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--Dude, I saw Blink182 and they, like, suck!
--No shit!
--Your fuckin' CD player won't work, man. Whussup wit dat?
--What the fuck you tryin' to talk like Eminem for! Nothin's wrong with my CD player. What shit you tryin' to put in there, anyway!
--I wanna hear this Disturbed.
--Hand me that fuckin' thing!
--Gimme a cig. This car sucks, Dude.
--Fuck you. I like my fuckin' car.
--It smells.
--Fuck you. I put this air freshener shit in it yesterday.
--I'm telling you, it fuckin' smells!
--Fuck off, asshole. You going to play that Disturbed CD or what!
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--Serafina! It's Raoul.
--Who, how, how did you find me??
--It's okay, Baby. I have my people. Your number wasn't hard to find.
--What do you want from me? Why did you call me? Leave me alone!!
--Baby, Baby. 'S'okay, I won't hurt you. I just wanna let you know how I'm doing.
--I don't care how you're doing! Leave me in peace! I'm married , with a baby. Leave me in peace, I beg you!
--Don't you fuckin' tell me what to do, Baby. I know where you live and I know what you do with yourself, every day.
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--Why is the dog clinging to me?
--That's what dogs do, Jason. She just wants attention. Pet her!
--What if she knows something I don't. You know those dogs that can foretell a seizure? What if Belle knows something. What if she knows I'm going to die in my sleep tonight?
--What if she knows WHAT??
--I'm serious, Glynna. What if Belle knows something?
--Jesus, Jay, just feed her. She's probably hungry!
--Maybe I'm going to die in my sleep tonight! What if I have an aneurysm while I'm sleeping?
--I'll hold you all night long. You won't die tonight.
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--Mrs. Behrens?
--Yes, Danny, what is it?
--I didn't finish the assignment for class. I wanted to tell you before everyone got here. I feel bad.
--Is something wrong?
--I, I just didn't finish. I guess I was too tired.
--How's your dad, Danny.
--He's okay. I talked to him yesterday.
--How did he sound? Better?
--He doesn't like that place. He's scared a lot.
--You visited him a week ago?
--Yeah. He kinda didn't know who I was.
--When you talked to him yesterday, was the medication helping?
--I think so. They said he could maybe come home soon.
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--Do you have anything metal in your body? Any pacemakers, pins, shrapnel?
--Are you wearing a watch or body jewelry?
--Are you claustrophobic?
--Let's go into the room. Here are some ear plugs. It gets noisy in the tube. Lie down on the table; here's a pillow for your knees. You'll need to stay perfectly still once I start, and I have to tape your head to the table. You must not move at all when I begin imaging. I'll be injecting contrast dye toward the end. Any questions?
--We're ready to go, then. Okay?
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--What are you eating?
--A veggie pizza burger.
--Did you nuke it?
--Huh? Yeah.
--What are you listening to?
--Um, some new band; The Soundtrack of Our Lives they're called.
--What are you working on?
--My lecture notes for next week! Christ, Pamela! What do you want??
--I just wanted to talk, that's all.
--Is there something important? I must get these notes organized!
--No, nothing earth-shaking. It's just that I've not seen or talked to you all weekend.
--Sunday night is not the time to try to have a conversation with me, Pam. I'm busy!
--You're always busy, Francis.
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--You say you didn't get your state aid check this month.
--Yes, that's what I'm telling you!
--I'm calling up your file, Ms. Gillespie, if you'd please calm down. It says here that you make too much money.
--What??? I don't make any money! I only get child support for my daughter.
--There's a James Gillespie listed at your address who's gainfully employed.
--That's my son; he doesn't live with me. He lives out of town!
--I'm sorry, ma'am. You'll have to make an appointment with your caseworker; there's nothing I can do.
--What will I do in the meantime??
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--You been talking too much, bitch.
--You're a slut, Courtney!
--Well at least I don't suck cock in the boys' bathroom after school!
--You fuckin' bitch! Me and the girls are going to be following you. Watch your ass, cunt. We'll beat the fuck outta you.
--I am like soooo scared. I totally am on the run.
