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My daughter is the best part of my life. Even after I’ve had the worse day possible as soon as I see her cute little smile I have to smile. It is like some drug has taken over because I forget anything that was making me unhappy. My little pride and joy just recently needed eyeglasses. This made her so happy. I on the other hand felt a little uneasy. I didn’t want any thing to be wrong for my girl. When I saw how happy she was, I was relieved. She has magical powers that warm my heart everyday!
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I was stuck in traffic for an hour today. I finally went across the median after the lengthy stand still. I really felt horrible for all the people that were stuck as I drove down the opposite side and saw the traffic beginning to stack up for miles. As I exited the interstate I heard the unfortunate news on the radio, there had been an accident with numerous fatalities. It is really sad to hear about innocent people simply going home from work and something so horrible as a car coming from the opposite direction appearing out of no where.
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Why is math a required subject no matter what kind of degree you are seeking? It is amazing to me that if I want to teach 2nd grade students I have to complete four math courses. I don’t feel that if you are seeking a degree in elementary education that you should have to take college algebra I and II in community college and god knows how much math at the state university. A degree in elementary education isn’t going to allow me to teach high school students so I don’t feel that I should be required to take Algebra.
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Today I read in the Newspaper about the Accident on I-4 that occurred the other day. I was astonished to learn that two of the victims in the accident were not even injured. I saw the cars, or remains of what looked like cars, on the news and they were horrendous. The newspaper states that the guardrails that once resided in the medians along that stretch of the interstate before the road was widened would have prevented the accident from occurring. I hope that maybe something will be done to help these kinds of accidents from happening in the future.
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Sometimes the media can be more of a hindrance than help. I know that the weather people can’t actually tell what is going to happen, however, I expect that when the weather people say that you need to get ready for 20 inches of rain, (as they did on Thursday) for it to at least rain. On Friday it did not even rain one drop at my house. Nor did it on Saturday or Sunday. I really feel sorry for the people who panicked and went out and bought all of the survival items in preparation for the storm that wasn’t.
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Children are so funny! Children think that the smallest things are really big deals. My daughter likes to go camping in our living room. She thought that putting our huge tent up inside of the house was the greatest thing ever! She put her sleeping bag in there and her pillows, and settled in for the night. She wanted me sleep in there with her but I guess that I am getting to old to sleep on the floor, because I couldn’t sleep at all. I put her puppy in the tent with her and snuck off to my bed!
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I think that more adults should go back to school and seek their college degrees. Most people think of college as boring and too time consuming. These days college is so easy to attend. The colleges make attendance not an issue with their offerings of on-line courses and telecourses. It is a wonderful thing for people who work with families. My husband and I go to class together and are actually enjoying every minute of it. The teachers that we have had so far are really down to earth and easy to learn from. We have enjoyed college immensely
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Today I received some disturbing news. I heard from an employee at another school that the principal of our school had been promoted and would be leaving our school. This disturbs me for two reasons. One, why couldn’t we be informed about our own principal, who is very dear to all of us that she was leaving. Two, the news in itself about her leaving disturbs me. The school board works in peculiar ways to me. I feel that just like out of the school system you have to provide two weeks notice so should employees of the school district.
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Well, today the news was confirmed about our principal leaving us. I feel so terrible. She is such a sweet and dear person it will be very hard for someone to come in and fill her shoes. Just the news of her departure is so sad. To top it all off today is her final day at our school. As I listened to her heartbreaking speech to all of our students I found myself crying. I gave her a hug and told her congratulations! I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to go since she was crying.
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Politics, I guess that I will never understand all of the ins, outs, dos and don’ts. I feel that things in the office that directly affect office personnel should be made public. I feel that all of the details of the office should be discussed with the office personnel and at that point if the higher ups wish for the information to remain within the office that the personnel be made aware of the wish for secrecy. If this were the case then maybe we wouldn’t look so blatantly ignorant when people call and we could handle situations more efficiently.
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I read a story about a police officer in the newspaper. The officer was volunteering at a department store as a security guard. The policeman was trying to apprehend two suspects that were shoplifting clothing and he was killed. This kind of story upsets me. It seems so senseless to me that a life had to be lost for some clothing. What is this world coming to when such frivolous things as clothing become so important to people. I think that people should sit back and take a look around them and reevaluate their priorities. Your looks aren’t everything.
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The media can be so misleading at times. It is very depressing to watch the news every night for me. The local news channels try so hard to get current information that they sometimes report things that aren’t the whole story. The news anchors try to get so many sources that the story usually gets turned around. It is hard for me to watch the news because rarely is there any good news. Most of the stories that they report are nightmares. I am always careful as to what I believe on the particular story that they are reporting on.
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Love is a wonderful sensation. I am so glad that I have love in my life. I feel that people that do not get the chance to experience love really have missed out on the most important part of life. Without love I would be so unhappy, lonely and miserable. Love is present every time I look at my husband or my daughter. I just feel this sort of warm, cozy feeling over take me. The sense of peace that comes with it is overwhelming. I really feel sorry for the people that are still searching for true love.
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True love. What is the meaning of true love? I think that a few people only experience true love. True love also has to come with time. I’m not so sure that I believe in the love at first sight thing. How can you love someone you haven’t said one word to? I think that the more you learn about someone, such as the things that maybe make that person unique, will make you fall in love with them. Therefore, I think it takes time to find true love. However, I truly believe there is a person for everyone
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Sometimes people just don’t know when to quit talking. I have this poor guy in my class that every time he speaks he seems to put his foot in his mouth. The sad thing about this is that I don’t think he even realizes how foolish he looks and everyone else just wishes he would hush. I wonder if his whole life is this way, if maybe at times his family wishes he would just be quite. I think at some point or another that we all put our foot in our mouth, others do it all the time.
