BY Martina

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I hosted a Nanowrimo kick off party today. Two people, but hey... whatever. I paid lots of bills (cable, Kelly, student loan) and brought things (cat food, cheese cake, juice, meat, toilet paper, and newspaper ads). I need to pay ADAPT Utah; I'll do all of that depending on how much I make this weekend at the craft fair. I need to finish my to do list from today, which will be difficult, as I'm watching a webcast all day fot my job. I started my Nanowrimo novel; 205 words so far. It's called Alyssa Missing? Good night to all.
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So much writing... I had so many writing goals this month- post everyday on three writing sites and finish Nanowrimo. I've done it for 2 days. Tomorrow, I have a show to make some money. I hope to make $50 or so. I'll send $10 to ADAPT Utah and $35 for the show fee; I'll keep $5 for me. Juice and stuff! I made 10 cents here today, I hope that keeps up; it'll be $3. Near payout; I just need to make fifty cents extra. I think I can make it easily. Good night to all my Blogit friends!
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I'm happy that Dawn, my nighttime PCA, found a babysitter so she can return to working for me. She was supporting her 4 kids on $40 bucks a week, before she found a sitter, from her other job. I feel so sorry for her kids, because their dad's jail and not a very good person from what I can tell. I can relate, my bio dad is pretty awful to. So Dawn wants me to talk to them. I written two other enteries for Blogit, plus this one and wrote on Mylot. Only Disaboom to go, then writing for Nanowrimo.
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I wrote on Mylot yesterday, but didn't earn any money, but I still feel like I am keeping up with the Goals. The goal was to write for Mylot, Blogit, 100 Words, and Disaboom each day. Not necessarily to get paid each day. I still feel slighted though. I have decided that I don't think it's fair to have only posting in this blog count as writing for Blogit each day; it violates my ethics. As it seems like killing two birds with one stone and I don't like that. I will post in this blog and a different one.
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I went to a really cool transgendered play today. It was a reading, not a performance. I love to see it performed though. I am going to see the AIDS Quilt, well parts of it anyway tomorrow at a reception. I think I'll take the bus home and maybe to it to save van tickets. I emailed Nita who's in charge of the Art Walk, so I'm all set there. I can't wait for Saturday. My friend Paul emailed me a cool article that I'm going to use for tomorrow's Disaboom post. I will just need to read the article.
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I saw an embedded collar case on Animal Cops Houston. That means that the collar grew into the animal's neck. I want to by Richard a collar, in case he gets lost, but I'm worried that that will happen to him. People say he'll be fine. That it's good idea for him to have one and that all I need to do is pet and play with him regularly, which I do everyday anyway.

I'm going to see the AIDS Quilt today. I know I'll cry. I always do. I've lost too many friends, but it's cathartic. Good afternoon all!
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Yesterday, I weird thing happened. I got someone else credit card in the mail. It was addressed to a woman who used to live here. I have no idea who they are. I've lived here for 6 years. I called the credit card people; they were suspicious. Took my name, address, everything. That woman is lucky that the mail was sent to a honest like me, not some other lowlife who lives in my complex.

Today Angela's kid is sick and she had to go home early. A new girl named Crystal is coming in, I just hired her today.
11/08 Direct Link
I got two free books. Went to Hampshire and Mount Holyoke Cooleges to hear talks. Need to fire another PCA. My PCA took my van tickets accidently. I need to get more. I also need to work on my poster for World AIDS Day: The Day without Art. I feel weird about selling my art (in my case my chapbooks on that day). Tomorrow, I'm going to a spoken word event and calling an instructor at Hampshire for help with the Nanowrimo novel. I am still meeting all my writing goals, although Nanowrimo is behind. Good night to you all!
11/09 Direct Link
Crystal and I had fun today. She's so fun and social. I think that she and I will get along while. I wish Angela would be more social. I called Belco and set up fix my account; I'm in debt to them $238, but at least no bounced checks. I don't evem have checks on that account and I think that's a good thing. I'm onspired to write a response to this poem this woman Lunell wrote and performed at the reading tonight. It's called I Reserve the Right to Say Fuck You and it's about bigots that she encounters.
11/10 Direct Link
I had such fun at Artwalk and even took the paratransit home with my friend Denise. Who I haven't seen in a while. Her partner Fred is ill and I'm going to send him a set of my chapbooks to cheer him up. I hope it helps; I remember being really sick and know how much getting presents helped.

I got ravioli for dinner. I won't see Jackie tomorrow and I'll miss her; she's in a race. It's too cold to walk to services now. So, I'm watching services on TV until it warms up. I'll miss actual people, though.
11/11 Direct Link
I spent all my show earning on a new ink cartridge and medicines, accept a few cents. I am glad I didn't spend $15 bucks at the AIDS dessert buffet. I am being practical. I got new shoes from Dawn's daughter. She wore them twice. I love them, although they're a little tight yet since they need to be broken in. Ouch!

