BY AmyLizK

06/01 Direct Link
Crafty fingers weaving wonders
Through Maryland misconceptions
There's a toll road with your name

Floating over to complacency
Someone's toying with tranquility
Her grip is taut
Success and pride for naut
Raised not to see

There's a bar stool with your name on it
Jackknife scratched off the
Y, why
Wino made it fashionable
She's glossing retro primed

Lebanon bombing at 1am
You're at the bottom of a pint
Getting dick is more important
Than fighting Bush

Sports bra cross-dresser on Randolph
7am flashes of life gone
A rye is getting skinny
In Trenton gutters
In western dawn
06/02 Direct Link
Forty years
For too many lessons
Left unlearned
Women who
Eternally burn

Follow footsteps away from home
Marlo to sorrow
To Debbie Harry
Telling us so

Perpetuated male-speak
Littered with contrivances
Wonder why women
Are still unraveling silences

Your chromosome fell off
X to Y to why the
Hell, are you leading me?
I'm breeding you
And breathing
Learning how to see

Mystique meanders under
Hemlines ripped
Ripping back our progress
See only sex-objects
When we present our sex
In photographs, in film

Not everyone will get there
With open legs
Don't re-neg
Stand by new stance
06/03 Direct Link
Owl sitting
Top of the hill
To the left of me
You lean
Against a beaten up
Pick up
Quiet, calmly
The owl cooed
More than hooted
That was the attraction
Next to you
Questioning my integration
What is the addition
Of man into wilderness
Stubble makes
Soft skin course
Run my course
Owl stares
Perched on a branch
A parked car
Drawing radiance
Away are far-flung
Birds who
Lose flight
From trying too hard
I stumble
To you, Owl
Soft feathers and
Knowing eyes
Wrap me up
Into your
Levitating disguise
06/04 Direct Link
There’s Haze
A few miles back
To new lands
A bridge
With lover’s hands
Hand Haze
To the Past
Laying under
A Christmas
It says, “We’ll meet again.
I swear.”

Farming days
Haven’t broken way
Distraught He is
She holds his
Past heart
White washed
Teaching heart
To disguise
This Holiday

What more to do
Than walk you through
Blocks away
Past says to
Arguments - who would
Win in a fight
Man versus myth
A temperamental tryst
With misdirected days

Oh, Haze
Guide his hand
Go free
Stretched too thin
No celebrating
06/05 Direct Link
Remember days
Never spent
Only reminisced about
A fondness found cerebrally
Not based in actuality.
Tell me what you think.
Tell me, why the letters?

