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look, a new month. Time to start off right, like having a bowl of special k. steve mnetioned something about work, he was trying to get a part-time jobbie outta them intead of the full time miasma. I said hey - I think therez a letter for you, you know, from them. So he opened it and found a 600 dollar check. Owing me 60+37 he gave me 200 and we went staples shopping. Big tomato sauce cans 4 for 2 dollars. At home then we made vats of pasta sauce. I made my grandmother's sauce. God bless sister Betty.
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Missed day filled up soon as right-can possible. This weekend will be a wash. Why continue? Is it possible? No fucking way. A wish list, a cheat tryst, a guilty complex keeps me active, fires my hopeless faltered flight, a sick seabird swooping and careening wildly, loosely veering towards some far-off prey, in the sea, beneath the waters, a golden fish that quenches all hunger. But that damn bird watches practiced and experienced bill-divers, stabbing sustenance on repeat, and he wonders, the seabird, why that alluring slint of soul with the golden arc is so out of touch. Slint? Sold.
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Right, so the socilaist debate, to me an idiot's paradise, I sound like the NY Post. OK, let me use my father's definition of Idiot, rather than of the Post.

Id-ee-yot. N. Any of a group of persons who can't -- or refuse -- to see the obvious imbalance of what they are saying or doing. 2) someone doing something particularly notable for its lack of reason.

So, these bozos (synonym, less of a condemnation. can also be used as a term of endearment) riff on what turns out to be the core of a 3 person, 2-pill ecstasy trade.
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I'll imitate Jeff, sort of, but do it quickie post haste, no rules style. In 2 minutes or less.





Roast rump.


Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.















Bergamot (not made up).

I've already lost the 2 minutes bet which kinda sucks. But I had fun, and I hope you did too. Did you have fun? I wrote 800 words earlier on my frisbee weekend (sort of). Quotes and funnies were, for the most part, left out to accommodate the game details. Fuckign fantastic.

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More WTC concerns, feelings, like the sensation of dread, however slight but unmistakably foreboding, that follows when that bitter odor of burning carries on the wind directly from the site. Today I only caught the briefest duration of its smell, but it came after discussing more stories of that day with co-workers — and reading about a fireman who was killed by a falling body, and how his death had saved the lives of his crew because they stayed back to treat him — and last night a distanced perspective — the stark & bitter memories of lives and concrete emotions of loss.
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Benji: "Don't swing that umbrella around here. I know someone that was paralyzed by one of those."

Ken is in to the etymology of bees. Benji: "Those guys seem to know what to do with the disc when they get it."

Guy on sideline: "So, we've decided that the rules are just garbage."

Casey Recupero: "Well, he went up and grabbed my wrist. So I don't think he would have caught the disc."

Benji: "Which one is the bad one? Jekyll or Hyde?"

Benji: "I saw this guy Da'Vid and I I was wondering...

"He's a character. We all are."

