BY sharae

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The night sky shined brightly while the stars twinkled. I glanced out my window staring into space looking for answers to the unanswered questions in my head. When sudden feeling of sadness started to take over my body; it was then when I realized I was lost with no way out, no direction, and no road to take. I was stuck at a cross roads, Screaming for help in the darken room. Longing for a hand to feel, a hand to touch. Tears flowed down my fluffy wet cheeks. All I wanted was to be loved,and understood. Be Happy.
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Lost in the silence, drowning from my own thoughts. Help, help I scream but there's no one to help, no one to comfort me. I begin searching my thoughts for the answers to the unanswered questions that constantly replay over and over in my head. Why, why, why I just want the thoughts gone. I don't want the pain that comes along with them. Why can't I be normal and have normal people problems. I begin to question my existence. Never did I ever think questioning our lord and savior would cross my mind. Well it did. just please stop.
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My pride and joy. I remember the first time I held your tiny body in my arms. The first breath you took and the first time you opened your tiny eyes. My heart sunk to my stomach when you cried for the first time. Never in a million years did I ever think holding you in my arms would change me for the better. Every burden that was carried and every issue that I had disappeared because it was then that I knew anything negative in my life had to be gone. So I think you my beautiful baby niece.
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True love I had it, True love I've felt it. But the pain that comes with loving someone who doesn't love you the same is the worse feeling in the world. When you meet that one person who you love more than yourself, that one person you'll give up all your dreams just so they could accomplish theirs. That undying love that burns in your chest. Being in love is an amazing, but once that love ends it feels as if someone has taken your heart out your chest threw it on the ground and stomped it until you die.
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Sweat dripping down her neck from the hot blazing sun. She begins to fan herself hoping that it'll bring some type of cool air. The blaring sun made Olivia feel like the sky was falling. Every where she turned the sun was shining oh so brightly. There was no escaping what the sun had in store. Anyone who stepped outside was bound to get burnt by the powerful sun. Olivia tried everything she could to warn people about what the sun was causing. Elders were having heat strokes from dehydration. No matter how much water they consumed the sun drained.
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Gerald my lover, my best friend, my everything. We all have had that one person who popped into our lives at the most convenient time which is usually rock bottom. Well for me he was my knight and shining armor. Gerald rescued me from my own killer, depressing thoughts. He was there when nobody else was, but never in a million years did I think I would've met him playing an online game. It wasn't until I met him that I realized you could find or make friends anywhere. Gerald is my best friend and he's one of a kind.
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Afraid to sleep at night; because the thought of missing something important continues to croos my mind. It hasn't always been this way. This all started in six grade when my law teacher told me I was going to sleep my life away because all I did in her class was sleep. What she didn't know is I was going through some real serious things. When she told me that I begun to sleep less and less struggling to get a goodnight sleep because I didn't want my life to pass me by so I decided no to sleep.
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Being the baby of four have it's perks and it's down falls. Growing up I was the outcast who didn't fit into my siblings plans. I wanted to fit in so much that I would try or do anything. It was when I got a little older when I realized I couldn't please everyone. I realized I had to start living for me, leaving to please myself. I had to stray away and focus on making me happy. That's when I closed myself off from all the outsiders. I even closed myself off from my siblings that's all I knew.
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The loud sounds of thunder echoed through the huge house. Flickers of lightening lit up the long dark hallway. The old stairs begin to creak. I slowly tiptoed down the ancient staircase hoping the intruders couldn't hear me. I ran to the last step peaking around the corner listening to the voices of what sounded like two men. Leaning back against the wall looking for anything that could protect me from the possibly vicious burglars. I started to move forward slowly in fear of what might be waiting on the other side of the kitchen door. Could it be death.
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I love to laugh and smile, I'm goofy. I'm a loner I don't like being around people all the time and I get aggravated when I'm with them to long. I am a handful, wishy-washy, hard to deal with sometimes and I can get aggravated fast. I have a slick mouth, I'm just alot in one so I am unique. I am a good listener, supportive, and understanding. I always try my best to be there for anyone who's in my life whenever they need me or even if they just wanna talk. That's me in a gift wrap.
