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When I first read the poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas I was unsure of the meaning. I sat down and read the poem again about a week later and realized the meaning. The poem is about a person who is talking to their dying father, which happens to be Thomas. The author is begging his father to fight for his life and do not give up. The poem has a sad tone of course because it is talking about the possibility of losing a loved one. He is telling his father to fight.
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In Kate Chopin’s “Story of an hour” the ending is ironic. In reading the poem you get a sense that the wife is finally going to get the freedom that she has longed for, for years. Her sister and her husband’s friend seem to have some ulterior motive in the poem to me. The news of the husband’s death seems to come easily and falsely to the husband’s friend who wastes no time to run over and tell his friend’s wife the tragic news of the accident. Then shortly the husband comes home and the wife has a heart attack
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William Blake’s poems “The Tyger” and “The Lamb” are a real accurate comparison, in today’s times about Jesus and Satan even though it was written in the late seventeen hundreds. Two things interest me in these poems. I love the rhythm in both, even thought each has a different rhythm they both are evident. In the lamb the happy beat rhythm and in the tyger the negative tone makes you realize this is not a happy poem. The way that the work tyger is spelled intrigues me however. I am uncertain of the meaning behind the misspelling of that word.
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The poem by Patricia Smith titled “What it is like to be a black girl, (for those of you who aren’t)” disturbs me. The poem was written in 1991 and it bothers me that she feels like she needs to change her eye color and uses the mop head to deny her reflection. The sad tone towards the middle of the poem really raises your eyebrows. It is sad there is such a thing as “life according to Motown”; the smelling blood in your breakfast comment also confuses me. It is disturbing to think that people live like that.
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The poem “Sex without love” by Sharon Olds seems to be painting this vivid pretty picture of two people together who aren’t in love, making love. She asks the question “how do they do it?, make love without love” it seems as if she agrees with it at first then there is this line in the middle that for me throws the whole mood off and seems as if her opinion turns negative. The line reads “faces, red as steak, wine wet as the children at birth whose mothers are going to give them away” It ends on a sad note.
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I enjoyed reading the poems by E.E. Cummings. It seems to me as if this poet is very creative. All of the poetry that I have read in this class has been fun and enlightening. However, the poems by E.E. Cummings are the ones that seem to stick out more than others, not only with the content of the poems but some even the way that the poems were written. This stems from the wording in the poems like “She being brand” to the words themselves like “A leaf falls”, where the words seem to fall like a leaf falling.
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The poem “She being Brand” by E.E. Cummings at first look gives you the idea that the poet is talking about a car. Then at a second glance you realize that this poem is not about a car at all. This poem is very unique. I like the wording and the use of car parts as a metaphor for a woman. This poem to me has a humorous meaning, the way it uses the car as a double meaning. If you read the poem using the correct punctuation and pause where the words pause you get the idea very quickly.
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I watched the move Finding Nemo this weekend. This movie was really cute. I thought that the animation along with the colors were out of this world. I think that the story line was ok. I don’t feel like it was as wonderful as everyone made it out to be. It was a really cute movie with a lot of great color and special effects. I thought there could have been a lot more excitement to help the plot than there was. My daughter, who is seven, really enjoyed the movie. I guess that is why the plot was simple.
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I enjoyed reading the poem “After making love we hear footsteps” by Galway Kinnell. This poem is so cute and so true. Anyone who has children can appreciate and agree with this poem. As the poem indicated you could make all kinds of noise around the house while a child is sleeping and it seems like the only time they wake up is during your private time when you want to be alone. Just like in the poem it doesn’t matter once you see your child’s face and that they only want to be close to you, you give in.
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I watched the movie “Big Daddy” today; it was a good movie. This movie addresses an issue that you hear about but it doesn’t happen often. The issue of a child being dropped off at your door. The movie also addressed a lot of other issues such as single parenting, being around gay people, homeless people, and parental relationships. I thought this movie was funny and very down to earth. I liked the story line and the way that everything came together to show all of the issues the movie was addressing. Adam Sandler is funny; I like his movies.
