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Ahahah I can feel it from here. You are probably wondering what you are about to read? Dear reader, you are about to discover an adventure full of twists and jumps in time; energetic and charismatic characters. However, the one we begin our story with had neither energy nor charisma. We are in Thomas' bedroom, and we hear him crying to his mother: "I'm not able to handle that, I m still in love with her" "she wasn’t THAT amazing, You deserve better."Her mother replayed "You've never seen her Mummy" "So what, Let me say her picture"
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Thomas showed her the picture on his smartphone.She looked at it and replayed: "Wow, she is beautiful... Eh, don’t worry she `ll return. Just look at her new boyfriend, he’s so ugly!" "That’s me, mom" "Ops, Never mind, how did you break up?" "She just disappeared overnight without giving any news, no text, no letter." "Wait you aren’t sure she broke up with you maybe she’s just dead" "Whaaaat, Iris is.... Dead ?" he started crying again. "Oh enough. Listen Thomas, you need to move on. You're my son and I don't like seeing you like that."
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She finished: "You know what will be good for you! Flying with your own wings." The billing rang and interrupted her. She quickly went to open the door. "Thomas!" her mother called:" A friend of you comes to see you." "Hello dear human." the unknown guest said. Surprised, Thomas told his mom. "But mom, you can't see, mom that's a robot !" she directly replayed:"Why you are saying that to your friend? That's not nice." she continued: "Excuse him Gentleman. He's still in shock. A girl better than him just broke up with him." "MOM !" The robot: "I understand."
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The mother excused: "I had to go. And you Thomas stop with your fancy word like 'snap the cat' or ‘faceofthebook'." The robot asked Thomas:"Where is Anna?" Sadly, Thomas answered: "She has been missing for months..BUT wait you know here? From where? Did she tell you about me. " The robot said: "Hmm.. I see she must travel in time again. I have collected her footprint in another time. she must be there. I had to go. Time travel In five," "Wait" "four, three," "WAIT" "two, one" "Wait-wait-waiit !!!" The boy jumped near the machine, and suddenly, both disappeared from the room."
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who is this stranger gust, from where he came? is it really a robot ?does he come from the future? where is Anna? why She left him? You, the reader you should be asking all those questions, but don't the answer are coming" We left our hero (not yet a hero) on his room when he suddenly disappeared with the Stranger. Here they are. on a green field, in the middle of nowhere. Shocked Thomas asked:"Oh what just happened?! A second ago we were in my room where we are now? How could that happen? Am I dreaming?"
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The Robot answered: "From the trees, the grass and the view, I will say we are in a clearing" "Yeah it obvious that we are in a clearing, what are you doing here ?" We are in 1514 not far from castle rock." "Are you serious? how do you expect me to trust you?" "I don’t know, I am a robot, you just have been teleported the middle age.That shouldn’t be enough.Ok, let me just send you back to your time." Thomas stopped him and said:"No no no, definitely not. You said you know where to find Anna"
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"According to her temporal footprint, she is in this castle right there.Let go…" The robot said. On their way, Thomas asked : "where are you from exactly?" "The future." "I knew it! Do you have a name like XL7F." "Because I am a robot, I should have a name with letters and digits." "Well yes. like r2d2 in Start Wars or..." "No! I am not a common robot. I am highly respected in my epoch.I am named Eliot" "Eliot27" "No just Eliot. That’s racist towards robots. Will you be pleased if I named you Thomas54" "Hey! That was the name of my blog!"
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"Could I ask you a question? what’s that weird hole in your stomach?" Thomas pointed his finger at the hole located in the middle of the robot's body. "Nothing, Don't touch!" the robot said. He touched one of the buttons, and a dark hot liquid went off of the machine. "IT BURNS !" He tasted the mysterious liquid and said: "What , that’s coffee ! you are a coffee Machine !" "Not at all ! … would you like some sugar? "Well , two." "Okay you demasked me, but I also know plenty of other things like an arabica espresso coffee with the coffee machine kb28 a tasty and full-bodied coffee."
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"Finally! We're arrived" "They're lowering the levis bridge, that's nice. Plus we're welcomed by dozens of men, look, Eliot" one man of the army opened the case and ask "What you are doing here? Thomas scared looked at Eliot and said : "They're going to shoot us!" "Do not be scared, the gun will be invented for more than 300 years" "Ohh! You reassure me Eliot" "But, They will rather pierce us with arrows or spears! Continue the robot." "Do not take another step intruders! Or we'll pierce you with our arrows and our spears!" "You see?"
