BY Martina

09/01 Direct Link
I missed the last day. I found out about a cool assistive limb, called the ilimb, for my amputee gymnastics story. I'm going to try and go to the NCAA championships next year. They are in Cleveland. That pretty close to me. I am going too make it this month, I vow. I have a few calls to make before the 3 Day starts. I don't know why I always screw up this blog. I installed a new application. I hope it earns me money. I paid ADAPT and earned a writing contest. I have seven words to go. Bye!
09/02 Direct Link
Online done! Court tomorrow. All of my Stanford research is done. I hope that maybe the Stanford people e-mail me back. I now know more about engineering than I ever wanted to and thoroughly annoyed Robyn with my questions, as she's a techie and a student engineer. I saw Nia today. I rubbed her head. She's so tiny. I have court tomorrow. I am supposed to owe some guy money who I've never met. And 5,000 K to boot! What the hell. I need to sleep for court. Seven comes early. Bye all!
09/03 Direct Link
I saw my therapist. It was good to talk to her. Ir's about 3 hours to novel time. Ending at "time" is the quickest 25 words I've ever written. I'm going to sleep after this until around 11. Then it'll be novel time. Half way done with the entry, I think I'll be done quickk with entry. All I need to do is pick small words. Then it'll be 4 lines which is the goal for this entry. I've decided. I think I'll make it. I need 5 words. I made it! Bye!
09/04 Direct Link
My 3 Day Novel typist failed to show up, but I got 33 pages written anyway, thanks to personal and PCA typing. If I keep going at this rate. I will be finished with a few hours to edit on Monday. This is my one non-novel posting today. I missed you all. I'll be back tomorrow. I have a good typist and an adequate typist as PCA tomorrow. I have 24 more words to go here. Then it's back to the novel. Goal is three more pages and new typist by midnight.
09/05 Direct Link
Really weird time wrap moment. I thought I sent my typist on break at 6:45. Now every clock in the house and on the computer says 6:15. What the hell? I last or found a half an hour. I hope to be done by 8pm tomorrow to have 4 hours edit time. Very confident in this book. Also very sure caffeine is a drug with all the Dew running though my system. I need it, I was to tired. I'll come back and type the last few words at my next break.
09/06 Direct Link
I finished the three day- 93 pages. I hate words at the moment. I'm just typing this because I don't want to burn my free day yet. Maybe tomorrow. I learned today that I'm a bad poet. The person I love best in the world, really, absolutely horribly awfully misinterpreted this poem I sent her (which was all about how much I liked her) and has decided I simply don't- yeah right! I always write love poems to people I dislike- it's a twisted hobby. See you when I'm awake, hopefully tomorrow
09/07 Direct Link
I donít like words right now . I Need to create them because theyíre therapeutic. I donít know what I would do if I couldnít write, Iíd be suicis0 homicidal pretty much 24/7. Someday Iím going to look up my sixth grade English teacher, if heís still alive send him flowers, with a note, "Thank you for saving my life." I donít think I would be able to deal with the amount of death and bad things I need to deal with if I couldnít write.
09/08 Direct Link
1. buses. 2. My housemates, who Iím going to miss terribly i when they move. 3. even conversations that annoy me because theyíre good material and make me think. 4. that I still like my three day novel story. Iím even ending it two days after I turned it in. I also edited it a little yesterday. 5. that yaíll kept reading my stuff, and giving me money, wven though I wasnít posting much because I was in the middle of 3 day novel hell. 6. the wheelchair repairman who'lll come Friday.
09/09 Direct Link
Even though I am tired beyond measure I am kind of proud of myself for all that I managed to get done today. I went to the Northampton apartment I learned to take the bus from Holyoke to Northampton, all though not the bus to the actual apartment which I need to work on to figure out where it goes and where to pick it up.But its a pretty easy roll on all side walk for my proposed new apartment to downtown Northampton. I just need to get some lights on my chair. This got done before van service arrived.
09/10 Direct Link
I submitted a flash piece to the Vestal Review. I also got notice from 3 day that they got my novel. I've got my fingers crossed. I'm excited for trans pride tomorrow. I'm glad I saw my therapist today or I wouldn't have known about it. Tomorrow, I'm also going to an art show and a 9/11 remembrance, I'm happily packing fruit, crackers, and cheese. I'm get a muffin or cookie at the hippie grocery. You can always fill your stomach thanks to food stamps, which I'm grateful for. See ya'll later. Bye!