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My real dad only cares about his sons... He only cares about me when he wants something he has always been in an out of my life so there's no stability with him... I dealt with alot at a young age so I didn't have much of a childhood. I didn't really have the things that would've made me happy and now that I'm older all those people who treated me like nothing want to be around me and come to me for advice or help. I put my self in a shell that I'm not ready to break out.
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If I seem difficult it's cause of all the things I had to deal with my whole life. I had to be tough and smile through so of the hardest times in my life so when I have someone who genuinely cares it's hard to soften up and be that girly girly. that's why I've been trying so hard to Many people have came and gone but no one has ever stuck by my side long enough for me to feel secure to make that change. I get scared cause I don't know if the feelings are real or fake.
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When you basically still have feelings for someone because the feelings never died out but things were never the best because of distance . I've always had you no matter what and nothing can change that. Those are the things that someone who's hurt me deeply repeats to me. I had to learn my worth the hard way and that is the wrong way; a way that a young women should never have to learn. Being raised knowing what you deserve is the best way to learn because there's no hard lessons. They're always straight to the point with no puns.
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Hate is that strong urge to hurt someone. Hate can also be fueled by jealousy. Most times when that nasty feeling exist the person has done something unforgivable to you. Such as telling your deepest secret, or talking to your boyfriend. Hate is bottled up anger that's looking for a way out. When that bottle cap pops everything comes rushing out causing emotional, physical, and mental damage upon the targeted individual. Hate could change a relationship or friendship in the worse possible way. Hate takes alot of our energy it is emotionally draining to deal with period. Hat sucks bad.
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Music, Music plays a vital role in today's society. It have a variety of genres that appeal to each and every individual. Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Gospel are just a few of them. Music have many purposes in everyone's life. You can use it as motivation, a form of expression, therapy, bringing people together as one or maybe just to have a beat to dance to. Music will forever evolve simply because life goes on. People experience new things, hear new sounds and create a new feel to have the audience understand what's being said by the artist
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You were my everything and being that u are my first love I wanted u and only u, I loved u so much I wanted u to be my first I just wanted u n walking away was the absolutely hardest thing I had to do when in a relationship. And honestly when u told me about ur lady being pregnant I cried n I cried so much cause I felt in my heart that was supposed to be our future cause I still had hope we would come back together. Now I know that it's time to move on.
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Awe.... I love you also. I say to this day that you are my Bestfriend also... You was legit genuine and I really wish we didn't separate. But you know everything happens for a reason. Im just glad that You hear now. All i can say is just pray for me and I will do the exact same thing. I promise. We will Link up soon and you know that. The love my best friend shows me is like no other and the support I get for here is one of a kind she's something special and true. My lovely.
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Rosa you have me no matter what and we don't have to talk every day for me to be here for you I love you and still to this day I say my best friend, I Know in the past when I was going through things I pulled away to deal with it all alone and I left you hanging an I wanna say I am genuinely sorry cause I wasn't there when you needed me but I will never leave your side again buttermilk I love you. Never be to big head to admit your faults. Become even bigger.
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Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a socialworker​. I knew being there for someone who felt they had no one was my passion because I could relate, but I've come to realization that I can no longer choose that path. Supporting someone mentally, and emotionally is more than just listening and giving feedback​, it's about being there to push, inspire, motivate, and comfort as well as taking an interest in their goals, wants, and needs. I can't accept and I won't accept the fact I won't be able to help or save everyone.i won't accept it
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I think a lot of our downfalls as people, we rather go back then move forward. Sometimes its hard to let go an sometimes we may feel we can't do better but you continue to stay positive and know your worth you'll make it. We tend to open up to those that don't deserve us or our real truth. We shouldn't open our selves up to the unworthy because they'll try and take you for granted. We have to think with our minds as well as our hearts. Love those who truly care for our well being overall. Love us.