--You will be, too, when me and the girls beat your ass on your way home from school.
--You're too stupid to think up anything creative on your own, you know that? You and your posse. You're all pathetic.
--And you'll be dead.
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--What movie do you want to go see?
--I dunno. What's showing.
--Couple different things. Couple things you said you wanted to see.
--Don't know if I'm in the mood for a movie.
--I thought you wanted to see a show!
--I don't know.
--Well, what DO you want to do?
--I don't know. I guess I don't feel like doing much of anything.
--You okay?
--Yeah. Just tired.
--I've never seen you THIS tired.
--I'm okay! Really. Why don't we just rent a video or something.
--Something's wrong. What's wrong?
--Nothing's wrong. I said I'm okay. I meant it.
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--Did you tell him yet?
--No. He can't really understand me, anyway.
--Ray, you've got to tell him!
--I don't know if I can. I don't know what to say. He doesn't even know who I am.
--Would it be better if I told him? Or would you rather the doctor tell him?
--I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!!!
--He doesn't have but a couple of weeks, Ray.
--YES, Lynn, I understand that, but maybe it's better to let him slip away in peace. The stroke made him a different man. He's not my father. Not anymore.
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--Where are you going, Kristy!
--Over to Sandra's.
--Have you finished your homework? ALL of it? Including algebra?
--Yes, Mom. Can I please just go now?
--Hasn't Sandra been having some problems lately?
--Her parents are fighting all the time. She's totally scared a lot.
--She seems to be relying heavily on you.
--I'm the only one she can talk to, Mom. I need to go now!
--Maybe she needs some counseling.
--Her parents won't take her and anyway, I don't think they have the money.
--I'm sorry for her, Honey. But you are not her therapist.
--I KNOW that!
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--I don't know where I belong.
--You are all alone.
--As I've always been.
--Belongingness means what to you?
--I haven't a clue!
--But what is your hunch?
--Someone who speaks the same language.
--Tell me more of this.
--An unspoken language. Of music. My favorite club, the other has been there. My favorite bands, the other knows the music.
--The language is only music?
--It is so much more than language.
--What is?
--That which I need. I don't know where I belong.
--You will find a place.
--No. You don't understand. I don't know to whom I belong.
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--You're playing games with me.
--I don't know what you're talking about.
--You're playing games.
--No, I really don't know what you're talking about!
--Okay. It's like this. You don't communicate with me at all, and then when I get fed up with that bullshit and stop working so hard to make you talk, you start e-mailing me and calling me. I have to shut down to get you to communicate.
--I don't do that!
--Yes you do. It's a cycle and I'm tired of it.
--I don't know what you want.
--That's because YOU don't know what you want.
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--The only richness of life I can experience is that which lies in my imagination.
--Dude, what are you blabbering about?
--My life. It can't be the way I want it to be. No matter how I try, I feel desolate. My meaning must come from within, from the writing I do, from the imagination whence my prose springs.
--Your therapy isn't working.
--Man, that's what my therapist and I are discussing!
--Enriched isolation??
--My relationships are fucked up, my heart is empty, I'm tired of the endeavor.
--That's pretty fucking pathetic.
--Perhaps. But it's the truth.
--Pass the bong!
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--Mom, does this blouse come in a smaller size?
--Is there anything else in there that's too big?
--I haven't tried on the jeans yet. But everything else is too big. I'm sorry.
--Get dressed and we'll leave, Corinna. Do you want me to help you?
--No, I'll be out in a minute. I'm sorry, Mom. I thought shopping for clothes would make me feel better. I've gained SOME weight!
--You look a little better, Honey.
--I've been trying hard, Mom! I don't want to quit school and come back home, so I've been trying very hard.
--I know, Corinna.
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--You, poet? You! You think you're a poet?
--Sir, if you would be so kind as to allow me to finish my reading.
--I heckle all manglers of language! You are a destructionist! Deconstruction is destruction!
--Could someone please escort this gentleman to the door so that I may continue?
--Destructionist! Language is sacred, beautiful! You blaspheme the holy; your words are sacrilege! You are the Satan of Sonnets! I decry the loathsome, vile semblance of poetry that spews from your black brain!
