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Tired... Tired... Tired... I went to the immigrant rights rally (Day Without Immigrants) march and rally today. I worked on getting the banner ready for Saturday's Pride Parade. I wonder if I can make one; it will be so much cheaper that way. I could get it leminated at Collective Copies, where it could even get a union bug on it. I also got my picture taken for the newspaper about the elections. Now I am watching Animal Police on Animal Planet and wondering how people could be so mean to their pets. I just don't get it. Do you?
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have to enter two enteries in this blog. One for today and one to make up for my allowable miss up day which I already used on May 2nd. I'm not doing so well in this 100 word a day contest. I've only posted two months up there. I guess that mandatory writing isn't my style, maybe that's why I never finished Nanowrimo, as much as I want to. I don't know what to do about any of those things. Ken Elstein came over and we worked on campaign stuff. I truly love my campaign manager; he's really smart.
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Yesterday... I had my PCA re-evaluation. That always makes me feel weird. I have to act pathetic and helpless just to get the services I need. It's horrible. Laura says I shouldn't worry about it. That it's just wrong and it's not my fault that I need to lie. But I hate it anyway. I want to live in a world where disabled people don't need to do this just to get what we need. I am right; they are wrong. This nightmare is too horrible to endure year after year, but I have no choice, I need my services.
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I had a meeting for Grace for Governor and I made a campaign flyer for Owen, who has neither flyers nor signs for his campaign. I'm so excited for Northampton Pride. Ken dropped off one of my signs for me to carry. I just hope we don't run into hecklers or the like. I hate bigots. A couple of years ago, I was about afraid to go to Pride because I was running for office. But if someone decides not to vote for me because I'm queer... just screw them... the closet is not a place I visit anymore ever!
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My mom is mad at me, because the bank is screwing me. They told me I had $85 this morning. Now I have no money, but I'm going to talk to them on Monday morning. I think I'll change banks. I'm tired of this. Do you know that I raised more money, than all the candidates other than what they spent on themselve? Little old me! I don't think this town would know what to do if I got elected. Good for them. I meant two new voters, who I didn't know existed, at a disability event I went to.
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I ran into my favorite professor, Kim Christensen, from Purchase College. She was at Pride! Tina had to take care of a sick relative, so my friends had to me pee. The march was awesome- Owen, Grace, Jen, and I carried the banner for the Green-Rainbow Party. My ex-PCA was sitting next to me and helped me once. Laura came, too. Angie's working a lot extra for me this weekend. No no show interviewee today. I'm really suprised. She seemed so stable. I'm so tired. I made five dollars for my campaign. Happy Pride! I'll be going to sleep now.
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Today, I went to Bob's memorial service. There was a picnic on the Amherst Common, then the memorial sevice itself at Amherst High, then there was dinner at Amherst Chinese Food. It was a very Jewish funeral with multiple events. I ate so much- shimp, tofu, rice, chicken (two kinds), dumplings, and pancakes. A t lunch, I had bread, fruit, and nuts. Olivia came with me as my PCA, even though it was her daughter's birthday. I got the little girl a card and stuck $5 in it; it had butterflies on it. I spent $8 on van tickets today.
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I went to town meeting and spent 3.5 hours campaigning and meeting. I worked all day today for Grace and went shopping and to a fair trade festival at UMass where I ran into my friend Craig, who thought I'd died (literally...). He was so happy to see that the details of my demise where overrated. I also went shopping. I had to go to Walmart (ew!) because nothing was in my size at the Salvation Army. Later I asked one of the fair trade people if he had ever heard of anywhere to get fairly traded plus size clothing.
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I wrote my debate speech today. That's pretty much the same as my newspaper statement, although not exactly. I'll post here, when I figure out what blog it makes the most sense in. I'm watching the food channrl as I post. I love Rachel Ray, she's in Philly today, a place I also love. I don't know what's going on with Tina or Tammy, both PCA's I may have to fire, a task I hate, but I may just need to do it. Olivia is here with me tonight and Laura might be filling in tomorrow in case Tina can't.
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My debate is in less than three hours; I've been practicing all day and had a nap and lunch. Laura's coming to help me get ready and I'm going to walk downtown; no need to waste fossil fuels on having the van service come to get me for such a short trip when I can walk/roll such a short distance and it's nice out. The environmentalist in me is happy about this decision; I'll bring a hairbrush to fix any wayward hairs. It'll be a nice walk. I need to clear my head and think. Wish me luck, everyone, please!
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I had a Belchertown Parent Advisory Council Meeting, Belchertown's Parent Special Ed Committee. I am so glad that I'm going to have kids in this school district when I do have them, most likely, unless MiCASSA passes by that time, which I hope it does, so that my kids can have their own PCA care without using my own hours. Although I'd be glad to share them, but I need them, too. I'm watching the Teachings of Jon, a movie about a filmmaker's brother with severe Down Syndrome (the most severe I've ever seen), but he still seems pretty happy.
