BY Martina

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I can't believe I forgot to post this entry. I missed up on the 1st day of month. Lucky this month is short, 25 more days to go! At least this entry is more than one-fourth over after this sentence. In fact, it's nearly half done. Tomorrow I'm going to do some work so help me; I'm going to get up at 10:15 and work. I have 35 more words to go. I'm out of words and in need so inspiration. Nineteen words to go. I spilled cheese on my shirt. He thought Australia I very fine place.
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I wrote this blog about once, but it got deleted to due to careless me. My amazing, sister-like brilliant, organizer friends need money to buy access equipment. If you have any extra green, please consider giving it to this. And yes before you ask, I already parted with my own $20 today. If I'm going to ask y'all to give up your dollars unless I'm going to also do it. You can look up "The Other Side of Dreaming" and give if you're so inclined. Today, I wrote a book review, this, and the Paper Diet (afterward). No poetry!
02/03 Direct Link
I feel ill. I am getting the brown runs. Not a good day. I hate not feeling well. I need salad and Imodium. I have a mall shopping planned for Saturday, although that it is it doesn't snow. I want grapefruit and eggs, also. My stomach is sour. maybe a little food will help! I need to write that poem tomorrow. I have a DVD and both Daniel X books. I'm still not in a book mode, although I've done a bit of work today. Like this blog and listening to a book for review. See y'all tomorrow when better!
02/04 Direct Link
I need to call and cancel a hotel. I am still in writer's block Hell. I ordered Chines food. I e-mailed my 3 novel stuff to Melissa (the coordinator). My novelist completion certificate arrived today. I hung it up. I'm going to pick up a girlfriend present if it doesn't snow very much. It's a book called Exile and Pride. I hope she likes it because I don't think I could like anyone who doesn't enjoy that book. I'm so not kidding. I don't where our food is. I really want to eat. I have a video to review.
02/05 Direct Link
I'm best friends with one of my PCAs. I love her a lot, but I'm wondering if employing her is enabling her to behave irresponsibly and not live up to her potential. What to do? What to do? I need a worker, but she's my friend and our friendship is more important than my convenience. I printed out the pages of applications that I needed. I'm listening to the last disk of a book, planning to write a review, and planning to do that poem about Matthew Shepard. Must do. Must do. After I take a pee. Bye for now!
02/06 Direct Link
I wrote and wrote and wrote today. I ate half a pot pie. I need to print out my interview with Michele, because it's to long to deal with without printing out. I have decided on 4 poems to send- my sex poem, my honorary auntie school, my your own poem, probably also Holding Self, The Flesh in Violation, and one of my new Matthew Shepard poem. Tomorrow is a day of feeling out applications and writing more to make up for lost time. I need to pick my poem for Thursday, when the Florence poets meet. Bye for now!
02/07 Direct Link
I finished a book, but don't feel like writing a review. My therapist's roof collapsed. I'm listening to Wired. I don't like this final book in the trilogy. I'm excited to go to dinner at Apollo Grill with smart ladies. On Wednesday, I'm going to get my head shot taken. I'm going to write Michelle's interview tomorrow. I'm wearing my FRIDA (a woman's disability group) shirt. I wrote a little more of the Isa story. "You're an enigma, wrapped in a moron, shrouded in pretension." Best line ever! My feet are sore. "It helped me remember him." I liked it.
02/08 Direct Link
The ladies I met at dinner are so smart. "Your father may treat me like a fool, but do you think I'd have the strength to marry one?" I'm going to listen to the rest of Wired. I'm wondering what will happen to Quinn and Ani, my favorite subordinate characters. I need to wash my hair tomorrow, before my head shot. The book will be done at most by tomorrow at the latest. "My house, my mother, my sister, my rules." This is a damn fine book. Wish I could write like that, bu wishes aren't horses. Bye for now!
02/09 Direct Link
I glad that my honorary niece loves this shirt which I brought her as birthday present. Her mom facebooked me today. I used to earn $1.18 for transgender arts project, I got a cs/cassette player and the aforementioned shirt, The Cassandra Project is a good book. I'm probably going to finish the third disc before going to bed. I will take a book to the therapist tomorrow. I wish a had an official Valentine, but everything is to lovey dovey for either the girl in my life or my honorary niece. Such is my life! Bye for now all!
02/10 Direct Link
There were guys on my apartment roof shoveling snow. My live-in said she saw am ambulance, some police cruises, and blah blah. I hope the person whose roof (I assume) collapsed is fine. I'm on disc 5 of my book. No one was at hulmes today, so I couldn't work on the charter thing. I printed a a poem, but I printed it wrong. Now I just sent my PCA to the store pick up toilet paper and get me $20. I'm going to brush my teeth now. The van service will in about 90 minutes. Bye all! Later!
02/11 Direct Link
