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Well if I finish April this will indeed happily be the first time ever that I will finish three months in a row! This is of course on the way to hopefully finishing 11 months in a row and finishing each month the entire rest of the year. Seen some pretty good April Fool's Jokes on my feed so far this morning. I particularly liked the Stradivarius Timpani and the coming Film Festival with Analysis at the Austin Texas Film Society of films such as the yule log fire and the fish aquarium. This is all funny stuff. No foolin'!
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Comes the Mauny Thursday rain. Washing the disciples' feet and their souls. Soles and souls , as it were. The asphalt smells like the memory of winter. I like the way the rain runs seemingly both up and down the street, as if it was trying to decided which way was better. Rain blotting out the address on your mail, making the ink run -- all good .. they were letters you should have never sent anyway. They say things you really didn't mean and you didn't really want him to hear. Things like " I forgive you". Things like " Please come back home!"
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Comes The Good Friday Rain. Too much of it falling on the blue grass and perhaps not enough of it falling on the General Electric Building 6 fire I wonder if anyone is old-fashionedly hanging out clothes on a clothlesline today. Those would surely get wet. Wetspace. Wetline. Wetthought. Wetdisgust. Wet can make a lot of interesting sounding portmanteau words. I like the coolness that the rain is bringing. The 80s this week are just a horrifying harbinger that the 120 ands 130 heat indices are not far behind. Must buy some new fans to not run AC constantly.
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Today on Holy Saturday, a lovely wind blows. A wind to briefly rescue us from the heat which is a harbinger of the usual horrific heat to come. It's nice and cloudy, too, no horribly oppressive sun and glare. I like this so much better than sunny. It seems all of the promised rain is a no-show so far. I am currently wondering what to make for breakfast. I think I shall make some biscuits and eat them with my fig jam I haven't opened yet. Perhaps one day this week I shall finally try to make chocolate gravy.
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It is currently " raining" all this hideous green/yellow gunk known as oak pollen. It's disgusting and it causes some people breathing issues but for me it's just caused massive headaches. It's really gross and icky. I am not sure still about this having a yard bullshit. And now I go outside to smoke and there are geckos loping about. I am not going to kill them or hurt them but they still make me a bit uncomfortable. I don't like creepy crawly things, period. Well perhaps I could ask it if it talks, perhaps talks about cheap auto insurance?
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I really love reading celebrity memoirs. They always go by really fast and if they are remotely written well, you usually learn lots of interesting tidbits. I am currently reading my seciond of two books about Rod Serling that I have read in the past few months. I say this because tonight my pre-order of Jon Cryer's book " So That Happened" just downloaded to my Kindle. I already know I will now hate Molly Ringwald and James Spader because the reviews said he reveals they were mean to him on the set of Pretty in Pink. They are meanieheads!
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I am really at a loss where this Kiki and Morgan drug Michael story is going. It truly makes Kiki and Morgan look like very gross people. HOWEVER, I think I can buy this if it it's shown as being per their gene pool. Morgan's parents are a serial killing mobster and a sybaritic wench. ( Carly is really a piece of work but I adore Laura Wright's portrayal.) Kiki's parents are a hitwoman/also serial killer and a somewhat blah doctor who may or may not be kin to OTHER serial killers and, yes a VAMPIRE.So, there it goes.
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I remember when I was little, before pre-school, when I would go with Mom to errands, we would often go to this strange hybrid store that was called Hallmark. ( No not the equivalent of the modern Hallmark Card Store seen in many malls.) It had art supplies( 'twas where I first ever saw any tubes of oik paint-- which I found fascinating -- I always wondered why I never painted along with music-ing and writing-- probably because I can't draw worth a shit) , it had a few old games, it had model train parts, it had ( to be continued)
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.. it had fancy pens and pencils, a smattering of games, and a desk where you could indeed buy stamps. We always got our stamps there I think until I was at least 6 or 7. Did we not have post offices that were close by? Did Mom just not like the post office? Going to that odd store is always a nice memory, but I always am puzzled about the purpose of said store. I mean I guess a remote modern equivalent is the dreadful, bigoted Hobby Lobby. Do they sell stamps, too? Stamp machines are much more handy now.
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I have always been fascinated by old TV guides and by TV schedules. It was always the first part of the paper I read in my manic love for the newspaper until the past 15 years or so where I just gave up ever trying to keep up on actual paper and dropped my subscription to the New York Times and just decided to read online. But something odd to my very young self, I always thought " To Be Announced" was the name of an actual show that I never could catch because it was always pre-empted with something.