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"Huh, Eliot, reassure me, if anything wrong happens you're able to go back in time, and make everything alright, yes?" "If a spear pierced your head, no need to go back in time, your just dead. On the other hand, I can bury you in the epoch of your choice" "Huh, no, no need" "Ok, wait let me do it. We come in peace". the soldier Replayed: "And why should we trust you!" "We're here to offer our services to YOUR King. I am a knight in armor, And my funny dressed companion is a poet" "PROVE IT!" Eliot asked Thomas: "Sing something" "Euuhh…" "Come on Thomas" "I do not know any song!" "Thomas will die because he doesn't want to sing in" "Ok… Let it go… Let it go… Can't hold it back anymore Let it go… Let it go… I don't know what comes next..." One of the men said: "I LOVE that song! It simple and catchy It is perfect!" "Enter my friends" Eliot to the man: "We accept your hospitality, my good friend!" Eliot to Thomas: "We will ask the Queen if she saw Anna" "Wait are you sure she's there?" "I found her footprint here and in this Time" "Okay, Alright"
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The leader opened the man door and said to the Queen: "Hello my Queen!" "Here are some visitors!" "Dear visito..- KB28 ?! Is that you KB28?" “c o f f e e m a c h i n e K B 2 8 f o r a e x c e p t i o n a l c o f f e e” Thomas said:"Hello Anna" "THOMAS ?!" "Whaaat the hell are you doing here?" "No, no what YOU are doing here ?!" That's right, what was Thomas's ex-girlfriend doing on a throne in middle age Personally, I know I know everything I even know the End of the story! But you'll have to wait.
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Oh, you're back! Do you remember Thomas? Who traveled through time with the robot KB28 Or more like Eliot. As he preferred to be called Don't you remember? They were looking for Anna. And that's good because they find her. Sitting on a throne, in a castle in the Middle Ages it's not the type of place you would expect find an ex-girlfriend. If you were in his place. what would you do? We are almost in the middle of our story. and things are getting exciting. What will happen next? How Anna get to the throne?
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Anna said: "Wait, why did my father's coffee robot and my ex-boyfriend find me Middle Ages in my castle?" with big emotion, Thomas said: "Oh! I am so happy to see you, Anna" The Knight Stopped him and said: "My queen, do you know these intruders? Do you want us to eliminate them on the spot? She said:"Yes, yes; I mean no, no! Yes I know them, and no we're not killing them" Thomas: "You are going to laugh, but I thought you left me. But you are just in another time. But don't worry darling I'm taking you back to the present." "Thomas, I wanted to avoid this situation, but we are no longer together."
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"What? Wait for Iris... I don't understand..." "Thomas, I know it might shock you But yes, I come from the future, and I travel through time " "I can't believe it..." "I didn't want to tell you." "We are no longer in a relationship..." Eliot said: "His capacity to accept time travel is mind-blowing." "Ah... I need water" "Uhh, that's not water that's a strong alcoholic drink" Anna said "let me go back to my room get my machine I want you to see something" They enter the room where they found Alixandra
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The Lady in the room said:“Uhh, I was just cleaning, nothing more, but I'm going out” Eliot tell Anna: “she is carrying the machine on her back” "What?! Alexandra put it away !" "Lady Anna! I uncovered your secret. "It is because of you and this magic item that misfortune fell on my husband and me." “Give my machine back” “Ah Ah! You're now helpless I will get my throne back by pressing all these buttons” "Alexandra, Stop!" "So now get on your knees, and beg for forgiveness for all you've done to my family!" Thomas said: "Oh, the lady left..." "Oh my God! she just teleported with my machine!"
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Eliot asked "Who was she?" "Alexandra , the castle's queen She's mad because when I arrived I imprisoned the King and I made her a servant... And I regret it!" Thomas: "Well you deserved it, you are a heartbreaker..." Anna:" Argh, I can't take it anymore, shut him down!" "I have something that may help" "Oh yes, it is true that you make coffee." "I guaranty. It will have the effect of a boost" " Uhh, what are you guys talking about me? " " That's for you, Thomas" " Ah, a taser, it's even better. Since when can you do that?" "Oh !Eliot you almost killed me! Thomas cried."
