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There are first times for everything. You can learn a lot from these first experiences. Sometimes it's a thrill, sometimes it's torture. But you'll never know unless you actually make it an experience, rather than a thought. After all, who wants to hear about what could have happened? Aren't most people tied to the fact of what did happen? They need to create some sort of tangent to the real world, instead of the world of fantasy. Fantasys are nice while we are under their shelter. But what happens when that shelter crumbles and we're left with the real world?
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Why is laziness so easy to fall into? It's easy to be lazy and it's a pain in the ass sometimes. I have taken off from work for about three weeks now, and i really don't feel like going back. I have 'downgraded' myself to part-time status, so that means i have to physically go into work and sign up for some shifts if i want to work, instead of being on a regular schedule, the same shifts every two weeks. I have bills. Bills require money to be paid. Money requires work. Work requires me not to be lazy.
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A news article this morning tells about a man charged for indecent exposure after walking into an Arkansas Taco Bell wearing a tiny black Speedo swimsuit and a cut-off T-shirt. Again we see a blatant sexual discrimination. Of course, if that had been a woman who walked into the restaurant wearing that same attire, no one would have given it a second thought. Arkansas law states a person can be charged with indecent exposure if “he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm.” I’m sure the only thing on his mind when he walked in was burritos.
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The City of Tampa is trying to pass a law called ‘The Blue Law.’ This law will entitle fellow patrons of establishments that sell alcohol to be able to purchase their favorite 21-and-up beverage at 11am on Sunday, instead of the current time of 1pm. What’s the point of being able to buy alcohol two hours earlier on a day usually devoted to anything but drinking? People should be in church or mowing their lawns; hanging with the family or cleaning the house; not buying booze. The only people who are going to benefit from this are the homeless drunks.
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In Annapolis, Maryland, a man was just recently charged with murdering a 9 year-old girl. The interesting thing about it is that this man, Ruffner, had already been in jail since 1984 for attempted rape and attempted murder. It turns out that another man, Bloodsworth, was charged with murdering that same girl only a month before Ruffner was originally sentenced. Bloodsworth was eventually found innocent and freed in 1993, being the first American to be released based on DNA evidence. But the murder case went unsolved, until now. Ruffner, through extensive research, has finally been accused as the real murderer.
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According to a new study, two out of three members of England's gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) community are likely to suffer from depression and other mental health problems. The reason, research suggests, is that the physicians the GLB sees for help, are inadequate in helping them cope and deal with their problems. This, of course, makes sense to me. Seeing that one out of three heterosexual people will suffer from the same mental illnesses, it's not surprising to read that homosexual people, who obviously receive much more harassment from the community as a whole, are going to suffer more.
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There's a new teen-drama coming out called ‘Thirteen.' Now, if anyone has ever seen the movie, ‘Kids,' then this new film will not be quite a shocker as it would if you hadn't. However, I haven't seen ‘Kids,' so ‘Thirteen' was quite a shocker to me. I guess I was just raised under a huge veil that kept me away from drugs, sex, stealing, etc., because I don't remember anything like that going on when I was 13. After talking to a few friends, and after intermitted conversation with my about-to-be-13 stepsister, apparently things of that nature are surprisingly commonplace.
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My brother and I don't really hang out much. I'm usually working or going to school, and he is usually busy playing his online computer game incessantly. But we try to go on a trip every year. Last year, we went on a road trip around the nation, driving close to 10,000 miles and visiting numerous cities. This year, we went to Hawaii for a week. The two of us are close in age, about 15 months apart, but not close in relation, so we use these vacations as a way to sort of catch up on each other's lives.
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People who suffer from insomnia or have a mood problem might do so because they don't have enough of a certain chemical called GABA. GABA is essential to slow down the brain's activity, making it easier to fall asleep. I used to have a sleeping problem when younger. I would be awake for hours before I could fall asleep, replaying the day's events in my head and wondering if I should have done anything differently. Then Mr. Alcohol came into my life. I usually have two beers before I go to sleep, and then, whammo! I'm out like a light.
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Did you know that you can't tickle yourself? Researchers say that when you make an action, your brain already knows the outcome of that action before you even do it. So if you go to tickle yourself, your body automatically desensitizes that area you touch, disallowing any extra sensation to come from your own touch. That means if you want any real pleasure coming from skin-to-skin contact, you have to have someone else do it for you. As far as I'm concerned, pleasure coming from someone else is much preferred over self-pleasure. It sure makes playing footsies much more interesting.