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I still find it so strange how much I enjoy to cook now, here only in my 5th year of cooking or so , after not cooking for close to 30 years. I am hoping to have time to make the following things soon : Oreo Lasagna, Peanut Butter Lasagna, Tator Tot Casserole, Broccoli Casserole, Cauliflower Casserole, various Dump Cakes, and perhaps some steak. I really need to consider getting a crock pot, but I am happy to wait until next fall when the weather is more appropriate for it. Will be yummy to make crock pot roast and stew maybe too.
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You really should be very wary of the bass player. There should be a sign up outside his/her home that says " Beware of the Bass Player". He doesn't take a lot of shit. He may be the mellow cool people sort of person, but he's really not in the mood for your crap. Matter of fact if you ask to see some of his playing,. and he sends you a clip that has been blessedly, highly acclaimed by the most illustrious of his peers, and all you can remark about his the way the light catches his bald spot...
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.. than he's not going to like you anymore. Matter of fact he is going to think you are an nnoying yankee cunt. He was never a huge fan of yours anyway, neither you, your ugly-ass children, or your drunken husband. You are obviously a very unhappy person, and who can blame you? You and your life and your husband are all rather unpleasant. Your children were evident accidents, if you are going to take their existence out on everyone else, perhaps you should have aborted them. I hate you. I wish you were illegal. Maybe you will move away.
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You know with so many horrible things happening in the world and ran on 24/7 rotation until all the news channels make sure EVERYONE HAS SEEN IT five times or more , it really is now patently impossible and /or unhealthy to leave CNN on as one's all-night background TV. How can you do that when at any given moment lately it seems you are going to turn over and be bombarded with the 8 milionth showing of a policeman killing a black man or a terrorist killing a journalist. I now have " Old people" TV on all night...
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( continued from yesterday ) -- all night long. WHat do I mean by " old people" TV? Well all these shows that Hallmark runs through the wee hours of the night and morning skews old during their original runs, much less now 30-ish years later : Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis: Murder.. at al. Speaking of Murder She Wrote, one really wonders why they invited Jessica Fletcher ANYWHERE -- someone was always dead wherever she went. And no matter how they tried, whoever the culprit was who killed said victim could still never manage to kill some nosey, busybody old lady. She's very sturdy.
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I hate a lot of other cultures' traditions. I really am not bigoted and I like to respect them in CONCEPT, but in actual in my face reality, they irritate me severely. I mean what the FUCK is this Quincenara bullshit? OK, I am sorry if this is elitist, but it's true. If you are of a certain low socio economic class, ( and it's not just Latino people AT ALL but that's who has these stupid parties ) why should we be having a party for your fat ass-- spending all this money for that ugly ass dress ( to be continued..)
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and a bunch of food they can't afford for your ugly ass obese relatives and their polyester suits and loud cowboy boots, so you can have some stupid fucking pointless party 3 or 4 years before you start having 16 million kids. I had this in my face the near 25- years I lived in texas ghettoes and hoods and I am just so lividly over it. ANd I don't understand, do rich/of means/upper middle class Latino families not have quinceneras? Is this just a low class earthy thing? Must they always be so enamored of bouncy castles???
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It's always interesting to see what foods I really love as an adult that I despised as a child. I really loathed tomatoes as a kiddo, but love them now and love their superfood properties. I was no fan of slaw as a little kid, but then by high school I really loved Mom's slaw. But she doesn't make slaw anymore. I can't say as I blame her with all that grating of the cabbage and cutting up of the carrots ans such, gosh what an ordeal. Slaw is good but perhaps its not worth all the trouble for homemade.
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There are some homemade foods that honestly I was inundated with so much as a kid that now I despise them and really only want store-bought. Save for the VERY occasional exception, including some extremely yummy fig jam from a colleague of mine -- I REALLY only want store bought jellies and jams. Even the IDEA of homemade jam and jelly irritates the living shit out of me. Another this is bacon. I really don't find freshly cut off pieces of something that has been hanging in a smoke house inviting at all. I want that store bought bacon please !
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I think perhaps the famous Parker quote " I dislike writing, I like having written" needs to also pertain to exercise. I really do NOT Like exercising. This runner's high business ( is that even a thing anymore?) I have always thought was complete lunacy. However I do get a bit of a high every time it feels like I drop another pound or too or perhaps an inch or too. I also must keep going not just for losing weight but also because of all the yummy things I don't want to stop eating. Tator Tot Casserole. Caramel Candy Apple Cobbler.
