BY Diana

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Are Eminems lyrics good or bad? I feel that Eminems lyrics are a bit vulgar but they are not bad. I like his music but sometimes it is even a little to violent for me. I don't think that it is appropriate for children to listen to. Children are easily influenced by what they hear. I don't think Eminems music should be banned. He has the freedom to express his music how ever he wants to. He is not breaking the law or physically hurting anyone with his music. There are parental advisory stickers on his albums to warn parents.
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Unanswered Questions is a poem about the authors questions about his brothers death. Jamie's muscles and bones stopped working and he died. He was buried and sent to heaven. The author knows why he died not in the same sense he doesn't. He knows jamie is happy so he is sometimes but sometimes he's not. The author is angry, confused, and scared but thenhe feels partly responsible. he feels he maybe didn't hold his hand tight enough. I thought this poem was so sad because he is not responsible. His brother is an angel in heaven watching over him
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The Secretary chant is about a woman who is dehumanized by her work. She talks about her body as if it was office equipment. The poem is very good, the author uses words that stand for other things. It is sad, the woman doesn't feel like a woman anymore. She even begins to talk as if she was a machine. She talks about things that woman experience, such as having a baby, but she ends up giving birth to a baby xerox machine. I don't think she thinks she will ever get her womanhood back. So she files it away.
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"Dog's Death" is about a dog who just learned to use a newspaper. It got hit by a car. The poem talks about how the family went about their business normally and after the kids went to school the parents found the dog twisted and limp under the bed. The vet said she had a rupture in her liver. While dying the poor dog got diarrhea and dragged its knumb body accross the floor to a newspaper just to hear the words good dog. It was depressing because the dog was dying and know one noticed till it was too late.
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"My last Duchess" was a different poem. The duke talks about his past wifes portrait as if he has done nothing wrong. Yet he slowly not admittingly talks about what she did wrong and why she was killed. He talks about how in the portrait she looks as if she was alive and that some of the colors, courteous to him, would not be in there if she was not dead. I think it is sick how he thought she should only smile for him and that explaining how he felt and accepting her appology he would be stooping.
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E.E Cummings "She Being Brand" was a humerous poem. You could read the poem in two ways. You can read it as a person learning how to drive a brand new car or as someone experiencing a sexual encounter with a virgin. Cummings use of words in this poem is what makes it interesting to read. Some of the words look and sound like different things you read in the poem. It is amazing how one person can read a poem one way and how another person reads it a different way. This poem was fun, interesting, and well written.
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In the poem "Mother" you learn that the woman has had many abortions. She talks about the pain and suffering of having a child she never really got to have. She says that she hears the voices of the children in the night. In the poem she realizes that her children were alive and that she killed them the crime was on her shoulders. She still tried to say that she wants to think that they were never even made. By the end of the poem she is basically appoligizing to her children and saying how she loved them all.
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"Poem for the Breasts" is about a woman who is talking about her breast. It seems that she did not want to believe that her husband left her so she was saying he left her breasts. She was sharing her feelings living through her breasts. She knows she is not them but their feelings are basically hers. She said boys loved them the way one would want to be loved. She said her husband broke his promise to them, "creatures of ignorant suffering". The poem shows she can't accept the hurt, she is the one waiting for him.
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"The Lover Not Taken" talks about a woman who was having trouble choosing between two men. The lover she was commited to and the one she longed for. The poem talks about how she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She knew that if she choose the new lover she would lose her boyfriend who was safe, the one that understood her and loved her. She realized that when the time comes when she says she stayed faithful, no one would know the difference and she would have missed out. So she chose the new exciting lover.
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Rebeccas Reminder is a poem about losing a friend. When you lose a friend someone your own age you realize that it can happen to you. You realize that death is real. After a death you realize how much of a friend you really are. You always wonder how life will be. For the author he was reminded of how close death really is. This poem reminded me of how painful death is when it hits close to home. I had a couple friends that were killed over the years in high school and it was so sad and depressing.
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The Left - Over child is one of the saddest poems I have read. It talks about the author Mattie who lost all his brothers and sisters and how he is the only one left. He realizes that he is not a little brother anymore but he's not really the only child either. He says he is the left - over child. It is depressing because he feels all alone being the only child left with the parents of the dead children. He is depressed because him and his brother were together for a long time but not long enough in this world.
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A New Hope is a poem talking about hope for no violence or war in the world. The author wants hope to live, hope that a cure will be found for diseases. The author hopes that people won't hurt in their hearts and spirits. He hopes that he can help make all things happen. This poem touches me because everyone needs hope in their life. The author gives me hope that things will get better because he is sick and is striving for life. The author is my hero and angel he is so beautiful person inside and out.
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The Holding - On Family is a poem about a family never letting go. It touched me because I know what it is like to lose a family member. The poem talks about the author losing all his sisters and brothers he nevr wants that to happen again. It is so sad. He says even if him and his mom get very sick to never let go. Hold on! They will make it through together. This poem made me cry because I know the author is dying and he is such a wonderful person. I hope mattie will never let go.
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If I shouldn't be aluve is a poem that you have to read twice. I like the way that the author uses the ord granite because it is the color of a tombstone and the color of a corpses lips. The poem shows that if he is supposed to be dead his lips will never say thankyou. The poem is not about feeding birds and if it was his favorite bird is the red robin who all have red crests. This poem seemed to have a type of attitude. The poem seems to have a very moody, sad tone.
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In the story Dr. Doolittle a man realizes as a child that he has the gift of hearing nd talking to animals. His family thought he had a demon in him. I felt bad for him because he at first thought he was crazy. The moral of the story is that when you have a gift don't hide it use it to help the world. This was such a good story and it shows that when god gives you a gift it is for a good reason. Dr. doolittle became a vetrinarian and helped thousands of animals.
