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Well this will be my first written piece here in this website so I think Iíll start by introducing myself.My name is Christian Morazzani, I was born in Callao Peru, and Iím a younger sibling to Alejandra Romero. What I hope to do in the future is to follow my passion in art and become a graphic artist. A hobby I have is to create characters and stories with my friends, In the future I wish to turn those ideas into a comic. I recently finished high school and I only recently started college. This is me.
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So today was an experience. My mother decided to expand her cleaning service because she's overworked. A friend of ours mentioned someone they know who's very knowledgable with business, we were happy to have their help. During lunch he dropped by and we talked over the next steps my mother should take so her business will be successful. I have hope for this and Iím glad she wont have to work herself to death every day anymore. After Iím done typing this Iíll have to work on her logo, Sandyís Cleaning where quality always comes first.
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Today has been just another simple day in my life, nothing new. Thats not bad, I actually prefer a simple lifestyle. I realized I ran out of mixed media paper so I chose to get some before I forgot. I want to get into water colors again and you don't need to be a professional artist to know water and paper don't exactly mix. My room started to be too cluttered and I was asked to fix that today. I got most of my things organized but I still need to clean everything. Just another simple day in my life.
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Youtube is filled with some really bizarre videos. You can find stuff revolving around acne popping, a girl whispering softly in the mic for fifty minutes, and old 2004 anime movies. One video I ran into last night instead of getting my recommended eight hours of sleep was a movie called Dead Leaves. Without spoiling it, it was one of the most artistic, ecstasy inducing videos I have had the privilege of watching. Now before you watch it is pretty graphic so I don't recommend it for young kids. Itís not the best movie but it is definitely unforgettable.
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Today was a little bit differently mostly because it was my birthday.I went out to eat with my mom. It was only then that I realized hurricane Irma became a category 5 and it might become a category 6. I live in Tampa Florida so my family is a little worried about it. When I finally got back home I had to pack some clothes just in case we had to evacuate. Iím still not too sure how things are going to turn out but hopefully everything will be okay. Other than that my birthday was just fine.
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So when I stepped out and witnessed the murky sky over my head I remembered a storm was brewing. It was complimented by the bottle capped roads from all the people evacuating from the south. Iíve been through hurricanes before but they always missed us. I could hear people in class just acting like this is all a joke,itís annoying. Thereís also the other extreme with people buying four shopping carts filled with nothing but water. The thing that I want to know is if my classes will be canceled because of the category five hurricane.
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So today I didn't have classes because of hurricane Irma. I was able to help my mom with her job so she would finish faster. By the point we were done we saw in the news Irma might be getting closer than what we were expecting. We will be leaving our house this morning by 5am. We're going to a friend's house, they are very kind and their house seems secure. It's best to be with friends in moments of need. I just hope that my friends have the same luck in their lives. I do wish we're over reacting.
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The world is filled with surprises. Some people are fond of them while others prefer not to have them. Personally I don't exactly care much for them. There comes moments when we were surprised we aced that final exam, and there were moments when we woke up and were surprised a hurricane was coming towards us.wither it be big or small, important or tedious it will always surprise you.Its just a part of life that we have to learn to deal with. But no matter what it's best to have a positive outlook on it no matter what.
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It's the day before the storm hits and we are prepared. My mother made her room into a shelter, she made sure the windows were safe and she has a lot of food and water. All I did was just draw, I'm practicing for the upcoming year where I plan to take up commissions.Power hasn't gone out but I here it could be a possibility when the storm arrives. I'm not too worried mostly because we live pretty far from the coasts.The news caster even said the people in my area just have to worry about the wind.
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The day has arrived, the day the hurricane will finally hit us. Thankfully it dropped down to a category 3.I can hear the trees rustling outside my window with the roaring winds. The rain continues to fall with no end. Some of my friends have already lost power and I'm wondering if I'll be next. I just got word that the hurricane became a category 1 and it's still dropping. By the time it hits us it might just be a tropical storm. It's the middle of the night but I believe my mom and I will be fine.
