BY kenfuck

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The last woman I fucked, I met over the internet. I met her in one of the private chat rooms where you post a message and they respond to it. My message was about my current girlfriend and how she was suffering with enormous personal problems which, believe it or not, was true. Well, we were chatting it up and we exchanges pictures and talked on the phone and I discovered she lived nearby. Finally one night, we decided to meet half way and have dinner. I had plans to go camping that chilly weekend in November with some friends.
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I packed some warm weather gear and headed to the campsite in a caravan of cars and trucks. We set up camp and by dark I had made my escape to go meet this woman. I drove up to the next town, and seeing her car, I passed by it in the hopes to get a glimpse of her before I committed myself to meeting her. I couldn't see her clearly, so I drove up to her car and we both got out. She looked about 50 pounds heavier than her picture and had a gut like a sumo wrestler.
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Well, she made some remark that I had looked ‘similar' to my picture and I said ‘ you don't really look like yours.' But we must have both been horny because she agreed to go get some dinner. No surprise, considering she looked like she never missed a meal. While, having dinner, I showed her some pictures of my troubled girlfriend, but she was little interested. After dinner, we drove around awhile, having a beer at a bar, talking some. She wasn't really that intelligent I discovered. And neither was I apparently. So, we eventually decided to drive to the campsite.
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I had to drive over the rough roads to get to the site, and I was surprised that this woman would go to a secluded spot in the woods, with a complete stranger. I could've had friends waiting to rape and kill her but she just sat there and smiled. Once at the campsite, I parked and we talked in the car. It was dark and in the distance, I could see the campfire. We started to make out in my car, and I had one of her giant breasts in my hand when I decided I wanted a blowjob.
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I stopped kissing her frying pan face for a minute when I undid the belt of my pants and removed my erection and turned back to look at her. She looked at me and hesitated, but reluctantly went down on me. In about 30 seconds I came, and she rose up and wanted a kiss, but I started nursing her breasts and eventually found my way to her vagina, and after much work, brought her to orgasm with my hand. Afterward, I had the dreaded feeling of being trapped. It was early in the morning and I wanted to sleep.
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We ended up walking to the campsite, as I knew of no way to escape her now. I should have had an escape plan, but I didn't prepare. Well, everyone was drunk or asleep when we got to the site, and she met the others and soon we were off to the tent. I had not been prepared for temperatures in the lower 30's even though I had a large quilt and some other clothes. I tried to sleep, but my date kept wanting to fuck, and I just maintained my space on the skimpy mattress. It was soon hopeless.
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The cold air and my desire to sleep conspired agony in me to rise and go near the fire. I was dazed and a little drunk. I stood there and she came out to stand beside me. We did this until dawn, with her talking and me making monosyllabic grunts, wishing I were in my warm bed. Before dawn, I had watched the early signs of daylight and how it made the woods look eerie and sinister, but with a beauty unseen by me. This proved to be inspirational, because I suggested to her that we should get some breakfast.
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We left the campsite, having slept little if at all. The car's heater improved my attitude, but still only reminded me of how much sleep I had missed. Once we arrived at the chosen restaurant, we sat bleary eyed and dazed, looking over the menu and at the plump waitress who brought us coffee unsolicited, which indicated we looked like shit. An older couple across the privacy barrier had been staring at us intently, as if to prove their own righteousness in being sober citizens slurping their Sunday breakfasts. I shot a glance at them and they quickly looked away.
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After I watched her eat pancakes, bacon, and eggs, it was time to say goodbye. I tried to be congenial about it but I'm sure she sensed the awkwardness of the moment. All I wanted was to sleep and to do it in my own bed. We said goodbye and kissed, and right after I had realized she had neither brushed her teeth or made any attempt to spruce herself up or wash when we got to the restaurant. So I watched her drive away, not caring if she was satisfied or if I was going to see her again.
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I'm in a new week. That in itself is more challenging than anything else I have before me. After being alone for a couple of years, I am finding the urge to date again. Why? Why would I want to put myself through this again? The only reason I can think of; masturbation has lost its allure. No longer are fake images on the internet as intriguing as they once were. I am also interested in mental stimulation and to converse on a higher level, instead of listening to endless blather about the problems of everyday life. Long week ahead.
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Well, the fucking taxes are finally finished. More wasting of my time to appease the government's desire to further their fetish of getting up my ass. These cocksuckers know no boundaries and will go to any length to torture its citizens. Meanwhile, the whole miserable fucking system is abused by the rich corporate fuckers. How did this get so fucked up? We let them take over our country to further their fucked up agendas. Well I got a message for every bureaucrat in any government position who looks upon its citizens as just more lifeblood they can suck..."Fuck You!"