Find me waiting
Many states away
In a state you’ll never find
Complacency reminds you
Never look too hard
Let life pass by
Never mind those days
Of soggy haze and horseshoes
My nemesis
A show in case I fall
Just because I came to you
With scrapes and self-inflicted wounds
Doesn’t mean you
Stitched them up
I learned to sew
Before I ever met you
Tender headed lovelorn fool
Don’t believe the letters
06/06 Direct Link
A secret
From recording
Masterful illusions
Of, "I kid you not."
I'm who I say
Not telephone wire
Persona decay
Rip open a vest
Of first layer skin
Now leaking
From your thoughtless teeth
Never speak to me
There's a dialogue
Unfortunately formidable
Spilling all
Your details
To secret agents on the sly
So sly
With code names
Eluding shit
Red is red
And you've painted
My face
Cross wires
Ungodly hours
Take back
Every word you say
Head is pulsing
Tasting like lead
Heavy water
Wash away
The sins you said
I'd commit
06/07 Direct Link
Don't worry
I'm not coming
I don't want
To talk
To you
I won't
Until I know
What will
Of this
This set-up
For fuck-up
Needn't drag you in
The way you
Dragged me under
The wheels
Of your
Oil Tanker
Slicking up
The road
Lighting a match
And setting
My future
This flame
Holding my breath
Until the
Decide what's done
To persecute
Or overlook
Your fool
Mishap of misspeak
I'm not
Your calls
Call me out
Out from under
Blanket of disguise
Never understand
You're supposed to
Be a man
06/08 Direct Link
Every step must be calculated
Up aluminum steps
Descending threats
Of never making it out alive
This place will crush your soul
Drastically she made
A cutting motion
Splattered for the media
On a small scale – it's only literal
Divides the meager from the men?
Boot straps won't keep
This kid
The loop of Breaking News
With, "What'd you do?"
Guilty conscience
Has met it's match
When that
Is every batch trying to 'make it' in
This scene
Of creating a scene
When no one is watching you
Small town delusional
Of Generation
Why not me?
06/09 Direct Link
When is the right time
To redefine
A life time
Of words
How do you know when to evaporate
Never mind
Disintegrate - something right
Wanting everything all wrong
She's tucked away in a special drawer
When do you know when to give up the fight
Give up the ghost
Of nothing right
How do you know when the bridge is done
Chorus repeated
An indefinite song
She's hearing a skipping track
Smoke signals from
TV screens
I don't listen to them anymore
A match blown out
Still lights the trash on fire
When do you know lighter fluid's expired?
06/10 Direct Link
How far away is Allentown
In minutes, miles
In back-pedaling steps?
Route 195 East
Toward home
West toward forever
It calls my name more
Than any other road
Knowing the days it knows
Yesterday's fog lifts around
Her car
Turning off headlights
To see the wind
Three hundred miles
Should feel much
Seems like
Up in Essex county
Talking microphones
On New Years Eve
American Bandstand
Is now on my left hand
With me I'll go
I'll take you on misadventures
You'll quick forget
When the mail
Is delivered
At 3:30
The most inconvenient time.
06/11 Direct Link
It was Chicago
Three years ago
Autumn drunks having
Conversations in
The alley backyard
Stepping over
Crushed cans of PBR
"Hey man, I'll trade you
Some pot for one of your
I know you'll make it big
Boston stood
Under train tracks
Lighting smoke stacks
With flashlights made
From streetlamps
And rain
I looked into your eyes
Your smile wide
It was smooth
There was a swordfish hung over
The bar upstairs
Where you ended up
Passing out
In the chair
Next to mine
We're just killing time
Before everyone's
Next show
On the salty streets
Of Victory
06/12 Direct Link
An ambivalent work of
Blinding and baffling
Decided upon by an
Endless necessity
For fruition of thought
Grinding inside
Harbored by hindered proto-conscious
Imagine that!
Joking about reality while
Keeping your cool in questionable
Landscapes lorded over by
Mothering dictators who state
No known sense - made under
Open displays of criticism
Please hear me out
Quit telling me to ingest what I must put to
Sleep soundly in solitude once
Turned around to stable self
Under guise of pay wage
Viable endeavors and
Wine-soaked delusion
X-rayed to display what
You're already writing on this page, reach
06/13 Direct Link
Headache on-set after
Days of distraction
Setting in avoidance
Realizing personal absence.
She sits
Puffing and alone
Sitting on a stepping stone
Working ten hour shifts
In hopes of dreams
Coming true.
What dreams
Come through?
Just waiting for a sign
To say goodbye
To the lover
She didn't ask to love
To the story
She did ask
To write
Where are the days
When priority
Wasn't a word
When distraction was
"Don't give me any excuses."
Was a voice coming out
Of someone else's lips?
Do you get the gist?
Of tempering a day
To live for tomorrow?
06/14 Direct Link
She walks up to her friend
And says,
"I'm sick of you and
The way your parents pay
For you to under-appreciate
Every goddamn thing
You have."

Her friend walks up to her doctor
And says, "I'm sick of how you
Diagnose, tell us things
That aren't true
Because you're too tired
To give a shit."

They all stop at a red light
Separate traffic lights
In the same state
In the same tortured country

Somewhere a tree stands
Someone, somewhere
Is thinking about it
The tree smiles
Inhales the air
Recycles breathing
For everyone else to

06/15 Direct Link
Days run
In calculated components
Of trying time
Trying to find
New ways to usurp
Old times

Old days
Of last-minute
Last-ditch attempts
To flee from town
After a night of good tips

Days spent
Segmented into
Hours of sleep
Hours of passing time
Hours of hours
Compressed and designed

Old days
Of lost hours
Due to lost mind
Blacked by burning
Every candle able to be found
At three ends
Need an extra end
To drive the point home
We're not going home!!