--Officer, this young man is either a performance artist or quite possibly mad. Please hasten his exit.
10/17 Direct Link
--I can't tell him how I feel.
--Damn, Helena, what the hell are you doing? This is too important for you to withhold, wouldn't you say? How can you NOT tell him how you feel??
--Calm down, Adam. I just can't! I love him so much and everything about our relationship is so stable that if I were to tell him, he'd leave me. I can't, I won't, take that risk! Don't you understand how scared I am?
--Yeah, yeah, I understand all of that, trust me. What I don't understand is how you could be so unfair to Daron.
10/18 Direct Link
--Hi Scottie!
--Ash! Hey!
--I'm finally starting to figure you out.
--Never mind. I'm spooky that way, that's all.
--Ashley, you're weird. But I like it, I like it. Can I come visit you?
--Can I sleep in your dog house?
--The dogs don't have a house; they sleep with me.
--Can I sleep with you?
--Only if we sleep, funny man!
--You don't give away much of yourself.
--Not anymore. I used to; I paid. You must earn my trust.
--Who says I want to?
--Your temper, it turns on a dime.
--I will kiss you anyway.
10/19 Direct Link
--MacPherson! Did you get me that press pass? I need to head out for the concert.
--It's, uh, in your desk drawer? I got it this morning; look in and around your desk. You going backstage before or after the show?
--Both. I'll be interviewing the boys while the opening band is playing. After the show, there's something the band wants to announce.
--Yeah? What is it? They aren't breaking up, are they? Jesus, I hope they're not breaking up!
--Nah. Too much momentum in this tour juggernaut they've got going. I think they're going to announce more tour dates.
10/20 Direct Link
--I'm afraid you don't love me anymore.
--What?? What on earth made you say that?
--Can you guarantee that you will love me forever?
--Of course I can't! It's not very mature of you to demand a guarantee. Jesus, Zach, what do you want, a statistical readout?
--You can't say that you will love me forever, can you.
--I can tell you I'm certain that I will, given how I feel now. But I can't predict the future! Why are you asking me this?
--I don't know. I'm afraid. Of abandonment.
--You need a fuckin' mommy, then. Not a wife!
10/21 Direct Link
--Can I have a pop? MOM!!! Can I have a pop????
--Jeremy, I'm on the phone. Can you please wait five minutes?
--I want a pop! Can I have a root beer?
--We'll be eating in an hour. What are you doing, anyway? Are you upstairs, or have you been outside playing ball?
--I'm outside, Mom! I thought you were on the phone. I'm going back out. Craig is over here and we're shooting hoops and I wanna go back outside before it's dark. Just call me when it's supper!
--I want you back inside in half an hour! Understood?
10/22 Direct Link
--This little girl came in on the death truck.
--Oh my God!
--The driver told me I had to take her. He couldn't take her to another place and he couldn't let her die.
--She's so beautiful!
--I call her Cherub. She's fairly small, but she's angelic. And she is that light red color, almost pink. "Cherub" just seemed to fit.
--I'll never understand how anyone could hurt a greyhound!
--I'll never understand a lot of things, Audrey; animal cruelty tops my list. People who can hurt an animal can also hurt children. Greyhound abuse is the worst of all.
10/23 Direct Link
--Hey Gino, did you get up to the Northwoods this weekend?
--How's it goin', there, Nate? Yeah, me and the wife decided to go on up there Friday.
--Catch anything? Hey boys! Gino's gonna tell us a fish story!
--Go to hell, Nate. I caught some crappie. Got a coupla walleye, some bass, too. Good eatin', that fish! I could of went fishing for three more days! I had to get back to the goddamn union hall and put in my name, though.
--Glad I got my disability; it's a pain in the ass to be laid off every winter.
10/24 Direct Link
--How many patients you have right now, Cynd?
--Not sure. Maybe thirty? Too many, I know that.
--My phone hasn't stopped ringing. Do you want a couple of referrals?
--Jeez, Dad, I can't take anyone else on right now! Unless they're people you'd want to see yourself, but won't because their schedules don't mesh with yours.