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I remember feeling strange because I adored the smell of gasoline. I wondered if anyone else did. Later I found out this must have been inherited from my Grandma Thompson as she says she also likes the smell of gas. I remember my Dad getting me the cool 99-cents teddy bear one evening as we we're leaving-- I named him bosco---45 years later, he sits on the futon in one of my guest rooms. I also remember wishing Dad would get 7.77 or 5.52 on the gas spinning counter reels. These are my memories of Consolidated.
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I still am heartened by my memories of "The Stamp Store" so much I want to write them again. It was across the parking lot from Woolco, a department store compadre to the famous Walgreens. It was in all honest a really junky store, I am not sure why we went there all the time. The Stamp Store was down from a store called Grant's that we went to often. Come to think of it, Grant's was a bit of a junky store, too. Thankfully all the junky stores became things of the past once Jefferson Mall opened in 1978.
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I know it's not a super healthy food but I need to add some sausage to my next grocery list. I am making biscuits some now and I really want my own sausage and biscuits. Homemade biscuits are really amazing, but I don't think my budding culinary prowess is going to want to go there until I have mUCH MUCH less to do. I really do think perhaps I could get the hang of making the dough and such but I already don't like the time it takes to clean up after breakfast !! All that dough making debris, no thanks !!
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A lot of people these days don't seem to be enamoured of etudes. But I always play etudes when I have come back after any time off , and/or am breaking in new strings. I also think slowing down one's Bach and breaking it down into just it's "notes" also makes for excellent etude work. I shall start again putting the Mengoli , Mazas, And Nanny etudes in some of my practice scheme along with my Rabbath and Bach. I also still am very into this schema of only practicing 21 or 42 mins at a time, multiple times per day.
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Among all of my " literate" reading, I really do love reading actor autobiographies. I really adored the recently released book of Jon Cryer's and I hated to see it end. And I will indeed detest Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald from now until the end of time for how cold and assholey they were to him on the set of Pretty In Pink. She really comes across as a cunt in general. Yeah, I said it. His insights on the implosion of CHarlie Sheen are incredibly well written. Much of this book is totally laugh out loud funny as well.
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ALong the lines of those kind of Hollywood stories as referred to yesterday, I am currently reading the classic HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. I think the most amazing thing about this book and others that discuss the same time period is the destruction of the delusion that sybaritic licentiousness and drug use are FAR from a " modern" conceit. It's really fascinating in a very horrid way to learn about all the stars of 1920's movies who were all addicted to heroin and how many secret junk dealers were wandering about servicing the addicted of the various studio movie lots. Heroin is bad.
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I really hate Aunt Sally Suppository, she is always up everyone's ass. And there also is her cohort, Aunt Polly Prostate. Everything she is involved with is just on the border of shitty. Everytime the Aunts come over something usually stinks. But at least in the case of Aunt Sally, she usually makes things not swell to being even worse than what they were to begin with. These Aunts are very distantly related ( usually several feet, depending on the person) to that famous lady immortalized on an early Saturday Night Live episode Babs' Uvula. Forty years of Saturday Night Live !!
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Hey Baby, do you know why I am your Lucky Charm?? Because I am magically delicious. Ooh yeah , a lot of me is plain and oaty, but then there are magical surprises sprinkled throughout me , such as green clover marshmallows and blue diamond and moon marshmallows. Someone tried to stab me once, it was horrifying, but they were arrested for being an attempted cereal killer. Cereal Lives Matter !! Oat Lives Matter !! Corn Lives Matter !! You better be sure to stay in your Chex and Balances, beeatches !! Ok, so Wheat lives don't matter so much, Frosted Mini Wheats taste like carpet.
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As much as I enjoyed reading them, and loved the very short-lived 1970s Television show, I always really wanted to write the R-rated version of Nancy Drew stories. I wanted Ned to try to force himself on her and she wonders whether or not to tell her father Carson knowing he will insist on pressing charges. I want Bess to be a lesbian and to come out to Nancy and tell her she is in love with Nancy. I want Nancy and Ned to fix their earlier issue and then deal with a pregnancy scare. It will rock !!
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Today, gloriously, six policemen have indeed been indicted in the Freddie Gray horror death in Baltimore. Today, sadly, Ben E. King of " Spanish Harlem" and " Stand By Me" not to mention his work with The Drifters has died. I myself am about to cook brunch and do laundry before the first round of practicing. It is still gloriously, unseasonably , cool here in South Central Texas with even a record low last week. I wish we could bottle this and save it for July and August. And so the world keeps turning, Goodbye April. You were a good month. Hello May!