BY Michael

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It may have rained a little in the morning. The sun shone later in the day. The boards on the deck dried up. Itís been leaking in here for days though. The water runs across the ceiling and drips into the pan. It is an aluminum pan. It is a square pan. I think my mother made gingerbread in that pan. I love gingerbread. I should get up there and fix the ceiling. Itís just that it is up there is so high. I would need a twelve-foot ladder, maybe more. Maybe a scaffold. Maybe I am scared of heights.
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It was a day like any other. It rained on the bicycle. The drops beaded up on the fender, handlebars, and the seat. They made little reflections of the world around them, the deck railing, trees, the houses, and even the grass in the yard. As the day wore on the drops evaporated, the yard going up into the sky with the water vapor. Soon all that remained was the bicycle. The deck railing was gone. The trees and houses were gone. The grass in the yard was gone. All that was left was the bicycle, quietly hanging in space.
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There was a story today. It was about the cedar chest. The last time I visited my mother and sister in Ohio, my sister gave me the bear skin rug and my fatherís WWII dress uniform. Suze was impressed and wanted to get a cedar chest to put these things in. She started shopping on the internet and she found a chest that impressed her for $125, so we went to look at it today at noon. It was huge, and clad in solid oak. The thing had a mirrored top and was really heavy. We bought it for $125.
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It was a day when I donít remember so much. Maybe a little. We went to Dexter. There we manhandled a wet rug and I took a dog for a walk. The dog had not been out for a while, but he was a real gentleman about it. When he was done, he headed straight back to the house. We had dinner at a bar there and split a plate of nachos. You were not so happy about the service, or the nachos. I played the piano tonight for a while. I played-half heartedly, the same way I write sometimes.
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It was a morning for the pool. I wore the pool shoes. I donít know if I will bother again. It seems I have forgotten how to write. Or maybe I never knew how. Maybe I never knew how to put in the necessary work. Things came easily for me when I was young. Nobody told me that it was going to get more difficult. There were hints. There was a limit to what my parents could do for me. It is dark out. Life is a pattern against dark windows. Reflections, stems, pedestals, lampshades, and movement from the TV.
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Itís another blank document and another evening when I donít remember what I did. It doesnít mean I didnít do anything. I just donít remember what I did. I got up and sat in the brown chair for an hour or two, but I was quickly hustled out for something, what was it? You wanted to clear the leaves out of the gutter and it was raining very hard. There was something else I did after that. I just donít remember what. I really donít remember. It was later on when Tom called. I am here; this is my life.
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It was Sunday. I spent the first couple hours of the day sleeping. I donít sleep so good at night in the bed. It is my shoulders and arms. I have some relentless need to sleep on my side and that now causes such pain in my arms that it wakes me up. When I get up, I recline in the chair and go to sleep. There I am able to sleep on my back. I showered and got dressed, putting on clean pants. I was able to find a clean pair of 44ís I think, in the closet upstairs.
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It was a busy day today. Thatís what you said. You said I did a lot of things today. What? What was one thing I did? I took my car to Belle Tire to have my son work on it. He checked the alignment. The front-end was good, but the back end was a little bit off. The back end, however, was not adjustable. He also checked my battery. I had a slow leak in my left rear tire. He got that fixed too. I picked the car up and the charge was zero. That was one thing I did.
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I think we may have gone somewhere else, but I donít remember. I think I didnít go anywhere else. I took the banjo upstairs. My father made the banjo. It had a broken string. I put some new piano books into the piano bench. I donít think I ate anything this evening, although I did have a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit for breakfast. Ok, I got up a bit late because the sound was off on my phone. Iíve been having some problems with the sound. I think the sound came back a bit after I re-booted the phone.
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We looked at pictures my sister packed for me. They all looked familiar. There were a lot of pictures of Amanda, who called this morning. Jeniís birthday is about a week away. Amanda was soliciting donations for a veterinary fund for Jeniís birthday. I sent her a PayPal for $250. We are watching TV tonight: Law & Order, SV, I think. They are making a political statement about the treatment of illegal aliens. The second show tonight to make political statements. It is hard to get away from political statements these days. The people on TV have been getting younger.
