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Feminism is an inadvertent consequence birthed by men. As technology accelerated so did the need for education. More women were being introduced to colleges and opportunities in careers. Questions of self- worth and respect began to burn in the hearts and minds of these inextinguishable women. Ignorantly, men did not attempt to rectify or answer correctly any of these inquiries. Feminism would not exist if women were respected, appreciated and loved the way they deserved. Unfortunately, centuries ago men found their treasures elsewhere. Today, the value of a man/father is belittled and women/mothers/fathers are overwhelmed, but our children/future suffer the most.
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The literary canon changes because of the natural demand for new ideas, perspectives and diversity. The demand occurs when old generations die and new ones are born. With each new generation the ability to relate slowly wears away with time. Therefore, the past acclaimed literary works must be shuffled, shifted and expanded in order to become broader and more contemporary like the people reading and writing them. Literature is from history, about history and is history. History doesn't end. It continues with everyday and every person (though some better known than others). The literary canon is just dates and people.
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"Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas is a poem of inspiration and encouragement to fight and love everything that is life. It's written for the old, the wise, the good, the wild, the great and dear, but specifically for his dieing father or for someone that symbolizes a father figure that encompasses each of these qualities. The placement of words and commas bring emphases to the last lines "And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray." Communicates emotion and makes the poem very personal.
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In Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat" there are many inherent characteristics of irony throughout the short story. First, the crew of the dingey is the finest crew the captain could ever command. Their boat sank and now they are trying to survive on a boat the size of a small bathtub. The irony being that such a fine crew should be on a grand vessel not a dingey. Second, when they finally reach land they cannot paddle in because the waves would crush their boat. Lastly, the only one that dies is the oiler, the youngest, strongest and most devoted
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Were the boys of "Dead Poet Society" rebelling against conformity or seeking freedom in their own lifes'? It can be said that one cannot be done without the other, but by definition the two are completely different. If they were rebelling against conformity, then the basic purpose would be-to be like no other, yet they were a group that shared the same ways of expression-poetry, thereby conforming to a particular sort and contradicting their purpose. Therefore, they had to have sought freedom individually. Some boys followed the very things that were denied to them and others found strength to conform.
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In the movie "Matrix" the options the character Morphious presents the main character, Neo, with is identical to the true and untainted option Christianity presents. He states, "The red pill or the blue pill". The red pill is presented as the truth, nothing more. The "red pill" for Christianity is that there is a God and that he has a son that came to earth and died on a cross for all sins. The blue pill is presented by Morphious as an option to keep on believing what is thought to be real. The blue pill for Christianity is freewill.
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Walt Whitman's " I Sing the Body Electric" contains a rhythm that electrifies his poem. The punctuation, line breaks and vocabulary sing his expression through every line. The identities of each body part flash with every announcement beginning with what he notices first and then working further with greater detail and acknowledgement. His words borderline overstatement and overexcitement, but are held at bay by their humble truths. He draws purpose and meaning to himself with every part he identifies, thereby glorifying his own existence and individuality. I abhor this poem and still stand firm in the fight against drug use!
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Andrew Hudgins's "Seventeen" is classified as a rights of passage poem. Specifically not an experience everyone is going to encounter, but generally is. Generally applied, everyone circulating the red ore will be exposed to decisions that will mold their character into what it will be in the future. People with strong characters make stands and hard decisions based on what is right. Weak characters develop from people running away and taking the easy way out. The character in Seventeen made the hard choice. He killed the suffering dog and held his (not dogs) tongue to the idiot that injured it.
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Rudyard Kipling's "If" is strength. It is determination. It is an unbelievably well written poem. Four stanzas each with four rimes make the poem inspirationally solid. The foreseeable repetition sets and unbreakable mood. The structure illustrates the importance of the idea the speaker is communicating. The tone echoes hints of a challenge and dowses the reader with encouragement. For stanzas, four rimes these are the things that we need to make much of time Mr. Herrick. With a great YALP, One day I will be old and I will die, but until that day I will hold my head high.
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In Anthony Hecht's "Dover Bitch" the "bitch" is sleeping around. Hecht states that she, the bitch, was bored by his heavy handed words and just wanted to feel "his whiskers on the back of her neck". The bitch was obviously just looking for a good time. Just like a lot of bitches, this bitch could be won over with some cheap perfume and a rubber sock. In reference from Mathew Arnolds "Dover Beach", the words the speaker spoke are of love, not lust. In reference to Dover Bitch His words are wasted and his actions more appreciated. Is virtue dead?
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E.E. Cummings's "since feeling is first" should not be classified as a love poem. There is nothing that I know of love that can be found in the poem. There is no mention of Love. Basically if the speaker didn't have lips (he would talk funny) he could not love. Also, his reference to feeling is very superficial. The "feeling" that he is speaking of does not relate to emotional feelings, which enable us to Love. So, by Mr. Cummings standards a rat could love as much as the speaker. Who cares about a man that loves like a rodent?
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In Joshua Harris's "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" there are many unconventional ideas. Josh's purpose for writing the book is to make known that there are other options (in my opinion better) in approaching the world of dating. Josh states that you do not have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be complete. He suggests that the time you waste looking for the right person could be spent in growth as an individual (especially young people). Also, the time invested and pain produced from relationships that were wrong from the start is vain. Simply, find yourself before you try to find another.
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In Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring", the first book of three, the words and descriptions used to introduce everything in middle earth enrich the environment your mind creates as you continue reading. Tolkien illustrates with metaphors and similes. He breathes life into his make-believe world by taking sights and sound of the real world (not MTV). The book like it's title focuses on a fellowship of seven men (used loosely). They journey on a quest to destroy an evil ring. Danger, certain death you name it. I highly recommend you read my next entry. It's about book two of three.
