BY Martina

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I took a nap. I got Danielle's paperwork. I have no battery changer for my chair as mine started sparking. I'm going to get a new one on Monday or maybe Tuesday. On Monday, I have a typing PCA. I have to watch the video by tomorrow at 9pm. I need to update the Paper Diet, as well as counting lines in a poem I want to submit. Tommorrow, I need to plan what to do with my typing assistant come Monday. Some story, lots of Mylot, my daily blogit, and the Paper Diet. Many I'll work on examiner stuff.
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Tomorrow is not going to be the day it was going to be. My new typist is sick with the same thing my housemate has, but i would rather have my housemate take care of me because she doesn't need to drive and my typist needs to come from far away. All i can see is her getting a coughing fit and driving into another car and killing someone. I would feel too guilty if that happen to someone who was coming to work for me. I don't think I would be able to leave the house again. Bye all!
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I am enjoying Midnight but Dean Koontz. He's creepy, but can write like hell. I'm getting sick, I think. I took two naps and having bladder problems. I mailed an electronic manuscript. I blogged. I wet my bed. I hate being sick! Wired is coming from the library, finally. I'm routing for Quinn and Ani. We'll see what we see, Tomorrow I'll try to drag myself to the doctors for a blood draw. But if I'm puking; I'm so not going to the doctor. So far, I'm food down although peeing lots. It's cold. I'll sleep soon. See ya tomorrow!
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My printer came! I need it to work by next Thursday, when I have poetry critique group. I will probably finish my first book of 2011 tomorrow (maybe even two, if they library fixes my problem with the other book). I e-mailed them. I am also going to get a new/old computer tomorrow. My genius housemate is giving me her old one, but it's better than the one i currently use. I'm liking Where's My Jetback, the science book I downloaded. I have nothing to say in my final 19 words. Glad I only have 9 to go.
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I finished, Where's My Jet Pack? I started a discussion on Mylot. I chatted with a friend on Facebook. I made for Amtrak tickets and sent my PCA out of groceries, including sickness foods in case I get the stomach bug but and accompanying vomiting that comes with it. Saltines and ginger ale, the staples of my sickness food. This is pretty good production for a person who was conscious for hours today. I need to call my grandmother as soon as Finished the blog. I need to call the youth hostel in Hartford. I hope to feel better tomorrow.
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I sent Beth off to the library and the mail room. I wish the oven hadn't stopped, so Robyn had to help me get it out of the oven. I ordered Midnight from another library, I can't wait to see what happened. I'm waiting eagerly for my organic, pumpkin pie. I deserve a big ass slice. I'm enjoying being awake for a whole day. I missed the morning. I slept through too many morning's this week. Hopefully, I'll have fish (yummy) in 10 minutes. I used my first full piece of paper on the paper diet. See ya later! Bye.
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I am sick again. I finished my third book of the week. I'm right on track to finish in 50 weeks, I'm sorry that this series is done and there will be no more Ty and Hunter. I like them! I have skip dance again tomorrow, because I am still sick. It sucks! I'm going to sleep soon. I will will write the reviews tomorrow. I'll get Robyn to help, It's about 500 words. I took a 4 hour nap, which is how I knew I was still sick. I need call to call the young lady's references. Bye all!
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I'm sick and not recovering. I slept most of today. I'm finishing this blog and my paper diet. I had one PCA quit. But I'll deal. Ugh! The economy is so bad, but apparently a job wiping people's bottoms is not a real job. Whatever! I'm helping my assistant try to stop her Norwegian friend not commit suicide. What a fucking day! This id just the last thing I needed. At least, Diana (the nice young lady from yesterday) is going to talk about working some regular hours. As she said, "Some people just want to be lazy," Bye all!
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My monitor blew yesterday. I forget to post here. Luckily, I haven't missed any days so I can make it up. I'm typing on my laptop and comfy keyboard after having my techie assistant hook it up. Last night, I was delusional. Got fever! It wasn't fun. I'm having bathroom issues in addition to the sickness. I hope I'm well enough to deal with the doctor and my therapist. I need to get better to get back to therapy and the gym. My two main outlets are gone poof with this sickness! So not good, because I don't many outlets.
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I had weird dreams. One in particular. I died, along with about 50 other people. The only people who could hear/see me where those folks who talk to themselves, but no one listens too. I discovered that you could text message other people. My girlfriend didn't answer her her phone and the only person I could get a hold of was my non-supernaturally believing PCA. She said things like "This is my work phone! How'd you get this number?" "My friend is dead, asshole!"And other typical things. People who read this story and know us will recognize her. Bye all!
