BY Martina

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I got some books from the library for the trip and I'm all packed up. God gimps need to pack a ton of stuff, chargers and changes of clothes. I'm broke again. It makes me irritated. "Hi money, bye money!" Most of my remaining $207 will go to the bus, At leaser, I'll meet Alice Walker tomorrow and give her my books if I have the nerve (my God she's so famous). I put my 100 words up yesterday. First month in 2010. I did 3 batches in 2006, one in 2007, 4 in 2008, none in 2009. Total 9 complete batches in 4 years! Ugh! I'm all packed. I'll leave the suitcase somewhere. No idea where yet. I hope to finish my book before I leave. I just started disc 5 of 7. I want to print of my greyhound rewards card. I just found out that 1199 is going to reimburse me for the DC fare! Can you say awesome?
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Sheila is not a person shes my chair. She was suppose to retire but my new chair has never worked well so every month or so she woeks again. This weekend in DC at the One Nation March i think she have climbed her last hill and have gone to the great wheelchair beyond. Im deeply saddened especially because my new chair is in the shop.I named Sheila the chair after a friend of mine that has CP and called Rudy Giuliani when she was threatend with a nursing home at 96 and got him to restore her homecare services.
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I Since I've gotten home iv been sleeping, and eating and drinking and hanging out with my cat who knows something is wrong. apparently Robyn's cat is siting in my lap shes nice much calmer than Richard. It's funny that Velcro and Richard act very much like Robyn and me. Richard is always scheming for what he wants, Velcro can care less with whets' going on Richard has my stubborn streak, i don't think Velcro knows what stubborn is.They say pets imitate their owners that's totally true in this case Velcro is very laid back and Richard is very amped
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I had yummy Chinese food, with enough leftovers to last a week. I'm still in the running this month, although I burned my free day. I'm looking forward to washing and sleeping. Tomorrow I'll mail in my reimbursement form to 1199. I have $12.19 in my account, which I will use to go to the gym and wherever else I need to go. I need to make one more copy of my Peter Pan reservation screw up. They are going to buy me a free ticket. They just don't know it yet. I'm not a woman to be messed with.
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I'm tired. I'm about 75% of the second to last Alex Rider book. I mailed my reimbursement form to Becca. I hoping to get my $78 back. I've picked my last 6 books- Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears, Pendragon 9 & 10, and Accidents of Nature. I have nothing more to say. I'm going to try to read 150 books in 2011. This is unless I get this fellowship I want (working in Boston). I need to work on my application tomorrow, Maybe I won't go to yoga; application is most important. That's obvious. Bedtime now. Bye!
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I am wondering if the first chapter of the Alex Rider book I'm now listening to is a tool for terrorists. I need to call Peter Pan back and finish my fellowship application. I have to go to court tomorrow. It's a really stupid thing. At least, I have my Mr. Monk book to entertain me as I wait for the stupidity to work itself out. I can't believe I'm on book 96 already. I have 26 words to go. I have nothing to say. I'm just wanting to complete my required "word nerd" task. Mike is recovering. Bye all!
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I hope my reimbursement is here. I am broke, broke. I got foodstamps today; I got about $33 worth of food.I have .77 left in cash. I'm on disc 3 of the final Alex Rider book. I had a nap. I wrote my first national examiner article. I have a western mass article to write tonight as well. I hope that it works out this time. It's still not up, after 35 minutes. Amy is coming soon to help me pee. I am listening to Alex Rider and a bit sleepy. I'm not well somwehow. I think I'm catching cold.
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.. I think I'm sick. Getting a cold or the flu. It might be because the person I love best is going up a tree from 6 months in a heroic act of radical activism. For the next six months, I worry about loggers, cutting down her tree. so I'm sucking on hard candy and ginger ale, hoping to appease the worn out stressed body. I hope I'm well enough to hit the gym tomorrow. I miss dancing, but don't want to make myself more sick. I have 15 more wore words to go. I'm hitting the bed here after. Bye!
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Cold getting better. Thank God for Tylenol Sinus. I've eaten half a bag of Jolly Ranchers, which I'm using as cough drops, and polished of my Chinese food. I'll drink the last of my juice and hit the hay. This entry is already over a third done. I need to remember to call the van service and cancel my gym ride for Monday. The gym is closed for Columbus Day. I hate that man more and more the more he effects my life. I can't cash my money order or go to dance Monday all because of a genocidal maniac.
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I was right to start Blogit in my journal. I knew i would have to much to say because i haven't been here in a while except to do this blog and occasionally write reviews. I'm going to get paid a good bit next month and I've already decided that I'm going to order the audiobooks of Crashed and Wired with my money.After I'm done with them I'm going to donate them to the library so other people can listen to them. It's not fare that the library has one book of a trilogy on audiobook but not the others.
