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Good techniques to have a dominant basketball team in the NBA is to be effective on the offensive, defensive, and rebounding side of the game. Many teams today, work hard on only one technique and that is scoring the ball and is probably the reason they do not advance to the playoffs or finals. Teams such as the Clevand Cavilers and the Golden State Warriors have shown for three years straight that being an all round team on the court could possibly get you to the ultimate prize of winning a championship. An all round team is very successful, so therefore teams should work on every possible way to get there team stronger.
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Music is more than just a good beat it has a major impact on the youth today.Most kids see artists and would look up to them as an icon and role model.Music is also expressive and can describe how a person feels and explains what they been through on there journey and can even apply a related message to people. There are several different styles of music or favorite artists that people listen to,to keep them motivated or simply just an favorite song to listen to every day. Music is cultural, art, and a form of freedom.
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Having an set schedule could be an effective way of organizing the tasks you have to do throughout the day. Keeping a planned schedule will remind us of what we need to get done and also remind us to be productive in our day. Planning ahead could prepare us for what our day awaits so setting a schedule up would be an additional help to keep us on task. Scheduling is important and could help us develope character and a organized lifestyle as we get older in life, and it also teaches us to be responsible and value our time.
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My day was pretty interesting today, I went to class and learned something new about how we have selective hearing. People only hear things that they feel are important so they tune out the things that is being said that is least important, not intentionally but because our attention is not all the way there. People tend to focus on the bigger picture instead of the smaller details, we should all give each other the ear and hear each other out because we all have an opinion as well no matter how simple or narrow it could be.
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Football is an exciting sport if the game is close fans really get into the game and cheer the home team on. As soon as a touchdown or a big play has been made the arena or stadium goes crazy and builds momentum for there team, football has an tradition of unrealistic plays that have been made such as wild catches,amazing throws and runs. Football has some records that players try to beat such as rushing yards, passing yards,touchdown catches etc. and once the record has been broken a new name takes over until someone passes them.
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Being sick is the worse feeling ever, the feeling can cause pain or ache to the body and that is never a good feeling. Medicine does not always work immediately, sometimes you have to wait for the affects to kick in for it to take the pain or ache away. Depending on how sick the person could be they may need to be in a hospital or to the emergency room to be taken care of. A cold is a common thing that most people get every once in a lifetime but can be easily treated with natural substances.
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Learning and opening up your mind is a great way of growing in life, by learning we gain knowledge and can apply it to our own life. We learn something new everyday weather it is in school or from our peers. Learning could be difficult, but only because it is new to us, if we actually open up our minds we can find learning fun and a positive way of thinking. Reading is also an way of learning because of the background information, interesting facts, and history. Reading can also open up the mind by causing us to think hard.
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My favorite sport is basketball I love to run and make plays on the court, I love to be an team player and get everyone involved. Shooting the ball and getting inside the paint is my favorite thing to do on the court, penetrating and pushing the ball up court is also a specialty I have. I've worked on my dribbling and physicality to be an competitive player on the court,getting in running shape took some time but in order to be the best you have to put consistent work in your game and not giving up on yourself.
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My favorite food to eat is chicken pasta with veggies,it keeps me full and taste very excellent.Pasta is not the only food I love there are many other suggestions such as pizza, burgers, and fries I could eat every one of these items every other day. Even though all of those food items are tasty there not healthy to eat all the time, high fat foods can cause health related issues and put weight on the body. Changing my eating habits has been a huge transition for me and my diet and mainly because I pushed myself hard.
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My first day of high school was exciting, it was the first year for me at a public school. I attended Hillsborough high school and graduated in the year of 2014, my first day was different because I recently attended an private school the only difference was that we actually talked and learned about God, faith,and prayer. Switching classes was interaction time because that is when everyone sees each other and would most likely have an conversation before the next class,high school was fun and apart of the growing process for me I started to develope my character.
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Animals are cool creatures, there are different types of animals I personally like cheetahs because there fast, aggressive, and a dominant species in the animal kingdom. Many other animals have different characteristics and needs different life enviorments to live how there suppose to. Some animals may need water, and some need the outdoors to keep breathing, they also have interesting facts and history where the animals came from and how they operate on this world. Animals are like humans to an certain extinct because of the life needing things they need to live there everyday lives in the world today.
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Working out is fun and productive,I enjoy learning new techniques and different ways of working out. I love to work on my legs and arms, my favorite workouts are the leg press, calf raises, and bench press. Working out is one way to staying healthy and in shape working out the wrong way can mess with your bones and fracturing a body part. Doing the right type of workouts can show improvement very fast and if it is consistent you will see your body start forming the way you want it to. Working out is also a stress reliever.
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Finding a new job could be tough at first, mainly today in order to get a good decent job there is a person who can reference or if you have an outstanding resume. Many jobs are now requiring high school diplomas in order to work for the company to show that the employee has basic knowledge. To show an company or whatever business your in that your capable of working the interview is really important, making good eye contact, saying clear sentences,and being professional. There is also websites or apps that can help the job search much easier today.
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My favorite car is a bentley not only does it look nice and is a luxurious car but its a reliable car. It has a very nice engine and the inside of the car has leather and looks outstanding from the pictures, I personally never owned one but I've done my research on them and there a very popular vehicle. In my further research findings, I read that the vehicle is very fast and shifts speeds within seconds. It is not a spacious vehicle but if its only two people the vehicle could be very satisfying and admiring to enjoy.
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Traveling is something every excited and enthused person would want to do. There are many amazing things to enjoy from traveling, such as going to different states or countries and seeing how the culture and every day life is in an another area. As I get older I want to travel with my girlfriend and enjoy the sight seeing and different enviorments we encounter. Traveling is important to me and the lifestyle I want to live because I will always be on the road, so I want to prepare much as possible for it. My first stop is New York.