01/11 Direct Link
I went out to the therapist. I'm trying a new format for this blog. I hope people like it. It's not snowing according to Robyn & Beth. I will laugh if everyone canceled school, events, and places happened and we get no snow. Robyn will help me plug in my printer by Thursday, so I van be ready for poetry group. Yay, yay! I really miss my monitor and I'm looking forward to getting that platform back! I registered for yet another conference. I'm going to AWP, the Disability Policy Seminar, Boskone, and PMN. That's tons of travel. Sounds like fun!
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I'm sad and not sleepy. I've had a hard day, dismissing a board member and being stuck in the house. I wrote in my calendar all the dates I need to remember. I have two book reviews to write tomorrow. I've finished my sixth book. I am ahead in account. "The steep cost of survival" is a good line in Earth Abides which I've started listening to as a type this. "This is not a book you will able to forget" so says the book's introducer. We will see what we see! I like good books, as you all know.
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I am loving my new flat screen monitor. My printer is all hooked up! I ready to roll! The paper diet is going well, too. There was drama at poetry group. Tom, our co-President, fainted when I was the bathroom and we needed to call 9-1-1! Then I had to lock the door when group finished. Lucky, I knew the code! I'm enjoying Earth Abides! I have a doctor's appointment in the morning to see why my foot hurts. I hope he can help! It's been a long day and the van comes at 10:20! Bye!
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I have 91 cents here. I will break a dollar tomorrow I'm sure. I have to start organizing taxes. My least favorite job in the world. New-new assistant and new old assistant start Monday. Two new people in one day! What was I thinking? At least Angie is not all the way new. And Monday is MLK day, so I have cool plans. I just need to kick this illness. This blog made my day. I need to call the phone company and the electric company tomorrow, Now it's meds and bed. Apparently after adding one more sentence. Bye!
01/15 Direct Link
My facebook says, "You are busy, but you are happy." I have $31 in my wallet. My friend Paul is raising money to get wheelchairs to people with disabilities in Uganda. Consider helping out, if you can! I will make a list of things which I need to accomplish on MLK Day before we go to the events from 1-3pm. I'm reading Earth Abides. I'm almost half way through it, and just short of a third of the way through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I'm going to go to bed soon, after I think one more sentence! Bye!
01/16 Direct Link
I will get lunch tomorrow at Karma and then I will go to the MLK Program. The restaurant and the church are very close, just across the street. Tomorrow, I shall get up at 7:15, because I need to get my going with my typist right away, as . Robyn will not be happy, but she'll deal, as per usual. I'm listening to the last of Pride and Prejudice in Zombies. I'm going to finish the book tomorrow, if not today. I'm also going to do The Paper Diet. I'm going to read the real Pride and Prejudice. Bye all!
01/17 Direct Link
I hired a new PCA today. She's nice. Her only problem is that she can't get me out of bed. Luckily my live-in will be here to do that. I think she'll acquire the strength by March. Today, I'm off to an MLK day celebration, which I'm am really looking forward to. My house is slightly cleaner. I don't believe all the dirt on my carpets. I'll ask Angie if she will go to Hartford. I think that she'll say yes, given that she always wants money, I'm off to bathroom shortly then it's MLK party time! Bye all!
01/18 Direct Link
All day it was icy, icy, icy! Everything was closed- the gym, schools, the delivery drivers didn't even deliver. I made due with canned chicken chili (which was okay) and the last of my French fries. This is a cool link to my work (it's a bit racy and the Hebrew is garbled; not that I know how to say it, either). I love the redditor guy who made the tape for me. I had a horrible dream in which my AB best friend and my girl were trying to put me in a nursing home. Horrible, nightmare. Bye all!
01/19 Direct Link
I had a fab time Becca Bradburd (my friend from my internet person with a disability, queer group). The second time I've met someone I knew from the internet in life. The first one was my second girlfriend Lisa. It's was a big mistake. Don't ask. Becca and I are not going to go out. We're buddies and I don't think I'm single. She brought me dinner, so ask time I'll pay. I came home, checked facebook, wrote The Paper Diet and this blog. I need to do laundry tomorrow and go to a friends of library meeting. Bye all!
01/20 Direct Link
I almost forgot to write in this blog and I would have lost. In mt first month! I talked to Amy on IM. I'd be so embarrassed I'd die if my mom acted that way. I'm going to finish part 3 of my book. I will go to bed, or so I tell myself, I will make myself go to bed. I have 39 words to go in thus blog! I'm going to have a drink and sleep soon. Wait only 53 minutes left, maybe I will just remain up. I have about 51 minutes to go! See ya later!
01/21 Direct Link
I got my period today, very happy because it won't come at PMN in Hartford. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to a poetry reading, but we will see how I feel. I feel a bit bad, but it's better than next weekend let me assure you. That's probably more than ya'll wanted to know, but I feel like taking so there. It's my blog after all. I've eaten 2 bowls of chili and 2 entire grapefruits. I've also finished my loaf of cheese bread. I made an appointment to go to a mental health artist collective on Thursday. Looking forward!