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I have taken naps today and had an adventure that involved calling the cops because I couldn't get in touch with Robyn. That's never fun. I'm working on a short story with a funny masturbation twist. My national column is up and running. I ate Salisbury steak and rice cakes with cheese for dinner. I sent a poem for submission. It's a cat poem. I worked on my poetry manuscript. Cutting out 5 poems. It really wasn't that hard. This contest only has a fee of $10 and it's postmark due by Friday, along with the Gophen Fellowship application. Bye!
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I haven't gotten my greyhound reward points. I'm going to call them and bitch tomorrow. I wrote a lot today. I'm pleased. My purposal to teach a six week course got accepted! I'm watching My Life in Ruins, which has three commentaries. That's even a bit much for a commentary junkie like me. I love Nia Vardalos, the lead actress. I just ordered two more of her movies. She's so funny. A like my ladies funny. I have 18 words after this. I am out words. But I'm a writer and much push on. I don't want to get out.
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I'm on part 9 of 141. I'm 15% done. It's a really really good book. I'm thinking that I might be up all night, just listening. "I sat beneath the stone lion, holding his head in my lap." That's am amazing sentence. I haven't had a nap today. Second day in row. Go me! I got up at 10:07 this morning. That's 22 minutes later than I wanted to. I have 130 parts to finish. If I keep going I'll be done tomorrow. I have two minutes left in this track. I hope I'll done tomorrow. I'm done with words!
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I don't really have time to type this blog, i was suppose to go to bed 15 minutes ago i have a huge speech tomorrow and my felloship application is due at least i have the manuscript mailed, the fellowship application is already to mail in i just have to harrass my reference in order to get them to do it by the headline, one reference is already done and im getting another other one when i give my speech tomorrow, lastly my friend Jamie is saving my behind by being my third refrance, goodnight to all see you tomorrow
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ate I hate movies that you think are going to be cute, but turn out be disturbing. I hate the fact that my housemate, sweet through she is, doesn't get stuff. I hate that my mom doesn't get why I need to go see Mike. I love the idea of eating a cinnamon bun for breakfast and working it off in dance class. I love the fact that I know have money for laundry. I love the fact that nothing stressful is on my agenda, but I still have plenty to do. I love being done in four words. Bye all!
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I am sleepy and watching Monk. I cashed my check and put my Mike visit train money away. I just need to deal with Albany paratransit on Monday. I have to spend all day on the phone, which is just awful. I'd have dealt with this earlier last week accept I was in deadline. Wait! According to Google, they have wheelchair cabs! I just called and not thrilled with service. A very gruff guy told me to call back Monday. I get the get the feeling that Monday will be very bureaucratic in nature. Well, such is life! Bye all!
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I had one good thing happen to me today, the moderator of the redditt disability page , where I post often, thanking me for posting. They haven't updated examiner earning of today for today yet. I hope that, between the two topics I examine, I'll make 14 cents, that will put me at $5, which provided I write enough makes payout possible. I'll only need to 10 more articles for each column. I get a $1 per article for up to 5 articles per week. Now, I'm off to write a few e-mails and work on some poetry. Bye to all.
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I am on the phone with the Albany transit and the PVTA. I've decided to take buses in Albany. It's cheaper. I am so organized with all this stuff. I'm nervous because whenever I'm organized something bad occurs. I have a backup taxi number, just in case. I should go now. I'll finish this later. Much later... I'm overwhelmed by conversation and dancing. Need time to process all lessons learned. I misunderstood where one talk was hopefully that was my bad thing. Need to facebook workers about behaviors, I'm not enjoying. I have to be the boss I guess. Bye all!
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I hoped to finish this entry before I left, but didn't make it.Had a good visit with Mike Volkman, my recently hospitalized friend. He is doing so much better. I give him my package. He liked all the presents. He says he'll wear the shirt the shirt I gave him tomorrow. I like Albany. I had sushi, there is free breakfast tomorrow. I'm out of money, but could care less. Mike is better. I'm rejoicing. Thank the Lord or whoever. And there was much singing and shouting. And there was much singing and shouting. And there was much singing and...
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It's past my bedtime. I fell asleep at 3 this morning. Woke at 8am and now it's after 10:15 pm. I woke up at 9:30am on Tuesday, too. I need a ton of typing support tomorrow. I haven't had typing support since Sunday and I'm behind because I haven''t had it. I'm happy to be over half done. I sent a cool phrase on IM " It's our duty as humans living in community.". I need to remember that. Now I have three ideas for Nanowrimo. Which one do I choose. Eleven days to go! Last sentence, yay! Bye to all!
