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E.E. Cummings She being brand (Translated) Fresh, Me stiff as wood Lowered her panties, using my Finger to moisten the entry I penetrated, Oops it slipped, Back in harder this time Full speed ahead, One finger rubbing the top of the entry Fluids running bodies hot, Holding off as long as possible Her face showing pleasure Satisfied with my performance, Coming to the climax Here it comes Al,most there Jewels tightening, Head spinning, can't hold any longer Going to exp,lode Body is now paralyzed, Sensation runs through me, My mouth wide open Sigh of relief, My job here is done.
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8 miles and running I recently saw the movie 8 Mile and I was highly impressed. Eminem gave a shocking performance. The movie is related closely to Eminem's childhood. It's about a white boy named Jimmy AKA Bunny Rabbit who grows up in a black neighborhood in lower Detroit. He tries to gain respect in the rap industry, which before his debut only catered to black individuals. The movie shows the struggle that Eminem had to endure to make it to where he is today. I highly respect Eminem and this movie truly shows how talented an individual he is.
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Feminism Feminism is an outlet for women seeking a feeling of superiority. Feminist women tend to look down on and find reasons to hate men. They claim they are looking for equal rights in our society, however I feel if they had it their way they would be the superior gender. Most feminist women that I have come across seem to misplaced hatred towards all men, claiming that men are arrogant and overpowering. Classifying a woman as a feminist immediately brands them as being hateful and consumed by the insecurity of feeling inferior. Feminism is the equivalent to prejudiced hate.
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Changing Lanes was one of the best movies that I have seen since A Beautiful Mind. It took two men from totally opposite classes of society and put them in a situation where both of them would do everything in their power to fuck the other one up. It showed how money and power could be useful in a manipulative manner, but also how a poor man's pride and will to make his life right could also be a powerful tool. However in the end be able to sit in the same room together without being at each other's throats.
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Oz is definitely a formula. It shows the life of prisoners inside a modern prison where even though the men are locked up they still form bonds and businesses just as the free world does. There are gay men who fight over new "bitches" that come into the facility. There are ex-lovers, business men, etc. within the brick walls just as there are behind the brick walls in free society. The warden plays God and tries to clean up the prison by turning inmates against each other. Being his snitch is the only way to get out of solitary confinement.
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"she being Brand" by E.E. Cummings was by far the sexiest poem I have read. The comparison of body parts to automobile parts really added a pleasurable vision. The line he "thoroughly oiled the universal joint" is a clear indication it's getting pretty hot with whom ever he is with. Then finishing off by "touching the accelerator and giving her the juice" gives me the image of a woman breathing hot and heavy out of breath as I hose her off, cooling her down. Then they both sat trembling in the end until both were at a dead stand still.
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Having recently just watched a biography done by Two Shoes Film on Ted Bundy I am amazed by his character. Ted Bundy has always been a name associated with death since his killing spree in Florida and other states however I did not know how complex an individual he was. First he was a pre-med major and then switched to become a law student, and then on to become the first man classified as a serial killer. What made him tick? Putting him to death was the dumbest thing that could have been done because now we will never know.
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The movie the Ring absolutely fucking sucks. It had to be the dumbest fucken movie that I have ever seen. First of all what the fuck was the point of this movie; to find out how the niece died or to avenge a little girl's death who died many years before? Second, how does a girl's ghost come out of a television set and scare someone to death? And then what the hell was the point of showing the father? And last, why the fuck did people stop dying after she made a copy of the original videotape? Fucking sucked.
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Was Sun Tzu really describing military strategies when he wrote the Art of War or were they strategies on how to beat everyday enemies? He wrote about being victorious and made references to battle fields and blood baths however I use his tactics in everyday battles I must face. Sun Tzu quoted- "Being unconquerable lies with yourself; being conquerable lies with the enemy." "One who cannot be victorious assumes defensive positions, one who can be victorious attacks." My translation- "Stop being a bitch and take what is rightfully yours, let the weak be below you." My words to live by.
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The girl in "The Dover Bitch" is either a prostitute or just a very promiscuous girl. There are no references to having to pay the Dover Bitch for her deeds but briefly it mentions in the end that he sometimes brings her a bottle of Nuit d' Amour. I think she is probably an escort who probably enjoys sex alot but is stuck escorting some creep who just wants to complain the whole time she is with him. She is probably thinking how good it would feel for him to be breathing on her neck as he buries the hatchet.
