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I am attending college majoring in music ed. Music is my passion. My first instrument I was playing in the 9th grade was the trombone. It was a easy instrument to play. Because I could not read music, I played by ear. I also learned how to play the cymbals and the snare drum. Since being back in school I've learned that there is much more to learn when it comes to music ed. Now it is time that I not only learn how to play the piano but also know how to sing each note. It's all worth it.
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I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina happened, everything changed. I just started to attend college and was there for exactly one week before the storm hit. My family and I evacuated the day before Katrina came. We ended up evacuating to Atlanta, Georgia. I did not return back home until about a month later. The city was brown and the smell of it was distasteful. Everything seemed dead. Nothing was the same. Out of everything I am very grateful my home was still intact. One thing the storm didn't change was our amazing culture.
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After living in New Orleans, Louisiana most of my life, I ended up moving to Florida three years ago. The first city I lived in was Jacksonville. I met a lot of amazing people but the city of Jacksonville is too quiet for me. I am currently in Tampa now and it is not as bad as Jacksonville. The city of Tampa is a little bit more upbeat. I still haven't gotten the opportunity to explore this city as much as I'd like to but hopefully that will change soon. I want to know the nightlife and the city's culture.
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If you ever get a chance to travel to any city in the world, go to New Orleans. The first place I recommend to visit is Bourbon street. Bourbon street is New Orleans' culture all in one. There you will see street performers playing music, dancing or even acting like mannequins. Many restaurants line the streets with New Orleans' food such as gumbo, po'boys, and beignets. Make sure to try our world's famous Fat Tuesday daiquiris too. If you love to party, New Orleans is the perfect city for you. It's a city that never sleeps. Hope you visit soon.
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Florida's heat is horrible. It's like the sun just smacks you in the face and then you just start dripping sweat. What I do find funny is how it's pouring rain one minute and then the sun is shining the next like rain was never here. The sun is just so disrespectful. Even if you sit under the shade it's still scourging hot. When the sun hides behind the clouds it still is very hot out. The slightest little breeze feels like heaven when it hits your face. Windy days are the best days, but don't expect much of it.
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In a case between Apple and Samsung, Samsung is the clear winner. The reason being is that Samsung comes out with ideas first. For example, Samsung came out with facial recognition way before Apple did. Samsung is also a lot more affordable than Apple. Apple's new Iphone X is approximately one thousand dollars. Apple is so overrated. A person must really love Apple in order for them to overpay for a cell phone. The new Iphone X does not come with a fast charger like a Samsung phone does; it's a separate purchase. Decipher the pros and cons before purchasing.
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No matter what the circumstances are, just smile. Stay positive always. People go through different situations and struggles each and everyday. Everyone has a different story to tell. Some lives are harder than others. Find what makes you happy. Don't procrastinate. Go out and explore the world. Do what you have to do to find your happy place. People are like garbage trucks. Don't let others dump their garbage on you. Their problems and personal lives have nothing to do with you. You don't have to carry other people's burdens. Just make sure you always stay you and never change.
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Levi Joshua Carter is ten months old. He is already walking perfectly fine without any help. Don't eat in front of Levi unless you are willing to share your food. As many toys as Levi has, he barely plays with them. He prefers water bottles and spoons to play with. Levi is very adventurous and loves to explore any setting he's in. He is not shy at all and hates to be treated like a baby. Levi will be one year old on November 14th 2017 and he has many more years to go. Levi is adorable; he's my son.
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One cartoon kids should watch is Little Einsteins mainly because it is very educational. One of the main things they teach you on the show is classical music. This show also talks about nature and world cultures. Each episode takes you on a mission around the world. The characters talk about famous composers like Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Franz Schubert. The music they play on the cartoon is soothing and knowledgeable. Little Einsteins does a very good job making sure they keep a young child's attention. You can watch this cartoon on Disney Junior or Playhouse Disney. Watch it.
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Malibu's Most Wanted is the movie to see. It's a comedy about a guy who aspires to be a rapper. Jamie Kennedy plays the main character "B-Rad." In the movie his dad hires two people to act like gang members and show him the ghetto. Suddenly things don't go as planned and things change. Malibu's Most Wanted came out in 2003 so if you haven't gotten a chance to watch it, watch it now. Anthony Anderson, Taye Diggs, and many other famous actors play in the movie too. I absolutely love this movie and laugh at it every time.