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I watched another Adam Sandler movie today. This movie was “Anger Management.” I thought this movie was funny. Some parts of the movie were a little far-fetched and almost unbelievable, but still really funny. Comedy movies are good for your soul, I think. You almost always just feel good after you laugh for a little while. This movie had a plot that seemed to be just grasping for the next scene, almost like grasping for straws, and just pulling ideas out of the air. Like the idea behind the grammar school bully that grew up to become a Buddhist priest.
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Music is sometimes pretty poetry that seems to hit home. I listened to the words in a song today by a group called Jagged Edge. The name of the song is “heaven”. It talks about a broken relationship between a man and woman. The man is expressing how he feels as though he has almost thrown his life away with their separation. It is a beautiful song and if you are experiencing difficulties with someone you love it can really make you think about it. It makes you want to go back and make sure that you make things right.
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The poem “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost reminds me of his poem “The road not taken”. The two poems have a couple of similarities. Like the horse stopping and looking as the woods fill up with snow. The same way the person is looking down his two roads to decide which one to go down. This poem is also I think discussing life and roads traveled. The ending two stanzas give me the impression of years to go and decisions to make before he rests. He is saying life can be lovely, dark and long.
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Robert frosts poem the road not taken really makes you sit back and think about life and choices. The poem reflects your thoughts on what would have or could have happened if you make different choices in your life. It is a pretty poem in the way it uses metaphors like grass and undergrowth to describe decisions we make and how they affect our life in the end. Sometimes we should go our won way and not follow or go down the same road as everyone else. Sometimes the road less traveled makes the difference, just as the poem reads.
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Blanche Farley’s “The lover not taken” is talking about having an affair. She is contemplating whether or not to do it, in the beginning of the poem. Then she starts to compare the two men and finds that the one who has a claim on her wasn’t so bad and did measure up well against the blonde person she is comparing him to. She even discusses how he lays tenderly next to her in the evening. However, if the blonde stops by someday who would know about it? So she hurries home, taking a short cut, to call the blonde.
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The poem by Anne Bradstreet “To my dear and loving husband” is very pretty. The poem was written in the late 1600’s, 1678 to be exact. She begins the poem with a common idea that two people in love become one. That truly is how you feel. She talks about how she loves him more than any mine of gold or any riches. I truly believe without love you cannot experience happiness. She compares her love to heaven near the end and wishes for her and her husband to live forever when they die, in heaven together. Love is wonderful.
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The song “I hope you dance” by Leanne Womack is a beautiful song written about a mother singing to her children. The mother is expressing to her children do not fear things that seem too big or too far away and never feel as though you are small and insignificant. Then she goes on to say whenever one door closes in their life she hopes that one more will open. Living life means taking chances and they’re worth taking. She then tells them that loving might be a mistake, but its worth making a mistake to find happiness and love.
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The new song by Ashanti called “Rain on me” talks about the troubles a lot of women face today with domestic violence. Ashanti has a beautiful voice and has dedicated the proceeds from the song to support women who are faced with this. There are a number of causes to help in this fight and I think this is a good idea for artists to dedicate some of their music to support the causes they sing about. Domestic Violence is a big problem in our country and Ashanti’s song gives the message to women to get out and get help.
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The song written by Sean Combs “Every Step I take” is a song written by him in memory of his friend Biggie Smalls who was shot to death a few years back. This song uses music written a long time ago by a group who were singing about a break up of a man and woman. Shawn Combs rewrote a lot of the lyrics to honor his best friend. The song is pretty how it has a few verses talking about how he hopes is friend will open up the gates of heaven for him when it is his time.
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Walt Disney makes nice movies. I never have to worry about my daughter seeing something horrible when she watches a Disney movie. We watched the Lion King and even though it is not like a true story or anything it had a great plot. It was written well and was a lot of entertainment. The writers for the Disney movies are very family oriented. The lion king was a great film for a child to understand and watch. It taught my child that herds have a leader and how animals interact. The movie was very colorful, exciting, fast-paced and good.
