BY Kellyn

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Nothing excites me more than being on my own and living the life I have always wanted to live. There is something about independence, bravery, and using my intelligence to make it in life. Kieran Culkin's character in Igby Goes Down is my hero. At a young age, he makes it out on his own and learns more about life and living than he could imagine. Already a smart person, he is able to use his intelligence and wit in manipulating his way through situations. He messes up and makes bad decisions. He eventually learns and becomes a stronger person.
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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." Moulin Rouge is the story of two lovers from two different worlds overcoming all obstacles to be together. The movie displays the couples passion for each other in song and dance. The songs in the movie are covered songs from artists from the 60's to present. The way the songs are performed and the way they reach out and grab your attention is what I admire most. Their performance captures your heart and puts your love life in perspective. I'm now not a hopeless romantic.
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Sometimes I think that erasing someone from my memory would be the most amazing thing that could happen to me. Waking up one day and not having the drama and burdens that a certain person put you through seems like it would be fit. Maybe everything that person put you through was important for your maturity. Maybe without that person you would be steered in the wrong direction. What is that person's thoughts and ambitions were to strengthen your thoughts and ambitions? They could have helped you further explore who you are and what you are to be; or not.
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The book "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold makes me wonder about after-life. I was brought up a Catholic, so automatically I am supposed to believe in this place called Heaven. However, after reading this book, I wonder what else is out there. Am I am going to live in another society? Will I be by myself? Will I be able to live my own life and not under the rule of someone else? Is this place as wonderful as it sounds? In all honesty, I think I'm going to be buried under ground, decayed, and that's it. I'm done.
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Requiem for a Dream is one of my favorite films. It opened up many doors in my life to express the tragedies of drug use. Not only heroin, cocaine, and acid, but diet pills can absolutely ruin your life. The messages were conveyed in artistic ways. When someone was high, the camera angles were odd and off. When Sarah was on diet pills, or speed, every thing was fast and stirred up. I felt I knew the characters personally, and saw them suffer. By the end of the movie, I felt their pain, and their message got across to me.
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Codeseven's lyrics to their song "Southie" is unreal. After listening to the song, I liked it, but after seeing it live, I loved it. The lyrics are about someone who is in a relationship and it is slowly falling apart. Although the lyricist says that they are in love, he knows that what they have isn't strong enough. I feel that he loves her a lot, but I'm sure that she doesn't love him. This is clearly stated in his words "I'm not frettin' but it's safe to say somebody got away with my memories this time, again, this time."
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I think the story "Lust" by Susan Minot is a great story for teenagers to read. The story expresses the pressures and desires that younger girls go through. The main character is warped into thinking that sex is what is expected when you have a relationship with a boy. Young girls need to realize that their body is very delicate and should not be used a toy. The girl in the story even refers to her body as a slab of meat the guys throw around. Self image is huge in growing up, and you need to appreciate your self.
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Everybody goes through a time in their life when they feel separated from reality. They are in a state of loneliness. e. e. Cummings displays these emotions in his poem "l(a." Although this poem only has four words, which are "loneliness" and "a leaf falls", it holds much character. He expresses this in the motion of a leaf falling and eventually landing on the ground. Another important quality of the poem is how the word "one" in "loneliness" stand out. It proves that the poem is about being alone. Loneliness doesn't last forever because the poem comes to an end.
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In Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Cask of Amontillado", there is question about who the antagonist and protagonist are. I think that the protagonist is Fortunado, making Montresor the antagonist. Montresor clearly states in the beginning of the story that he is seeking revenge. I think an antagonist would work the problem out and not be so revengeful. Fortunado is a cocky person, which is not exactly the quality of an antagonist. However, I think he is a sincere character and did not deserve to die. Needless to say, Montressor is sick in the head and is definitely an anti-hero.
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The movie "Finding Nemo" portrays a father/son relationship. It is about guiding your child into a bright future and allowing mistake and learning from it. Every parent is given one chance to raise their child. In this process, the parent must be willing to keep their child grounded, yet allow them to make their own decisions. It is only with fault do we learn right. The moral of this movie is letting go of your child and permitting them to experience life through their own perspective. "You breathe, you choke, you breath again." I think this quote summarizes "Finding Nemo."
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Dead Poetic's lyrics from "Molotov" explain how it feels when you are under pressure of letting something go in you life; not just letting go of anything, something that is tearing your life apart. No matter how much this thing kills you, if you are attached to it, it seems like death letting it go. The lyrics express how much life will be better without it. It might hurt letting go, and it might hurt after, but not for long. Expressing your feelings and being yourself is the only way to happiness. Without happiness, we might as well be dead.
