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To start, I just noticed that the month just begun, so i need to start this asssingment, because I believe its easier to do the 100 words per day than writing a 10 page journal. Today is sunday, and I came late last night from a party so im really tired, because its like 9:00am and the mass stars at 10:00am, so like always my family is late to everything.I do not think that im doing much today, just finish editing paper 1 because its due tomorrow and I do not want to procastinate more this semester.
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Well today is Monday and its like 9:00pm, im really tired because I just came from the gym, and right after I had to take my mom to party city, because my fathers birthday is tomorrow and is like a family thing to wake up the birthday person in the morning with ballons and singing happy birthday. I also was going to play soccer with some friends at 9:00pm, but I im way too tired to go play with them. Also I finished watching game of thrones yesterday so I need to find another good serie to watch.
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Well today I woke up to take my si ster to school, after that I had to go to the party city to finish buying the stuff we needed to surprise him, things like ballons, those things that pop when you twist them. After that I went home and got ready to go to the gym. Then I went to walmart to get gas and some groceries because we obiously needed some, and my parents didn't want to go so i had to go. Later in the afternoon my dad came home, we surpriced him with the ballons and gifts.
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Today I woke up late to take my sister to school, and she ended up being late to school, but my mom doesn't know so everything is fine. After that I came home and watched a movie, I think it was Fantastcic Beasts and How to Catch Them, overall the movie was entertaining, but it felt like I was specting more from the movie. Then I went to the gym and came home to take a nap of about 10 min, because I was very tired. after that I just did some math homework and read some comp 1 homework.
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To start, I've been having these wierd dreams where the most randoom thing happen; for example, last night i was dreaming that I was going to be late for class but as I was in veterter, someone hit my car and we both started rolling, but the wierd thing is that i ended up in the school parking lot. Then I just came out the car and came into class like nothing happend, after like 20 minutes, some kid came in the classroom and sat down, it happened to be the person that was in the car accident with me.
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Today is Friday. And today is a good day because im going in a date with a girl I met like two weeks ago. So that is something that im looking foward for tonight. But I think im going to take her to chik-fil-a, because its cheep and i could just talk to her and get to know her, or go to Carrabba's italian grill, but its more expensive, and i would still have a good conversation with her, and get to know her, but its also more expensive. I will probably end up choosing chik-fil-a.
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Well today is saturday. Today I had a busy morning because I to do yard work, and I helped my dad by going with him to home depot because he needed to buy cement, and there were a lot of bags so I offered my help. After that I went to work. And I don't remember mentioning, but I work. As a waiter at a bar on hanley rd. To be honest its not bad working there, the only bad thing is drunk disrepectful people, but when people are drunk they give big tips. Once a guy gave me $50
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Today is Sunday, and im righting this late at night. Today I did not do much because I worked yesterday until very late, so this messed up my sleep schedule. I should have taken a nap, but I didn't. Because every time I take a nap during the day, it like takes hours of my night sleeping and im even more tired the day after. So I rather be tired the whole day, but feel good the next day. Right now im just doing some math homework that is due in an hour, but im almost done so no worries.
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Today is Monday, and it was a regular day for me. First I took my sister to school, then i went to class. After that, I picked up my sister from school and took her home, then I went to the gym. after that I was thinking of going to play soccer with my friends but I decided that I should stay at home and do some homework that is due on wednesday. Because I have a busy day tomorrow. And I will not have time to finish it. So I decided just to stay at home and get ahead.
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Today is Tuesday, and its an important day because the Colombia national team played Peru for a seat in the 2018 world cup. But we tied and we still got in the world cup because of the overall points we had. Tomorrow is a big day because im going to go see my favorite artist, J Balvin. You probaly have not heard about him unless you are hispanic, but the guy is a pretty big deal. I've been waiting for that day for ever, because he would have concerts in florida but never near tampa. they were far from Tampa.