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Private or Public school? This is such a hard decision for some parents today. I have my daughter in private school and I like it. I work for the public school system on the other hand and see that public school isn’t so terrible. I feel that maybe this classroom reduction size law that was put into affect may have some good long-term outcome for the children. In a private school there are a maximum of twenty children in the classroom. In public school, before the law was passed, there were as many as 35 to 37.
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I feel so sorry for the children of the soldiers that are over in Iraq. I read in the newspaper today about a seven year old little girl that hasn’t seen her mother since April of last year. I couldn’t imagine not seeing my daughter for one day! When I saw the picture of the little girl hugging her mother in a sort of bear hung it made tears come to my eyes. I know that you are supposed to support your country, however, I don’t think that women with small children should be allowed to serve in the military.
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Children will try to get by with anything. I guess as part of the learning process, children of all ages try to push you to see how far they can get. It must be hard for teachers now to distinguish between the good and the bad. I was really fooled by a student whom I thought was an angel. He called in to school to report his own absence. The trick was that he said that he was his mother. He must of lost his head when he woke up this morning, because a boy doesn’t sound like a mom.
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I heard about a student today that had been killed in a car accident. It is so sad to me to hear about young people with so much to offer having their lives shortened so dramatically. This young lady graduated from school just last may and was in the top ten percent of her class. She had so much more life to live, and so many unanswered dreams. It makes you wonder exactly what your purpose is on this earth and what it is you are supposed to accomplish while you are here, or exactly how long you are here.
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I am so upset about this war with Iraq. It frustrates me that we went over there to remove a tyrant and now we have to pay to fix the damages. It seems unfair that Sadaam Hussein supported terrorist, and probably supported the terrorist that killed all of our American citizens that went to work that September day two years ago and no other country helped us repair all of those damages. I feel that we gave him warning; more warning than we received and we shouldn’t be responsible for repairing any of the damages it took to remove him.
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I think that parents should be held accountable for their children’s actions. Most parents aren’t aware of things their children do. I think that is mostly because they don’t bother to ask or simply don’t care. It seems so sad that children often times will try to get attention in a negative manner simply because that is the only way that they may know how. Parents should be held accountable for their children’s actions then maybe they would be more interested in their behavior. Children should be evaluated at school then parents would have to act based on the evaluation.
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I wonder how many people actually think about the things they say before they say it. I am very close to some people who don’t care what they say to people. I feel sorry for these people because they can’t keep a friend and have no one that wants to be their friend because of past experiences with them. It is a shame that many people lack the tact and couth to maintain a friendship. There are ways to talk to people without hurting their feelings, all you have to do is word your sentences better or adjust your tone
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Many people feel that rap music is offensive. I think that some rap music is offensive but not all. I find myself laughing at some of the rap tunes that I hear. I feel a lot of fun when I listen to some of the music. To me it is better than listening to songs like there’s a tear in my beer or some other sort of depressing music. I like all kinds of music, but I feel that music should entertain you not depress you. Some of the songs I listen to are too serious and make you cry.
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I can’t believe all of the junk mail that circulates throughout the country. It is amazing to me that companies can afford to send thousands of people loan offers and coupons in the mail that ninety percent of all people just simply trash. I send out my bills every month and I can barely keep enough stamps to do that. Postage is only increasing and thank goodness you can pay bills on line or over the telephone. The amount of wasted paper and wasted money on postage is ridiculous for junk mail. Junk mail ought to be regulated some how.
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I believe in angels. I think there are angels watching over us. I can’t believe sometimes the things that I wish for and then they actually come true. I am so thankful for my life that I believe someone is helping me out upstairs. I thank god every night when I lay down for my family and wish for simple things. My life is so good compared to others and I don’t even like comparisons. I feel a few more people should be more thankful for what they have and quit feeling bad for the things they do not have.
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I wonder as a parent if you ever get over missing your child during the day while they are in school. I miss my daughter so much during the day that I practically leave work early just to rush to her school and pick her up. Do all parents feel this? Am I obsessed? Am I crazy? These are all the things that I think during the day. Children are such an important vital part of a family. Then I see parents who wait for their children to leave the house, and rejoice, and wonder are they crazy or me?
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The rising cost of public utilities is outrageous. I go to work every day early in the morning then I come home for two hours and off to college till around 10:00. How can my electric cost $250.00???? I am never home! This is a sign that all things are going up. The job market is terrible right now; no wonder people are filing for bankruptcy and doing drastic things! Then I open the telephone bill and what do we have but a $100.00 phone bill! WHAT!!!! It makes me crazy. I am never home to talk on the phone!!
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I believe that if you live in a country you should speak the primary language of that country. I feel too many immigrants are moving to the United States and not even attempting to learn the English language. I really have empathy for these immigrants to a degree. It is terribly frustrating to try to provide a service to someone who cannot communicate because of a language barrier. It is aggravating when that person gets angry because you can’t help them because you don’t speak their language. I wouldn’t move to a foreign land and expect everyone to understand me.
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This situation with Terry Schivo is so sad to watch on television. I have two opinions regarding her situation. I feel sorry for her parents, because I could never imagine being in their situation. I have to say that I would want to hold onto my baby too if there was any sort of hope. I also feel for the husband. If this gentleman has any feelings left for his wife after a 13-year comma, it has to be painful to see her lying there. I don’t think that anyone will ever know if this is what Terry would want.
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If the United States would treat crimes like other countries in the world do, the crime rate would drop. I think an eye for an eye justice system should be in place. We could use DNA in cases to prove innocence or guilt; if the verdict is guilt then the punishment is known. If someone steals something and is guilty chop of a hand! I agree with capital punishment, however I feel that sometimes it is too humane considering some of the horrific murders that some criminals commit, I say let them die the same way that their victim did.