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William Faulkner's story "A Rose for Emily" holds more meaning that I think the average person perceives. The story is about a lonely woman, who kills the only man she cared for, and sleeps next to him for years after his death. I think the symbolization of the rose is the man she killed. The woman never had any man who loved her, so when she found one, she killed him so that she wouldn't lose him. A rose makes a woman feel loved and needed. The dead corpse was metaphorically her rose. She felt love, and wouldn't lose it.
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As I Lay Dying's lyrics from "Collision" express how much the writer's life was touched by another being. The writer speaks of their worlds colliding and making everything perfect. The person the writer speaks of makes his/her life complete. Whether or not the person stays in his life, they will never fade from their life. The person has touched him/her in such a way that it will never leave their heart. The writer has been touched and knows that no one else will do what they person has done to them. It is yet another chapter of the writer's life.
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One of my favorite childhood movies was Alice in Wonderland. It's funny how it became one of my favorite adult movies 15 years later. The movie reaches out to both children and adults in two different perspectives. The child sees the film as a girls adventure through wonderland, resulting in a dream. An adult views it as a psychedelic acid trip and ecstasy high. Eating mushrooms, eating "candy" that makes you "blow up", and talking to caterpillars smoking out of a hookah isn't exactly what you talk to you child about. However, Disney Productions displays it as magical to children.
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Drugs have a sad way of taking over your mind and body. You begin to get hooked and then you become addicted. Requiem for a Dream is about four different lives all ruined due to addiction. Although all four of these individuals have greats aspirations for their future, all their dreams are shattered because of their sick obsessions. The film ends showing how they all have failed and how they betrayed their friends, family and themselves. It is important that mature teens watch this movie before making stupid and careless decisions. Habits are possible to get rid of, not addictions.
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Nothing hurts worse than being pushed away by someone you love so dearly. It's equivalent to hearing the words "It's not you, it's me." "Konstantine", by Something Corporate, is a song written for people who have experienced this tragedy. The singer explains how much is loved this girl and how he had huge dreams for himself with her included. He says "…but I'm slipping in between you and your big dreams, it's always you in my big dreams." It always hurts to see something or someone in your future and have it torn away from you. Konstantine is very self-centered.
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The poem "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson is about judging a book by its cover. Richard Cory is described as a wealthy, good-looking, gentleman. He is admired by everyone and is even said to "glitter." Judging from what we know about Richard, it is almost safe to say that he is well rounded and above all things happy. Is it not most everyone's dream to be wealthy, handsome, and above all things respected. The poem ends with how Richard Cory puts a bullet through his head. We have no idea what goes on through people's heads. Judgment is deceiving.
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The movie A Walk to Remember makes me realize how important it is to live life to its fullest. Mandy Moore plays a character that is dying from leukemia and has stopped responding to treatments. Her faith and desires keep her head up high and keep her from caving in. She knows death is quickly approaching her, but lives her life as if nothing could get in her way. She loves, hates, smiles, dances, and worships. She cries, but for happiness. Just as the great James Dean said, "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."
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Norma Jean's lyrics to "Creating Something out of Nothing, only to Destroy" talks of war and controversy. Norma Jean's whole album "Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child" is about how fighting is not necessary. Particularly in this track, they speak of how people use weapons of destruction. He completes the song by saying that his anger and hatred towards war and battle becomes words; these words are his weapons. "This becomes my pistol. This becomes my dagger of my time." These people are weak for their barbaric actions. The song ends "Like bringing a knife to a gun fight."
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A leopard never loses it spots. This can be directed towards Stanley Kubrick's movie of "A Clockwork Orange", based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. A raping, murdering, delinquent is sent to prison and experimented by a group of doctors to change his ways. When the boy is faced with his former influencing past, he is sickened and unable to commit his past crimes. The story has a twist at the end. Sarcastically, the boy says in his head "I was cured alright." The point that I get from the story is that Alex cannot be cured. A delinquent forever.
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Armor for Sleep's lyrics to "Dream to Make Believe" is inspirational to those who feel they cannot escape reality. The writer is obviously hurt by the people surrounding him and mentions leaving this world. He accomplishes it because he knows he can. He doesn't have to listen to drama if he doesn't want to. He can be on his own in his own world and not have to worry about a thing. The lyrics are encouraging to people who feel that they don't fit into society. This band encourages people to use their imaginations and let their mind run free.