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Going out for a night of partying and concerned that the person you hook up with will give you herpes? Eat broccoli before you go and you will have nothing to worry about! New research shows that indole-3-carbinol, a compound found in broccoli, has a 99.9% effective rate of blocking the herpes virus. It's like a natural contraceptive against herpes. What more could you want? I'm going out to buy a whole head of broccoli tonight and then find some female broccoli who will give me a whole lot of head! Well, I would if I didn't have a girlfriend.
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Actor John Ritter died yesterday. And today I heard that legendary singer, Johnny Cash, died as well. I watched Three's Company a bit when I grew up, but show was just a little before my time. I did see his newest television program, however, and it's pretty good. And who didn't love ‘Problem Child?' Sadly, I wasn't a huge fan of Johnny Cash's work, but I have always enjoyed listening to his songs on the radio. From what I know about him, though, he was truly a great entertainer. Millions mourned their deaths and their presence will be truly missed.
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In exactly one month, I will start my new job with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue as a Firefighter/Paramedic Trainee. I busted my balls to get this job and I really think I deserve it, despite what some of my peers who tried out for the position think. Apparently, I dazzled the board in my interview with my knowledge of fire and medical related scenarios, as well as my rhetorical skills with the basic personal questions. Of course, it doesn't hurt to know people already in the business. But references can only get you so far. You alone seal the deal.
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Have you caught the Harry Potter bug like I have? Well, I have, but I think I'm getting over it now. The books are fantastic, and with the arrival of the fifth book as well as the movies of the first two, Harry Potter is the world's biggest celebrity. However, Rowling does not have a deadline to produce the last two books. If we wait another two years for the next book, the craze will be long gone by then. The movies alone won't carry the series for much longer. I wish she'd hurry it up, though. I'm getting antsy.
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It's been going on since the beginning of time: people in higher power have the ability to get themselves out of a situation they should be reprimanded for. A month ago, a Tampa Fire Rescue captain got a call for a fire at a building in South Tampa. He gets there, pokes his head out the engine, asks someone if he's seen anything, gets negative results, and leaves. Fifteen minutes later, the call goes out for a two-alarm fire that ended up doing thousands of dollars in damages. And all the captain got was a 24-hr, one-shift suspension. Fair, huh?
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I wonder if America still considers Baseball to be it's favorite pastime. I guess I do, but that might be because baseball was dubbed America's favorite pastime before I was even born and kind of grew up with that thinking. I've played baseball all my early life, about 12 years. And when you are involved in the sport, you see nothing but it, really. But since I have been out of the baseball loop, I have noticed that not as many people are crazy about it anymore. Even in high school, it's football or soccer that gets the most attention.
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Do you have a son or daughter in school? If they're about to take a test, don't let the boy eat a hearty breakfast, but let the girl have a full meal. According to a study in Ireland, boys who felt a little hungry did better on tests then those who had full meals, and the opposite result for girls. Personally, I had to eat a full breakfast before I took a test. I love food and if I felt hungry, I would concentrate on what I would have to eat rather than what I'm supposed to be testing on.
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My brother is obsessed with this online computer game called Everquest. The idea behind the game is that you control a character and go around the land, killing monsters and making your character stronger. But there's another massive side to the game that a lot of people don't see. It's also a way to socialize with other people. My brother, who is not a people-person, loves the game because he can ‘meet' people without personally meeting them. He forms groups and holds meetings to chat about whatever. It's like he ‘hangs out' virtually and never has to leave his chair.
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I really wish it were easier for me to gain muscle mass. My metabolism is ridiculously high and everything that goes through my body is instantly eaten up. In order to gain muscle mass, you have to understand about protein synthesis and that the last thing your body does is build muscle. The key is to have a low-carbohydrate diet and consume a huge amount of protein. So once your body only has protein to consume, it builds muscle. The only other key is that you have to drink a lot of water or else you will kill your liver.
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What would I do for a Kondike Bar? I would call an Irishman a Scott. Participate in a Vienna Wiener eating contest. Listen to Michael Bolton. Read the dictionary cover to cover. Fuck ‘It's Pat.' Eat yellow snow. Shout the b-word in an airport. Cover myself in honey and sleep in the woods. Hike Mt. Everest naked. Participate in an all-female beauty pageant. Be-bop for the talent portion. Read every Danielle Steel novel printed. Bet my lifetime savings on a cock fight. Do a back-flip on a pogo-stick on a trampoline. Wipe my ass with sandpaper. I think that's enough.