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less windy Sunday....several contenders for the Open's vaunted 2 spot, rare for such a hot contest in these quarters, usually the region gets 3 bids (at least it has the last 6 years+? somebody know any actual facts?) the teams left were NY vs DoG, Boss Hogg versus Bonestorm, and Red Tide versus FingerLaken. For the unititated, Boss Hogg = Blackjack, although apaprently a Midvale-Blackjack combo produced them and two new young captains, Casey Recupero and Josh mCarthy. They lost to Bonestorm, which is a Wax/Yes/Mephisto all-East Canada All-Star like squad, I guess. 2 guys from Vermont too, for flavor.
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I'm fuckng hating this right now. No, not so harsh. Such an outburst! Such verbiage! A monstrosity, an eruption, vulgar, uncouth and unnecessary. Well, so there' some decent stories to tell I suppose, but I don't give a flying ratfuck. A whore's cunt face. A bitch's pisshole, a dirty rotten sumuvabitch fuckwad. No for nothings sake, for fuck's sake, scoundrel, ratface, shithead, porka madonn' ah…. I should not. But there's certainly a time for cranking the spew and a time for hitting the hay and I'm braying right about now. Its high time for shutting down and reinventing the fuck.
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Online scrabble - I'm down by 50 points or more and there's a handful of tiles left. Like 10. I score the following, my last three hands, all letters worth 1 point: Trust with the 't' at the end turning 'wit' into 'twit'. A double letter, double word thingamajig: 24 points. Opponent scores 8 or so. Next I turn 'sic' into 'sics' [who knew?] and spell 'stand' with it, hitting a triple word: 27 points. Now there's no tiles and I'm down by 5 points. I have 2 letters. My opponent spells 'glad' - I spell 'gar' on a 3W.
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Steve hovers, hovers looking for something to smoke. Anything. A conversation, an utterance of a keyword or phrase, a funny look. Anything he can jump on and inhale quickly. He is an addict. Buzzes my room three times, still high on Bill Clinton, then buzzes out to go put up some more posters. He is shirtless, a five o clock beard has overgrown last week, moth-eaten underwear, stretched and faded rides up his waist while his jeans sag. He looks like a crazy. Eyes darting, Unstable laughter teetering on edge, his teeth are tight like a viper poised to strike.
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One month and a buncha hours later after the World Trade Center attack. The word now is convergence. This is all real. Editors of National Enquirer receive anthrax because they were putting into press the fact that Osama's real "suspicious package" was shrink-wrapped. Then evil Bert shows up worldwide in Pro'sama posters, obviously staking the supreme leader's claim in children's programming. Hollywood couldn't possibly dream of a more nefarious and downright bizarre group of international bad guys. Then again, we do have James Bond movies. Lets hope we get Osama impersonators booed off Jerry Springer. Or send Keanu to Kandahar.
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"OK, here goes

The National CUP (College Ultimate Press)
Continental CUP
Weekly CUP
Weekly College Ultimate Report
North American Colllege Ultimate Report
The Tournamenter
Weekly News

well, this comes after the name, but I can certainly design a decent logo for it. or go after the guy who designed the UPA newsletter 3 years ago - he also made the 99 Boulder college nationals designs

this is never too hard, really. Any weekly will work. For instance, you can use the boxes and sidebars and click-thrus on The Onion site."