Days run
Together in
Scheduled shifts of
Scheduled programming of
Scheduled series of managing
A lifestyle
06/16 Direct Link
Eagerness spreading to self-righteous lips
It tastes so good
Superiority served chilled
No one know it though
Nights alone
Silence a mighty voice
Never brave enough to form the words
Taken out on the town
There's a bridge, almost the length of her pride
She doesn't want him by her side
Only one shadow on
This street
This self-indulgent streak
Striking fear into the heart of
No one
Maybe him
Maybe the people who no longer call
A forgotten name
A fear of the unknown
Unknowingly she digs deeper into
Self-perpetuated indignant delusion
It's a sick fucking joke
06/17 Direct Link
Time stops
When the space between
The two of you
On the couch
Widens to periphery
Aching hurt
Of memories
You wrote for him
Forgot to give
No present on
A birthday when
While you're deliberating
Over him
Deciding on
Drying skin
Whether or not
You think of him
Or if those thoughts are
There's a minute mark
On the dying spark
You thought would
Light some way
For the two of you
To stay intertwined
Tripping on the vines these days
There's a time to
Say you'll be forever his
But you're not getting this or
Anything out
06/18 Direct Link
He's standing at the train station
Ten minutes after eight
Waiting for her
In the heart of Baltimore
In the summer of six
A love at full volume
With the heat over ninety
And the five foot long
Front seat
They crunched into two
An evolving love
That grew out of conversation
Between Maryland and New Jersey
For two hours debating
The meaning of words
And why she wished
She were there
Not was
There never was a time
Of questioning
Of contemplating
Now that all she
Ever does.
Count to ten
Breathe for(e?) thought
Then stop
The one.
06/19 Direct Link
Up the creaking old staircase
To the sprawling one room attic
With hidden alcoves and sloping closets
Which all make her worry
Of midget monsters and
Very tiny vampires

But all there is is yarn
Spools, mostly in pastels
In cupboards, in trunks
On top of two full-size beds
In drawers and in baskets

Her great-grandmother loved to knit
Many in her family
She instead, likes to sit
And pull buttons off of
Pristine tweed pea coats
With anchors emblazoned
On the lapels

She's weighted down by
Too many things
To have to worry about
Extra buttons
And silly string
06/20 Direct Link
There's no way to process something
Intangible with metered word
About one instance
Culminating from
A thousand
Mixed drinks of emotional days
A love-drenched haze.
Is this why you call first heart-break
The real tell-tale of
Losing first love
A tragedy?
She's fucking comedy
Washing up re-runs of past
Taking them as
Present day
She's wondering if honesty
Spills from fingers
Quicker than one-line
She's trying to tear from her
Mind and throw into
His so at least there's one
Last-ditch attempt at
Intimacy ESP
Do you hear what I hear?
The treble is low
So listen close.
06/21 Direct Link
To figure out your
While you're part of
Someone else
Is a math equation
On the board
In the high school ward that's

Preening all the teens
To propagate the machine -
Churning out one's dreams
In test pages
- answer stages
Someone's staging another scene
"Baby, I know it's me"