09/11 Direct Link
I want to see The Company, I'll see if the library has it . It's a dance flick! I love dance flicks and dancing. Tomorrow is for waking up early, Mylottting. editing the novel (at least 10 pages). I just tweeted my two examiner articles. I need to think clearly about what to say to the girl. I hope my books come soon. I my start reading the Alex book tomorrow. I got the London Review of Books, for some reason. I don't know how I got it, weirdest thing ever! Bye all!
09/12 Direct Link
It was a big event morning. Michelle vouldn't wake up so Robyn had to keep waking her up whenever I needed to pee or whatever. Robyn was not please and neither was I. I'm still decompressing from yesterday, so I'm not ready to put that up yet. About halfway through this blog and out of words and eaiting pretzels. I'm tired, but don't to do cafeine or take a nap, Sugar from doughnut holes and lemonade is helping. I surrendered and drank a cup of Mountain Dew. Michelle, accidentally, broke my Eyeore glass. That's sad. Back to novel editing, Bye!
09/13 Direct Link
I am applying for another Hearne award. Even though they don't must seem to like art. I'm watching My Cousin Vinny again. I got a poetry postcard in the mail. I wrote a page of the novel. I e-mailed a colleague about a conference. I answered one Mylot question. I need to sleep. Tomorrow I must get blood work, run errands, and hit the gym. I am out words with 28 to go. That seems ample! Sixteen at the start of this sentence. Nine now. Seven now. Five now- three, two, one! Done!
09/14 Direct Link
I want to draw. I realize that this word counter is always off by 8 words. I'm excited that The Artemis Complex is en route to me. I'm happy to enjoy books again. I haven't heard a book in awhile. My nails are dirty. Tomorrow I'll clean my nails and get new sneakers. I need to change a $20, getting all ones and a roll of quarters to boot. I also want to get more doughnut holes. I'm ordering more Mr. Monk books. I'm a reader again! It only took 6 weeks.
09/15 Direct Link
I am watching Velcro sit with Robyn. And I thought Richard was a needy cat. Heís less dependant than Velcro is, I think. But Velcro is better behaved. Six of one half a dozen of another. After this itís off to bed even though itís only 10:30. Tomorrow Iím going to sleep in until maybe 9:30. Iíve been getting up at 8:30 the past few days and my body doesnít like that. I hope to finish this blog without needing to edit when I repaste it. Didn't make it, 7 words shorts.
09/16 Direct Link
The rain poured on me i looked like a drowned rat, i couldn't find anywhere to hide when the sky opened I could do was was to keep trudging toward home and hope my chair didn't short out. At least my new shoes survived the adventure well. The no slip grip really worked. Maybe I don't hate them as much as i thought i did even if they are boring and white. They have good traction and keep my behind off the ground which is the goal. One must sacrifice fashion for sense if you had a body like mine.
09/17 Direct Link
I 'm off to the gym, for my first Tai Chi class. Been to the gym twice this week (counting today). I'm happily listening to Artemis Fowl. I took a nap earlier. I'm waiting for the van. I have made $2.10 here these month. I have decided to submit some of mu poems to Lambda Literary. If you want to submit, go here. I don't know if they pay but it's Lambda Literary. All that press is good for you, maybe a publisher will notice me. I think I'll go wait outside.
09/18 Direct Link
I've tried to write this blog twice, but the need to vent has overwhelmed the word count. I plan to get up around 9:30, wolf down my salad from dinner, and be selling in the lobby by 10:30 AM. If I want 7 hours that means I better hit the hay soon. I need to wash up and grab some zzz. I'll worry about my teeth in thr morning. I ate so little today, I think my stomach shrunk. I need to fix that tomorrow. I love free wireless here and the fact that Johnny and Danielle are back. Bye!
09/19 Direct Link
I wrote this whole pretty entry and the computer just ate it. Now I'm pissed and retyping, Read about today here. I loved talking to Marsha and other people who knew Karin. I miss her so much, especially now. I keep expecting her to roll through the lobby. Fight with Robyn about her alleged cure theory. I get so angry with able-bodied people who talk about this shit. Often they have no experience with disabled people, I don't know I try to talk to able-bodied people about anything of substance. Karin Marie Dinardi- My yardstick; I miss you. Always will.
09/20 Direct Link
I'm pissed, irate, disturbed at the world. Wanna know why? Click here. That's also why I'm writing past midnight instead of sleeping my bed like a good little ADAPTer. I promise I'll hit the sack after this, though. Ten o'clock comes early and that's what time line up is. I want to get up at 8:30 so I can grab breakfast and brush my teeth; two things I didn't do today. Oh my God, my room is so cold. I just called housekeeping for an extra blanket. Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be. Wish us luck! The revolution continues.