I'm also a little sick. Stupid cold! I'm trying to get all my work done early, so I can sleep early. I would to to be paet of the Student Union Craft Fair, but it's $155! Good afternoon!
11/12 Direct Link
I'm watching How Do I Look? and finishing up my daily writing. I crossed two items off of my to do list. I hope to be home tomorrow by 4:55 or better yet 3:10. I need to go a bunch of places- wheelchair repair, Mount Holyoke, maybe Hampshire. I need to call Robin and get more van service tickets.

I'm really proud of myself for doing my writing goals for twelve days in a row, even though I am way behind on Nanowrimo. I have trouble finishing stuff and completing goals, so this is a really good showing. Good night!
11/13 Direct Link
I've started my daily writing. I've done Mylot and edited three zines; I need to go to the Belchetown Copy Center and get copies run off. I hope my check comes soon from my other job. I called the Craft Center, they say the application is due buy the end of week. I finally got a hold of Ben at Mount Holyoke and I'm in the zine fest. I'm so proud of myself for doing all that work on my zines; not that it's my primary job, Disaboom and 4 Disabled Women are. It's just pocket money, like here. Goodnight!
11/14 Direct Link
I've decided to set my novel (well, the meeting of my main characters in Philadelphia. Stacey will go to Temple and Alyssa to Philadelphia University. Stacey between Temple at 16 and graduated at 19, to enroll in law school right away. The met when both were 20. Alyssa sold Stacey her internship wardrobe (or maybe just her interview outfit... haven't decided yet/will try both).
I haven't written for Disaboom yet, as I have no topic idea. I need to get up early to get my chair fixed, near 7. I really wish I wasn't so awake now. Good night all!
11/15 Direct Link
I've decided to set my novel (well, the meeting of my main characters in Philadelphia. Stacey will go to Temple and Alyssa to Philadelphia University. Stacey between Temple at 16 and graduated at 19, to enroll in law school right away. The met when both were 20. Alyssa sold Stacey her internship wardrobe (or maybe just her interview outfit... haven't decided yet/will try both).

I haven't written for Disaboom yet, as I have no topic idea. I need to get up early to get my chair fixed, near 7. I really wish I wasn't so awake now. Good night all!
11/16 Direct Link
I got into a big, craft show at UMass. It's my first, really big, juried show. Angela's hanging out with my tonight since Dawn's mother is sick. I got my period at the Mount Holyoke zine fest. I dealt with it pretty well and made $18 and some change. I spent $13.71 of the money already; on iced tea, juice, and pills to deal with my period.

It was fun, there was a cool panel on the future of books. I met some other zine authors. Tomorrow I have a Green-Raibow Party meeting. I'm going to give Mike the $5.
11/17 Direct Link
My good friend Laua is coming to PCA for me tonight! My other PCA has a sick dad, so she's rescuing for the millionth time since we became friends like six years ago. I'm lucky to know her and have her in my life. I'm watching TV as I type this. I went to a Green Party meeting in Amherst today. It was fun to see everyone. I'm glad David quit. He was a mean person. That was the best news of my day.

I've registed for an online course on Disability Reproduction and Health. It starts Monday. I'm excited.
11/18 Direct Link
I'm watching a marathon of Mystery Diagnosis I'm going to meet the girl who might go home with me for Christmas as my assistant tomorrow I'm going to Hampshire Duplications tommorrow to get my bookmarks printed. I'm choosing 5 pastel colors.

Leah, my new PCA, just found my bus pass and state ID which were missing for a while. Now, tomorrow I'm going to the Hampshire College, the mall to get a matress cover (my old one is so ripped up its useless, and to get van tickets from Robin. I'm also going to pay back Mike and ADAPT Utah).
11/19 Direct Link
I ran errands today. I took two buses. The chair got broken. I managed to hold pee for hours, because I didn't drink anything. Now I'm going to eat pasta and have desert at my poetry open mic. I haven't been there in a while, so I'm excited. Tomorrow is wheelchair repair and PVTA to get a new transit ID.