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I have woken up to see branches and leaves scattered throughout the pavement, Irma has been here. Surprisingly enough I didn't lose power. Apparently plenty of people have and we're some of the lucky ones in our area.This hurricane was threatening but thankfully my family was able to come out unscathed. I'm meant to have classes again on Wednesday but I'm wondering if they'll get cancelled for the aftermath, a lot of people might not have transportation or power. Either way if I do I'll have to suck it up and deal with it, that's life and that's fine.
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I decided I'll be doing art commissions the coming year, so I'm currently practicing everyday. I'm still not sure how much I should charge but a few friends said 40 to 50 dollars for a good poster. Right now I'm just practicing with Photoshop and looking at how it works, I think it could help me in the long run. I'm trying to get a larger following before the New year, that way I don't have to look for an audience. Either way I do hope everything works okay, I still got some time before I start taking up commissions.
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Today I found out that I might have been to quick to think we would have power. The power lines had to get checked to make sure they weren't a disturbance to traffic,or a danger to anyone passing by. I lost power for several hours which wasn't fun. To kill time I ended up drawing and going outside. When I came back it was around 8 at night and the power had returned.Im not sure if we'll lose it again but if we do then that's fine. After that was over I just took a nap and rested.
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A puzzling misconception of thought. Caused by an unaware child. Wandering around without a care, only thinking where they should play. Skipping and jumping all through the town, asking "Why is no one around?" Just another simple day for another misguided youth. For they are a flower innocent in nature and tainted by society. This world is filled with an abundance flowers held close to the warmth of mother nature's bosom. But there are also weeds that must be burnt to their roots so they won't grow back. Only then will this garden be everlasting and safe for all around.
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A simple day, I don't really mind. I'm going to Publix to refresh my job application, hopefully they will hire me.But before that I have to upload a paper for one of my classes. I don't think I did too bad, the thing that I'm not sure about is if it's due today. Because of the hurricane some people have been without power so I'm not sure if the due date has been pushed back. Either way I do have it done. I used a Mac to type it out I hope that won't be a problem for Windows.
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I started looking into Korean BBQ. My birthday dinner was rescheduled for next week. It will just be my mom and a few family friends, nothing too extravagant.I do wish for it to be a special evening. Even though my birthday already passed it hasn't really been celebrated yet. In other news classes finally start on Monday. I'll have to get back in the habit of things soon when the week begins. I have a quiz on Monday so hopefully that will go well. I studied so I'm just hoping for the best. Classes start soon, should be fun.
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Flowing wind embracing your face out in the open air. As you see the pink horizon by the clouds the beauty's overwhelming. A tranquil sight, to put anyone at ease. Something so daily that occurs every day. Crystal clear glass like streams feeding nature's creatures. The larger than life Oak Trees piercing the ground below your feet. To the swift hummingbird to the humble elephant nature touches all of us. No one can run from her touch, the touch of life. Nature is everywhere to a school of fish deep in the sea, a flock of birds in the sky.
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Today classes have finally begun, I got ready for my design class's critique. It went well nothing too bad, I got a good review. Later on I have to study for a math exam I have later on. I don't think I'll do too bad, I think I know the concept pretty well. I'm trying to get back into this schedule sense I didn't have classes in twelve days. After all of this is over I will have to get ready for the next day. Soon all of this will feel normal and I'll be back to my normal schedule
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How could one describe the essence of the color blue? Would you say it's a mournful color of depression or sadness. Or is it an icy color, empty of all warmth? In what way could you describe color to the blind? Is color a thing, or a sensation inside a person? Even if color is just the perception of light reflected off an object decoded by cones in our eyes, doesn't it hold more than that? If people had no cones in their eyes and only rods, if the world was black and white would it change anything at all?
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The cool touch of a pencil being pressed against your canvas. Each graphite stroke being made where needed, complementing each other. To try and complete your work of art without dismantling it in the process. Smearing, ripping, dripping from stress and agitation. What is the medium acrylic, markers, or a traditional pencil sketch? Each one has it's hassles but when done they all come together to reveal something strikingly beautiful. This art work created is your reward for not giving up through your struggles. And now the cycle repeats itself, what will you make next with your new blank canvas?
