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"Harrison Bergeron" was written in 1961, this story talks about what the United States would be in the year 2081. Everyone is finally equal, racism is a thing of the past. No one is smarter than each other, no one is better looking than one another. The government enforces this, if laws are broken you spend years in prison, face pretty hefty fines, or worse you will be killed on site it sounds like. Equality is a great thing and is hopeful to achieved one day, but not enforced by the governments standards, but at the will of the citizens.
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"H.B" is a short story written in 1961. It talks about how the united States will finally become equally in every way in the year 2081. It mentions that everyone will look the same and be treated equally. Equally can be a great opportunity for every one, but it can not become enforced by the government. "H.B" was written as a as prediction will the United States become equally, or will it truly crash and burn. Learning about this story in class has opened up many questions in to what will they do to strive for equality here?
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Learning about the National Anthem protest in the National Football League has shown a lot of people's true colors and what they believe to be true. I have seen my teachers insight's any many of my fellow students insight's and can only assume one thing. Racism and inequality is still present even many years after the Civil Rights movement. People still judge one another and criticize one another about the color of our skin, or what they believe in and not given the proper opportunity such as a white male. Equality should be our main focus of this time period.
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Talking about the NFL protest and how players are getting harassed about them kneeling during the National Anthem. I have mixed feelings about this, first everyone should stand for the national anthem because it's out of respect for those who are serving in the Military or have died for the freedom of this country, it's also out of respect for the families whose lost their family members who have served. Second, people have every right to stand or sit as they please, because they have freedom to do so. This is the land of the free, because of the brave.
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The way that they slept in the hand maid's tale was living in a gym, the floors are vanished wood. They had to learn to whisper without almost no sound and lip read so they could communicate with one another because they could not talk so loud, or something bad could happen to them. They could not be trusted with any weapons because only the guards could have weapons so they could not retaliate towards the guards and, or escape. The object of the guards was to put fear in to them because with feat you could control one another.
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In Wednesday class we talked about what Harrison Bergeron was about. The story takes place in the year 2081 and George and Hazel Bergeron has a son named Harrison. The son is taken away from his parents by the Government when he was fourteen years of age. With George with above-average intellect he has a radio implanted in his ears that make piercing nosies so he cannot have above-average thoughts, while his wife Hazel has spectacularly average so no handicaps for her. This story was written in the year 1961, this presumes the future for the United States.
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In class we talked about how Harrison Bergeron broke out of prison. The Bergeron's were sitting down watching T.V one night and the ballet was interrupted by Harrison Bergeron who believed him self to be the new emperor and takes one of the ballerinas as his new empress. Just what this society needs a homogenized and crazed monarchy. The two fly threw the air dancing and kissing celebrating their new monarchy, but Diana Moon Glampers doesn't care for the kissing an dancing and she shots both of them dead on live T.V to also send a message out.
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The start off the handmaid's tale the narrator talks about how she and other women slept on army cots in a gym. Aunt Sara and Aunt Elizabeth patrol with electric cattle prods. Women are not aloud to and forbidden to speak aloud so they cannot whisper without attracting attention to themselves. Armed guards called Angels patrolled with their backs to the women, they believed if they were to look at the women they would use their bodies to control them. The narrator then describes them laying in bed at night, quietly exchanging names with the other woman their with her.
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On this day we talked about what group of women wore what in the handmaid's tale. The handmaid's themselves wore all red except the white wings framing their face. House hold servants, called "Marthas," wore green uniforms. Wives wear blue uniforms. The commanders wife knits often and has a garden. All the wives knit scarves for the angels in the front line, but the commander's wife is a skilled knitter. All the woman of this era have a purpose in this society, whether it's to be a house wife or to be a servant and do the lowest of work.
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In the first five chapters of the handmaid's tale book the story jumps right in to this unfamiliar unexplained world that uses the terms handmaid's, angels, and commander that could only make sense as the storyline progresses along. Offred the narrator slowly delivers information from her past often through flashbacks and she gives information on the world she currently lives in now. The first flashback is at the gymnasium about Martha's gossips, but we do not know what the gymnasium signifies just yet. We know that the women live in constant surveillance by the angels and aunts that are armed.