Now I'm watching How I Met Your Mother? on DVR and Mybusters in real time. Now, I'm eating a cinnamon bun that Sal brought over to share with a fork, so that the computer keyboard doesn't get dirty. Night all!
11/20 Direct Link
I am munching a big carrot and now I'm finally full, even though I have a fourth of it left. I'll keep it around to finish tomorrow. I hate wasting food. Something is wrong with my cable. There's no sound coming out. I'll call them tomorrow. I still need to find someone to work Thnksgiving Day, 8 to 4. I need to check Michelle's references (my Christmas PCA) though. I have $1.30 to my name. I had chicken and rice for dinner, followed by sticky bun, candy bar, and the carrot mentioned at the beginning of this entry. Good night!
11/21 Direct Link
I wrote on Mylot. I added a few words to my Nanowrimo story. A new girl, her name is Nicole is coming and helping me, with the bathroom and dinner. I need to organize the FRIDA meeting. I'm watching Law & Order now. I paid $395 of debt so far; $5 more to go to meet my goal. I'm also meeting 2 of writing goals, but not winning Nanowrimo. I can never win that, in 4 years of trying. Maybe next year (I say that every year, but than I never triumph). I don't know what's up with that. Good night!
11/22 Direct Link
Happy Thanksgiving! I have no paycheck as of yet! Crystal brought me dinner- turkey, carrots, spinach, squash, potatoes, and stuffing. She brought her daughter and boyfriend over to her shift. Last night I was up in my wheelchair all night, because my PCA was a domestic violence victim. I don't understand why women put up with that, I sure as Hell wouldn't. She hear until 10 o'clock than going home for a while. Then coming back to put me to bed until six or so, when I'll get up and wait for my morning person who comes at eight AM.
11/23 Direct Link
I didn't go Black Friday shopping as my check didn't arrive and I was wicked tired. Sleeping until nearly noon, because I've spent so many hours awake lately. I hope my check comes by Thursday. I need to hit Lane Bryant for bras and new pants or maybe a dress for Friday, the first day of my first juried show ever.

I got $10 from my Grandma; it's going to pay laundry detergent and a bit of laundry. Maybe something to drink to if I have any left. I need to find my day planner, too. Happy shopping to all.
11/24 Direct Link
I've written a lot today; posted three blogs here, wrote on Mylot tons, entered the blogging competition. I didn't write for Nanowrimo, though. I have six days to reach my goal of 5,000 words (or 10%). I have 902, so far. Not bad! The title is At One with your Spark , which I barrowed from the Transformers cartoon, of all things. I have $1.20 to go until I get paid here for November. Kelly fixed my printer by giving me directions over the phone. I did it myself. It's too cold to walk to services tommorrow; God via TV instead.
11/25 Direct Link
I did a lot of work when Lee was here; making a new reminder card for this (where I have 4 votes, so far) that I printed out and I'm going to hand out and my shows. Lee's going to revoice/echo me at my feature at Jesters. I want to go to the Hu Ke Lau, a restaurant in Chicopee, where they have this cool new sushi chef. I'm watching the Matrix now for the millionth time. I'm buying the trilogy on DVD along with the Terminator movies when I finally get a DVD player. I am such a geek!
11/26 Direct Link
I'm wanting Animal Planet and writing; I'm tired as someone was banging over the head all night in the upstairs apartment. Dawn is doing my massive pile of laundry. Tomorrow, I have a writing meeting and tonight I have a Green Party phone meeting. I will miss Jester's tonight because of that, but duty is more important than having fun, even though I need to practice my spoken word skills for my reading in two weeks Sal is getting me food at the Survival Center as we speak. My empty fridge will be happy to get some food in it.
11/27 Direct Link
I went out today, to Hampshire Duplications. I have supposed to go to a children's writing meeting, but I missed it for a job meeting for 4 Disabled Women; I'm learning to write code (horror of horrors). Still no check. I really need it to come. I have $1.47 to my name. My govenment check comes Friday, so I won't be broke anymore- yay! I owe money to Sal and Angela. Sal sharpened axes; it was an annoying sound. My night PCA could not stay with me tonight, be she needs to go to court tomorrow. Good night to all!
11/28 Direct Link
Tomorrow, I'm going to a World AIDS Day event at Hampshire; then a child labor event with Lee. I need to have Crystal find the red string that I brought. Right now, she's making a sign for my jar. It looks okay, but I don't have a good set of markers. Crystal says she'll get me a new set for Christmas.

I've got 22 votes on Blog for a Year I'm ranked #160 out of 248 bloggers in the contest. I have two goals for that contest finishing in the top 100 and a mini-goal of getting 100 votes overall.
11/29 Direct Link
Dawn missed work yesterday. I hope her stupid husband is out of the picture now as he's in jail now. She went to court. Crystal broke up with her boddy boyfriend-yay- and he's nuts which I already knew and advised her to dump him straight away, before he gets worse.

Laura came to help me, so I could go to work today, all clean, pretty and stuff. I'm tired as I got up at 7:00 AM. I forgot that it takes longer to dressed pretty than dressed regular. I barely made the van to work at my craft show. Night!
11/30 Direct Link
My Cat is needy and neglected because I've been working and leaving him alone for so much time; he's not used to it. I'm watching the Phantom Gourmet that I DVRed. I didn't get paid from 4 Disabled Women yet again.
I finished having the bookmarks made; I'm going to do a series of them like the books. I posted my Disaboom column for the day; 30 this month, one a day. I will get a check for $600 next week.

I told my credit card and cable companies that I couldn't pay them yet as there was no check.