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So today I was almost late for my classes. It wasn't because I overslept or anything like that. I was on the bus on my way to class and when I was trying to leave the doors would not open. I was stuck there until the next stop, it was irritating. Knowing you were going where you were meant to and then something like this happens. Classes started in just 30 minutes, so I did what I had to, I walked. It really wasn't bad but annoying nonetheless. It's all behind me and I'm currently waiting outside my class's door
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Responsibility is a staple to our everyday lives. When we were young we had little but as we grew so did our expectations. There are moments when you would like to stay in bed and not do anything, but that is not allowed you have things to be done. The world does not revolve around one person, and your everyday jobs won't stop because you choose to stay indoors. If everyone ignored their responsibilities then this world would surely be in chaos. We have to grow up and accept what's expected from us, if we don't then we'll fall behind.
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An alluring aroma emitting from such a glamorous creature. Small in stature, such a delicate thing. Beautiful to eyes but if held too much it would often pinch your flesh, and glaze in the blood. Fragile arms and a long neck, a strong breeze could make them snap. Covering itself with a slim cinnabar dress. Often looked at as a simple decoration. To be decapitated and thrown into a glass prison until death is it's fate. The simple flower, beautiful in nature only to eventually end up withered in someone's vase. What a horrible end to something so stunningly beautiful.
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The midnight howls a frightful tune tonight. Creeping nails, and slithering legs keeps us up at night. Wither below our bed or hidden in the closet. Haunting nightmares of childlike youth. Twisted smiles and oily hair, ready to wake us in despair. Dreaming of a man with no face, or a clown which belongs to Stephen King. Telling yourself it's not real, yet you can still hear the slithering snakes below your sheets. Begging your parents to let the door slightly open for some light to shine on. Those nights used to be a struggle for such a hyperactive imagination.
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Ripped paper stuck together by simple ol glue. A memory of times long past. The collage of sentiment and harmony. In a dusting scrapped notebook. It used to mean something long ago, but now it just takes up space. Whenever you find it you just wonder what it's meant to be. Created years ago by two friends under a tree of oak. Meant to represent a bond stronger than time. The collage was once a symbol of friendship, but now it's scrapped forgotten. It's just waiting for the boy the see it in nostalgia instead of a glance of confusion.
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So time a somewhat a theoretical concept created by people. How could you describe time, the passage of events in the universe? It could be measured right? Seconds, minutes, hours are all systems of measurements for time correct? But all of those measurements can't be seen or felt in any way. It's not like inches or meters, if something is an inch long you can physically see that. Time itself is confusing, wr try to make it easier to understand by giving it a measuring system but it's still hard to understand. Hopefully later on we'll understand time much better.
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I recently started a daily challenge, the 100 push up challenge. Basically it's how it sounds, you have to do 100 pushups a day for one month. Right now it doesn't seem too bad, then again it's only the third day. I'm doing it because I want to feel healthier and I think this could help. I've tried going to the gym but having classes on ybor is really getting in the way of that. With this challenge I can get a workout everyday and not worry about it getting in the way of my schedule. Everyone should try this.
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So this weekend I'll finally be able to celebrate my birthday. My family will be going to a restaurant call Sa Ri One Grill. It's a Korean BBQ place, it's got great reviews. The only thing is that I forgot to get a reservation for Saturday, but I still got time. My birthday was the 5th and now it's the 28th, wow time went by. Hopefully all that waiting will be worth it when the time comes. Worst case scenario is that we can't go this weekend which isn't that bad. In any case I hope it will be fun.
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So I was finally able to celebrate my birthday. It wasn't anything big, my family just went out to eat. The food wasn't bad, it wasn't great either. I had a great time because of the company so that's good. I would actually go back there, even if the food wasn't amazing. The restaurant was called Sa Ri One Grill, it's very fun because you get to cook your own food. It's an experience more than anything else I would say. The food might not have been the best because I cooked it I guess. I had lots of fun.
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Tomorrow is the first day of Inktober,and I'm going to try and participate. I'm meant to draw something in ink everyday of the month. Tomorrows theme is swift. I was thinking of drawing something fast yest beautiful. A shooting star could incorporate my image but I'm not sure. It's going to be a challenge but I'll try it hopefully I'll keep up with it. There might be a few days in which I forget or just get too lazy but all I can do is forget that and keep moving. Well please wish me good luck this coming month.