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The concert today was amazing!!!! It was everything I expected and more. The crowd was amazing, the lights, the music, just the atmosphere overall was great. Also before the concert, my friend and me went to a pop-up shop. Which is like a a place where they sell the artist's merchandise. So we went there and we saw a really famous producer named Sky, and we obiously took a picture with him. He's not really known in the US because the music he produces is basically all in spanish, and even some people in latin america dont know him.
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Well today I was feel a little down because I had such a good time yesterday that I miss it and I want to do it more often. Now I understand that I should do things like that more often. Because lately I haven't had the chance to go out as much because im working on fridays and saturdays. which are the only days that I can go out with friends. But im going to mmake an effort to go out with my friends be because I needed to clear my mind for a while and relax for a moment.
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Sometimes I can not sleep at night because random thoughts come into my head, for example; how my different my life would have been if my parents would have decided to not come to the us. I imagine that i would be 4 semester in college by now, but what about my friends. How much did I affect my friend's life in Colombia by leaving them? Or even how did I affect my friends in the US by meeting them. Also my family, Would their personatities be different becase of their exposure to different people here in the united states?
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To continue yesterdays idea. It facinates me the fact that one thing that you do can change millions of lifes. for example lets say i was walking in the sidewalk, and a breeze came in and it made me dropped a paper, a girl and we meet. Boom!! a year after we are married. think about how many lifes that Breeze changed. how I would have never met "my wife" or her friends, her parents or anyone that I interacted with and vice versa. These concepts just blow my mind, or I overthink it and our fate is already set.
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Well today is Sunday, I woke up very late because I worked yesterday up to 3:00 am. After I woke up i had to eat brunch because it was already too late to eat regular breakfast. which is wierd beacuse i missed my morning coffee the whole day. After that i took like an hour nap. Then I started some math homework that I need to finish tomorrow because its due tuesday. After that i went to a friend's house to see a soccer game which was really good and intense, but the game ended up in a tie.
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Today is monday, first i took my sister to school like usual, but after since I my english teacher is not in town, there is no class. so that means that I only had one class today, and that made my day happy. After school picked up my sister from school. Then I got ready and went to the gym, and had an amazing workout, probably the best one in a while. after that I came home to do some english and math homework. It really felt like I had a very efficient day because i got many things done.
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Well today is tuesday, and I am feeling pretty sick today for no reason, because did not have symptoms yesterday. In the morning i took my sister to school as usual. Then when i came back home, I made some breakfast and took some nyquill so i could take a good nap and hopefully recover. I took a 3 hour nap, then woke up felling a little better. After that I forced myself to do homework. Then i picked up my sister from school and came back home. after i got home i ate diner and just fell sleep again.
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Today is wednesday, and I felt way better than yesterday, because my duy was just horrible yesterday. In the morning i took my sister to school, then I went back home got ready and I came to school. When i came to school, i headed right to the cafetetia to eat lunch and hangout with my friends before my next class. After school, i went home and got ready to go tothe gym. Right after i finished workingout, i went to pick up my siter to school. Then i came come and watched The Flash season 4 which is good.
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Today is Thursday. First of all, its going to be a great day because today im going to another concert, but this time its free and I like free stuff, and im going to see these colombian artists perform, Sebastian Yatra and Karol G. As you can notice I have not been there yet, because im writing this entry before I leave. Today I just took my sister to school, and went to get a hair cut, and to the mall, nothing out of the normal. Im about to start doing some homework for english, after I finish todays entry
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Today is friday. Yesterday I had an amazing time, everything was perfect. Also, I took a picture with Karol G, which if you look up, she is really gorgeous. Its funny because when she was singing she recognized me, because I used to be neighbors with her back when I lived in colombia. And she called some security guy to get me in to her dressing room, and I stayed there for like and hour talking to her, I didnt hear the other guy sing. Another crazy thing is that she game me her phone number to keep in touch.
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Today Is friday. finally my favorite day of the week is here. today its a good day because im not going to work and my friends and me are going to throw my girlfriend a bithday party, she's turning 19 and I dont believe he knows anything is happening tonight, no one told her happy birthday or gave her gifts the whole day, because I know all her friends, and i told them to not say anything, just to pretend like it was another day. I feel a little bad because she is having a bad day becuase of me.