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had a bit of a cold (I suppose)and couldn't talk this morning at all, much drama as the election is Monday and I need to talk to people who haven't fully made up their minds. But thankfully, my voice recoved after sleeping until after 10 AM. It's raining here and supposed to ALL WEEK- yuck. I'm supposed to go stand on the Belchertown Common with my campaign sign tomorrow, but if it's raining, I don't know if I will, because I don't want to risk my voice again. On Wednesday, I get to go to a big, fancy dinner.
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I had an almost allergy attack today and missed going to the town common, but I'm better now. Tomorrow I'm going to the Mother's Day Peace March as a Grace event and hanging out with Laura for a couple of hours, who's feeling in for me as a PCA hurt herself. I just remembered to pack my bag with all my Grace stuff. There's no bus to take back tomorrow, so if I forget it I'm sunk. I've lots of work next week for both of my Owen and Grace campaigns. It never ends, such is the work of politics.
05/14 Direct Link
Tomorrow is election day and I'm going to bed in 14 minutes; 11 PM my time. I need to get up, get dressed up, and go by 7:30 AM. It'll rain most of tomorrow. I hate rain; it rained during the Mother's Day March, but not to badly. I saw Pria, my friend's toddler and babysat Tammy's little boy, Michael, for about 2 hours today. She was going to go crazy because she had her cousin's kids, her daughter, and son all weekend with no break. She paid me $20. I love kids; I want to be a mom badly.
05/15 Direct Link
I lost the election and the two scary Republican types got elected. It's hard to get up at 6:15 AM only to lose; I've now been up for 17 hours straight, mostly outside with no nap It was so cold and rainy here, like winter. .But at least I got 400 votes (about 25% of voters picked me as one of their two choices to serve on the Select board), but at least two good people got picked for planning board. I'm happy for that, because the others running were overdevelopment types. I'm disappointed, although people say I did good.
05/16 Direct Link
I slept very late today and took a nap later in the day. I needed to make up the sleep; I'm so tired from the election and all. I'm watching a movie called Tiptoes, about a guy who's embaressed his familiy are Little People and he's an average-sized person; he doesn't even tell his girlfriend . I hope my kids are never embaressed that I'm in a wheelchair and their probably going to have two moms, too. I don't think I'll adopt able-bodied kids anyway, plenty of AB parents will want them. Of course, I might accquire them, you never know.
05/17 Direct Link
I went to a fundraiser for Western Mass Cosh, a local workers center, and met Deval Patrick, a democratic candidate for Governor. He's slimy. I really hate stupid people of color; it's like "You can't be a dumbass, you're on my team." I wish I could find a nice democrat for my non-green voting friends to pick out. I thought Deval would be it, but definately not. I met two of my voters from Belchertown. I left my Grace and Wendy flyers there by mistake. I'll have to call tomorrow and see if they are still there. I hope so.
05/18 Direct Link
I did some research and thinking about my Three Day Novel. Is anyone else entering that contest? I'm writing a prequel to my last year's aborted entry and a sequel to Arrival. Both are posted here. The main character is the able-bodied Darien again and his disabled boyfriend Olin (which means holly) and is the last name of a current famous, disability activist photojournalist, Tom Olin, who my Olin was named after. In my story most of Tom's photos were destroyed by the eugenic government who wanted to destroy any positive images of disabled folks. I've hopes for this novel.
05/19 Direct Link
I did more research on my novel today. My choices for Olin's disability include obsessive compulsive disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, and inherited deafness. I asked my other e-mail lists for information about the Nazis, disabled people, and the Holocaust. Tomorrow I'm going to the library at UMass and the Jones Library in Amherst to do depressing research and make notes on possible scenes. The contest makers says that you shouldn't focus to much on your outline, but it's way to keep my creative juices interested in the creative process, without writing, which I'm really tempted to, although that's against the rules.
05/20 Direct Link
Nothing to say today. Sophie is going to make me homemade onion rings for my birthday party; she wants to be chef and we watched Top Chef together today. It was fun. Before I go to bed, I'm rereading all my Haven stories. I need to by a binder for them, so that I can keep my dates straight. Tomorrow I am off to the library to do some research and go to a public reading of local Amherst writers that's also at the library. I have recorded 2 shows about the Holocaust and they are pretty interesting, I think.
05/21 Direct Link
I just found out via e-mail list that the last disabled person killed in the Holocaust died on my birthday. How creepy is that, read the description: "Twenty-one days after Germany's unconditional surrender, Richard Jenne, just four years old, became the last victim of the euthanasia killers". This happened on 29 May, 1945, in the children's ward of the Kaufbeuren-Irsee state hospital in Bavaria, Germany more than three weeks after troops from the USA, had occupied the town. I guess I'll start lighting a candle for him every year on my birthday when I have cake; I never knew that.