Check on this picture of me! I'm think who is that woman? Not me, my first professional photograph! Taken to benefit the Northampton Pride Parade. I should sleep soon, because a need to get up tomorrow and go to the gym. I'm having bad spasms in my feet and trying to wake my over sleepy PCA. I just have to finish this blog and post the daily Paper Diet column, which was written mostly earlier today. Overly sleepy PCA has woken up and moved feet. I feel better. I will be in bed by 1am. See ya all tomorrow. Bye!
02/12 Direct Link
I wrote a poem and changed a cd, even though the case is falling apart. I'm checking on the phone I got for my assistants who don't have phones, although most do. Customer service is closed now. I'll call tomorrow. I need to e-mail someone about the library reading. I get 2 hours and 5 minutes a month. I'm looking forward to reading SIMS, a book I've wanted to read for years about genetic engineering. I'm psyched for tomorrow. I called my PCA for a snack. I wanted garlic bread and juice! Yay to not feeling like being anorexic!
02/13 Direct Link
I got up at 7am, Posted to Facebook, wrote poetry, am listening to an audiobook, and e-mailed a writer for the reading on Wednesday. I'll get dressed around at noon. I'm letting my PCA sleep in. I'm eating caramel rice cakes for breakfast. I started 2 poems; one is finished and one started. There is a tiny tawny bird in front of my big picture window and a squirrel. There are piles of white snow. I really must wake in the morning more. It's simply beautiful. And I mostly miss it do to be being asleep. What's that about?
02/14 Direct Link
I wrote a book review, a contest announcement blog post, and a journal entry. I still need to a paper diet blog and more story editing. My hand stamp from the LezleeAnne Rios concert is almost all gone. Tomorrow is a day of form filling, brownie ingredient buying, expenses adding, and poetry going. I'm pretty psyched... According to my research my Isa story is a "late" young adult novel. Main character is nineteen, main supporting characters are 17. It kinda felt like one. Maybe that's why the sex feels so shy. It is at that age. I'm still truth known.
02/15 Direct Link
I got an good poetry e-mail with a contest about Spring that I will lead to a print anthology and includes 5 writing exercises I will try. I'm so glad my writer's block is over. I have an errand schedule. Time sheets and Stop and Shop in the morning. Glove supplier in the afternoon along with therapy. Evening is for poetry and a PCA break. Dinner is Shepard's pee with veggies. I will organize receipts for taxes.- my tax step today. Wednesday it's count books and do inventory. Thursday it's figuring works trip vs. non-work trips. Then finished.
02/16 Direct Link
I am watching Monk, I'm going to eat a cheese stick, and hit the bed. 5:45 comes early. It's pill time. I got a new book that I'm excited to read. It's a poetry book/memoir about a woman, who the poet, and her disabled son . My goal is to read 50 books by or about people with disabilities. I want to compare work that features us vs. books we write. It should be intriguing. I have 2 done, plus 2 on my "to read" pile. I want to finish the book by the woman who teaches Lambda Poetry.
02/17 Direct Link
I'm sleepy. My pants are too tight. I got my forms from PVTA. I found out about a writer's conference in Gettysburg. I got my social security stalemate. Angie is doing laundry so I'll have pants to wear to Boston. I just got my Friends of the Library newsletter; it's baby blue. I am looking forward to Sister Celebration and our annual poetry reading, which is on tax day. My cat needs a dental cleaning. More money to spend. This is nonsense, I'm simply out of words. Levander handled scissors on my desk. Seven words to go, very relieved. Bye!
02/18 Direct Link
I wrote a letter to my cousin. I hope he does the right thing. I need to do taxes & application filling out and decide wether to join the gym or just buy wights. I'm so busy and the weather is so bad that going to the gym is a burden. I can buy a set of weights and exercise in my house, without worrying about weather or schedules. The van service is coming in slightly less more than an hour. I'm so excited about Boskone. My stomach hurts. I have a book to read on the bus. Bye to all!
02/19 Direct Link
Really thinking that I need to get a new employee, because watching Robyn do nothing with all her potential is just too much for me to endure. I love her too much to watch her stagnate. I can't make her change. I just need to look out for what's best for me. This has been coming a while. Sometimes when you love someone you just have to be like "I love you, but I'm not down with this life path." It's for her own good long term, but I do worry about Nia if I do that. Bye to all!
02/20 Direct Link
My assistant had to go back to Northampton to get my bag, because of Peter Pan screw up. I wouldn't have bothered with it accept that I need some things in my suitcase to have a good night and I really need to have a good night tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to have a chill day with movies, blogging, and writing/researching science fiction poetry. I ate trail mix, two hot pockets, and two cup of juice. I'm watching Monk. I'm going to bed after I finish my Paper Diet entry. I'm going to go to the bathroom now. Bye!
02/21 Direct Link
I had a nap of an hour through I slept until after noon today. The Amy Lowell information still is not up. After this entry and posting Robyn will put in my RAM. Hopefully tomorrow I can start Dragon training. I have yet to take out the notes from the con.