09/21 Direct Link
I'm happy to report that Joey is free, I'm not in the pokey, and I found this link. I'm tired as I woke at 5:23 AM, did activism all day, had a somewhat heavy, overpriced, and not very good dinner of some pasta I won't be recording. Currently, I'm Anne Fenney on my laptop. She's my favorite folk singer. My favorite line is "cause the melting pot to boil". I'm excited for tomorrow. ADAPT is trying a new Wednesday daytime activity, we usually go to the Hill, but not this action. We'll see what we see. They don't inform us.
09/22 Direct Link
I thought i was going to write this 100 word blog first but as usual i had too much to say. If you want to know what i said you would need to go to " the inner workings ". I've already made out my present envelopes and I'll have Michelle run them to the post office tomorrow. My peaches went bad but I've learned that pears and oranges are very suitable fruit for going on protest marches. Peaches are just too fragile. I'm going to stay up till 10. I hope. See ya later!
09/23 Direct Link
I checked here and i only have $2.91 i also spent all my writing money that i got from various websites, paying off the show I'm going to do on Saturday i still owe them 22 bucks, but paying with 43 dollars of paypal earning is pretty sweet. I'm impressed that I came back from ADAPT with $15 i put $5 on laundry card to do my laundry mountain and $10 to get back and forth from work this weekend. I usually come back with a cent or two. Economic sense improving. Yay!
09/24 Direct Link
I'm at $3.04 here. I am not sure if I will make payout, here but I'm going to try. I made $43.74 last month. That is $524.88 a year. Almost an SSI payment just in online earnings. Plus, all my book sales. Go me. Now I need to pee and write. At least I have a full belly. Now, I'm getting ready for work in the morning. I lost some stuff, but found it again. Velcro is interested in my packing. Richard is still mad at me for leaving him and taking off to DC to fight for justice. Bye!
09/25 Direct Link
Profit: $14, a vending gig in Worcester, a donation and publicity for a GLBT library, two possible gigs for the AIDS Foundation in December and January, and I found an artist I thought I'd lost. Totally worth $65. I hope they do it again next year. I didn't my actually cash just my online earnings, and profit from today. I hope I make some online profit this month, I'm listening to the end of Point Blank. Book 90 nearly done. I will sleep well after this. Fifteen words to go! I have nothing to say in the final 11. Bye!
09/26 Direct Link
I just posted an entry that was to be this entry but it got too long. Now i have nothing to say I said everything in my 3 previous blogs here today did you know that the boys choir of Harlem is on the lists of the worst charities to donate to? I didn't. I'm kind of shocked i always thought that those people had their stuff so together. If you don't believe me you can read the article here. After sharing that depressing bit of news I'm out of things to say again. good thing i only have 8 words. Bye!
09/27 Direct Link
Suck... Suck... Suck.. Suck... That's how I feel about today. I'm just trying to do some work and the universe is against me. I'm very, very annoyed. I must get up early tomorrow. I had to send Beth to the food pantry, the library, and the gym, as well as to drop off time sheets. Robyn, with complaining, with help me when she's gone. I have 36 words to go now. I'm almost done with book 91 is almost done. One article is done. Three more to go. Eleven more words to go! Nothing at all to say. Bye!
09/28 Direct Link
I put away my debit card. I have turned in 3 articles and eaten two oranges. I've written a book review, a journal entry, and this blog here. I just need to take meds. Tomorrow is yoga and acupuncture. Then I have a poetry reading. I'm feeling kind of blocked up, but I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know. I'm waiting to sign up for 30 poems in 30 days. I will be asking for sponsors here, be doubtless! I'm concerned about my friend Mike, who in the hospital following a brain hemorrhage. Yikes! Good-bye all! See ya!
09/29 Direct Link
I've written to jouenal entries and I think I'll go to sleep soon. Can I post 150 mylot questions, answers, or start new discussion enough to make payout, plus go to the annual meeting of Valley Time Trade? I will get up at 8AM tomorrow and type, type, type. I need the money. Money for ADAPT and writing contests, as well as money for friends in need of need, doesn't grow on trees. But most of these things do take paypal. I won't make payout here, unless a miracle happens. But that's only. It'll keep for November. Bye to all!
09/30 Direct Link
Im tired Im currently dictating this blog and eating an orange as soon as i'm done with both these things and the disc im listening to im going to go to sleep and not wake up till 7:30 when its time to go to therapy at least i hope i don't until 7:30. I just relized i have one more small task i have to do before i go to bed. I have to copy all of these 100 words entries for September onto the official 100 words website. This is the first I've made it for a long time,