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Anna said: "That's Awesome!" Eliot asked Thomas: "A cappuccino?" "Gladly" “Very well” He made a cup of coffee and gave it to him. “Oh, there's a little drawing of a flower in the cream, that's cute, Eliot” “Thank you” “Here's what we're going to do, we move out of Middle Ages, we drop Thomas off at his time...” Anna proposed "What? I'm going home?" She replayed "It's dangerous, traveling through time..." "I can be super helpful! Also, we can discuss our situation, " "Sorry for letting you know this..." Eliot interrupted him, “But, I don't have enough battery for time travel” “Oh no... Don't tell me that we're stuck here!”
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The Robot continued: "I drained the rest of my energy in the taser.." Thomas full of ambition said: "Ah, see? That's a mission for me, you'll see I'm essential." He went looking for something behind the furniture. "Uh, what you're doing?" "I'm looking for some plugs.." "There's no plug here! We are in 1514!" "Oh Yeah, you’re right." He thought for a second and then said: "I got it! I saw that this idea in a documentary movie. We go on the roof of a town hall. Then when it's stormy, We put a cable between an antenna and Eliot, and we wait for a lightning..."
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"Thomas, that's the movie B a c k t o t h e F u t u r e" And Eliot continued: "Anna, do you have a little electronic object? It would be fine." "Yes, I have a cellphone, I gave it to the King in exchange for his kingdom. He's in the dungeons" "Did he really give up his kingdom for a cellphone? "Thomas asked her "Yeah, there is Game of Thrones on it, it made them crazy.So, when he saw it, he gave me his throne. I imprisoned him and made the queen a slave."
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Thomas Said: "Wait... Did you watch Game of throne ?" "Yeah, Jon Snow is going to die at the end." "Oh, No why you spoiled me like that." They went to the dungeons. The King said to Anna: "Thank you again, my queen, for the magic flat stone... Eliot said: "Perfect,Anna that cellphone will do it" Anna took back the phone, and The king told her: "No! Give me back my Daenerys!" "Anna, what you're doing to the King is horrible, discovering Game of Thrones and be deprived just after must be very painful," Thomas said. After a moment, The robot said:"Everything is good, I have charged the phone battery, we can leave this time now."
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"Ah, finally some good news, My Dear King, I am happy to announce we are giving you back your Kingdom." Eliot said: "we have to go to B e r l i n, in 1 9 4 4." "Oh noooo…" "Why? What happened then?"Thomas asked. She answered: "You really don't know any history." "I do not time travel to learn all of this stuff" "We learned it in school. Idiot. Here, King, there is 2% battery left, enjoy yourself." "Thank you, Miss Anna, a thousand thank yous!" The robot said:"Come close to me, Teleportation to Berlin in 1944 in five, three, two, one.” And they despaired.
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The King took the phone and pressed the play bottom.Then a minute after, The phone’s battery died. He Cried: "Ohh Noooo." Still, a phone form the future has a terrible battery. World War 2 Lost under German bombs. Nazi soldiers on every street. What could be a better place to land for our three characters? Eliot the robot, Anna the Time Travel Adventurer, and Thomas the... Thomas something.They follow the tracks of Alexandra, who had disappeared with the Time machine. Are they going to find her? between All the Times and places. She chose such a horrible place. At least Thomas learned something today. Or it is better to say back Then in 1514.
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Thomas Said: "Yes, I understand why you didn't want to come to this time...because it's the war" "let's get out of the fight zone" Eliot suggested "ahhhhh..... they did everything like Call of Duty." Anna replayed:"You're really too stupid" "Look, someone just teleported in front of us" Where am I? Alexandra said when she appeared in the middle of this disaster "It is the thief who stole my time machine Alexandra ! Give me back my machine!" "Where are we, Lady Anna? Sorcery again? Are we in hell?" Give me back my machine! "You thief! But it's you who stole my throne with your sorcery And if it's this object that you desire so much Then I will keep it And maybe you'll ..." "Oh Noo" She left? Thomes asked "She left with MY machine"
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"Oh noo.. not again " "let me relocate her.It may take a moment "The robot said "Anyway Anna, what were you doing in a castle?" Thomas asked "Do we have to talk about it now? I like to travel" "Well, me too, I like to travel But, when I go to Spain, I do not try to become the Pope" "He's in the Vatican! Well, I like to travel in time My dad invented this machine, so I've been time traveling for a year now, to discover the world, it was a good experience I learned a lot of things. One of them is that the dinosaurs did not die from A big meteorite crashed into Earth it was just a disease that wiped out the entire populations."