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"This be the Verse" by Philip Larkin is a scary look at how your parents truly do mold the person that you are. You inherit mostly all of their traits whether you like it or not. This poem basically says to get out as early as you can, meaning get the fuck out of dodge as soon as you have the opportunity or you are going to inherit more of your parents less admirable qualities. It also states along with picking up your parents qualities you also create your own which seems in this poem to be less admirable also.
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Why are there so many feminist women these days and what is the point of their hateful lives? All these women do is ridicule, degrade, and bring shame to themselves. These feminist women bring hate towards the male race however it was always taught to me that if you hate someone it still shows that you care about or have feelings for that person. If they want equal rights(which by my standards they already do) they need to stop acting like second graders calling us names like male chauvinist pigs and worthless creatures and pretend they have a little class.
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How do literary terms in the form of four letter words offend people? FUCK, SHIT, BITCH, CUNT, ASSHOLE, PIECE OF SHIT, FUCK OFF, SUCK MY DICK, EAT SHIT MOTHERFUCKER, FUCK OFF AND DIE, SUCK SHIT, FUCK BITCH. Words that cause warm feelings-love, admire, cherish, sweetheart, love of my life, til death do us part, I love you, puppy dog, valentine, candy cane. Words are powerful in their own sense and can be used as weapons or signs of affection and gratitude toward someone else. I love you so much sweetheart that I just want to go home and FUCK YOU.
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"Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space" is a truly magnificent story as it lets someone who is not black truly understand how it feels to be feared because of the color of your skin. Many people tighten purses to their shoulders, or lock their car doors when a black man is near. Some people even switch sides on a street if a black man is walking their way. For some reason being black is associated with being a criminal. Many have either fall victim to or been guilty of this cruel accusation.
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Why does hate consume so many people? It's not fun to hate someone however it does make situations interesting when two people other than yourself are face to face as blood boils. A good fight is hard to look away from especially when no one is around to supervise, say a nosey school teacher or a fat pig(also known as our city's finest.) Let them beat the hell out of each other who cares, it's not you right. People love to hate which is ironic in a sense because how can you love something you hate? Hate is our backbone.
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Johnathon Davis the lead singer of the band Korn is the most admirable artist ever in my opinion. The man is fascinating. Not only are his lyrics shockingly true he adds a twist of jibberish to his lyrics that cause songs to hurt inside when one hits close to home. He is also the proud owner of and extensive collection of serial killer memorabilia ranging from Ted Bundy's original Volkswagen Bug which Ted used to coax girls into taking rides in. He also owns John Wayne Gacy's first Pogo the clown outfit. This man is truly unremarkable in my opinion.
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"Dog's Death" by John Updike is an amazing poem with so much reality involved it almost makes me cry. Recently I had to put my best friend of fourteen years down to rest. He was in pain much like the dog in "Dog's Death" was however he still tried to please me as a loyal friend. He was in horrible pain due to arthritis in his hips but he would still get up when called to come over showing true loyalty. This poem is painful to read but reminds me of how awesome Toby really was. I miss you buddy.
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Top 10 Movies (In no particular order) 1. Scream (Skeet Ulrich, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard) 2. Halloween I (The legendary Jamie Lee Curtis) 3. A Bronx Tale (Robert Deniro) 4. Vampires (James Wood) 5. A Beautiful Mind ( Unbelievable performance by Russell Crowe) 6. Reign Of Fire (Matthew Mc Caughnehey) 7. Carlito's Way ( The one and only Al Pacino) 8. Dumb and Dumber (Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels-dynamic duo) 9. The Sixth Sense (Bruce Willis and Haley Osmond) 10. The Lost Boys (Kiefer Sutherland) Pornographic movies were left out to be reviewed in their own category for obvious reasons.
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Cocaine is Satan's candy. I just had a friend last night overdose from this evil substance. He had been awake for 49 hours straight and the only thing keeping him going was cocaine. It ran through his veins like gasoline keeping him pushing for hours only a dope fiend can withstand. BOOM he started doing a weird dance, (so we thought.) Turns out he was convulsing and his face turned as purple as the cartoon character Barnie. I jumped on the floor, and grabbed his tongue to keep him from choking on it. That was a mistake. Will continue tomorrow.
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Whoever came up with the notion to stick your fingers in someone's mouth while they are having convulsions needs to be shot. Up until this point I though the only mammal that could lock their jaws were pit bulls. It took me and a friend all the strength we had to pry my fingers which were bleeding like a faucet out of his mouth. Gasping for air like a fish he started to turns shades of purple and then to blue. Holy Shit, what the fuck is going on? FRED WAKE UP! His eyes staring right through mine into heaven.
