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Under bright morning sun, we shared eggs, tortillas, and salsa. "We took a guided tour of the Mayan Ruins yesterday," said Jamie and Marlene. "The Mayans had an advanced mathematical system that recognized zero and infinity far earlier than any culture. They could calculate infinity!" "How so?" we challenged. Silence. William and Jamie agreed to ponder the question and re-convene in the morning. Next morning, William postulated zero and infinity are the same number, both identifying consciousness, the immeasureable I AM reality within and outside the 3rd dimension. Jamie exclaimed, "Yes, the numeric Ying/Yang of existence!" Now...about Pi...?
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The shuttle bus rumbled down beat-up streets teeming with humanity and stray dogs and lined with small shops and houses in varying states of squalor. Our bus stopped abruptly in front of an iron gate. The other passengers looked on with pity and disbelief as we exited. Dogs barked and children played in the street as we warily entered. Inside was a refuge of modest casitas, a small pool, an outdoor kitchen and patio, and neatly landscaped grounds lush with tropical trees and flora. Nevertheless, Caroline was inconsolate. Her family had flown her to a third world city for vacation.
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We walked down a dusty road through the low humid jungle to reach the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. We paid the entrance fee and walked a steep incline where the Ruins are situated on an rolling, rocky plain perched high above the ocean shoreline. Several buildings are spaced around the main temple. High precipices overlooking the ocean provided spectacular panoramic views. Trees dot the landscape providing shade. The grounds, both peaceful and energizing, are no doubt a portal to higher vibrations. Impressions of ancient life filled my mind as echoes of the Mayan people bled into this time and space.
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Far away from the American style beach resort hotels, our vacation residence was fully immersed in a poor but inimitably charming derelict neighborhood. There, we shared the congenial company of four other adventurous couples all of whom were Canadian (unlike us). Despite differences in age, background, and profession, we bonded quickly and comfortably enjoyed breakfasts, lazy afternoons, cocktail hours, and conversation under the stars. Then, the three drunks from British Columbia arrived. And Poof! The magic was gone. Instantly killed by their loud, boorish behavior. Late night drunken obnoxiousness could be excused, cranking bad 80s rock music could not!
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CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! The Cubbies opened their season in Cincinnati this afternoon and won 7 - 4 behind solid pitching from Kerry Wood and the Bullpen. Corey Patterson returned to stud form by hitting a home run in his first at-bat to get the Cubs started. The crack of the bat and the thud of the glove signal green grass and warm days ahead. Honestly, I don't care if they win or lose provided they play with heart and joy. I could give a crap about other professional sports. Baseball players act like men and respect the game's tradition.
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Got a lot of shit on my mind. What you don't learn from joy, you learn through pain. Yeah, yeah, it's all for my Highest Good but it's such a goddamn struggle. I'm pissed off at the Universe. I'm trying as hard as I can but apparently my Higher Self has some high falutin' agenda 'cause I still get my ass kicked by bullshit stuff. So I went for a walk - pissed off and praying at the Universe. Turned a corner and saw the biggest, most golden, most beautiful moon you ever saw! Fuck it, I couldn't stay pissed off.
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The Universe had used the all-too-effective system of Duality to teach him a difficult but necessary lesson. It caused him to see the truth and illuminated the High Path but he felt the price paid was too high and he was despondent. Days later, he was handed a mysterious black plastic bag. "Enjoy my friend, this is a gift from your friends at the High Council." He opened the bag and felt a familiar twitch. "Swank Magazine?" "That's right, you've been given special sanction. Don't question, just enjoy." That night, prompted by the Divine, he enjoyed the bliss of ecstasy.
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Exiting the building, I spotted a woman wearing a "100Words" t-shirt sitting with a friend. I excitedly approached. "Hey, do you write on 100Words?" I called out. "She does, I just read them," the middle-aged friend explained. "She writes there as Robert Crane." 'Cool' I thought. "I write there as jimmyrow." The woman frowned, "I've seen your writings. I find them too philosophical, very arrogant, and decidedly non-christian." "I'm Christian, just in a different way than you," said me. "Who do you think you are anyway....Socrates?!" "Not exactly, Ma'am. In this life, I AM JIMMYROW!" Feeling proud, I awoke.
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"OK.....I'm seeing a red tricyle parked on a gravel driveway. It has white streamers coming out the ends of the handlebars." "Is there anybody on the tricycle?" she asked. "No, there's an older man standing behind it. He's a father figure. He's stocky and has crew cut dark hair." "Oh my God! Is he my biological father or stepfather?" "He says biological. Although he couldn't be in your life, you were always in his thoughts." Tears streamed down her face. When she was 4, a shiny red tricycle had been mysteriously left in the drive of her stepfather's house.
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Saw Todd Rundgren at the House of Blues. The show was, mmm, an interesting mess. Surreal. The sweet lovable Todd from the 70s was not there. The present vehicle known as Todd apparently houses multiple personalities. On stage he channelled personas ranging from Iggy Pop and Marilyn Manson to Barry White and Tony Bennett. The only person missing...was Todd. He's marvelously talented, has an amazing voice, and performed with great energy but he sang at us rather than to us. He played only two of his many great songs. He failed to connect. Intelligent, gifted, energetic, histrionic, hollow, unstable.
