this day she laughs at the fact we stole her color and made it our own. I'm old now so I try and tell her it's Blue.
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The other day i had 5 of my teeth pulled and It's still painful. It has now been 6 days since it happened and I'm still in the worst pain of my life. Well this and having to push out a head are my top two. I've been taking the pain medicine but it doesn't seem to be helping me. I went to the store and bought over the counter pm medicine. All I do is sleep trying not to go through the pain. It's not working but I have to keep going pain or not i'm in this now.
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I can't wait until I get my license back it's been about 3 years since they got suspended. I've been waiting for my taxes to get right for three years. I have been pulled over twice for not driving with a license. I of those times my kid was in the car and that was a very sticky situation. We over came it and all is well in my home now. I don't drive anymore so I have learned my lesson. I pray I will have my card back soon because I am ready to get back on the road.
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When I was in the 4th grade I got into my frist fight. This boy named sam hit me in my jaw and knocked me down. I was just walking my little brother to his class and next I know I was on the ground. I was about 8 or 9 years old getting knocked down was really me getting beat up or down. A teacher saw and took us to the office and called our parents. He didn't even get in trouble and I ended up sick. I missed school for about 2 or 3 week nothing never happened.
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the other day I went to buy me a new car everything worked well until I got the car home. First the ac stopped working as so as I pulled up to my house. I tried to crank it back up but the car was out of gas. I walked up the street to the gas station came home put the gas in started the car then I noticed my back tire was flat. Damn, how can such a good thing turn bad so fast. I look at sky praying for a way out. My new car is good now.
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I haven't been to the fair in about 11 years and I still didn't go this year either. I don't really like to ride rides and the food is to high for the taste. I have a bad back so I don't like to do a lot of walking around. There are way to many people around and I don't like a lot of people touching me. The last time I went with my mom I got lost so I don't really have any good memories about the fair. I'm trying to like for my kid because she loves it.
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I love shoes and I keep all my shoes in good working order. I have over 10 pairs of shoes that all look brand new. I have a special way I clean my shoes to keep them looking brand new. Like on my white shoes I clean them with baby powder. I have shoes that's older than 10 years old but you would think they were new if you see them. I like to look good and cant afford it all the time. So what ever I buy I take care of it that way it will look good forever.
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It's tax season and the I.R.S tell the people that taxes are going to be late this year. These people always find a way to hold your money as long as they can. I try and call but the phone line stays busy. I went to the tax place and these people were on lunch for 2 hours. Why do the tax people pay like that. "It's my money and I want it now please"! Well that's how I feel anyway it's only one time a year where I get to spend like i'm a rich and powerful.
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I learned to ride a bike without training wheels when I was only 2 years old. My mom made sure to get me started early in life. By the age of 10 I was driving my granny's car. By 13 I was arrested for drinking and driving. By 15 years old I dropped I of school and was sent to a detention center until I was grown. I feeling the my mom made me be grown to fast. I never really had childhood life because I've always lived an adult life. I'm grown and I feel like time is gone.
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I love to go to school now that i'm grown. I can remember going to school as a child and I hated it. I hated the kids and everything about them. I loved all my teachers and I can still remember there names. I hated riding the bus because no one liked to sit by me. I loved school food and my favorite subject was Pe. I always got an A in the class but the others not so good. College is better I wish I could have started here. Growing up was the hardest thing I have ever done.
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I remeber when I got my frist pair of name brand shoes. I was about 15 and I was living was my aunt. She had a nice clean pair of Nikes that she would never wear. So she gave them to me and I was so happy not to have to wear Payless shoes anymore. They where red, white and black and I wore those shoes everywhere. To school, church I even went swimimg in them. I loved those shoes until the bottem fell off and my toes where pokeing out. I still wore them as play shoes on weekends.
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I feel as if i'm the black sheep of my family because i'm gay. I havent spoken to my dad since I was 15 or anybody on that side of the family. They treat my funny and i'm not good at kissing ass so I don't talk to any of them. From my grand parents, my aunt, uncles and even my sisters. I have nieces and nephews I have never met. The bad thing is that my whole family lives in Tampa and I havent seen anyone in forever. It bothers me sometimes but I just keep living my life.