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Our narrator is preparing for this ceremony, then Moira shows up with a bruise on her face. She feels less lonely and safe when Moira shows up. They conjugate a plan to meet in the bathroom to talk, but they can only talk for a few moments. When people usually testified it's hatred towards themselves and then they found Jesus and they are OK and happy. While in this christian home they each blame Moira's gang rape on her and it's her own fault and she lead them on to do it and it's a lesson for her to learn.
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while learning more and more about the hand maid's tale each day and what the women of this novel go through, and the situations that they're put in such as the "ceremony" and how the commander forces himself on to these women as a right of passage as the commanders wife holds them down so they don't move and to purposely impregnate them to make the perfect generation. Before the ceremony how she was cleaned up and dressed up like a prize pig at a state fair. They are just there to be used in to creating the next generation.
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Offred the narrator likes to lay at night and think about her former life. She recalls talking to her college best friend Moira in her dorm room. She remembers the time she spent with her mother in the park, where they saw a bunch of people burning pornographic magazines. Offred has forgotten a great large chunk of her life and it could be because of an injection or a pill that the authorities could have given her. She remembers waking up and screaming demanding where her daughter is and he authorities tell her she is unfit to have a daughter.
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As the story of the handmaid's tale moves along Offred Continues to remember segments of her former life. She remembers renting a hotel room to meet up with Luke before they were married kind of like a secret meet up. She then thought about all the problems they had and how they did not work together and she realized they were truly unhappy. When Offred first arrived at the Commander's house she examines everything closely. She saw satins on the mattress left over from long ago sex and she discovers a latin phase as well, but does not understand Latin.
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They believe that women in the hand maid's tale were only good for their eggs and reproduction. All machines to see the baby were outlawed so what ever birth defects or anything was wrong with the baby had to be carried to full term o the pregnancy. This is a society that rejects all science that means all reasoning is usually throw out the window and they believed that if god wanted you to have a healthy child then you would have one. If women did not want to have a child then they were condemned to be a slut.
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Jim Baker says that if President Donald Trump is impeached from the presidency then there will be another civil war in the United States of America. Christian's will come out of the wood works because they will believe they are not getting a say in this great country anymore. President Donald Trump has never mention he way a christian in any form. Jim Baker strongly believes that this movement to impeach President Trump it will spark this revolution and the civil war will repeat itself. Citizens need to stand together and realizes what the true nature i the problem is.
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A civil war where Christian's back President Donald Trump. They believe that they are protected by being supportive of the President. Impeachment is a long process and can cost a lot of money and all one has to do is find someone in the act of lying. This religion has threatened to have another civil war if this group trying to impeach President Donald Trump succeeds. Then Vice President Pence would take over and he is more religious than President Donald Trump ever will be. He believes woman should not work and stay home and be submissive to their husband.
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In the hand maid's tale we continue to talk about resistance. The women of this story cannot do anything with out being punished or worse. They are forced to do what the men say and they are only good for a few things such as cleaning and the ability to give birth and if they cannot give birth to a healthy baby if their are any deformities or if the child dies the woman are at fault. During this story women are lower than men no equal the men have all the say of what they can and can't do.
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In order for the hand maid's to get ready for the ceremony with the commander they must be bathed and dressed formally. The commander is usually always late to the ceremony, but when he arrives he reads a few passages from the bible talking about women bearing children. The women are forced to sit here and do the ceremony because if they do not they will be punished. Blaming the victim in a rape is usually what happens because majority of the people say that she led him on with the way she dressed or what she said to him.
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The ceremony arrives after the bible reading Offred is lies on her back as the others hold her down and the commander has sex with her in a brisk and he leaves. Serena Joy tells Offred to leave even though she has to rest for ten minutes. After the ceremony Offred just sits in her room and rest, using the butter from her shoe as lotion because hand maid's are forbidden to use lotion. The narrator then starts to remember making love to Luke, she imagines Luke in prison or dead for trying to escape or safely across the border.
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The hand maid's tale shows that men are in power and many woman do not have any say on what the can and can not do. If the woman step out of line then they will be punished. This type of future this dystopian future of the united States is saying that many women are only good for a few things and that's it. Women in this time are only good for serving men and bearing children for those who can not have children and if they can not have healthy babies then they will be punished and sent away.