Stepping back
To solitude
She listen's to his attitude
He's explaining to her
The latitude of
Blind spots right to her face
She misses the tragedy days
Before the day her daisy
Grew out of the concrete
He said it true
"I can write a rhyme for you."
06/22 Direct Link
All you hear is air vents
The screaming of your own thoughts
He's somewhere now
Hopefully sleeping peacefully
At four a.m. you know you're
The only thoughtful soul awake
Everyone else
Is cramming themselves into
Emotional ping-pong games
That will only last
Hours or days
Before the children – adults
Decide that tricks
Aren't really for
Anyone after all
You agree with your fingers crossed
Behind your back
You determine a fine-line
Living habit
With his and hers
Monogrammed mental
You're looking for a new
Page with letters.
Don't you avoid
YOU don't want to avoid
06/23 Direct Link
There was a hole in the door
The Spanish speaking maintenance men
Came to fix
Two hours tapping on one
In fourteen months of
Forever and ever-
Lasting love
She pushes the glass door closed
With her lover on the phone
Maybe next week
She'll call it quits
There's nothing here
She spits
Rather than find a
Place of her own
She found two other homes
Neither of them quite
Form-fitting, we need
Shoeboxes of
Solitary space
A changing room sized apartment
To bind all your belongings
He's not longing
To size up
The future door is shut.
06/24 Direct Link
An inexplicable painting
Hanging above her bed
In a room with cracked walls
From previous generations
The painting was done
By her - color whorls
Hidden images
The juxtaposition of light
And dark
Positive and negative
She never wanted her Father to keep it
However, it's the only one
He wanted
The painting was not
The bridge to fix
The gap between your
Older and
Mother, where are you now?
You left years ago
Before your time - without memory
Of him or me
Forgot he was your son
You long forgot my name
Ours is not the same.
06/25 Direct Link
Midnight on a Tuesday
Dennis parked his car
Covered in glitter
Next to the Jersey shore
Our constant neighbor
With her yard full of trash

I said, "Look out at the ocean,
There's no telling where it ends."
Dennis sat.
"If nobody had told you
That the Earth was round
We'd never know the difference,"

He had taken me for ice cream
After I had gotten out
Of the hospital

"I've never been
To another country
To me
It's just a cliff."

Dennis is moving off
To Brooklyn
So we sat in the dunes
Toasting the end
Of the world
06/26 Direct Link
You said I should never be
Expecting you
To pick up the phone and call
Or show your face at all
I've always been walking alone
You were a skipping

There was a summer's day
That reminded me of you
Because the wind was calm
And no one came through
I heard the ocean crash
Ushering in my only companion
The grains of sand

I'll be heading back to town
In a week or so
But I won't be looking you
No one reminded me to
Be fed up
I'll just be
On the interstate
And waving
06/27 Direct Link
So journey
Tell the truth
Are these the roads
So anxiously awaited
The freedom
One scrapes
To taste
It's been three
After the
Last month
Your journey away
From me
Are you beginning
To see
More clearly
Without me
To distort
Or retort
With my answers
Disproving your
Coming-of-age intuition
A fruition
Of eighteen years
Of the same goddamn
Suburban do-what-you're-told
So journey
Are you still encouraging
Me to take you
Up on your offer
To follow all
These prophets
Saying, "One day
You'll know what
It means,"
So journey
You're selling me
Smoke screens
Come again
06/28 Direct Link
Three in the morning
Forget Florida
Come live here
With me and my friend
We'll give you a bed
And you can rest from this
Relay we're on the last
Leg of – there's no real
Need to grow up
When we're living in
The effortless era
Of push-button
Nothing controlling my
Boy, you've always been good to me
Driving me up the New Jersey
Turnpike at five
In the morning
So I'll make it to work
For the crooked lawyers
You say, "Forget everything
That happened,
Was it supposed to
Go another way?"
America's not made for
06/29 Direct Link
Her grandmother passed
In a double bed
Two blocks away from
The end of the Earth
The Jersey shore
A sad split-level with clothing, furniture
Every grain of sand

The young girl takes a sweater
Faces the capitol building
With fresh-faced return
An embittered past
Made way for every
Hopeful morning
Driving around the mixing bowl

Another day on the coast
We're surviving
She thinks to herself
In bumper to bumper
Traffic assessed
Another half-assed attempt
Fast-forwarding to the moon

Little girl with her eyes wide
Grandma never understood
But they're sleeping now
In different states
Heading the same way
06/30 Direct Link
A sit-down in Harlem
A stoop that predates me
Over a century
Of goodbye kisses and
Lifetimes missing
America's corner store
You lead me here
A long time passed – ragtime piano
Tap shoes on the steel of the gutter

"Someone lift that manhole so we can hear!
Screams of past block parties
And children who had
Eyes to look toward the future!"

We're looking at the past
Flipping through
The photo album
Every city block
Neighbors invite us in
Tell us of the great-grandfather
Who stole back the borough
For the black man
His picture hangs
Above a cala lily