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Don't forget that your assignment for a 100 words will be due soon is what I heard when I walked in the classroom on Wednesday..... what?? I thought to myself as I looked at the teacher as if I lose my mind outside of the classroom door before coming in to have seat.Thinking that I was ahead on all my work. Wow, she busts the bubble of the new college girl who thought she was on top of all the assignments that was given to the class weeks before the state was in a place of life or death.
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spending time with the family has been really hard lately, the kids are really sad because every time they ask can I take them to the park I have to say no to them. I have been really busy with all of my homework since starting school I am missing out on my babies everyday mommy and me time, oh in my husband has been sitting up watching our favorite shows all by himself. I am trying to find new ways to spend time with the family and also do my homework. They feel real loss without me being around.
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My sister is mad at me because I did not ask her to plan my wedding, instead I ask my best friend who I knew was really happy for me, plus she has planned weddings before. I knew she would do her best and will not do it with a bad attitude like my sister would. So I told my sister the reason why I did not choose her and she did not talk to me for weeks. my sister was not happy when I told her that I was getting married. Sisters can't live with them or without them.
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Liar Liar pants on fire!! I hate when people lie to me just to get away with what they have done wrong and now trying to lie to me to keep our relationship running smoothly. Why lie I just want the trust, but they can't tell the truth because all they do is just lie right between their teeth trying to keep me happy, but I don't like it. All I want is the truth and nothing be the truth so help me God, but I guess that not going to happen with someone who enjoys lying to keep me.
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Today has started off so awesome! I got up this morning thanking God for this day and praying that I get a chance to spend some time with my family. My daughter was receiving an award for Student of the month, so the whole family was going to be there and that gives me the opportunity to be around family laughing and to have a good time without me telling them to wait or be quite I have homework to do. I think this day will be one that the family and I enjoy without being so busy with life.
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I am seating here on the couch waiting for my husband to come in sit with me so that we can get a movie playing before the kids get home from school and have some hubby and wife time together. Just the hubby and me, I'm thinking to myself as I sit and wait for my husband, but he has not come from out of the back room yet, Next thing I know the time has passed and he did not come back. I got up to see what he was doing and he was playing his new PS4 Game.
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why am I here anyway? Grandparents and their grandchildren are something else when they get together as if I am not in the room with them. I said hello!! can anyone hear me I want some love too just like everyone else is getting in this room. My mother acts as if am not the one who give birth to each one of the kids that she is giving all of her sweet hugs and kisses too. I should get loved on just for giving birth to them, but not when grandparents and their grandchildren are in one room together.
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To be honest, I really don't feel like doing anything today. I just want to sleep in my bed all day and shut myself in from the world. It is just so much stuff going on that it is crazy. I like being in my bed locked in my room reading a good book. My favorite book is the bible the bible brings me so much peace. I do not want to do anything today again I say I don't I just don't. This world is crazy and I don't want to be a part of it today. Not today!
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I want to do so many things right now and my life.I want to leave my family with an understanding of how to live life to the fullest and how to be the best they can be. I want them to know that no one can stop them from being who they want to be. We let too many people or things stop us from living the "good life" as people say. If we are not living like the next person than we are not living, no I want to live my own life and not live for others.
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Why is it that when I talk to my teenagers they feel like they can talk back? I am so tired of talking to kids that act as if the pay the rent in my house and try to talk to me as if they give birth to me. I asked my daughter to wash the dishes and the dishes are still in the sink, but she wants to eat everything she sees. If I call her one more time and she doesn't come she is about to get one of these old schools like my mom did me. slapped!
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Today is my baby boy birthday. He wants to go to Chuckie E. Cheese and play some games. My mother-in-law keeps calling me asking me what am I doing for him today, so I told her that I am taking him to play some games at Chuckie E. Cheese, but I am not having a party there because I only have sixty dollars. I do not have enough money to invite everyone I would like. I will do the best I know how with the money I have. I just want him to have fun on his birthday.
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yesterday, was nine years that my dad was killed. I remember it like it was yesterday. I miss him so much! I was a daddy's girl and I use to run to him in fall in his arms when I was a little girl, even when I became a woman I would. We would go out to eat breakfast every week together at one of his favorite restaurants. We would eat and talk all morning on those days. I miss talking to him and falling in his arms. He was an awesome dad and grandfather. I love him so much!!!!
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I want to have a good day today. I am thinking about how to start this day off right. maybe I should eat a really good breakfast and take a walk before going to class doing this always makes me feel good when I do these things. I do not want anyone or anything to stand in my way of me having this good day. I will not let what is going on today have a effect on me at all. I am the one in control of my day. Yes, I will have a good day and enjoy it.
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I have everything I need, but I want more I want more for myself and my family. I do not understand how people can be okay with whatever life hits them with. I want more so much more. I have to learn sometime new everyday or I feel lost out here in this world, but other are okay with just the things they know and do not look to seek out for new things to get a best out come in their lives. I want to be all that I can be and more. I want more so much more.