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The next election is getting closer. The ads on TV are getting more intense. I donít think these divisive politics are going to go away any time soon. In the papers I went through tonight were my order to report for my military physical in 1968? And my deferment for failing to pass the physical. There was a commemorative medal in my papers, about the size of a coaster, possibly bronze. It appeared to commemorate Ohioís 150th anniversary. Iím not sure thatís accurate. I think I remember receiving this medal as a child. I donít remember why I got it.
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The room upstairs is lit in my mind. There are things on the bed in my mind. I am not sure where I am going to put everything. The people on the TV are arguing. Sometimes that can be disturbing. Some things are more disturbing than others. Iím going to have to go pee in a minute. That is disturbing? Iím sure Iíll will be ok for a while. I just need to relax. I remember how to do that. It is a trick in the back of your mind. Or I can write. The writing seems to relax me.
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It was later on we went to the grocery store. Saturday night is not such a bad time to go shopping, except it is when they are stocking. Therefor a lot of the shelves are empty. I donít think weíll go back on Saturday night again. For example, we couldnít get the fudgesicles. The chili mix was all gone. I think there was something else they were out of. I donít remember what. We came home in the dark and the rain. Still it was a nice night all things in. I was not as afraid as I often am.
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After showering and dressing, I left for Leoís Coney Island for lunch with my son, Michael Jr. He was a little late, so I drank coffee while I waited for him. He got there before long. I ordered a sausage and Swiss omelet. Actually he ordered one for me because I was stuttering out something like sausage and Swiss omelet. He got a mega burger and an Arnold Palmer. He is doing very well in his job at Belle Tire. He seems happy with it. I hope it works out for him. That will be three children put safely away.
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I got to the piano after a bit, playing the Strawberry Malt thing and working on Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. I played for an hour, maybe an hour and a half, stopping to rest when my feet got numb. We ate steak. We grilled it outside. I think the next thing I got involved in was setting things up for work tomorrow morning. Then we started watching television. Good job of remembering your day. You are doing better at this. But maybe this is the trick, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, day after day.
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Tom went back to the U.K. today. We had lunch at the Coney. He left a laptop for his son, Daniel. He and Daniel were unable to connect with each other. I had two loaded chili dogs with fries at the Coney. I probably should not have done that, but did. I worked in the basement again today. The spider didnít come back. Iím not sure, but I may have left a partly eaten bagel down there. I have brought my laptop and gear back upstairs. I have also done my setup for teaching tomorrow. I start at 7:30 a.m.
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Well this hundred words is obviously about a guy. This guy has his head in an old refrigerator. He looks at a quart of milk in a glass bottle. Itís one of those old bottles with a cardboard cap with a little finger tab to lift it off the bottle. It fits inside a ridge around the inner edge of the bottle neck. The guy has red hair. He looks at a large block of cheese inside the refrigerator. He is looking for something. He is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the symbol for The Franklin University College of Knowledge.
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Another thing I did was buy a new Bluetooth earpiece on our way home from dropping the car off. We were dropping my car off. I have gotten to where I could not hear the Bluetooth anymore. I got the new earpiece quickly. It was fifty bucks. I had paid only twenty-six bucks for the old one. I paired it with the phone on the way home and called my mother. I could hear on it perfectly, even in the car. After I got home, I tried calling my mother again. She hadnít answered when I called from the car.
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The nice man stole two donuts at the diner. Well, everyone thought he was nice until he ran off with the two donuts. He just stuffed them into his sport coat pockets and walked out onto the street without paying for them. We debated about whether to call the police. It didnít seem like it would be worthwhile though. What could two donuts be worth? They werenít even nutty donuts. It was an overcast day. The man walked down the street and got into some kind of Ford. He took his time pulling out. He seemed pretty confident of himself.
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Itís time to try this again. It was the house with a clock in its walls. I hear the clock again. Do you? No, I donít hear it this time. I thought there was one time we both heard it. I was typing. You were almost asleep. It woke you up. I remember the first time you heard it. I had heard it several times, but you hadnít. You were beginning to think I was making it up. But then you heard it. You came to me like you were holding something in your hand that you had just found.
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As I thought about the clock house, I thought that there could be a clock that moved around in the walls, like a living thing. Perhaps it was a robot clock, or a small animal with a clock mounted in its side. Do I have to decide? Can it be a third thing? Of course it can. The clock moves up one wall and across the ceiling. It moves down another wall. It is a living clock. It is in one house, but in many walls. It is the electronic clock and the moving clock both at the same time.