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Don't underestimate the "what ifs". From the "what ifs", new things are born. Earth is the product of a grand "what if" - as are you and I and the inventions, the ideas, the events, nature, ALL. What if they started a war and nobody came? What if we reduced fear by providing universal health care? Ponder the "what ifs" as John Lennon did in "Imagine" for they create hope. Hope is the fuel of the Universe. Chart your own path. Unless we create anew, we're doomed to re-create the past. We are creators in the expansion of ALL THAT IS.
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Following yesterday's entry, I went for a walk to ponder the "what ifs" under the stars. New paths and ideas formed quickly in my mind. I identified those that warmed my heart. I would create anew, chart bold paths. Suddenly, the fear of uncertainty crept in (I hate when that happens!) "Oh God, how do I know I'm making the best choices?" I opened myself to Higher Guidance. Then I heard it - the clear resounding echo of my footsteps echoing off nothing but air. I stopped. Silence. I resumed my steps - the preternatural echo resumed. "OK, got it! Thank you!"
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There lived a pretty little fish from the Southern Seas. She was a sweetly mischievous youth with a bright, original mind. But in those parts, originality was frowned upon rather than fostered. Eventually, her youthful dreams faded. The fish became a flounder, numbly drifting, and drinking like...well, like a fish. She grew bone weary. She surrendered. Suddenly, revelations came in torrents. She swam against the currents into deep rough waters. She washed upon an island shore to die. With a blinding flash from the Sun, she was gone. Miraculously, she awoke and returned to the sea - walking on water.
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"Please, you've got to help me! I'm on the outs with these fuckin' guys. They think I'm a risk. They're coming after me. I don't know nearly as much as they think I know - I swear! I would never expose them. You have to convince them. You know how powerful they are. They play for keeps. I have a family. Shit yes, I'm afraid. God-oh-God, how did I fuck things up so badly!?" The well-dressed business man began sobbing into his cell phone on this hot, humid night seated in the corner of Starbucks near DuPont Circle in Washington DC.
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'The greatest world figure in my lifetime?' you ask. Mikhail Gorbachev, I say. Gorbachev singlehandedly brought an end to the Cold War. 'Nonsense' you say, 'Reagan stared him down and Gorby folded.' Pfftt! Reagan's not worthy of shining Gorbachev's shoes. While Reagan continued the fear-driven power games of missiles and military might with the paranoid zeal of an insane cowboy, Gorbachev saw it led nowhere but destruction. With an absence of ego, disinterest in material power, and a purity of heart, Gorbachev laid down his weapons for the good of mankind. In being soft, he was the strongest of men.
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Given the state of human consciousness, war has been a reality of life. In the context of the times, many men and women have bravely risked their lives with noble intention to fight for what they believed was a good cause. I suggest a revolution in thought in which people rise up and say 'We will not slay our fellow humans'. We are seeing the beginnings of a new consciousness in which men reject the notion of war, greed, and strife. With hope, and commitment to the laws of love, this new age will take shape. Boldly, hold the vision.
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I worry about my eyes. They're dry and irritated tonight. The glare of the computer screen is painful. So I pound out this 100Words entry with little of the deliberation that normally attends this process. I think about Stephen King whose eyes have gone bad in recent years. Could it be the result of years spent in front of a computer screen writing his books coupled with his daily three hour reading habit? Me thinks so. Someone should do a medical study on it. An FYI to my fellow writers on 100Words, Stephen King's "On Writing" is a must read.
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It's been ungodly hot in Washington DC. Last night at midnight, the thermometer registered 80 humid degrees. Walking back to my hotel after dinner, my clothes stuck to my skin and I found myself longing for my beloved Chicago winter weather. I swear it's true. This morning I called home and my 14 year old daughter jumped on the phone. Curious about meteorological matters, I asked, "What's the weather like in Chicago?" "It's capri's weather Dad," she answered. "What? Well, what's the temperature gonna be?" I pressed. "I don't know, but I stepped outside and decided I'm wearing capris today."
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From the roof of the Hays-Adams Hotel at dusk, I gazed across the small park at the White House. It was smaller than I expected. Except for the five rifleman on its roof, there was no sign of life, not even a light in a window. The street fronting the White House is blocked off and torn up. The park was completely empty with not even a protester in sight. On the White House Lawn are two sturdy doghouses. Its inhabitants aggressively "greet" unauthorized visitors. From my view, the little white house seemed like Dick Cheney - isolated, paranoid, and joyless.