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“Snow Dogs” is another Disney movie that my family really enjoyed. This movie was based out of California. The actor was a rich prominent dentist. He received a letter in the mail that he was an heir to an estate in Alaska. This movie showed how situations in life could throw you for a loop. The actor found out while he was in Alaska that he was actually adopted. The actor was a black man, and found out that his father was a white man. This movie was funny and had a few interracial controversial issues addressed by the actors.
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The Disney channel seems to be all we watch anymore in our house. There is a cute series on this channel called “The Lizzie McGuire Show.” This show is cute in that it combines cartoon with reality. The cartoon Lizzie pops up every time the real Lizzie is thinking. The movie is based on a mom, dad, teenage daughter (lizzie) and younger brother (Ben). Lizzie is unique in that her two best friends are a boy and a girl, not two girls. The show addresses child concerns and children seem to relate. Disney shows positive reactions for children to consider.
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The movie “Looking for Richard” that I saw in class last night was a good movie. At first I didn’t like it because I didn’t like the whole making of the movie thing. I like to see the movie in first person, not someone explaining what is going on. As the movie went on I was grateful for all of the explanation. William Shakespeare is a tough act to follow if you aren’t familiar with him. Once the explanations started coming in, I understood the sadness of the play. William Shakespeare had a weird imagination, and the play was sad.
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There is a TV show on Fox that is a good family show to watch. The show is called Bernie Mac. This show addresses an uncle who has been given his sisters two children. He has no idea how to raise children and these two are trying him. The show is comical and entertaining. I like how the show provides situations that all parents face and shows children how parents handle situations. I don’t think I would handle everything in the exact same manner but it is funny. Bernie addresses the children diplomatically in the end and everything ends ok.
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The TV show Joe Millionaire sickens me. I feel that any woman who acts like that should not have the privilege to show their faces on TV. What ever happened to morals and love? This show to me shows a negative side to women. I feel as though it is kind of bashing women. But then again I think that the women on that show aren’t really moral role modes anyways. The make their selves look like nothing more that a bunch of hoe’s. What is the show teaching us anyway? Are money and lying are the key to marriage?
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I enjoy some gospel music. There is one particular song that sticks in my mind when I think of gospel music. The song is titled “I can only imagine.” It is sung by a man and is a beautiful ballad about Jesus. The man is expressing his love for Jesus and wonders is he will just fall to his knees, will he be able to sing hallelujah, or be able to speak at all. The song is really pretty. I first saw the song performed at my church by a ballerina dressed in all white. She looked like an angel.
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I watched a movie called “Daddy Daycare”. This is another comedy movie and it stars Eddie Murphy. In the movie he plays as a corporate father who loses his job and has to take care of his son for a while. When he cannot find work quickly he decides to open his own daycare business. It is rally funny because it deals with a father who has to do things and learn stuff about children not all fathers know. It is a cute movie and shows that men can be involved with children and make a difference in their lives.
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The movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carey is a funny comedy. Jim Carey is really good in this movie. He is faced with so many issues that he wants to die early in the move. Once he meets with god and realized that god may not be what he has envisioned his whole life he challenges god. God then puts him in charge and the fun begins. At first he enjoys his powers then he starts to realize all of the responsibilities that come with such an important position. He then realizes that he needs to change his life drastically.
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The poem “Dover Beach” by Mathew Arnold is a very vivid poem. The poem uses the ocean and the beach as a metaphor for faith and truth. The poem is of a man and a woman looking out of a window onto the beach and the man says lets be true to one another and start new. He wants to confess sins and stat new with no pain. They are overlooking the ocean and see armies at a distance clashing in the night. The poem describes the beautiful beach scene and the ocean crashing into the beach very beautifully detailed.
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The poem by Anthony Hect “The Dover Bitch’ is a parody of Mathew Arnolds “Dover Beach”. Hect even mentions Arnold’s name in the beginning of this poem. This poem is quite different however, this poem is speaking of a call girl and I think that he is saying she is the same girl in Arnold’s poem that is asked to be true. Hect mentions the fact that she is dependable and always available for a good time. She is even rewarded with a bottle of wine sometimes. The call girl theme is different from Arnold’s theme of a true relationship.