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A man is suing a construction company for locking him inside a portable toilet on private property. Weeks Marine, the construction company who locked the man in the toilet, drove a bulldozer up to the door of the toilet, pinning the man inside. The victim now wants to sue Weeks Marine for false imprisonment and emotional damages. I think Weeks Marine was fully in their rights to do that. They were making a citizen's arrest on someone who was trespassing. The man's life was never in danger and they wanted to ensure that the man be responsible for his offense.
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A live suicide. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I didn't until I heard about a planned live suicide by a band member of Hell on Earth during a live concert in St. Petersburg. The band member is apparently terminally ill and is planning to off himself during their concert on October 4th. The City of St. Petersburg quickly passed a law stating that you can't perform a live suicide. What are they going to do, arrest him after he kills himself for doing it live? I say more power to him, one less weirdo in the world.
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California has become the first state to enact a law with severe penalties for Internet advertisers sending unsolicited e-mails, with fines up to $1 million. Woo-hoo!! Too bad I don't live in California. I wouldn't mind surfing the web and not be interrupted by some freaking website company popping up one of their stupid ads while I'm trying to search for exotic Chi Pets. It's almost as bad as getting a phone call from a long-distance phone company. The rest of the 49 states need to catch on and fine those jerks for spreading their trash all over the Internet.
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Congress has overturned the National Do-Not-Call list because it was said that the FCC had permission, not the FTC to enact the list. Anyone on that list had their telephone numbers blocked from any solicitors calling them. I thought this was a fantastic idea. I mean, I get about two phone calls everyday from idiots trying to sell me something or wanting me to switch my long-distance phone company because they claim their own rates are lower. Who cares? If I want any of these services, I will seek them out myself. I have a yellow phone book and eyes.
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The new Dave Matthew's CD came out Tuesday. I love that guy. I wish he were my uncle or something. He and his band have been putting albums out for over a decade now, but this is the first solo album he has made. I've already listened to it about a dozen times. It's not as good as the music he makes with his band because all the other instruments are missing from the music. But nevertheless, It's good in it's own because his voice and his guitar-playing stand out more, making for a relaxing, mind-clearing piece of music art.
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My Mom has a new boyfriend. What a loser. Of course, I think all of her boyfriends are losers. But maybe I'm just being pessimistic. He's overweight, smokes, and brings his stupid dog over whenever he stops by. But maybe all middle-aged men who are not married are like that now. I don't really know, I never hang out with anyone his age. I wish a train at the railroad crossing near my house would hit him the next time he decides to come over. Then again, my street would be blocked for a while. Aye, now there's the rub.
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My Dad and I got in a fight last night. I think it was the first time we have ever really argued about anything. But the shitty thing about it was that I really don't remember much of what we were arguing about. We both had way too much to drink that night and were flinging words back and forth that probably had no bearing on anything at all related to they mysterious subject of our verbal dispute. I hate it when that happens. I think we would have enjoyed our conversation more if we were a bit more sober.
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It's Sunday and I'm sad. The Bucs aren't playing today; they have a bye. If there's one true thing that I look forward to every week, it's blessed Sunday: Football Day. But even better: Bucs Football Day. My entire week is nothing more than a build up of anticipation until I finally get that drug-like release after I watch the kickoff at the beginning of the first. But the Bucs aren't playing today, so I instead decided to get my release by having myself a six-pack and watching Moulin Rouge with my little Sister, which is actually just as enjoyable.
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Well, I know I'm not really supposed to be repeating subjects, but I'm just so happy that they are finally passing the Do-Not-Call List, that I can't help but mention it again. Congress has finally and completely passed the List along with the help of President Bush. You know, I think this is record time for Congress to pass a law. What was it, about a week or so since it went to them? That's what I'm talking about. That's the way Congress should get things done. Wham, bam, thank you very much House and Senate, have a good night!
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Well, this is my final day of writing for I'm sad, I really am. Although since I have ENC-1102 with the same instructor, I'm sure I'll be back here for another fun month, possibly in November. So, it's only appropriate that I write about something truly important and dear to my heart: The Return of the King trailer is finally out!!! It's about damn time, too. What, only about three months until it's release? It surely should have been here long ago. I can't wait until it's out at Christmas. Well, it's been a blast! See ya in November!