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Why does women go up against each other rather than helping each other out? I just do not understand. It is really sad that women look as if they are better than each other when we all go thought the same things in life we all bleed to same color blood we are all on the same planet. Some may have a higher education and some may have more money, but we all have been made in the same image. We are all beautiful people and women need to come together in this world in stand for peace and love.
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People need to wash their hands. I went to the store to get the family some lunch for a picnic that we were having that day. I touched the cart and become sick with then minutes of touching the cart. I have seen people go to the restroom in come out without washing their hands how nasty is that! It is not just about them it is also about the people and things that they come in contact with. I wonder how many people sever food in restaurants and not take the time to wash their hands. Stop spreading gems!
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okay, I need to finish the hundred words by the seventy of October and I really do not know what to say today, because my day is just starting I do not have much to say yet. I started on some of the hundred words last night in fell a sleep in front of my computer. So I guess I have been really tired this week. I have so much going on with the family and also trying to keep up with my homework. I want to stay on top of all my work and not fell back on anything.
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I asked my husband would he like to go on a couples retreat, but he said no way that is for people who has problems and their marriage and if they don't they will when they leave... All I could think was wow a man always try to avoid things when it comes to something about their marriage and act as if they can not be told anything to help them out to refresh their relationship. Could this be why so many married couples are falling apart and not lasting more then six months? It is something to think about.
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My daughter got a phone call home today from the school principal about yelling out the window of the school bus. I was told that she was trying to say hello to someone she did not see in a long time.The principal told me that this was not her first time getting in trouble and his said he just let it go in did not want to call me. I did not like that was I really up set, because we talk about making right choices all the time. She just received an award for student of the month.
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I want to take a trip for my birthday in November I will be turning thirty one years old. I want to do something I never have done. I would like to go to Key West. I do not know how things look after the storm thus, I want to scuba diver or snorkel and see the sea creatures. I love sting rays and star fish. I want to get away for awhile in just have some fun in the sun. I would like to get a room on the beach so that I can look out at the water.
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I do not know what to write about today. I do not have much to say. what do you say when you do not have much to say when you have to write a hundred words? I just can not come up with anything what do I do I need help on what to say in my writing today. I can not get anything to come up in this mind of mine to say anything today. come on Veronica, think it is something you can say. What can I say nothing I have nothing. Today I have a blank mind.
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I like writing the hundred words, sometimes I do not know what I should talk about. I would like to continue writing after my this assignment is over. I want to get better with my writing and express myself in a new way. I think if I write everyday I would get better and better in this writing thing.I feel like sometime I am all over the place and also forget some words I wonder if I keep writing would I get better. I want to be come so good at this writing that I can writing a book.
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For this is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it. I am going to have a good day and do all that I have to do to achieved this goal. my goal today is to just enjoy life and not worry about anything that will come my way. I will responded to everything with a positive attitude. I can't look at the bad things around me To keep myself focus I have to look at the good. I will not be moved by anyone or anything in this day to take this the goal.
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Today, was a very good day. My mom and sister came over and had lunch with the family. The children really enjoy when their grandmother come over to visit. We played a game with the children and watched a movie. We all had a really nice day. I would like do something like that once a month, but not at my house because I do not like when my house gets untidy and sometimes the kids like to bring all of the toys out of their room for their grandmother to play with and she will let them do it.
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why are people so mean and do not care how they talk to others? I had someone say all kinds of mean things to me even when I was nice to them. Can it be that someone treated them badly that day or as a child. I feel like it is not fair for people to miss treat others because they are having a bad day or had a bad childhood. They need to get over it and enjoy life and live their days in a great joy and to bless others with a helping hand, kindness or a smile.
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I had a long day today.I am ready to go to bed, but I want to type these words and get them done by next week so that I can start on the other homework I have to do. This homework has not been easy.I am taking four classes and it has been a lot for me lately. Every time I start I have to stop because one of the kids are calling me to help them with something. I have to find a better way to get this work done without the kids interrupting me for help.
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so much to do and so little time. I have to get everything together for the kids today so that they have everything they need for the week.One of my kids has come home from his dad house because his dad is out of town. I will have to take his to school on the other side of town then come back and get the other kids ready for school. I am glad that the gas was down a little because I was able to fill up the tank. This will be a busy week and I am ready.
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Today was a great day. The family and I got up and went to church. I had a meeting after church but I could not attend because of a goodbye party that I was having for my brother and his wife. I had so much to do, but I did it all right before they arrived. we had an awesome time we played games, then we all danced all over the house after that everyone ate. I was thinking that the house would get out of order, but it did not and we all had a very good time together.
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people are always saying anything that comes out of their mouth and not caring, I am so tired of it. I do not like it when people do not think before that open their mouth. The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me is a lie and people are getting killed, because of the words that are coming out of their mouth to hurt others. I feel like this if they do not have anything nice to say then keep it to themselves. Words are very very powerful and can hurt others.
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This is my last day on a hundred words with my writing. I do not want to forget that by doing this assignment on how much I had to think about things to write about. Wow, I do not see how writers write whole books. I have to get better to catch up and get ready to start my book. I know that it will take a lot of time to think about what I want to write so I may need to start an outline on what I want to talk about. I will get better with this writing.