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It is already the 12th day of the month. What the hell happened? I fell into my routine of complacency and realized I was here. How ridiculously mundane. When will I get a chance to live a little? When will I explore the wonderful planet? Outward, there are many possibilities. Can I become a hobo? Hit the rails in search of the America that is meant to be? Relish in the dirt and beauty of being a hobo? Drinking wine, writing, experiencing freedom, eating from a made fire, sleeping under the stars. Fellaheen exuberance, what a life this could be!
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People are truly strange. Most of us expects the world to live up to some acceptable standards. If everyone knew all the dirty little secrets of one another, then you wouldn't go near them. There are many people who can't practice descent hygiene. The simple task of wiping your asshole is foreign to some. Or shaving, cleaning ones ears or fingernails. Who are these people? Why can't they buy some soap, maybe a toothbrush and clean their filthy asses? I had a friend who dated a woman who was turned on by body odor. Now that is very strange indeed.
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Upon reading our forgotten words of fornication inspired love, I realized that I was a mere vehicle for conveying your needs. Like a car that breaks down, you cursed and kicked me because I didn't perform to your liking. The final thought on that matter was when you thought your vagina was a warm safe place where I could hide from the cold world outside. But hence, I discovered that it was much worse in there than being alone in the world. For you were only part of the bigger evil, and now you have paid the price of admission.
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See Kenfuck. See Kenfuck write. Write, write, write. Kenfuck and his writing. See Kenfuck in mental agony. See Kenfuck wrestle with demons of his past. Baggage, baggage, baggage. See Kenfuck's friends and family watch Kenfuck piss his life away without reason. Piss, piss, piss. There he goes everyday. See Kenfuck meet a nice lady. See her cringe from his presence. Go away! See Kenfuck. Staring at a wall. Think, think, think. What will Kenfuck think of next? See Kenfuck sad. Sad, sad, sad. This is what Kenfuck was taught to believe. No God, no happiness, no love. See Kenfuck write.
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Pondering the fate of the near full moon tonight. How many youths are chasing that feverish urge? Heavy metal atmosphere, thick with Marlboro and perfume. Can that instant love be far away? Suddenly you see her, and approach. Thick wet red tongue sneaks into your own gullet...and then once you undo your chubby, its all about love then. Under the fake full moon is your body on top, hers under the weight of your urge...she submits to your force. How about we meet again, once this feeling returns? No, you are thinking about love, it won't happen, baby.
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Once I was a front line cook in a semi-fancy restaurant. All the cooks were generally foulmouthed and uncouth, but I was the worst. My running commentary on the bourgeois clientele to the bashing of gay waiter shenanigans often caused a manager to cringe. My obnoxious attitude carried over into after work, where we would repair to a bar and drink feverishly until the wee hours of morning. I often became even more belligerent and obnoxious by then. This led to me taking off my pants in the little park across from Union Station, causing all to scream with laughter.
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I imagine my boss is real pissed at me now. It's been nearly eight weeks since I have worked, and all the time collecting a fat paycheck. Well, fuck those pricks. If any working man can stick it to a major corporation then so be it. I'm happy that my boss, his boss and so on are building anger inside to unleash on anyone but me. I imagine the bosses have to lash out at their families and friends and even strangers. I take pride in this, because these bosses create animosity. I just hope I can do it again.
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This entry is for men. I wanted to bring to your attention about a group of people who are united to cut your balls off. It is called the ‘Pussy Union'. If you have never been up against the Pussy Union, let me tell you, it is a force to be reckoned with. This union uses all underhanded tactics to gain a foothold in your life, in order to break your balls. Their methods are varied, but effective. Be aware of the princess complex. It's the condition where a woman thinks she's a princess and all should bow before her.
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To continue, another condition is the ‘Poor little Daddy's girl' syndrome. Basically, this woman is looking for a replacement for her Daddy, who doted on her all her life. This caused the woman to delay growing up, thus creating a child in a grown woman's body. Another type of woman in the Pussy Union is the ‘Best Friend'. She likes to hang with the boys, but wants to have as many on a string as she can. To do this, she makes demands of each man to fit her needs. Ultimately, this makes enemies of men who were once friends.
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Finally, to conclude this rant on why I LOVE women, I have to admit that falling victim to the Pussy Union in any of these ways is not uncommon, but when one falls for the slut, the turbo-slut of all creation, then you have experienced the wrath of ball breaking torture. A slut will eventually ruin a man both emotionally and financially and if you manage to escape her grip without doing something stupid like getting her pregnant, contacting a STD or buying her a car, then you have learned from this and can use that knowledge in the future.