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Dominoes is the game to play. If you're ready to get beat, play me. I am a champ when it comes to dominoes. If you know how to count then you know how to play. All you have to do is match the same number domino next to each other and score points. When I play it's ten points to even get your name on the score board. After that you can score 10, 15, 20, 25 points and so on. If you know how to "count the board/dominoes" then you can easily become a pro. Ready to play?
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Don't be afraid to support strippers. Some people like going out to strip clubs and some don't. You never know what some people have to do in order for them to support themselves or their family. In all honestly, I was a stripper for one day for one song. I made six dollars and was able to afford myself lunch the next day. I never returned to the stripper industry since. There is nothing wrong with working in the strip club, but I learned that stripping is not for me. Stripping is easy money but it is not for everyone.
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Water is an essential thing to have in life. Everyone has to drink water to survive and get the nutrients you need. Not all water taste good, and yes water does have a taste. If you pay close attention, you can taste the difference between Aquafina, Zephyrhills, and even tap water. Some people prefer their water cold and some lukewarm. There are people who don't even drink water at all and that's not good for you. Water hydrates you. It helps you to keep you going especially if your physical all the time. Make sure you drink enough water everyday.
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Southern University A&M is a HBCU located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; home of the jaguars. Southern University A&M, in my opinion, is the best school out there. This school has one of the best law programs, especially one of the best marching bands. Their marching band is called "The Human Jukebox." From their snazzy dance moves to their eight to five marching precision they always play the greatest hit songs. When it comes to their drum line they are the "funk factor." My goal is to be apart of their drum line. "S.U. I thought you knew!"
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Mardi Gras also known as Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras originally started in Mobile, Alabama but has since been celebrated in other places as well such as New Orleans. It is an annual carnival celebration. The carnival is usually celebrated two weeks before Ash Wednesday. For Mardi Gras, people have parade after parade, after parade; one for almost every day. The day before Ash Wednesday is called Fat Tuesday, a day for people to eat and do whatever they want. The Mardi Gras colors are purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.
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I have the best girlfriend ever. I say that as she is right here next to me while I'm typing this. She does just about everything for me. My girlfriend cooks, cleans, and make sure all things are in order for me just so everything is that much easier. I'm proud to be in a relationship with her and she makes me absolutely content. We currently have been dating for a little over three years and I plan to spend the rest of my life with her. Soon enough I'll be able to propose and officially call her my wife.
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High school needs to change their lesson plans. It's cool to learn scientific notations and knowing the insides of a frog in science class, but who cares. Teachers need to teach students how taxes are done, how to change a tire, or even the steps to knowing how to purchase a car. It sucks to graduate and go out in the world and not know anything about purchasing a home or balancing a check book. Knowing about the adult world would be an amazing thing to know about before graduating and leaving our parent's house to reality. Knowledge is power.
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Never give into peer pressure. Just because someone tells you to do something doesn't mean you always have to do it. Unless they are crazy, no one would jump off a bridge if someone told them to. Don't let your behavior be the cause of peer pressure. If your friend gives you drugs and alcohol, don't do it if you don't want to. If you make bad choices, do it because you wanted to not because someone forced you. Live the life you want and not the life someone else wants you to live. Let your choices be yours only.
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There are times when I don't mind writing these one hundred words and times when I don't feel like doing it. I don't like how I have to write the hundred words for a grade but it is pretty fun thinking of random things to write about. It does seem like a pretty easy grade anyways. Sometimes it's hard to think about my topic for the hundred words. I figured for this entry I could write about doing the hundred words. I am about nine days behind so right now I have to think about nine topics to write about.
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Being an adult consist of a lot of responsibility. There's plenty of things that need to be taken care of. For instance most adults go to work, some attend school, then you have kids or pets to take care of, as well as taking care of your household. Whether working full-time or part-time the day still is not over even when you clock out. After work some adults may attend school or have to go pick up groceries or even rush home to make dinner for the kids. Either way there are always things to take care of.