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Studying is important in the school life weather it is high school or college,in order to improve and learn is from studying and going over what was discussed in class. Studying can better grades and the class overall, understanding what is being taught can help us go far in school and also in life. Good studying techniques could be note taking, highlighting important facts,and even flash cards.The more it is planted in the brain the more success we will see in our grades. Studying teaches us more then just making good grades also prepares us for life.
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Styles of clothing has came along way. The styles we wear today they would not think of wearing back in the 1950s or 1960s,back in those times women wore long dresses and men wore business type of clothing. Today, the style has tremendously changed styles are now a way of expression and showing what type of person you are. Many of the styles we have today are from the generation of celebrities we have in the music industry,and what we see on television. Styles can be part of we are and how we should always be an individual.
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The difference between ambitious and unmotivated is that people who are determined and driven to success are the ones who end up being successful in the long run while unmotivated people will lack in determination and laid back. The more ambitious we are the better, the more laid back we are life passes by as we waste time. I would take an a more ambitious approach about how I do things and the morals I have set for myself. Being established and stable is important in the life we live, being unmotivated is not the way to succeed in life.
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The way we live in the world could be inquisitive at times. Why should we pay bills? Why do we need to put gas in a car? Life brings a lot of questions. Each and every day we live we see, hear,and talk about different things. Life can bring happiness, sadness, and can be disappointing at times and we must remember that life is what we make it. There are different experiences daily and everyone has a life to live but at the end of the day we must cherish the moments and be positive the best way possible.
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I am a first time college student and I believe that I'm capable of doing good the whole semester. I go to school Monday to Thursday, and every day I learn something new and different in my classes. Both my professor are good at explaining and breaking down the importance of what were learning, we have open group discussions and go over examples of the new topic we learned that day. College is about growth, interaction, and priorities. It teaches students how to be responsible and adult hood if students choose to go at a young age, college is worthwhile.
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Success is about the determination we have in whatever path we choose, nothing is every going to be handed to us so we might is well push ourselves and keep our mindset on the main goal and that is success. In order to be the best we have to work the best, in order to gain stability and comfort we need to be motivated and hungry for success. Working hard teaches us how to be patient and to always push ourselves, hard work pays off in the long run and proves to us that success does not given to us.
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College football and basketball is fun to watch the players are hyped, and energetic and gets the fans really into the game. The passion the players play with are eager because they want to get to the next level of there careers NFL or NBA either one, players show how determined and dominant they can be. The next level will get players better as an athlete and they will an established career especially if there already gifted, Not all athletes make it to the next level because it is not destined but in order to know we must find out.
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Point guards are a value part of basketball and can be the leader of the basketball team because they call the plays. The role of the point guard is to control the tempo and paste of the game, and also to generate the offense and call the best plays to score. A guard should also be able to play defense and show physicality on defense, many teams today has an outstanding guard but they do not play defense and that is not a leader on the court. one of the best in the game today is Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas.
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I never went to my high school prom or homecoming because I was not into all of that. I was a regular basic guy who could do without it, I do not regret going because in my opinion it just was not that important to me. A few of associates I knew of went to all the events the school put together I never was interested because I did not want to be apart or around the drama in school, I never once wanted to be apart of drama because I could care less about the situations around the school.
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Being in shape is important to most young people, the youth and early adults want to stay in physical shape and improve on there body. Some people want to gain muscle and some others want to loose weight, keeping a fit figure keeps a positive outlook of yourself. Being in shape could boost our self esteem and confidence within ourselves but most important is maintaining a good diet. Eating healthy is a major impact to having the body we want this includes salads, fruits, vegatables,and few meats.Overall being in shape is good for our souls and a impact.
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Being determined gets us far in life it is nothing like self motivation to get us to were we want to be. In this mindset giving up is not an option, focusing on whatever the plan is to get us to the next accomplishment is the only thing that is on our minds. Over achieving and planning is better than just sitting around doing nothing set some goals and get them accomplished. Determination could be hard especially if we doubt ourselves without trying and that is why we should never have that thought making things happen should be a given.
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I had just remembered the 100 words a day assignment so this whole weekend I been playing catch up. It is not hard but it is definitely something to stay on top of because it is a lot of typing and somewhat a lot of brain using, but for the most part I know it a help me improve. Staying on top of my assignments are important to me because I do not want to fall behind,or start any bad habits because it is not high school and will not be to easy to make the work back up.
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Brushing your teeth needs to be a hobby for everyone, if people do not do it there breath is going to be horrible and painful to the nose that has to smell it. A stank mouth is something no person should want to have especially when he or she speaks a lot. Brushing should be at least done three times a day to keep good hygiene and good dental health. A clean mouth will have everyone feeling refreshed and ready to start the day,bad breath could lead to decay and rooting of teeth and that causes immediate dental attention.
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To be an great musician I feel that the music the artist is making must be either relating or just really catchy. Music is something we all have in common especially when it comes to artists or certain songs we like. Certain songs could be good for working out, working on the basketball court, or just motivation.Music is very popular and catchy an if an artist or group drops a top hit, it has the whole world talking about it. Music is fun and expressive and some of the greatest hits are yet to come. Musicians are the coolest.
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This is the last one for this month and I am more than happy that I'm finished and made it this far without giving up, the reason of me falling behind was hurricane Irma the storm was very serious and was all we could think about in Florida.It was on the news,internet, and social media, every thing has died down since then and now I spent part of my weekend catching up on this assignment. I will be more prepared for the next one we have to do because this assignment can take a lot of your time.