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The Mars Volta is a band derived from At the Drive In. Their first full album entitled "De-Loused in the Comatorium" holds more meaning than the average person thinks. The album is about a man who slips into a coma. Each song is a new dream the man has. Each dream has crazy adventures and is encountered with the struggle between good and evil. Feelings include "I'm defected," "I'm lost," and "Is anybody there." The twisted and disturbing lyrics and sound of this album confuses you like the comatose man. The man awakens from the coma and wants to die.
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Muse's lyrics from "Falling Away with You" make me think about a relationship I had. Everything was great for awhile, but as time passed, we began to conflict. Lying, cheating, fighting all eventually led us to a split. I moved away, and all I could remember were the great things we had. As soon as we dated for the second time, all the horrible memories approached us again. As the song says, I felt my world, my life, and my soul crumbling when I was with him. The song ends "Watching the flash backs intertwine, memories I will never find."
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"Sober" by Muse can be interpreted as turning to a best friend when in need. However, in this song, the lyricist's best friend seems to be alcohol. Speaking of Royal Canadian blended Wild Turkeys, Arbouler/Jameson, and how they burn inside of him. He repeats the words "You're the only reason that I remain unfrozen." The man is obviously depressed about something and turns to alcohol to get it off of his mind. "Suppose it stands to reason, that you would turn on me" is said frequently. It's safe to say that alcohol will always be there, until it runs out.
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Loving someone so much and not being able to tell them is a feeling that cannot be put into words. However, that was until Muse came up with the song "Endlessly." The song expresses how much he loves this woman and how he would give her the everything. She'll never know that he feels this way; he just wants to make her happy. He says "I won't leave you falling if the moment ever comes" twice before he says "but the moment never comes." When he's there to save her, he wants to tell her. He's never given the opportunity.
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The fim "Find Richard" was directed and produced my Al Pacino. I think was Al Pacino was trying to do was make an Old English play into a new catchy play. Most people are turned off by Old English plays because they are hard to understand, boring, and long. Pacino made this film knowing this and performed the same story, but in a better, more comprehensive way. After acting out a scene, the actors and actresses sat together and talked about the emotion and character of the scene they just performed. This makes a confusing Old English story crystal clear.
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William Shakespeare's play of Richard III has much meaning behind it. Richard is physically handicapped with a hump on his back. He wants to become king and cheats and lies his way up to the throne. He discards his family and friends just so he can be crowned. People will do whatever it takes to gain power; it is with power you get respect. Because of his ugliness, he wants to be treated like everyone else. Better yet, he wants to be treated better than everyone. He wants to be on top because he has always been on the bottom.
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The Yeah Yeah Yeah's lyrics to their song "Maps" are amazing. "They don't love you like I love you" and "Don't stray, my kind's your kind I'll stay the same" are the main lyrics in the song. So where does the word "map" come from? I think that when you are lost and you cannot find your way, you turn to a map and it leads you exactly where you need to go. She is referring to their connection as her map. This "map" has led her to him and she is completely content that she has finally found him.
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Every Time I Die's lyrics to their song "Romeo a go-go" are really intense. He sings of how much shit he has gone through dealing with his girlfriend. He refers to a hospital related things throughout the whole song because I think he feels that their situation is that bad. He feels hurt, he wants to hurt, and she did this all. He is tired of it all as stated, "And maybe I'd object, if I felt at all alive." He has done everything for her, and he has been the perfect guy, but not this time around. She's out.
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"The greatest lovers were murders first." This is my favorite quote taken from Every Time I Die's song "She's my Rushmore." I think what they are trying to convey is that there is no love without hate. This is no good without evil. No one can really understand what love is without hatred. They use hatred with the intense idea of murder, but they get the point across. You learn to appreciate things, especially if you have never had it before. The cliché murderer has no love in his life. Once he finds it, he will not let it go.
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The most inspirational band I have ever listened to is Switchfoot. Not exactly liking their style, their lyrics are amazing, especially "I Dare you to Move." The lyrics guarantee you that you are going to mess up and you are going to fail; no one is perfect. Switchfoot is trying to convince you that you are able to accomplish anything; it just might take more tries. "Where can you run to escape from yourself? Where you gonna go? Salvation is here." These lyrics assure someone in need that all is well. Failure is just a lesson, not a let down.