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I just did a lot of Mylot, not a lot but 4. I am 91 cents away and determined to make it because i want to buy those two audio book that iv discussed this month. I know this is a silly way to spend your disposable income but its what I want and I'm entitled to get a treat every once in a while. Usually I'm so practical with money that I earn using it all to pay off debt or to enter contest which will lead to more money, hopefully but this month I feel like doing this.
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I woke with a headache, but saved the day by writing lots of blogs and watching 2 movies with the awesome diva, Nia Vardalos, Connie and Carla and I Hate Valentine's Day. Jesus that woman is funny and she can write. I would like to see her write something exclusively for other people that she not in in. I want to buy cream cheese to put on the matzos I got, because they dry with nothing on it. Maybe I'll go to Stop and Shop and pick out the one I want. I have $3 and change to spend on it.
10/23 Direct Link
Mike Volkman, beloved ill friend is posting independently on Facebook. That does a soul/heart/body good. I really wasn't ready to loose another friend yet (not that I ever am, but in this case I was really not ready). I need to plan tomorrow. I need to make a list of all the writing I want to do. I need to rise early. Especially, if I want a second payout. I think $16 should cover two audiobooks, a little debt repayment, and a wee bit of savings. That's all I want, just to buy my books and keep a few cents.
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It's Eli Clare's birthday. I'm so blessed to be friends with such an awesome writer. I am tired, tired, tired today. I think it's my period. Poor Robyn's been "on" with me for close to 29 hours now. Michelle's kid was ill, then amy hurt herself, so Robyn's got me. I need, need, need to do laundry. Period mostly because of my period. I almost forgot to write this blog. That's how tired I was. I would have been out- boo! I am off to sleep at 9pm. That's wicked early for me! I hope to feel better tomorrow. Bye!
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As I haven't been to bed yet, I telling myself that I'm not breaking the rules. I feel better, so much better I can't tell you. No if only Greyhound would get off its ass and send me the check. Instead of just a letter telling me I will get a check in two weeks, I'm also watching Top Chef and writing my short story. I feel so well now, I'm glad because I need to meet my landlord in the morning. I have 15 words to go. Thirteen words, 11 words. Nine to go. And I'm Done. Bye all!
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I've had a long day! My housemate freaked, my PCA freaked, and I'm broke. I got up at 9am after going to bed at 4am. Now it's after 2am and I haven't slept at all. Watched a lot of Top Chef and now I'm looking at gymnastics. I saw Man vs. Food which really cheered me up. I like a lot. I want to finish this entry and just chill and full screen gymnastics. Tomorrow, I'll edit and put the story up. I want to know what people think, I like these characters. I hope you like them, too.
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This is my second attempt to write this blog I wrote my journal first so I thought I would have no problem but the first attempt was too long. Whenever I talk about writing or books it always takes more words than I think it's going too. I sent a poem to the girl in Arizona because she's in it and I wanted to make sure shes okay with me trying to get it published. I write about all the people in my life but shes the only one that gets veto power. I guess that says something, right? Bye
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I got to get to bed soon. I need to go to Westfield in the morning. I e-mailed Candice at the gym. Robyn is mad at me, because I forgot to tell her that I need to Westfield. I totally forgot myself. She thinks I lied to her on purpose. I forgot and no way I'm going to disappoint kids just to appease here. I forgot, but grown ups are more able to deal with disappointment. Besides tomorrow is a work thing. I'm not a irresponsible person. I need to go the doctor and deal with my medicine and hip.
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I have decided to go to the costume part tomorrow as a demonic pumpkin I'm a kind of pumpkin chick any way and have lots of orange clothes so i can do it on the cheap. Which is good because i have 41 cents to my name after i get to the gym tomorrow. Im pretty exited to go to a holooween part with the people i like where there is an accessible bathroom and planned activities i also need to call my PCA so she can e-mail me the photos and the guy i met on the van. Bye!
10/30 Direct Link
1. buy pants 2. pay for conference and table 3. pay the gym ( i think i owe them for like 3 months now) 4. buy a roll of van service tickets for my class 5. buy ink 6. pay the transportation people (i think i owe them about $200) 7. pay friends With all these expenses + van service fees a cat and household upkeep, is it any wonder I'm always broke? But at least for November I've got it all lined up. I think November'll be a pretty OK money month for me. I'm selling books for 4 days which always gives me some extra money.
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A rampant. contagious disease is spreading. It's airborne and you can get it like a cold. Do you abandon a disease ridden child and her father to die? They did. Do you abandon your girlfriend at the side of the road when she gets sick after trying to help the little girl? He did. Do you shoot your older brother when he gets sick, even though he abandoned his beloved? He did. How far do go until you forgo your humanity. I rate this movie an 8.5. It will make you think. It's scary to consider. I wasn't expecting that today.