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All the CPR classes and health classes I took in high school, and right now I don't know what the fuck to do. Fred's dying, Josie's screaming, Wade stashing all the powder. Wade fuck the coke right now, FRED'S dying. FRED! FRED? FRED WAKE THE FUCK UP! 911: 911 emergency. What's your address please? Mike: My friend is dying please get someone over here NOW! 911: What's your address please? Mike:123 Main St. Tampa, FL 911: Calm down sir, what's the problem, help is on the way. Mike: My friend drank too much and he passed out. Will continue tomorrow
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911: Sir was he doing anything else, does he take medication. Mike: Hurry up he's dying and he's not breathing at all. Wade: Mike he's not breathing? What do I DO? FRED WAKE UP! FRED WAKE THE FUCK UP! 911: Sir place your hand under his neck and put your hand on his forehead. I slammed the phone down. In came the paramedics(unbelievably quick which I was very impressed by). Off to work they go, calmly and routinely as if they were dancing to a song they rehearsed to for hours. In came the next two with all the questions.
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Them (the paramedics): What'suhhh, Fred been doing tonight? Us (Mike and Wade- huh? -Wade and I just shot blank stares at each other. Wade: Man, we've just been drinking all night long. (In an obviously nervous voice) Mike: Yep, just drinkin'. -Then one of the questioning paramedics disappeared into the back room. He was snooping around like a cop looking for a murder weapon or some sort of evidence of foul play. Then we hear him call for his buddy who was still staring at us with the same look your father gives you when you know you're in trouble.
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Paramedic 1: Hey Joe (Paramedic 2) can you come in here please? Panic took over both me and Joey. Josie had already run out of the apartment and was gone by the time the paramedics arrived. The secret of Fred's ciesure was out as the paramedics came back into the room holding a mirror covered in cocaine residue and four straws that looked like candy canes. FUCK! We were busted. This turned out to be beneficial to saving our best friend's life. What an idiot I am for not telling the Paramedics what was going on. Fred is alive today.
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Why is cocaine always glamorized in movies, songs, books, poems, whatever, where the main characters seem to be immune to the real effects which we as normal humans are subject to? I'm not saying this is the reason why people choose to do cocaine by any means, it just boggles my mind. Al Pacino did eight balls at a time when he stuck his face in the pile of cocaine which looked like Mount Everest in Scarface. Even in Gladiator the evil brother is constantly with a bullet to his nose. Only the movie Blow shows the true deadly effects.
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Reading the newspaper everyday makes me wonder what kind of world we live in and how long I have to live before my name is in the obituary. The front page is supposedly where the top and most important stories are to be. Just a couple of days ago on the front page was an article on how Victoria's Secret is suing some small town merchant for using the name Victor's little secret for his lingerie store. Pretty important huh? On the next page was a story about 4 kids who were missing and 4 full size pictures of them.
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Not everyone can be a good writer but anyone who knows how to can entertain themselves for hours. What goes on in your head that you don't feel free to speak about but wish someone else knew about. This falls true for me because I have a problem speaking smoothly to people but am able to write any feeling I have down and make it flow like water. Maybe there is someone that you want to tell how much you love them but you can't find the strength to. Write it down. Hate is easy to express, words aren't necessary.
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Images in literature can make a long lasting impression on the observer if he or she allows their mind to travel to the depths of the writer or painter. For example in E.E. Cummings "She being brand" the sex scene is described with such concrete images that the reader can become aroused just by reading the text. However these images are not kept in our memory as long as real life images. Images of a friend almost dying in your arms can haunt you for the rest of your life. A purple face with wide bug eyes scares me everyday.
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My fingernails are dug into the armrest, my heart is pumping, I am almost scared to see what's next. The sound of an organ playing high pitched keys grows louder as the killer approaches. She shuts the bathroom mirror, BAM no one is there. The killer is standing right behind her, however she is unaware of this. She slides out of her bathrobe and turns the shower on. You scream as if she can hear you, TURN AROUND HE' S RIGHT BEHIND YOU, she doesn't hear you. She takes seventeen stab wounds like a champ. Damn I love horror movies!
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Literature and artistic expression surrounds us on a day to day basis. Everything in this world has an artist's touch or a literary genius's signature on it. The unique style of a car is created by someone's mind to look a certain way. Preferably to provoke someone to buy the car almost reaching out to their appeal. Commercials portray someone's image or slogan which is presented to you hopefully tickling your emotions. Even when you have a conversation with another being you are using your own sense of style and grace which boils down to your literary or artistic touch.