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I believe that this play can be interpreted in many ways, everyone is going to understande it differently. What I got out of Shakespeare play was the quest for power. It shows us how fare people will really go to get to the top. Family, friends, love, nothing is sacred to some people when they see something they want, like power. It maybe hard to point these people out because the good ones make sure to act different in public than they would in private. In conclushion Shakespears play shows in a more dramatic way a persons quest for power.
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I believe that there are many ways to look at Shakespears plays and that is the massage Al Pacino wants us to get from his movie. The way he broke down Shakespears play in his movie really helps people to understande everything that is happening. Once you realize what is going on you can take a step back and see it was not that hard from the beginning. You dont need to think about the words you just need to watch the actors and actrises, they will show you what is happening. Enjoy his plays, dont try to disect them.
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If I was the listner in My Last Dutchass I would be very nice but try to find a way to leave. When I got back home I would tell the father the truth. I may not tell him word for word what that man did to his ex-wife but I would make it clear he is not husband material. It would be worse if I let this man allow his daughter to marrie such a horrible person. If anything happened to the young women my life (listeners) would be in danger, plus it is the right thing to do.
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While reading my philosophy book I came across a philosopher that really made me think. His name is socrates and he is known for being the wises of all men because he knows he is not wise. Socrates would go around questioning people and then by asking more questions get them too retract their anwser, therefore proving that they were not as wise as they thought. I believe this to be true, everyone thinks they know everthing but in fact they do not. The more I read on philosophy the more my mind is open to new ways of thinking.
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The setting in the book/movie "The Shinning" play's a very important role. The setting is an empty hotel, on top of a mountain, in the winter season. Just describing that sends chills up and down my back. This setting allows the characters to have a wide area of unknown and mistory. Behind every door is a new storie to be told and because of the snow there really is no other choice but to explore the haunted hotel. This book has a great example of the importance of setting because without this setting the book would not of worked.
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I am not affected by the fact that "A fine, a Private Place" is written by a women. I feel this is a good thing, women should be able to share there stories if they want without the worry of people looking down on them. I also feel that the way it was worded could have only been written by a women. I am sure a man could write a good poem about this experience but only a woman would pay attention to all the little details. It is important to point out this women does not regret her experience.
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I believe one theory to " The Road not taken" is that either way you take you live and learn. Yes, one way maybe a little harder but that just makes you stronger. If it is easy then that just means you got a brake in your life. No matter what you choice life will still go on and there will still be tomorrow with more choices (roads to choose from). At the end of the poem he says the road he touch made all the difference but the truth is how can he really know what the other road contained
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Sonnet 130 is one of those poems that have you thinking one thing all along and then at the end it is the exact opposite of how it started. Shakespeare’s says all these negative things about this woman but we find out that he loves this woman more than anything. The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind for two reasons. First, the poem is written starting one way and ending the exact opposite. Secondly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which Shakespeare makes very clear in this sonnet to his rare love.
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An important/helpful fact to know is narrators uses other literature to help get there point across. When a narrator is writing it maybe helpful for them to put a famous saying from another literary writing to help the reader understand the point he/she is trying to make. A good example of this is "The Love Song of J Alfred Profrock', because this poem puts suggestions of many other writings. In fact one of his references refers to the bibles teachings and scriptures. This is proof alone that some literature can live on forever and be useful to other future narrators.
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The silver kiss written by Annette Curtis Klause was one of my favorite books to read when I was young because of the way it was written. This is a dark store about a vampire who develops a weak spot for a girl. This narrator always gives you the idea that the vampire's presence follows the girl. It is not said but the way the narrator wrote it you can tell that is what he wants you to think. I like this book because you have to "read between the lines" as people would say to find the dark message.
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Irony is a very important part of literature because it is one factor that keeps people in suspense. Without irony everyone would know what was going to happen at the end before you ever get there. A great example of irony was shown in the movie "Sweet November" the whole time you think this is the happiest women ever who just want to show men what love is about but in fact she is dieing and did not want to fall in love but she did. This is just one example of why irony plays an important role in literature.
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Literature comes in all sizes and has different forms. One example is Robert Morgan's poem "Mountain Graveyard" which only has twelve words. A true writer can explain a page of literature in just a few words without loosing the meaning. On the other hand some literature comes in the form of a novel which could be over two thousand pages. Literature doesn't have to be a poem or a book it could be a movie or a play, maybe even a magazine article. What is amazing is how much you can learn out of these twelve words or 2000 pages.
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The title "A story about the Body" is a good title because the main point in the story has to do with a woman's body. A young man wants this woman but as soon as he finds out she does not have breast because she had a double mastectomy he does not want her anymore. This is why this is a good title because it hits at something in the story. Another good title may have been "The Messing part that held him back". This also hints at what is going to happen in the story without telling too much.
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In the poem "Mending Wall" there is a line that says "Good Fences make good neighbors". I believe that this is symbolic and has a hidden message. The message I believe that it has is a good neighbor stays outs of the others neighbors business. Neighbors are right next store so they hear and see everything and a good neighbor would block that all out and forget, like a wall. Hence forth "Good fence makes good neighbors", so just because your close still mind your own business. My thoughts on this came from what I thought of that one line.
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The speaker in "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" Finds the wood appealing because it is filling with snow and the lakes are ice. The purpose of the horse is to point out that it is weird for the man to stop in the middle of the snow on a journey. It is also important to inform the reader that there is nothing around when they stop. It would be smart for the man to keep going until he finds shelter so he can get some sleep for he is tired, this we know because he says it twice.