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I went to see my brother this past weekend and he put music in my car. It's so loud I love it and it makes me happy when I turn it up as loud as I can. I have to pay attention when the music is that loud because I cant hear anything that's around me. I plug my phone to the the raido so I wont miss any calls plus that's how I play any song made by going on youtube. The song play right to my phone free of charge. No matter how old or young it's great.
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I hope to be rich one from the rap songs that I write. I have been writing since I was 13 years old and it's still my dream as a grown up. I can do a lot of different things like i'm also writing a book. I have so many things I want to in life I cant seem to keep up. It's like i'm getting older every year or something. I just don't want to out grow being able to a rapper. Either that or a famous author of books that i've already started. just keep your eyes open.
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As I get older I start to see a lot of different changes. I can't eat anything like I used to without getting heart burn or butt burn. I can't eat cookies or anything sweet for that matter. I can't eat anything spicy and i'mallergic to shellfish. I would like to enjoy food again if only for a day without the aches and pains. I would like to eat some hot and spicy wings. I havent had a milk shake in over 5 years I don't really know what milk is any more. Im living on bread and water now.
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I wish someone would have told me that having and rasing kids is a very hrd thing to do. I have a daughter and thats the worse kid to have because you worry about girls in this world. A boy I could just throw him to the wind and he'd come out just fine. Girls are the devil or at the very least they gotta be from the pits of hell. All the bright colors and baby dolls I don't know how much more I can take. My kid turned 11 the other day and i'm scared as can be.
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Sometime I feel as if i'm really getting old before my time. I can't seem to stay up 8:30 pm anymore and I just got eye glasses. I've been called 4 eyes like 12 times already but it doesn't bother me because I can see. They say you never miss a good thing until it's gone. I missed my sight now that I can see i'm glad to be 4 eyes. I see better in class so I plan on gettin better grades just being able to see what i'm learning. I look pretty damn good having 4 eyes.
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My back hurts so bad I can't stand it. I get my wife and daughter to take turns stepping on my back. I can't sleep and all my doctor wants to do is put me on meds. I don't like taking pills so I live with the pain day in and day out. I have to act is if nothing is wrong so I don't make other people feel uncomforable. I try and pop it but that just makes it worse. I sometimes wish I didnt have a back then I wouldnt be in any pain living my life now.
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I never sleep all the way through the night anymore and I feel so tired. I dont think I have enough hours in a day to everything that I have to. From school to my daughter it's 5 pm already. I have to take care of my mom and other little things everday. I hardly have time to cook and clean let alone work on my book or music. I wish there were like 5 of me so I could rest whlie the other me's take turns living my life. I can dream about it I guess or just wait.
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People on the road these days are crazy. I feel like I have to drive my car and everybody's else. I cant just watch my driving I have to watch every car on the road. You can never tell what a idiot is going to do when behind the wheel. People dont care about their own lives so I knnow they could give two shits about my wife and kid being in the car. Thats why I drive crazy to keep up withthe rest of the crazies. If you cant beat'em join'em and thats what the hell I am doing.
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This month is already over and i'm glad so I can hurry up and get my damn taxes already. Why does the irs play with money i've earned. Every year it's the same damn thing. Holding the worlds money hostage and I just dont understand it. I gave you all my infornation and they still find a way to keep your shit longer. I filed my taxes 5 months ago and i'm still damn waiting. For what the world my never know. I just want my money to pay off bills hell they getting it right back in my bills.
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I can remember when I was younger I hated school. I tryed and played every trick not to go. As I got older I started to skip school alot becaue I didnt like it and I felt as if no kiked me. My teacher didnt even know my name and I was in her class all day. So things like that made me not even want to try. I ended up dropping out of school in the 8th grade and it was my second try at it. now here I am 33 years old and I am in college now.