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I'm not perfect and never will I pretend to be. I've made mistakes that I'm not proud of but I don't regret any because I learned and I've grew. I could have went either way but I had strong women and men around to show me the right way and for that I am always thankful. I sit back and think about some of the things I experienced and I'm just like dang I can't believe I almost did that or I did that. I thank GOD for my mom even tho I can't stand her sometimes I love her.
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As a child I never understood why my mom was so hard on us but now I see and I think her for keeping me out the streets. my sisters also played a huge role in keeping me together as well. My sisters and I fuss we even fight sometimes but their my everything they have been there through the hardest times in my life I hope I become half the women they are. I thank my sister's for every life lesson I was taught. I'm happy to have been the baby because I've learnt the greatest values possible thanks.
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understand as an adult there is a time and place for everything and please please stop saying that people don't like you or people hating on you because you popping baby everybody ain't hating on you because you think u popping if you got a lot of enemies to the point where u can barely go out an enjoy yourself without being in something no baby its you an things ya ass did or something u doing wrong. Those people are just seeing ur true colors as well as your real intentions that's why people end up not liking you.
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There are many things we go through in life that we have the power to change. Most times when we allow certain things to happen over and over it's because we're afraid of the different outcome. When things happen the same way we think the old solution will work because it use to work in the past. Never be afraid to shine, never be afraid to live and live for you only. No one wants the best for you more than you want the best for yourself. I had to love my self after being put down so many times.
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Freedom can mean many different things to a variety of different people, but freedom to me means two things. One is being rid of anything or anyone negative, such toxic situations and people who are a bad influence on me. But the great thing about freedom is that I have the power to say no to anything that may hinder my progress or success. Having the ability and power to say no is what leads me into number two. Freedom is being able to love who I want no matter their ethnicity. Freedom is being able to be your self.
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Never be afraid, never back down, never look back or second guess. You’re worthy of all the things you desire”. Constantly repeating this over and over aloud trying to convince myself I’m happy, but I’m not. Feeling lost, depressed, and alone. Make a left, right, left, go back wait no, no, no go straight “UGH” stuck at some cross-roads contemplating my direction. Feelings of being overwhelmed starts to consume every part of my being time is running out but I still can’t find my way. Weeping for help screaming to the top of my lungs.
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“I’m astray” but my tears go unnoticed and unheard. Unaware a misguided searching for a way out, but every road leads to a dead end. Seeking a hand to hold and an ear to listen; I’m all alone with no one to share my secrets with, no one to cry with, and no one to open to completely. Hanging my head low full of emotions of being solus. Hiding behind conversations and light banter overcome with depression the since of feeling empty, lost, and alone as well as misunderstood. My mind begins going in circles as I wonder.
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The walls close in on me, screaming and wailing hoping and praying someone will come to my rescue. My cries go unheard What shall I do, where should I go; consumed by loneliness, sorrow, and disoriented. My cries continue to go unheard causing the unfulfilled feelings to linger underneath the realistic smiles with no way out. All I want is a friend. Please, please save me anybody, somebody. When the cries remain unanswered you begin to lose all hope. The little sanity I had started to disappear. All I want is love how come no one will love me forever.
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Family is all that I have, so when you ask me do I care if you leave; My answer will remain the same. Walk if you no longer want to be apart of my life. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to keep someone who no longer deserves to be kept. I like to call that damage control because all that is done to our emotions is damage, damage that we could have prevented if we just would have let go when the pain first started. It is not easy and it never will be, but it is time.
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I wish you understood, I wish you loved me the way I love you. Thinking to myself what did I do wrong. When someone takes your love for granted it hurts and it hurts so bad you are not sure how to handle it, But the best way to deal with that situation is by building yourself up. Look in the mirror at yourself knowing that you have done all you could as girlfriend, but never forget what you deserve as a Woman. Start putting yourself first because when you do he will too. Become your first and only priority.