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When I bought my first car, it was the biggest day of my life. I remember the feeling I had sitting down in the car driving it around the town. Hearing the motor reeving when I turn the car on, hearing the car roaring on the high way, feeling. On the same day joy was flowing in to my heart, my face was booming with joy and happiness. Telling all my friends how awesome it feel having a car for the first time, but little I know about the responsibility I would be facing because of that car one day.
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My first time in an airplane was the most awesome and scary flying machine I ever ride to go from one place to another. The first time riding an airplane was when I was eight years old coming from Haiti with my older sibling to the United state for the first time. It was a nice feeling and experience being in the air watching down and see how tiny everything look when you in a airplane . The scary moment was when we was first dispatching from the ground flying and also when the airplane was landing down to the airport.
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When I had first came to this country playing football was something that was very new to me . There was a lot those rules I didn't really know about playing football. I was got to learn everything from the scratch step by step. When I start playing football in high school I remember when I was in JV football team . I remember how it felt like when I had catch the ball running , feel like I could run marathon and how the crowd going wild. The pads and helmets knocking sounds when someone drop you down hardly to the ground
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I love Monday and Wednesday. Every Monday and Wednesday I only have one class to attend at school, Got some time to relax before I start doing all my homework that due for the week. It is less fatigue then them other days because on that day am actually off from work, can watch some football while doing my homework for other classes. Even so Monday and Wednesday can be less fatigue then them other days but is still have a Proliferation of work. On Tuesday and Thursday I have to attend three classes back to back and also work.
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My first iPhone , I always dream on getting an iPhone when I was little cause I use to see how peoples was so intrigue by the phone when I was in high school. Them talking to Siri, asking silly question, all them cool kids use to have one, doing stuff with the phone, face timing with friends, and also how cool it was having that feeling that you have an iPhone. When I brought my first iPhone was last year, I was so joyful of that moment feel like I overcome every aspect in life feel like am living life.
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I never thought paying bill could become such a headache sometime. I always told myself that I wanted to get my own place so i can move out from my parent place because I feel been control by them to much most of the time. But thinking how those little bills I have to pay can be so despondent to see all the money that i got paid go from paying car insurance , your phone bill, and also your credit card if you like me fritter all of my money on my credit all at once for clothing and shoes.
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It a Monday night watching the Viking go head to head with the Bears and then you realize you got to finish three homework by Wednesday and another four by Thursdays. But you know that Tuesday and Thursday you not really going to have time to do anything because after school in the morning you got to go straight to work. You try to scramble around that day trying finish some of your homework before the deadline .Then you realize that you forgot to go to Walmart to go buy some groceries like your momma want you to for tomorrow meals
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Have you ever ask yourself what you want to major for? What college you want to go to go and what you going to do in your college years? For me I was always want to go to University of Florida or also Florida Atlantic University and also University of Miami. I always see myself attending one of those school specially be in Miami once again. I was wanted to join club, and always wanted to go play football for those school it was the dream back in high school but never know how reality was going to hit me.
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When I was little I was always want to be an Architect, I know I was got to be good at math so I try to improve my math as much as I can over the years. While in high school I was realize math was not going to be easy as I ever thought it would be. Trigonometry and Geometry was one of the hardest math classes I ever face in high school but I still wanted to become an Architect. While in my senior years I realize that Architect was one of the hardest job to get in.
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Some peoples in life expect to much from peoples then others, such as our parent, love one, teachers and etc. Sometimes we donít see what other people see in us .cause we might feel like canít do what they expect from us but we all have that potential to become great thing. But not all of us are wired the same way some of us are smarter understand thing easily then other peoples. Some of us got to study, and practice harder than other peoples. for me everything I do I got to put extra times to study to understand a subject
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It is a blessing to still be alive today. I remember when I was a little kid I use to always be getting sick always going to the hospital in Haiti. I was born with asthma, and couldnít speak till I was eight years old. Being Hospitalize was always a problems for my parent, they thought they were not going to see me grow to be in my adultolescent age. Even so I was not a healthy kid but I try to keep myself a shape by playing sports. And at the age of 16 my asthma go away.
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When I was nine years old through the age of seventeen I use to be a really active kids, use to play football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling. Playing sport was something I was really good at. School was something that I always struggle, in the classes was too hard for me, Reading and writing, also English was one of my hardest courses. Math was just a course I tenacious in. I use to help kids in the class, and also in the football team back in high school. But reading and English was something that always hold me back
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It a Sunday morning at church playing the drums, it was a hot humid, tired and sleepy as heck. Asking myself why they never play a different song , always got to be the same songs always a slow song not a fast moving pace song that going to make peoples woke up and dance then the type that making me falling asleep at the drum. I ask the pastor of the church that is a close friend of my parent one day hey why they keep playing the same slow song every Sunday morning why they never change it up sometimes
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I had never been feeling myself for a long time, since two years ago. Iím always looking back at my past wondering what I can do differently trying to change myself cause I do not like the person I become over the years. Always see myself in a different point of view, picturing myself doing thing I know I donít have the gut to do. But I always trying to push myself to be the person I dream myself to be but deep in me I know that person is not the Michee we all know, But that the person I want to become
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Have you even in a situation that you got to choose between two hard choices. There was a time I remember when my parent was buying a house they were got to make the two hardest decision they ever made. One involving the price of the houses and if itís going to need renovated or get the other house that fully been renovated but cost much more money than the other one. Location is big thing you should look at when buying a home, if you have kids you got to think of school ,type of neighborhood and others.
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Become to be a real-estate agent is like a dream come true for me. I remember over the summer when I finally go take the two weeks courses. It was an excitement moment for me to realize how close I am to my dreams selling houses. I had met so many peoples with the same mindset as and got so many idea I never had before as well. I remember taking the class test and passing it how joyful I had felt. Now all I know I got is to pass the state test and get training how sell houses and get contact.