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Hazel tells Laverne is a poem told by a southern black woman. It is a retelling of the Frog prince.It is so funny. The maid says a frog hopped up while she was cleaning her toilet and he wanted her to kiss him and she would become a princess. She flushed the frog down the toilet bcause their is no way she could ever be a princess. The poem was funny because she could not see herself as a princess.This was a different way of telling the story. Laverne believed that Hazel also could never be princess
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Romeo and Juliet is a sad story about two star crossed people in love.That were crossed between their family lines.They would do anything to be together. It is about a plan that went bad.Juliet drank an eliquer to fake her death so they could be together, but Romeo thought she was dead so he drank poison. when Juliet woke up she saw that he was dead so she killed herself. It is my favorite shakesperian story. It is a romantic stor that ent bad. The tone was happy then sad I wanted them to end up together.
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Latin Night at the Pawnshop is a poem about a dream of salsa band. The author talks about the instruments looking like their dead because they are sitting in the pawn shop not being used. This poem is very descriptive. I think the author is a musician who loves music but can't afford instruments or it is a instrument lover who feels bad for the lonly instruments sitting in the window. Instruments containing maracas and congas that is why it is a latin night.The toneis sad because the author refers to the price tags as morgue tickets.
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Green Mile is about inmates on death row. It takes place back when the electric chair was first being used. John Coffee was the inmate with magical powers that saved one officers wife and healed another one. This novel shows how people can be cruel even on death row. For instance not wetting spong during an electricution. It shows how people can be power hungry and it can get the best of them.It also shows how innocent people have been wrongfully tried and later put to death for crimes they didn't commit.
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A woman is not a potted plant is a poem that talks about a woman being compared to a plant. To me the meaning is saying that a woman should not be classified as a house wife confined to her house. A woman should never be put behind a man or put down thinking she is weak because of her sex. A woman should be able to go wherever she wants see what the future holds for her. She should not have to follow the people who took care of her. Women should be free to do whatever.
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Magic of Love is a sweet poem . It talks about how wonderful love is and how happy it can make you. I feel this poem is showing that if you give love you will receive love and that your prayers will be answered if asked with love. It is talking about how when your in love to never let it go, all dreams will come true and treasure your gift from heaven. Love is a gift that when received you get butterflies in your stomach and you glow.
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Sex without Love is about a woman talking about people who are able to just have sex without being in love. She seems to be in awe that people can do that. I think tha she wishes she could d that. The uthor describes the lovers as athletes they are alone in the universe yet thay are togethr. They help each other not doing it for themselves. I feel the author thinks the lovers are good people that won't expect nothing false and they are living for the day. Everyone needs to live for the moment like it's the last.
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The Lost Boy is about how a boy learns how to survive without the care of his father and how he is able to survive without his abusive mother. He moves from foster home to foster home because they either have too many people or he just doesn't fit in. But one hme just fits him perfectly. For some reason no matter he goes he always ends up there. I think this is a very good book because it makes people believe that they can get through anythng no matter what it is just stay strong and never give up.
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To his coy mistress is about a an writing a letter to his lover saying how much he loves her and always will. It seems that he thought she was still wonderful even though she would not give him her virginity. Then the poem changed and he was saying he can feel the time flying bye and that if she waits any longer it will be yoo late. She will die with her virginity and no one will have it except the worms in her grave. He says while she is still alive and beautiful to not preserve her virginity anymore.
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Crossing jordan is about two girls Cass and Jennie who were caught between the lines of racism. Cass is a young white girl whose family does not allow association with african americans. Jennie just happened to move into the house next door and her family is African American. The two girls met when hey were looking through the hole of the fence. They began to pass the book jane Eyre and began to race each other on the track. They quickly became friends. The had to fight to keep their friendship alive while cass's family tried to break them up.
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Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night is about a father who is dying. The author is trying toget the father to fight and to not just give up and follow the light. he is saying many other people fought. I think he thinks it will be a curse if he fights because he will only be holding death off for a little while. It is a blessing because he will have a little more time with his father. This poem touches me because evryone wants their loved ones to live forever but not to live in agony.That is their dying wish.
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She said Yes is about the columbine shootings. it talked about one girl who was asked if shebelievedin God and she said Yes. She was then shot and killed in front of her classmates. This book shows how nobody is safe anywhere and how your beliefs can get you killed. The Columbine shootings were a despicable act. two young guys who were depressed and lonly decided to pay back the people that hurt them and many innocent people were killed in their rampage. In the end the two gunmen took their own ives and nobody would pay.
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In the movieHoles there is a kid named Stanley yelnats who has bad luck. His bad luck is from a curse that began with his pig stealing great great grandfather. Since then the curse has been on every generation of Yelnats. It is only on the boys. Stanley was sent to camp greenlake because he was caught with basketball player shoes that Zero took. At camp Greenlake a boys detention ceneter the boys have to dig holes exactly five feet wide and five feet deep. If the boys find something god they would get the day off.
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Cross is about a man who is apologizing for cursing his white father and cursing his black mother to hell. His fther lived in a big house and died and his mother died in anold shaq. He wonders how he would die because he is neither white nor black. This poem touches me because I have friends who are mixed and they don't know where they fit in and it is sad because years ago people who were mixed were still considered slaves. The title cross signifies how angry he is crossed between wo races not knowing wha wil happen.
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A Child Called It is about a man who tells his life story in a book. It is about how when he was a young boy he was abused by his mother. She calls him it. This story touches me because it tells how anyone can be abused. This story makes you onder what will happen next because the way he is being treated. I think the autor David Pelzer is a very brave man because of what he did to get his mother arrested and he is a very strong person because he was able to survive her beatings.