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"I found her In Egypt in 321 B.C" Said Eliot. "That perfects let go see some pyramids." They traveled in time again. There, they found an Egyptian. They asked him:"We are looking for a Lady with a long hear who ..." He stopped her: "If you want information, you have to ask our queen Cleopatra. Go straight, on the second right 4th hotel," Thomas said: "Yeah...yeah, but I don't see the road." He replayed: “You cannot miss it, it is the first pyramid” "let’s go" When they arrived, Anaa said to the queen: "My dear queen" "Who are you?" "We are visitors, we come here to ask you something" "You have all of my attention" "Queen Cleopatra, we are looking for someone in the area, a woman that holds a mysterious object" suddenly, An old man interrupted her and said: "I have what you're looking for. I took it from it and then we put her as a slave.Now, it is my mission to guard it. You will have to earn it."
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"Okay, How we can earn it?" The old man answered:"How exciting! You must solve the puzzles that I cleverly made-up in the depths of this pyramid.At the end of the course, you'll find what you're looking for.. follow me... We will be soon on the first test! I'm really proud of it! Nobody has succeeded to solve it." Anna said:"Oh crap, I suck at logic, Elliott we're counting on you otherwise we're dead." Thomas: Well thanks, I no longer exist Thomas: "Wait a minute it's really easy, there's a lighted torch at the left and an extinguished at right. I take the lighted one and I light up the right one." "Wait, how did you do? That's not possible! Oh, I see, a stroke of luck, it can even happen to the most stupid. You have no chance to open to second door." "Oh it easy, We had just to put this L shaped piece here, the S shaped one here, and finally the long bar. Here.And ..." The door opened
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Anna said: "Sorry for doubting you Thomas. You are doing very well!" "Tell me Anna, I have a question to ask you." "I know why did I quit you suddenly?" "No no no... I see that we have nothing in common, I am ugly, I'm not very smart, I have no culture." "It's true, well, it's true that we have nothing in common.I don't really know Thomas. There is something sincere in you that I've never seen elsewhere. Can I also ask you a question?" "Of course. " " Why do you follow us on this adventure? You are more of the type to avoid complicated situations and to stay at home." "It's true that I am not brave but when I'm with you, I have the feeling that I can surpass myself. I'm feeling useful for the first time in my life."
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Anna said:"I understand... Oh my machine is here! " The old man replayed: "Oh no! But how did they do it! Listen to me! The is one more thing to do. You should find the answer to this question. You have all the time that you want, but only one answer otherwise you will be locked here. " Thomas full of confidence said: "Challenge accepted. " "Who am I? In the morning, I walk on four legs. At lunch, I..." "It's the Man, NOW! The Time Machine !" "Oh my Cleopatra.(OMG) It is right. You win The object but most importantly my respect." They took the time machine and they went back to the Thomas’ room.
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There, Anna said to Thomas: "I know we lived crazy adventures, that's clear, and it is true that it brought us together ... " It's good I know it's over between us. Besides, for you it had not really started, "I see …" "if I had the chance to have someone like you in my life, no machine, no invention would remove my eye from it" "That's nice ..." "It's weird, I thought we will live together, have children, a dog ... "But ... It will not happen. You know I.." "Anna, Thomas!!!" A strange voice camming form nowhere. Thomas said "Wow, a little rabbit who speaks! He is so cute!" "Well, who are you?" Anna asked the rabbit that just appeared in the room. "Annna, Thomas, it's about your son, it's urgent! I need you to follow me through time. The future of the planet depends on it!" So excited Thomas said: "We had a child ?!" "Huh, what ?!" Anna in a shuck said. "Follow Me!..." It's the end of the story. It's called a cliffhanger. Who is this rabbit? What happened between Anna and Thomas in the future? What threatens the planet? These are questions that Only me have the answer!