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I am going to scribble here. I am going to scribble for thirty or forty minutes. I will scribble on my nervous tummy. I will scribble with a Sharpie on my naked belly. I can smell the ink drying already. The point pressed in my skin as it moved across my torso. It did not squeak. The cap snapped back into place when I was done. I lay on the couch and fell asleep. The rain came. There was lightening over the city and thunder bellowed. Water came down in sheets. I wake up. I feel groggy. My arm aches.
10/23 Direct Link
Itís another day like any other. I mean itís something. It was a day behind the shed. There was thick grass behind the shed. The grass covered the ground. The paint on the shed was faded, down to the weathered wood in places. The windows were covered with plastic-coated chicken wire. Tree limbs arched over the shed, touching in places. They must have been trimmed at some point to grow that way. The door to the shed was on the west side of the shed. It had a wooden latch and a concrete stoop. Iím not sure about the stoop.
10/24 Direct Link
It was another day like any other. One of the roof shingles came loose. The dog ran away. I donít think there was any connection. I should try to think of a connection. If the dog was tethered by a leash to the shingle, that might have loosened the shingle. Or maybe the shingle came loose and let go of the leash. I think it is more likely that the loose shingle slid off the roof and caught in the wind twisted over and over, catching the dogís attention. The dog ran into the kitchen and out the dog door.
10/25 Direct Link
West of the shed were two walnut trees. West of the walnut trees was a fence. West of the fence was an old cemetery. The child who grew up next to that cemetery may or may not be buried there. His younger sister will most likely be buried there. His father is buried there as in his older sister and his grandparents, and two of his uncles. Uncounted acquaintances, neighbors, and even friends are buried there. He plays in the cemetery some days. He knows the caretaker and the caretakerís dog. He has grown up playing with the caretakerís dog.
10/26 Direct Link
There are specks on my specs. My glasses are dirty. I am pretty sure I cleaned them this morning. My eyes are tired. Soon it will be time to go to bed. I look at the marble floor in here. This place is much larger than it needs to be. I am not sure what their reason was for putting me here. Maybe no one else would take this place. It could be a little drafty. It doesnít seem to be, however. I wonder how high these columns are. I am going to guess at 30 feet. Maybe ten meters.
10/27 Direct Link
It is time to start a third paragraph. It may be a discussion of a fair trade agreement. Ok, I left that discussion for a little while. That doesnít mean I wonít take it up again. I am thinking about getting a new box of Icebreakers out of the drawer. I have mixed feelings about it. I wonder if I am addicted to them. I wonder if I am really sleepy. Of course I am sleepy. It is late for me. I wonder if the Ice Breakers are bad for my teeth. Soon I will be going to bed. One.
10/28 Direct Link
It was a gooey day like any other. The windows were dark, with reflections of lamps and light on walls in them. My glasses were slick with dust. I now wonder where you have gone to. Perhaps you are putting pajamas on. That would make sense. When you come back I will ask you to reach in the drawer and get me a box of Ice Breakers. I would get them myself, but It is not convenient to reach over there. Nor is it convenient to get up, put my laptop down, and get them out of the drawer myself.
10/29 Direct Link
Hearing is one thing, but seeing is another. We should try to see this clock. But it is in the walls, pluralÖhow can one clock be in more than one wall? It must be the kind of clock it is. I am trying to think how this strange clock is constructed. What if the walls were a clockÖsome kind of clock. Would that work? Thinking of large printed circuitsÖresistors glued to the insides of the walls. It is an electronic clock of course. The large display takes up an entire wall, maybe two or three walls, with special thin displays.
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There was an SUV parked, with two women inside talking. I wondered about that, but forgot as I drove away. They stayed in the car, as I steered past them, raindrops pelting their dark windows and my hood. They were looking at one another, leaning into the conversation. Why they chose to park there and have their conversation in the rain I donít know. I think the one in the passenger seat was a blonde with a flannel shirt, rolled up at the wrist exposing thin arms. The driver had dark hair, and a watch dangling from her left wrist.
10/31 Direct Link
The eagles crashed into the ground in quick succession, one after another, oneÖtwoÖthree. They crumpled up, one on top of the other, the third off to the side. It was a huge pile of feathers. They had come a long way you see. The cliff face actually angled out at the top. From where the eagles landed, it was hard to see the edge. If you were to climb all the way up there and look over the top you would be looking over a thin layer of dirt and sod, across a surprisingly smooth scape of green and red.