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Offred is on the way to the commanders house, but she is worried about Janine is going to give birth to a deformed baby. In this time they called them "Unbaby" one in four women were poisoned by toxins or environmental pollution that lead them to give birth to deformed babies, but the commander considered them at fault. During the birthing process women are not aloud to have any drugs because they believed that child births should be all natural no science or doctor needed. A doctor would be near by, but they can not get involved unless needed to.
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The four waves of feminism gives many opportunities for woman. It empowers them to make better goals for themselves and if a man can do it then a women should be able to do it as well. The fourth wave is still under works and don't know which way it will lean, will it move forward and progress feminism or will it take a few steps back and try again soon. Feminism is what helps move forward towards equality it helps woman feel more confident in themselves to help them realize they can do things as well as men do.
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Learning about what goes on in the hand maid's tale shows a lot what's going on now. Many women now a days are being raped and blamed for the rape because she led him on with what she wears, or says to him. That is not that case rape should not happen because of what she wears or how she talks to you no means no. Men are the ones to blame if rape happens because if he can not control himself then he is at fault the victim is not to blame in this type of situation at all.
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In Literature lecture today we all talked about the four waves of feminism. The first waved started late nineteenth and early twentieth century, that emerged out of a urban industrialism and liberal, socialist politics. One of the main goals of this first wave of feminism was to open opportunities for many woman, but also to focus of the suffrage. At the convention in 1848 three hundred men and woman gathered all together to push for equal rights for women. This early stage of feminism with temperance and abolitionist movements gave much voice to the no famous African American Sojourner Truth.
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The second wave of feminism began in the 1960's and continued all they way to the 1990's. This wave came about in the context of the anti-war and civil right's movement and the growing of self-consciousness. The two dominant issues during this second wave were reproductive rights, which gave women the right to have birth control and did not have to be forced to bare children. The second issue was sexuality rights. This second wave of feminisms movements were focused on the push for the Equal Right's Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing all social equality regardless of sex.
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This is the third wave of feminism which began in the mid 1990's and was informed by post-colonial and post-modern thinking. The woman of this feminism wave stepped on stage more empowered and strong and free, eschewing victimization and defining feminine beauty for themselves as subjects, not objects that can be objectified by sexual objects. This third wave of feminism is what breaks boundaries, going across the globe. Women almost every where are trying to feel better about themselves and realizing that woman can do what ever men can do if given the opportunity to react and try.
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This final and fourth wave of feminism is still a captivating silhouette. The writer of this article of feminism was interviewed and asked did the second and third was fail or dialed down. The writer answers was that the second was when more woman became positions in higher education and put in positions of leadership, politics, abortion rights, and access to birth control. While the second wave did dial down, but only to progress and success. The fourth wave of feminism may still be in the air at this moment in time, but emerging because of young women and men.
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When Offred hears that Oflgen commits suicide she feels great relief, for now Ofglen will not give her name to the eyes while being tortured. Now Offred feels completely with in the power of the authorities. She feels she will do anything within her power to live. Offred remains calm during this situation as Nick from the porch and Serena calls to Offred. All Offred has at this time is a big winter cloak and the sequined outfit she wore to the club. Serena ask Offred how she can be so vulgar and then tells Offred that she's a slut.
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Talking more in to the hand maid's tale in Chapter 35, another description on how they got caught at the border and they had fool poof passport and ends up getting chased down. He ended up smuggling her out and heads to Maine, they got tapes and recorded her entire story. Men were responsible for this story and wrote what they thought happened and their historical notes. This was a post modern movement between fiction and non-fiction. Their tone at the end more seriousness and morbidity the one struggle they had was finding the real commander in the story.
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After the narrators confrontation with Serena, she feels at peace as she waits her room. She has thoughts of committing suicide whether it's by using her hidden match to start a fire and she dies from smoke inhalation, or just hanging her self in her room from the hooks in her closet she thinks, or she could sit and wait for Serena to come in and kill her. As a van pulls up in the drive way she sees eyes painted on the side and Nick opens the door and she thinks he had betrayed her. Which he has not.