I watched the movie Identity, which is about a person with multiple personality disorder (MPD). That counts as a disability and therefore illegible for for a review in my examiner column. I really don't know how I feel about MPD. I think it's one disability I couldn't deal with.
02/22 Direct Link
Brought a new video card, because the one in my tower died. I typing on my broken laptop, at least I can still use it. Tomorrow I have to call Peter Pan again. They are going to get me a new machine, even if they don't know it.

I went to a solidarity rally for Wisconsin workers. Local tea party counter protested. Why is there always one brown body on the side of evil?

I’m actually thinking of writing a parody called One Brown Body to the tune of John Brown’s Body about that.
02/23 Direct Link
I am listening to Erica Neeley's Ladies of Fairytale and really liking it. "I might survive the loss of you and not the loss of me." This is a line from the Gypsy's Curse, another Erica Neely song. I'm really sorry Megan Fox won't be Michaela in the new Transformers. The last thing the average young American girl needs (especially the slightly geeky chick who might watch Transformers) is yet another German, skinny model wench with no opinions. I'm so ready to hate Sam's new girlfriend. Maybe Meghan will come back when Micheal Bay gives up directing the series, hopefully!
02/24 Direct Link
I hope to done with this in 10 minutes. I'm finger typing. It's my last thing and I am tired. I need to deal with Peter Pan and Hampshire and go to two doctors appointments, eye doctor and podiatrist. I had print out a new application. I lost a whole page of poetry notes- ugh! But found an old poem. Perhaps I'll have Angie retype it tomorrow. Much be more careful. Will work on my John Brown poem and my response to Invictus (the poem someone at Ware said my work reminded them of). Bye to all! See you tomorrow.
02/25 Direct Link
I wrote half of this entry and the computer did something weird and erased it. I had a long day. I went to Hampshire College to drop off fliers. Then I took two separate buses to two doctors appointments at the same place in the weather. As a result, I was cold, wet, and overly touched by medical professionals, especially the eye doctor who was really ableist and weird. I took a helpful nap and had turkey pot pie from Valley Green Feast, which also helped. Now after a mug of cocoa and a Monk episode, I'm normal.
02/26 Direct Link
I just watched Scott Pilgrim and have a working tower. I went to an awesome free concert at the library and took notes that will become a cool poem Robyn brought me a book. I have $33.95 on book on hold at Food for Thought, my favorite place in Amherst.

Love my laptop, but the screen is small and the crack in the screen crack was getting annoying. I was so relieved to get my recent work, including my latest novel edit. I'm excited to mail the girl Exile and Pride and read Bob the Book myself.
02/27 Direct Link
I'm supposed to be singing right now, but right now I feel kind of awful. So, I'm home. I have to work to do including a blog, a sale announcement for Mariposa Endeavors (feel free to like my company if on Facebook, you get deals that way), and a submission packet for a journal. More than enough to keep busy. I need to collect my papers for The Paper Diet. My neck and back hurt, but it's not that horrible. I am just kind of grumpy and such as a result of not having the day I planned. Bye all!
02/28 Direct Link
Martina is glad that Facebook reminds her of birthdays. Wishes that her weird Post-apocalyptic rape dream would/could be forgotten. Needs to call and/or e-mail many people. Is happy to be returning to scrabble club. Looks forward to a burger dinner. Needs to write poetry today, before she loses the notes she took. Is worried about the weather. Has leftovers for days. Needs to fill out applications, badly. Is kind of worn down after creative insanity last night. Is pleased to finally know how how her novel's first love scene goes, even though there's no official sex.