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Take what comes may for now, its not just another lonely day. You've got room to play and a space to play in, a new space with a soft resistance, a pliant, passive, plush push. Make the game save your way, rotate in comfort, circumscribe without fear. Call kept towards action, cannot feign delay. Make the make and get the getting on, get it on with time to spare, freeform free synchronizing air. Had cocked, quite aware symiotic lair feeds the free burns a wick with a transcendentalist. Save one two gold, righteous wave, fleeting falls, glimmer falls, downward lashes.
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Voluptuous panic: the erotic world of weimar berlin. Glam wrap. Live footage of the best party thrown in Utah! And the lapdance 01 film festival. There is always going to be conflict, but if Warhol or Ben Shaun can do it…Need a dose? Customized! I just cannot understand how people can get so worked up over an art mag. Do you think graffitti artists on the whole appreciate letters on their behalf that end in "shit for brains" and "fuck off and die?" Aberrant periodicals. Related questions. Washing and waxing the Euclid Tavern floor. Meanwhile, I've fallen into the purgatory.
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I had dreams of infection and incapitation again,, an anthrax-bred mental freeze. All day was a constrained head, tight with lack of sleep, crowded and unrelieved. There is nothing I can attribute it to, it feels now like Flu symptoms, sprung suddenly from not letting the mind and body rest until 3 AM, then waking early, then not enough coffee, then moments of extreme exhaustion at work, and now I'm watching that surefire mind fuck, the adult film. The jack rift. My head is already screwed tight where thoughts are twisted and stubborn, and dead-ended. Big slumber lets clear cobwebs.
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A reflective moment. Gearing up for the next move, a new offensive. A direction towards. When can it be, that the incompleteness will end, when will the indecisiveness, or rather I should decide it to be passionessless, or perhaps better to say that there is a sense that one needs to pursue a goal that may not be full of passion; how then to create something that will inflame passion and inspire devotion? And if there is not the surface devotion, and transparent teleology, will it be true? If then so? Accchhh. Make choices and follow the results is all.
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Wow, I'm definitely ready to feel the wave of emotions following whatever comes next in this freaky new time of unpredictable terror. Terror is such a trite word now with all of what's going on, but there is this definite uneasiness permeating the air -- literally -- with the belief that something will happen, somewhere, and hell, I'm not in a prticularly at-risk category, staying at home, not working at a major media company, not going to sporting events. But still, I do have occassions where I stroll around the neighborhood, trolling for coffee. It could happen to me, indeed.
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I guess its time right freakin' now to bear down on the situation. Tighten focus, get a job or try again to settle in to one. Finances must be rigidly controlled. Frivolous activity must be curtailed, and creative juices must be drawn out and spent, exhausted, roiled and fermented and boiled and burned-up. It is a preparation to undertake to make ready for the Spring, when things will change. One thing not to forget: indeed, I must be ready and aware to tackle a documentary style in the face of the current global war doom. But the game is on.
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I am trying to retire early tonight but factors are not allowing me. A burnt head, flu-like symptoms have arrived. Need sleep. Cannot even make an honest attemt at putting thoughts to paper, would only result in this: singular assessment of my state of being, a sickly one, bordering on trepidation, anxiety (ok, not, not really). Mostyl it is dry, sunken eyes. Chapped lips. Headache. Body feels cold, but forehead is hot. Sinuses taste like chlorine. Eyes burning. Sleep comes only as frozen animation with dreams running like an internal video projector. And awful 40's music, crooners and opera, upstairs.
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i like to whip dogs and masturbate to Judge Judy. I play professional level baseball in the seniors division in Queens. i can write complete sentences but cannot always keep a cohesive idea towards producing concrete results. I am an aesthiticist. My mother met my father in Calcutta in 1968 when they were helping to build India's nuclear power program; they defected to the US and had 8 sons, all of whom died within the first 3 days of childbirth, except me. I am the blessed face of the new moon. Or is that the Old Moon? I like sandwiches.
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Is he? Is Rick Shapiro psychic? It was casually mentioned by Steve that he DID mention to him "Charles" and "Steven" without knowing Steve, and Charles is his middle name [heresy: strike from record]. And for poor Erin, whom he lambasted repeatedly, he went on a bit about Columbine. For her part, she was biting her lip. At one point she walked up to the stage with a bottle of Echinacea. She pulled out the eyedropper…. Shapiro backed away, "What areya crazy lady?" and then apparently bit off the end of the glass eyedropper. Erin returned with a buried smile.
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"he's why they're called that!" re: Eric on BAT.
Chris York - on BAT.

Sub Zero
23 roster.
Tim Murray: receiver - O and D
not letting him huck it
Eric Lonsdorf
Sam O'brien
(injured - cut his finger witha table saw Left hand)
Mark Severt
4 carleon kids w/ sam
Chase (on D points)
Dan Rydell
"young team"
"rebuilding year" - "transition"

"hard runners"
"make mistakes"
at regionals - they were clicking
Rubis (Robert Crowley)
Chipper (Dave Marquat_
Kevin Johnson
Ron Kubulanza -- Chicago ("very solid")