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When I was younger, I was always fascinated by my friend's mothers. One friend's mother was always walking around in just a bra, and she had a cavity or a scar on her chest, just above the bra and it went in pretty far. I think she had radiation treatment or something. It was kind of weird. This friend lived in a small shotgun apartment with his mom, stepdad and 3 dogs. It was a filthy mess with dogshit everywhere, plus it was crawling with cockroaches. I didn't care about that, because he had cool toys. Still, it was bad.
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I had a friend in grade school, Herb. I'm not sure how this rumor started but I believe Herb said his mother, was quite horny and would often ask Herb to use a massager on her back. He said she would remove her bra and lie down on her stomach, her breasts in full view. Herb would move the massager up and down her back and he noticed her breasts were becoming hard about the areola. We all thought this was possibly fabricated for our benefit. I confronted Herb and he looked away shyly and said ‘No, that didn't happen.'
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Another weekend just passed. I was thinking of how nice it would be if my life were like the people on TV, even if it were for 30 minutes. Like a sit-com. I played with my dog and did some remodeling chores. I found a dead mouse on the window sill with shit leaking out its ass. I presume it ate the poison I had left out. Later, I had found a hole outside my house where the little rodents came in. I quickly made up some mortar and filled it up. Plugged another hole. Rodents visit me frequently, yes.
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It isn't right that I haven't been on a real date in 2 plus years. I have tried all my friends, and that leads to only more disappointment. Dating services are rip-offs and there is no way I am going back into the bars, except to drink. So now we are here. After 20 years of dicking around looking for a suitable companion, the best I was able to date was an overweight pothead, a whiskey and coke eating witch, an ex-biker whore, and a used up drug addicted alcoholic with multiple sclerosis and ovarian cancer. Now that is depressing.
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The last girlfriend I had was the one with MS and cancer. Let me set the record straight and mention she did have a chance to clean up her act and quit the drugs, alcohol and bad food. But it didn't matter because of the MS. She needed my help and although I helped her with all of it, I couldn't take the Zoloft, Valium, 1 or 2 bottles of wine per day, not glasses, BOTTLES...and all the moody underhanded shit. Anyway, that's over. I am the bad guy she mentioned in therapy. I didn't answer her vicious letters.
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As fate would have it, I have been invited to a party. Not a music or birthday bash like at the big idiot bar, but a baby shower. I don't know how I was added to the invitation list, but I think this is a solicitation of friendship, when this is a mere acquaintance. Really, it must be rather devious to concoct a list of potential gift bearers and narrow it down to a few who will follow through. I suppose I should call and decline the invite, but this will require me to have a reason for doing this.
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I'm going to go off here about self absorbed people who expect everyone to acknowledge that they are a super individual who has the ability to see through all the bullshit and pass judgement on the next poor soul because this somehow is their right. I say FUCK THEM! Believe me, if someone starts telling me how I'm doing this wrong or that wrong then we will have a problem. Then you can go back and think about that, you stupid cocksucker. So to all the pompous fucks with your fucking college piece of shit degree, eat my ass, fuckface.
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I didn't sleep well again. This is like a week now and I'm all tired and jumpy. I was lying awake and reminiscing about the great salad days when I would maybe sleep with a couple of women a week, and juggle them from one date to the next. I forgot sometimes when we were supposed to meet, but this only made them more feisty when we would fuck. I loved that. But time marches on, no more hot dates and juggling girlfriends. I had a flat stomach and burned off anything I ate back then. Thus our idols crumble.
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I might have gotten all the angst out of my system here on 100words. Whether anyone reads or understands my drivel is beyond me, but I really don't care. I know people are going to be who they are no matter how hard they try to be good in all its forms. The disturbing thing about the world is the seamy underside of human nature. This is what I see and generally write about. We all hold ourselves in high regard, and that bullshit about having low self esteem is propaganda to fill the offices of psychologists. Fuck those faggots.
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As an angry man, I have discovered the root of my anger is the sheer actions of mankind. Some of these include, ignorance, avarice, exploitation,violence, self-righteousness, indolence and many others. I know a lot of what I have written here contradicts these examples, and being true to my words, I am a product of this society, which I hold in contempt. And finally: You have to give a damn to get anywhere in life. You can't get something for nothing. No one is better than anyone else. And all miserable back stabbers and evildoers get it in the end.