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Ted beamed as the Old Man opened his Christmas Gift. Ted's wife, Glynnis, had urged him not to buy the AC/DC, 4 HP, three-speed pepper grinder with illuminating spotlight and rechargeable batteries. Ted wouldn't listen. The Old Man was impossible to buy for. This idea had been an epiphany! At Christmas dinner, the uber-grinder hovered like a UFO casting a searchlight on their plates. It buzzed with efficiency dropping a soft dust of pepper. "Geez, if Ted gives the Old Man toys like this, imagine what he buys Glynnis" observed Ted's brother-in-law. The room roared with laughter. Glynnis turned bright red.
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The silence is deafening. Today, silences spoke the truths, words were merely background noise. Friends waited for phone calls that never came. Spoken thoughts normally shared and treasured were put on hold for another day. Three days of killer silence and counting. Years of chronic silence have begun to rust our hearts. Suffering silently but never a word between us to acknowledge or address. Ping Pong casually played on the surface but underneath with a competitive fire that bespoke years of jealousy between us. Truth lies in the spaces between the notes, between the words, between the particles, between us.
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What can I tell you? Well, over the past 24 hours, I drove to Cleveland and back in the pouring rain for business. Enjoyed the solitude, the silence, and even the rain. Couldn't bring myself to eat the crap served by cretins at the Travel Plazas. Survived on fruit and nuts. Occasionally, listened to music and the continuing debate known as the American Culture War on the radio. Lots of talk about "evil". Holed up in the Hampton Inn Downtown for a short night's sleep. Business meetings went better than expected. It was all that and a slice of heaven!
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Philosophers and psychologists seldom agree. I say, philosophy and psychology go hand in hand. A person's philosophy/belief system/perception of reality shapes the quality and content of their thoughts. Thoughts have a vibrational energy as can be evidenced using a simple pendulum. Some say psychology is an inexact science. I say, it's a complete science as it examines not only the physical but the emotional, and hopefully, the spiritual aspects of us. Balance in mind, heart, and soul is the goal. Mental distress pushes us toward our truth. Self-acceptance and awareness are the foundation of a healthy mind.
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There once was a man who lived respectfully by the letter of the law. He never once performed an act of harm, or, an act of service. When he died, the gatekeeper saw a blank slate without debits or credits. He qualified for neither heaven nor hell. Confused, the Gatekeeper sent him to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese examined his record and ordered him back to Earth to try again saying, "Until we learn to give freely of ourselves, we haven't learned how to live." "But I was happy that way!" the Man protested, "Isn't that the whole point?"
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There is divine purpose behind our existence in physical reality under a veil of separation. With the veil, we're free to choose perhaps as the Creator did when it first awakened. "Sin" is a necessary part of our reality. Through it, we learn and grow. Just as we learn from joy. It is duality, right? That's why Jesus' teaching of forgiveness is so important. We are Spirit experiencing itself in the Earth Game. The heart is the compass of Spirit. The mind is trickier. It processes both divine intuition/imagination and the fear-based ego. Connect through the heart, the mind will follow.
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Signs of water found on Mars! Could it be we're truly not alone in the Universe? I hear doors opening as new possibilities rush into mass consciousness. We're racing down the evolutionary path toward Unity on the long journey home. But there are birthing pains. There are those who react contractively to expanding consciousness. Witness the contractive religion and politics of the day. Witness the War of Cultures. Violence is a contractive reaction used to disrupt Unity and reinforce separation from the Source - war, military, terrorism, "The Passion". Fear not, it's just the final blaze in the sunset of violence.
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This weekend, we celebrate Sunshine Angel's 14th Birthday. Last night, we took Sunshine and a few friends to The Ruth Page Center (in Chicago) to see "Lifted", a multi-media ballet. As we sped down the Eisenhower, a good rockin' song played on their station, KISS FM. The girls were singing and swaying when Amanda shouted, "Hey, let's start a rock band!" Anna yelled, "Yeah! I wanna be the singer!" "I'll be the guitar player!" cried Mimi. "I get to play the drums then!" declared Amanda. "I'm gonna play the glockenspiel," the Angel deadpanned. FYI, "Lifted" was great. Go see it.
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I stood in my business suit mingling with the other suits. Bumped into an unfamiliar guy and introduced myself. He was an older guy, compact and immaculately groomed, with an energy that was manic and unnatural. He talked at me like an Uzi Machine Gun and my knees buckled from the foul odor of his breath. Later, I learned Mr. Uzi was the after-dinner speaker. He spoke to an audience of professionals in a highly unprofessional manner and ended his speech saying "Let's bomb the crap outta those Iraqis and get our boys home safely!" He was full of shit.
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Can democracy be installed at gunpoint? Are prisoners at that Iraqi prison tortured regardless of who's in charge? Is this really a Liberation? Where are the peacemakers? Bush, Sharon, Arafat, Saddam, the Clerics, Cheney, Kerry - are they peacemakers? We revere peacemakers like Gandhi, M.L. King, Anwar Sadat, Rabin, Jimmy Carter, Gorbachev but we rarely put them in power or keep them in power. Do heroes take up arms to kill their fellow humans for a cause? Have we exercised our freedom with honor and compassion? Is the wealth we pursue, the wealth of God? Will we ever have "enough"?