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Bills. Bills. Bills. No one likes to pay bills. Most people hate the first of the month. Why? Rent is due the first of the month. During the month there's more bills: insurance, car payment, phone bill, light and water bill, internet bill, the list goes on. Not to mention having to make payments for your student loans, credit card bills, and even paying for food and gas. Bills are never ending once you're an adult. If only my parents have a secret trust fund that they will surprise me with on my 40th birthday. I only hope they do.
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A listening ear is always good to have. Having a friend or family member by your side is what people need. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's nice to be alone but other times you will need someone to talk to. Don't feel like you have to carry every burden. Whenever you need to get something off your chest, talk to someone. If you have no one there to talk to then find a hobby and do something you love. Find someone you know that will sit there and listen; someone who won't judge. Don't ever feel like you're alone.
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When it comes to buying a car, it's more than just having to put gas in the tank. It all starts with making a down payment. Once you make a down payment for a car, there's also paying for tax, tag, and title. Of course if a car is not paid in full at first, then there's monthly car payments which need to be paid every month for some years. During the time you do have a car there's always maintenance that have to be done. For instance, oil change, tires, tune-up. Having a car is a big responsibility.
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When boredom strikes, it's not fun. Everyone wants some kind of entertainment whether it's playing outside, watching television, or even cleaning up. If there is nothing to do, puzzles like, crosswords or Sudoku are always interesting. Take a walk, try a new recipe, plant a garden. Having a hobby is always a go to too. Nowadays so many people are glued to their phones either playing games or on social media. There's nothing wrong with being on the phone but get creative and do something new. There's always something to do. Feel free to just take a nice long nap.
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In 100 words I'm about to tell you how to make red beans and rice. First, soak one pound of dried red beans for eight hours or overnight. Make sure there is enough water to cover the beans and keep them covered. Next boil the red beans on the stove for about three hours, stirring the beans every hour. Drain beans and put back in the pot covered with water. Add seasonings and cooked New Orleans hot sausage to the pot of beans. Boil the beans for another three to four hours. Once the beans are soft, serve over rice.
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In the words of Fred R. Barnard, "A picture is worth a thousand words." A picture freezes a moment in time you want to remember. Taking a picture is something many of us do when we're having a fun time. Pictures can last a lifetime. Keep it safe on your phone or computer. Print out a picture to frame it or glue it in a scrapbook. Your pictures will always be there for you to look at and reminisce back to the day where you couldn't help but smile for a picture. Making videos are always fun to make too.
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Need a baby monitor? My reviews on the Stuart CAM HD Wifi Camera is five stars. First and foremost, this camera is very affordable. For only $40 it can be yours. This camera records any event at anytime in any location. whether you are monitoring your sleeping child or spying on your house when you're away, you can always see what's going on in your own home. The camera also has a setting where you can talk through the camera when your away. It's a great way to check on your pets too. It also has infrared. Buy it today!
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Having a puppy is just as much responsibility as having a baby. Puppies needs to be fed at least two times a dog and walked multiple times a day. Puppies need to be trained on when to use the bathroom so that they don't poop and pee on the floor. Then of course it's always nice to train a puppy on how to sit, stay, and roll over. Don't forget puppies always deserve love and affection. Cuddle with them, rub their bellies, give them a dog treat. Dogs are a man's best friend. They love us and protect us always.
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A rainbow has seven colors. The order of the colors make a name, Roy G. Biv. R is for red. O is for orange. Y is for yellow. G is for green. B is for blue. I is for indigo. V is for violet. A rainbow usually appears right after a light rain shower while the sun is still shining. A rainbow shows God's promise. Some believe there's a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Not often do a see a double rainbow but a rainbow is beautiful either way. Seeing a rainbow always make my day.
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Always keep up with personal hygiene. Brush your teeth at least two times a day; once when you wake up and once before bed. Floss at least once a day to get the extra food stuck in your teeth. Always wear deodorant. No one wants to smell body odor. Showering once a day is always nice. It helps you to relax and makes you feel squeaky clean. Men keep your penis clean and women keep your vagina clean. There's nothing worse then sweaty, fish smelling private parts. Stinky feet is never satisfying either. Stay clean and keep up with yourself.