--Well, I had a phone call from a guy who wants marital.
--No way! I HATE doing couple therapy! Matter of fact, I'm following your lead and charging couples extra. They never do what I say, anyway.
--Cynd, stop telling them what to do!
10/25 Direct Link
--You should drop your tough girl act. It's annoying.
--You should drop your faux-nihilist act. It's annoying.
--Why do you push me away? You are a cold woman.
--How long are we going to play this game? This game of "Who Will Be the First to Drop the Façade"?
--I've never had a façade.
--Oh, I see. Styling yourself after a character in a novel doesn't constitute a deception. What's the theme of your next novel? Paradox?
--Why do you always say these horrible things? It's because you're a scientist. Scientists are wretched.
--"Wretched"?? Puh-leeze! Go write a gothic novel!
10/26 Direct Link
--Hey, Girl! I'm so glad to see you!!!!!
--Monica!!!! It's been too long!
--A glass of liebfraumilch?
--You remembered! I'd love one! I have something for you. Here.
--Kayla, you shouldn't have! This litho, it's gorgeous! How did you know? That it would go so well in the new place?
--I've always had a sixth sense where you're concerned, Girl. Besides, you're talking to someone who's known you a loooong time; how could I not have a good idea of your décor?
--Kay? I'm sorry.
--I know, Monica. I wish you hadn't moved so far away, though. I miss you.
10/27 Direct Link
--I don't know if I want to come over tonight.
--I'm feeling confused.
--What in the bloody hell are you talking about? Confused about what? Our relationship? Your feelings for me?
--I don't know. I'm confused.
--Why are you telling me this over the phone? You'd better come over here so we can talk.
--I don't know what I want anymore. I don't know what I need to be happy. I simply desire happiness for myself.
--I'm telling you, Steve, get your ass over here. We need to talk about this. In person.
--I'll be over in a while.
10/28 Direct Link
--You know, I didn't even think of it until this evening, but today would've been my 13th wedding anniversary.
--How long have you been divorced?
--Interesting, that you should ask the question that way, rather than how long I was married.
--You never talk about being married, that's why I asked the question that way. I figured you've been divorced for a fairly long time.
--Yeah, actually, I have. Ten years.
--Not a long marriage, then.
--You could say that! Not even three years.
--Think you'll ever get married again?
--I want to; afraid it won't happen for me, though.
10/29 Direct Link
--If it ain't the Prince of Darkness.
--Fuck off, Jordan.
--Do you dress this way to intentionally embarrass me?
--Oh, yeah, of course. My life DOES revolve around you. I worry my ass off about what you think, Aidan.
--Do you know how stupid you look?
--Do you know how stupid you sound?
--Why can't you be more normal?
--Oh, like you? And all of your asshole frat buds? Yeah, that's exactly how I want to look. Like a bleach-tipped, puka necklace-wearing sheep. Baaaaa!
--I'll beat the fucking piss outta you, you little shit.
--And then I'll tell Ma. Asshole.
10/30 Direct Link
--Mama! I'm scared!
--Go back to bed, Sullivan.
--But Mama, I'm too scared to go back to bed! I'm scared!
--Sully, there's nothing in your room. We've talked about this before. There are no such things as monsters or devils. You need to go back to bed and go to sleep.
--But Mama, I'm scared! Will you come with me and sit on my bed until I fall asleep?
--I'm very busy right now! I can't stop what I'm doing. Can't you go back to bed by yourself like a big boy?
--Can I sleep here, on the couch?
10/31 Direct Link
--Oh, Daddy, you're not scary.
--Can't you let your ol' Dad have some fun on Halloween?
--Are you going to walk around with me while I trick-or-treat looking like THAT?
--Why, of course I am, Corben!
--But, Daddy! I don't want my friends to see me with you! They'll think I'm weird!
--Your friends won't think you're weird, and if they do, they're not your friends. Why are all 12-year-old girls so cruel!
--Daddy! They're not cruel! It's just, you know, WEIRD to have your dad following you around on Halloween, dressed like a vampire.
--I love you, Corben.