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Well the party was a complete success, first she had no idea that we planed that and she was really happy. after the party ended around 10 because it was at her parents house, so we decided to continue and we went out clubbing. Today I woke up and noticed how bad of an idea was to go clubbing, because i forgot that i had to work saturday, and i feel exhausted, But after I reemembered that i had an amazing time and it was worth it because of all the things i experienced and the people i experienced with.
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today is Monday, today i woke up and took my sister to school as usual, but there was a something different: the climate was pretty chill. since im from medellin a city that they call "la ciudad de la eterna primavera" which means the city of the city of eternal spring. I am used to temperatures from high 70s to low 80's. which means that anything lower than 70 degrees is way too cold, and anything higher that 85 is way too hot. also i am still not used to seasonal changes, because in clolombia such thing does not exist.
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I woke up this morning very sick, probably because of the cold front that hit tampa on Monday. Im thinking it was just the change of weather that affected me because I have not been around sick people, or at least that i recall. I dont really get sick often, probably twice a year, but those two times of the year that im sick, aeach one is about 3 weeks long. hopefully this time its not like this, because when i get sick, i get sore muscles, sore throat, and runny nose which makes me feel horrible the whole day.
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Today is Wednesday. Well obiausly i am still sick and i have to go to school, take my sister to school, and write a paper for english class, but i got this because i've been througn this before, and i feel like every time i get sick its not as bad as the last time. I think that i dont get sick as often because since my mom has a daycare, the kids bring viruses from anywhere because they have a bad imune system. So the first year that my mom started the day care i was sick very often.
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to continue yesterdays entry. so the first year that my mother started with the home day care, i would be sick really of then, about once every two months. I didnt know what was happening, i even went to the doctor and took some iv shots, which are supposed to make you feel better, but they didnt help much, and i have a fear of needles because of an incident that happened like 2 years ago (maybe ill tell that story leter). but out of nowhere I just didnt get sick, i didnt even notice until my mother told me.
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So first of all im going to start with my fear of needles story. So i was in colombia studying and they had this campaign to promote people to donate blood, just how they do here in high schools. I was not very interested in the whole thing about gettign free food. i went just to skip class and because the nurses were hot. so i got to the room and i had to wait a few minutes because the nurses where helping other people. so when my turn came up, a nurse came to take me to my seat.
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And I noticed that the nurse that was going to take my blood was super scared almost like she did not know what she was doing. So when she started puting the needle in my arm, she missed my vain, and had to puncture my skin again to actually hit my vain. After, when she punctured my arm the second time, i noticed that the nurse was shaking, and as soon as the blood started comming out, the nurse fainted. it was horrible, there was blood flying out my hand like a sprinkler, and it was just like a movie.
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There where some of my classmates next to me and I got blood in them. I had to put my finger where the blood was comming out from so I would stop making a mess, but i started getting dizzy nad I fainted. My classmates that where in there with me told me that right after i fainted two nurses rushed to where i was fo cover me up and actually give me some blood because I had lost quite a while. I have no idea why they didn't call an ambulance because they only called my parents for me.
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Today is Monday. Today I went to class and we ahd to turn in some paper rough drafts, after class I went to eat lunch with my friends. After that I went to my math class and I was super bored, because the proffesor was not htere so there was a substitute that had a monotone voice, so since i did not want to sleep in class, i just left. After that I went to pick my sister up from school. Then when I was comming home, someone rear-ended me, I was fine it was just a small dent.
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Today is Tuesday. Today I went to take my sister to school, then i came back home and made some breakfast, then I got ready and went to the gym. After going to the gym i came back home to do some homework that i had. After i finished with my homework I took a really good nap. THen i got ready to pick up my siter to school, and i went to pick her up. When i came back home, i went to play some soccer with my friends and twisted my ankle because some kid tackled fauled me.