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Today you work up from bed and ask yourself what the plan for today? Then you check your phone calendar and check you got to go to a date with these one girl you always dreaming on taking out. So you go to the mall to get that one outfit wear for the date tonight. Then you call her telling her you on your way. And you see her walking down the stair with a black Mini skirt and a blue top looking at her curve walking . Totally forgot she right next to you while you dreaming of her in your head already.
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Going to college can be fun but sometimes it really hard, especially when it is your first year trying to balance your school schedule and work schedule together. I feel like if you are a freshman just starting college taking four or more classes is to overload with school work and if you work as well it is two times worst. Some classes are harder than other classes ,some teacher give more work load then others. Some teachers are more understandable when doing lecturing or explaining something the others and others also Some teaches like they teaching a master level class.
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Well the date with her went well, I suppose. I was proud of myself for not being too shy around her , yet I feel like I could have done better and I was too random and didn't really show how romantic, and funny.. Hopefully there could be a second date with her. It all depends on whether how she see me. It just brought back a lot of old feelings and worries about getting into relationships and the realization of how long I can make this relationship last. Remember all past relationship how bad they were can I really make this work.
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it 6:00 in the morning getting ready to go to school, take a shower, brush, my teeth ,put clothes on and while eating watching SpongeBob. finally it 7:00 it time to grab my key and head downstairs and go start my car to go to school. Driving to Fletcher on a Tuesday morning with a bad traffic. Wondering how can the line move, peoples trying to switch lines causing more traffic. Put on the radio to make the morning sweeter with some hype up music that will wake me up. Then the commercial come and again you got to switch the radio station
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The best birthday of my life my 18 year old birthday, it was the dream birthday I always wanted go to Miami and celebrated my birthday. It was Lit birthday rent three luxuries car, rent a hotel with three bedroom so my brother ,cousin and I would stay in there for a week. Driving luxury car to the club feeling like the man. Wake up having a hangover the next morning throwing at the bathroom, For me the fun was just getting started. Rent a boat and two jet ski, and also a motorcycle to drive while in Miami for the week.
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Were you one of those people that always dream them self to achieve more in life then they actually have. Sometime thinking of what I want to achieve in life and look at if I have achieve most of the thing I wanted to achieve and see how there is so little I have achieve in life so far. Like be more responsible ,have my own place, drive the car I always wanted to drive ,and be able to go on vocation like I always wanted to and also That grade you want to have in a class you did not have
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I want to quickly write my 100 words before I go to bed. It has been a ludicrously long time since I have actually sat down to write and had time to do it. It's not eating away at me yet, because I don't need to write story to make me want to write Had a dream I was in cruise out of nowhere we start sinking ,people was running trying to get into a life boat some even start fighting with each other and I was trying to find my sibling and my parent to get to a life boat together. I'm not sure what happen at the end.
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It's over 9, and I still haven't done what I'm supposed to do today!! I guess I do have time, but it just feels like... time flies, you know? An hour passed and I'm still on social media , texting, posting pictures, liking and also comment, all of those things that seem to take up such a large portion of our lives. And do we really need to do them? Even more importantly: do we want to do them? Some of us get addict to social media cause it become to be a mutual routine practice in our live.
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One of my favorite times is Sunday. Go to church in the morning ,every first Sunday we eat together and spend time together And coming home after a long day in the hot sunny humid temperature outside there no place good you could be then home. Go eat some rice and beans sauce with chicken and then go lay down on my bed watching some football games. Sometimes I go out to the movie theater watch some new movie that just come out with some friends. Then sometimes it is just a good day to fall asleep and wake up late at night .
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Some days you win, some days you lose. Some days you think you win and then you realize you lost. I realized tonight something didn't get done today that needs to be done for tomorrow's. Maybe I can get it done in an hour tomorrow morning? I did spend time last week laying down the plan for this project ,and start working on it ,. It was already 11 PM by the time the thought occurred to me, and I just don't have it in me to do it tonight. Felling really sleepy but this project need a lot of preparation to be done.
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Hi, Samuel . I want quit my job by January . You were always telling me to do what I really want. So I want to follow my dream.. I wish you'd been home so I can tell you the good news in person. But anyway, I finally decide to go to school for real-estate. I finish taking the classes all I need to do is take the state test. Samuel: why you never go take the state test for real-estate michee me: Because of school overload and work I haven't really have found the time to study to get ready of the test
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It Monday afternoon at the gym just come back to working out again after 3 months . I feel weak cause I was got to retrain my body to start get use to them weight again. I saw couple of my friend, there they was shock to see me they thought I had give up ,funny thing I did give up but something always push me to go back . I look at my friend see how big they had got and look at myself and saw my harm how skinny they look. Make me realize how weak I have gotten .
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This is my idea of a Saturday: woke up from bed ,took a shower, eat some breakfast. First load of laundry started before going out the door on a small errand run. Back to the house vacuuming the carpet ,cleaning the house. Help my mom cook today meal . Go back to the laundry and start Folding laundry clothes. Organizing stuff, taking care of odds and ends. Done by 5 PM or so, so the evening is really free, yet I still have accomplished a fair amount today. That means Sunday can be a day full of rest and relaxation.
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watching football while doing your homework can be a distraction to some peoples but sometime it help make the flow go smooth. Not to boring give you some idea what to write about while watching TV. Get you excited when your team make a touchdown and go back doing your work. Take a sneak peek every times to see whose wining ,It might make you spent more time doing your homework cause you taking time watching the games. But it can help you with some creativity and ideas for writing .it also a fun sport to watch ,help get your energy up.