05/22 Direct Link
I'm sick today; I got a sinus infection, I think or maybe it's all the research on the Nazis. It's a bit much, I guess, learning all of this stuff. I need a break, I suppose. I wonder how I'll ever finish the novel if I have this kind of reaction to my research. It's just disturbing, the things those people (if they can be called people) did. I know some of it was done because prople were afraid of Hitler, but some it they must have been okay with on some level. I just don't understand why or how.
05/23 Direct Link
I need to wake up early and call Kenya tomorrow and see about the conference; they have my $700 and if there is no conference I want my money back. They can't just keep it; I don't have enough for that. It's nearly 7 AM there now. I'll try calling again before bed tonight. I have a job interview on Monday to teach dance to kids with disabilities at an organization called Whole Children, which is an organization that exposes disabled kids to adventure, arts, and normal recreational activities. I would teach every weekday for three hours for 4 weeks.
05/24 Direct Link
I have a minor ear infection and got drops to fix it. I love my doctor; he's nice and he's going to send in my new PCA hours for this year and try to get me a hospital bed. I rescheduled my job interview for Tuesday; there's no van service Monday. I tried to call about information on Down Syndrome. I wonder if you isolate male Down Syndrome ejaculate if they are totally sterile or if there is some in there and if it's inheritable. That could be an interesting story if Down's residents of Haven chose to do that.
05/25 Direct Link
I called the Down Syndrome Society today, and they're not sure if you can get a guy with Down's to reproduce with use of sperm sorting. They say I need to make an appointment with a fertilty specialist to ask. Fertility specialists are classically anti- birth of disabled people as a group and I hate the idea of talking about my novel with them, although they might learn something. They are having a big conference in Atlanta in July and I want to go for research purposes. "Research purposes" that sounds wierd and scary, but I'm just another disabled person.
05/26 Direct Link
I have busy weekend. My birthday party is tomorrow, not a lot of folks are coming, though. I got two birthday cards today. I spent over $200 today, on bus tickets to go the People's Music Network ($126) and van service tickets ($69). I owe lots of money to the electric and cable companies; I also need to get a new remote because mine is broken. I spent $11 in tickets already and all I did was go to the movies and by my tickets. I'll spend even more tomorrow when I'm hanging out with Emma, but it's worth it.
05/27 Direct Link
I had my party; five people came. I cut the cake myself; I don't usually use a knife myself, but I figured since I was turning thirty I could do it. I ordered a cake from Stop and Shop.with my name on it. I've had 2 sodas, today, a lot for me. I made $15 for ADAPT, not as much as I'd hoped. Grace had a great idea about making a medical supply caravan due to people dying do to cuts in Tenncare, Tennesee homecare and Medicaid. I saw Emma today and we saw Over the Hedge. I was fun.
05/28 Direct Link
I had my party; five people came. I cut the cake myself; I don't usually use a knife myself, but I figured since I was turning thirty I could do it. I ordered a cake from Stop and Shop.with my name on it. I've had 2 sodas, today, a lot for me. I made $15 for ADAPT, not as much as I'd hoped. Grace had a great idea about making a medical supply caravan due to people dying do to cuts in Tenncare, Tennesee homecare and Medicaid. I saw Emma today and we saw Over the Hedge. I was fun.
05/29 Direct Link
I don't know if I should research the Nazis tomorrow. It's my birthday; shouldn't I be happy and not horrified? I'm flipping back and forth between Iron Chef America and a cruising boat manufacturing show about the construction of the Queen Mary 2. I really want to go on a cruise someday; maybe I'll win the one ADAPT is raffling off, although I don't really think I'd like the Bahamas. I's like to go Alaska better, but beggars and raffle winners can't be choosers. I should go to sleep in a bit; I son't want to sleep all day tomorrow
05/30 Direct Link
bring lincense, and dance teaching book, Dress well. Go to children's book writer's meeting, Pick up Waterbound, Call Charter to pay them to get new remote, Have a walk to the Belchertown library and get another book, Finish Leaving Fishers, Finish mentoring payment paperwork, Call about NY paratransit paperwork and schedule rides to and from PMN, See if I can purchase Bob's van and how much it would cost; if I did I would totally call Pimp My Ride and get them to trick it out, Now I am going to read and have cake.
05/31 Direct Link
I am starving, but my local pizza place just stopped delivering. I just got back from track practice, where I did a good job. I'm excited for the meet in Canton; I have got shot at the powerchair races because I've good chair control and I'm also good the cone weave. I've decided to take the day off from reading the scary Nazi/eugenic stuff because it give me bad nightmares last night. Now I'm watching Mythbusters. I need to call Sarah Underhill to discuss transit arrangements. I made paratransit arrangements in New York as well. I'm excited for the weekend.