"owes team dues from last year"
10/23 Direct Link
Today is one of those days when I just want to stop the train and get off. I've been going all over, seeing things, and now its time to stop. Its time to quit the nonsense. All this has become just too sickening. I feel queasy, ill, ill-prepared. For years, since I can remember, I have been riding between the cars, excited and terminally frozen in time. There has never been a way to get off. There are countless distractions. There is a portal where I can communicate with the outside world but it too is nothing but another distraction.
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The Sonic Youth Mystery. A band once so infallible, now it seems they are completely full of themselves. The Kurt Russell Mystery: once he seemed so full of male bravura and hunky, disgusting cheesiness. A deplorable action figure for dumbing-down the populace. Now he's just another lovable escapist figure of high camp. The Bill Clinton Mystery: there are many mysteries surrounding Bill Clinton. The Mystery of Success: first and foremost, an element of happiness or a steady stream of engagement must exist. The Mystery of Me: always happy-go-lucky, never content. The Mystery of Alicia M____: still a mystery to me.
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So sayeth Jennifer Donelly: "they have too many Verge players to win a National Championship." Context: JD is a captain of Fury, a very successful San Francsico area women's club ultimate team. Women on the Verge used to be a very successful Seattle-area team, they disbanded last year after losing in the Finals of the National Championships four years in a row. "They used to call _ _ the ice queen. Or the vegetable chopper. That's the thing with lesbians, they stay in relationships two years too long." Context: _ _ is JD's ex-lover, and a former Ultimate captain herself.
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What makes one follow a rhtyhm in life, or a set pattern? Why so cool? Shouldn't there be hidden heat, even if a psychic disruption, or a humanistic devotion? This I what I think, this is what I feel. Pray for effectivity, an effect -- then a happiness. So the buzz will continue, one must to continue to create, one must stay in line, for me that is, or the sensation evaporates with time. A steady cause, even trickery will suffice to mimic a compelling spirirt. A rigid theme? Should life be cut off? Can we relate? Must keep flopping.
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Johnny Newman wins RTS 9 You heard it right. Our Hero of the New Jersey Nets (sadly no longer with the team) took his Maxilla squad to Turkey Swamp and defeated a tired Rochester 13-4 to finish the day champions with a sterling undefeated record of 5-0. Even more amazing, longtime RSD geeks (well, I'm not really a geek actually) Tony Leonardo and Brian Canniff combined forces for the winning Open team, whose official name was Johnny Newman's Memorial Maxilla. Johnny Newman was partially a split from Brooklyn's Mandible (thus Maxilla) , a few ex-Boston-area pickups, and Canniff's Retired-to-Stud masters.
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There can;'t be any reason to doubt that Godiva is the team to beat and the team with the best road to the finals. The core members that have taken them to 5 National Championships in 6 years are all around - Layzer, Teens, Pooch, Molly Goodwin, Peg Hollinger, and Anne Westcott. Add in Parham's eight or so years at the top of her game, and a host of young but not youthful talent with Callahan winners Dom Fontinette and Johanna Neumann, and Vicky Chow and Yusi Wang, and you've got a great team with a great chance to repeat.
10/29 Direct Link
Toaster, Seth, Biscuit and Mike Payne on offense. About Nationals competition, Faust says "I'm sure Boston will still be the team to beat. They are way under-rated at the #3 seed. We are very over-rated at the #2 seed."

INSIDE-OUT: Faust likes to say that Alex Nord is on the roster but Alex Nord is not on the roster. Faust also says the team will not be destroying any hotel accomodations this year, claiming that the departed Worm and Hoover were responsible for "95% of the damage." As a safeguard, Josh assures me that the team also "stopped doing acid."

10/30 Direct Link
New York likes its chances as coming in under the radar for Nationals and are prepared for the competition. "Florida is really the watershed game for us. We played a little bit of 8 vs 7 at practice to simulate a very agressive 4-man cup," says Rob Alpen.

"We're excited to play everyone at Nationals. We'e in great shape. Conditioning has been big for us," says Marty, "And with everything that's happened recently we want to represent New York the way it should be represented."

Marty and Lars are calling the shots. Chicken Joe, Walter and Dave Cult notable veterans.

10/31 Direct Link
OK, so maybe Portland was slightly overrated. You can't fault anyone, as they did manage to come out with second seed in the vaunted Northwest. But it was a fluke. They run hard and have a crazy energy on the sidelines, a wedding party with 27 guests, drums, cowbells, and a whole lot of booze. They are completely nuts. They seem to have no strategy anyone can make out, hardly any offenses or defenses, and just a bevy of players from god-knows where. Two of them on the sidelines psyche each other up by punching at each other like pitbulls.