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"There Was Once" is a great example of how fairy tales theses days can be interpreted wrong. I believe many of the examples given are true; one is that all fairy tales have beautiful women as a character and that leads young girls to believe they must be perfect to find there husband. There are many other examples in this writing that are true but I don't feel that fairy tales are bad. Young children don't read the store like adults do they just listen for the enjoyment, kid are only young for a little while they should enjoy it.
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I believe Don Delillo's final line in "Videotape" is a true assessment for Americans in this generation. Even when we have already seen a tape or can tell by what is going on that bad things are coming soon we still watch. For example the TV show "Copes" has been on for year and people that watch it know what is going to happen at the end. We as Americans love to talk about how the world has gone to shits and no one has any morals but we will not turn the channel when it is displayed on TV
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I now believe that music can be a very important part of literature. Lori Karpay is the writer that brought this new view of my in to the open. She is a writer that writes little stores or poems and then has them recorded on a CD with music playing in the background. Not only is her writing moving but the music help to make you understand the mood of her feeling while she was writing. The music also helps to keep the audiences attention since most people these days get board easily. Lori Karpay’s writing/music is a great combination.
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There are some movie out there today that are not only for are amusement but also to teach us a lesson on how we Americans are acting wrong in the world. One example of this is "The Phone Booth" which is a movie about a murder who threatens to kill people who are cheating on their spouses if they don't stop and confess. This is a great form of literature because not only is it entertaining but it also sends a message out to the viewers. This is one step forward to having people see their wrongs and fix them.
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Sometime in Literature you can tell what is going to happen before it even happens because of hints given, this is called foreshadowing. An example can be given from a TV shows called "North Shore". One character tells his girlfriend that he loves her but says the wrong name. I knew this was going to happen for a few reasons/hints. First they got very drunk, second they ran into the other girl and there was a long pause while they look into each other eyes. Finally when the girl told him she loved him he was half drunk half asleep.
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In the poem "Negro" the speaker is describing black people that lived back in the slave days. In the first line he states he is a black man, "black like night, black like the depths of Africa". In the next four couplets the narrator goes through different times in history when black people where treated wrong. Then the final couplet says the same think as the first. I like this poem because it talks about more than one historical moment in time when Negro's where discriminated against. This to me is a summary of everything they had to go through.
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There can be different meanings to the title "Cross". After reading the poem my first guess is that the narrator is crossed with white and black. The store states that his dad is white and his mom is black so maybe this is the cross he suggests. Another way to look at it is he has got to cross some high bridges in his life. It sounds like this was written more in the slave time so the narrator felt they would never be accepted being of two ethnic groups. No one answer is correct here, it is an opinion.
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One image sticks out the most in the short poem “Water, is taught by thirst.” This image comes from the line “Peace is taught by its battle told”. This to me is true and with much proof, the first being that fact that history is a mandatory class in school. This class is all about past wars and battles that lead to revolutions and peace. We do this because in teaching us about the battles we learn what we had to go through to get where we are today. This leads to a respect for are freedoms and to peace.
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One of the best kinds of funny movies is spoofs on other movies. A spoof is a movie that makes fun of other movies. Some examples of this are "Space Balls" which makes fun of "Stare Wars" and "Scary Movie" which make fun of almost every scary movie. It does not matter what kind of movie it is or if it is a series film a spoof will find a way to make it into a funny joke. I enjoy these kinds of movies because they point out the parts of the movie that are questionable from the very beginning.
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Happy Thanksgiving! I found out today that literature is a very important part in society. At Thanksgiving dinner tonight my family and I had many conversations. As I sat there talking I started to realize that half are conversations were about literature peaces. We talked about different movies, books, and articles we have read since the last time we talked. I also realized that the more I read the more input I can put in the conversation. It is a great think to be able to bring up interesting things you have read. Have a great Holiday and enjoy dinner.
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One of my absolute favorite movies is "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore. This is the story of Cinderella remade fore the new generation. This movie was not made to take the place of the old Cinderella this is just directed towards an older crowed. This happens all the time these days, old stories are remade into movies either for an older crowed or just to take it to the next level for the new generation. Another example of this is the remake of "Romeo and Juliet" with Leonardo De Capriole and Clair Danes, this also being a favorite of mine.
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One thing I think destroys literature is alternate endings you can choose. These days some books and movies give you two endings to choose from. An example of this is the movie "The Butterfly effect" which gives you an alternate ending in the directors cut. This to me is a great way to destroy literature, the reader should not choose it should just been written. That takes out all the meaning in the work, which to me is the narrator being lazy and noncreative. Yes, people may misinterpreted the reading anyways but it is still better written with one ending.
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Literature can sometime be controversial and may start a spread of slander about the work. Sometimes it is parents that start the trouble because they feel it is not works that there child should have access to. An example of this is the “Harry Potter” books, which had all the parents in an uproar because they felt it taught he children witchcraft. It was a big thing because many parents wanted it band but many wanted it to stay. Other reason’s literature may lead to controversy is because it may be too sexual, to violent, or have many bad words.
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For many other writers and I writing is a very important part of our lives. I know when I need to get something off my mind the best remedy is to write about it. Even if I know no one will ever read my writings I still feels good to get it off my chest. Unlike me when Lori Karpay does this she later records it on a CD and puts her work out there. People can listen to her words and feel how she felt. She is a good writer and all she is doing is clearing her mind.
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Sometime a piece of literature comes out that really puts your mind to work. Although it may not be the most common form of literature movie is a form of literature. An example of this kind of mind-boggling work is “Kill Bill”. I feel that this is a great piece of work that shares thinks that people usually don’t see. One example in the movie is that in one or two sense it turns into a cartoon. One of the most interesting things in the movie is sometimes the pictures change to black and white with only a little color.