01/22 Direct Link
I write, because at least it's something positive from this too bloody (literally) day. I think my mistrust of computer is due to too much Terminator has a kid. As I type this I am watching the director's cut of Terminator 3. I am going to the Evelyn Harris concert if it kills me. $10 is a good deal. I'm still awake. I wrote a good post on ethics, brought about by talking to my PCA. I hope you'll comment. It's the only good thing I've done today. I should sleep soon. I'll see you all when hopefully I'm better.
01/23 Direct Link
I got a brunch of work done today. I sent out my questionnaires and wrote my press release. I dealt with Amtrak. I will write a poem. I will go to bed by 1am and get up at 8 (or maybe earlier). Tomorrpw it's appointment after appointment after appointment. Then the gym if I feel up to it. My period has sucked this month. I hope it improves. I'm living on OJ, graham crackers, and left over calzone. I don't even feel like eating anything. I dropped the remote and don't know where it is. See ya tomorrow. Bye all!!
01/24 Direct Link
I'm going to watch the rest of the Night at the Smithsonian. And then I will sleep. I'm going to hopefully hit the hay by 1am. I am out of words at 26. I don't know how to feel the other 75. I'm thanking of paying $1,400 to learn the craft of teaching writing. Now, I'm over half way through, but "Oh Bother!" 1. Write both both interview articles 2. Write reviews 3. Research international piece 4. Finish Ginger Scene 5. Clean desk 6. Check out recorder from Amherst 7. Call Clapp Library (check if person got press release)
01/25 Direct Link
I watched American Mall, a nice musical. I have 3 movie reviews to write. And 2 interviews. I got a hold of Stavros for Angie. I went to writing group and my AP story got an okay review. I think I'll take tomorrow off from the gym. I saw Shelly. I checked out a cassette recorder. I finished my calzone and ate a grapefruit. I'm still bleeding. I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss that. I hope it stops before Hartford. I think I'll curl up in the bed with my tape recorder and listen to the story. Bye!
01/26 Direct Link
I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. Tomorrow, I'll have the doc check it out. I'll just finish the paper diet and listen to some more of this book. Maybe I'll have graham crackers. It's still snowing! I don't know where we will put it. I like this little disabled guy who just entered my book. Bye now, see ya later!
01/27 Direct Link
I'm glad I didn't bleed to death. I was on 3 times more medicine than needed. I resolve to feel better. I'm all packed. I'm taking a book to take on the train tomorrow. "Something must be done or we will lose our next generation." I'm a caffeine to wake up. I absolutely need to awake enough be at a board meeting. Especially with Abby (my ex-board member present). I need to mail a money order. "But she had no gun ans she knew no self defense." that's a quote from my book. I have more words to go.
01/28 Direct Link
I'm not in Hartford. I'm bleeding too much. I'm worried that I'll fall and not go to board meeting anyway. Not worth it. I'm going to need to ready by Wednesday so I can go to AWP not bleeding. "His rather ordinary redneck background." I like that phrase. I'm almost on the last cassette of my book. Jay, a PMN friend, is going to pick up the Accessibility Fund books. That makes me feel less guilty about missing the gathering at least one part of my job for PMN is getting done. At least I'll catch up on work. Bye!
01/29 Direct Link
I need $78 by Monday. I have $74.50 now. Maybe I can talk Boston Pride into letting me use three different cards. I'll e-mail them. I discovered a new book series. Corvert-One: The Cassandra Compact (by Phillip Shelby) (2001) , The Paris Option (by Gayle Lynds) (2002), The Altman Code (by Gayle Lynds) (2003), The Lazarus Vendetta (by Patrick Larkin) (2004), The Moscow Vector (by Patrick Larkin) (2005), and The Arctic Event (by James H. Cobb) (2007). I'll access them Between James Patterson, who can't write a bad book that I've seen, and these I should be set.
01/30 Direct Link
I haven't written any of the poems. I have to read Ramona's book. I put all my paper in the right place. I don't feel like hitting the gym tomorrow, especially if they are coming at 1:45pm. I hang out on Facebook. I think I'll play some scrabble and watch more Supernatural. "Patience and sobriety... Promise me that and I will teach you anything I know." "Mind scarring mental images aside" This episode of Supernatural is freaking me out slightly/creepy. "Perfect like a marble statue". Wait it just got cool! I have 9 words to go. See ya!
01/31 Direct Link
New machine up and kinda running. More snow expected. Hope DC works out. The words seem tiny on this platform. I am typing. Hit keys to stay ahead of game. Pound it out, Pound it out. Finished Supernatural Season 4, accept for the special features Ruby really disappointed me. What a bitch, Ugh, I've never been so mad a character. I have decided to write a story called Confronted in which an author is confronted by the characters she she creates. I started s story like that years ago. Maybe I'll restart it. Seven more words to go. Bye all!