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In Tolkien's "Two Towers", book two of three, he continues his marvelous illustrations with words. In Two Towers the words are darker and more historically focused. As the characters travel through the middle of middle earth, Tolkien reveals more information on the history of the accent times and elaborates on how things came to be. He also clearly makes known how thing are, how the time of the great elves, dwarfs and men are past and that only a select few of the great blood lines are left, yet are needed. The characters are even further developed. Something thought-not-to-be possible.
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In Tolkien's, "Return of the King", third of three books, begins the melting point of all the time and emotion spent hovering over the four player per pound limited edition mound of finely bound pages of script. A book so glorious, the whispers of fools tickle the eves of the holes they live in, hushing "Like the Bible". This book has no words of salvation, but like the Bible Victory! There is victory over darkness and evil, tell all who live in middle earth. Though I know none that live there. Tell them I know of some, some that care.
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"The Road Not taken" by Robert Frost is a classic poem that is typically misused. On graduation day a student stands before his or her peers, dressed in Gold and White honorary dressage, covered from head to toe with cords and medals, and they utter the last three lines from this poem. Most clap and others pay no attention, but the esoteric confidants, those like me that receive a "D" in 1102 their eleventh grade year, giggle at the irony of this posers display of ignorance. Is the speaker in this poem happy with his decision? My Valedictorian is Pregnant?
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"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost is completely ironic. The wall that separates the two neighbors is the only thing that keeps their relationship together. When the broken parts in the wall need repair, the two join in effort to repair it. "Good fences make Good neighbors" the neighbor replies twice, this is an Ironic statement in its self. Something that is designed to separate and keep out is the very thing that keeps everything in its place. Another irony is that the speaker initiates the mending of the wall. He is the only one that does not like the wall.
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"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost is full of symbolism. The poem represents to me a day of work. In the morning you freshly wake from a dream still unaware of what the day will bring. The sun rises and then the day slowly takes the shape of every other day you've been living for the last couple of years. Some jobs can be so repetitive that you could sleep your whole day through and then it seems that you wake up when you start to dream again in bed. This universal poem can be applied to some marriages.
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Alice Walker's "A woman is not a potted plant" states with imagery how in appropriately women are identified and treated. Although the poem was written in 1991, the perverted feministic movement still triumphantly marches on, still. Her first complaint is that women are associated with houses, some how that is mans fault I'm sure. Next she's barking about how women have to look a certain way, I blame that on Oprah and her silly magazine. No one could be that ugly when they wake up in the morning and still get on TV. I vote for free plastic surgery, (IVOTED).
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"Enough" is a movie that I recently saw. From the beginning a *Flush* can be heard and then the movie starts spiraling down slowly, I mean slowly caring the crappie idea it started with away. The only hope I had of enjoying this piece was that at any moment some brief shot of Jennifer Lopez's voluptuous curves would cut a cross the screen. There was no such luck. By the end of the movie my eyes filled with tears, not from the sad acting, but tears for all those innocent men like me that get there as*kicked by women everyday.
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E. E. Cummings's "she being brand" is a great poem to start an argument about. First, it is due of all of its very much-deserved admiration. The Poem has double meanings, he relates breaking a virgin in to braking a new car in. It is the pentacle of all male shovanistic idealism. If you can't understand women then try to explain them through things you do understand. I like that! Formally, syntax is very important in this poem like all of E. E. Cummings poems. I specifically like the Phrase "Public Gardens" makes me think of pubic bush and flowers.
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In Sharon Olds's "Poem for the Breast" she uses personification of her breast to tell several things about the speaker (and her breast!). The tone of love and embodiment is evident in the first fourteen lines, but as the poem goes on she becomes more and more disconnected from her breast. By the end of the poem she's totaly disconnected from them. She even envies them for their ignorance and insensitive nature. I find that the more women hold, look upon and talk about their breast the more their arguments are convincing and it helps in the fight against breast-cancer.
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In the Movie "Playing by Heart" the setting is very important. The movie can be best described as a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are scattered and you can't tell what it is from one piece, but as things start coming to together in the end everything starts to make sense. Also like a puzzle, everyone's relationship is broken, she's lost, he has aids, he's has no imagination, she's cheating on him, he's dieing and wanted to cheat on her, she's so busy she can't love him… each one mentioned is a deferent character. In the end, it's a family.
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In the movie "Shrek" there are many cases of irony. The irony being that Shrek is an Ogre, which typically makes him the bad guy, but he's not he's the hero. Also the princess is an Ogre too. The curse that was put on her was thought to be her ugly looks, Shrek: born that way, Princes: cursed. Finally, in the end she realizes that she was born ugly and the curse was a pretty face and a tight body. Also there's a donkey, who's funny, his girl friend is a giant lizard that flies, commonly known as a Dragon.
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In the book "mere Christianity", by C. S. Lewis, Lewis attempts to tackle the arguments that have been and ever will be made on important basic issues in reference to Christianity. He begins by intellectually disproving every argument he ever heard of or thought of himself before and after he was saved. Most remember able statement was on an atheist that held his watch up toward God, saying "You've got five minutes to kill me or you don't exist", Lewis remarked "How arrogant that man is to think he can exhaust God's everlasting patients in five minutes." People said, Amen.
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In the TV show "Friends" the characters are the most important. The success of the TV show coincides with the viewers being able to relate. If they can't relate or want to then they won't watch. That is why Family shows aren't as successful as they were, because families don't watch TV together anymore. Every room in the house has a TV. Therefore, the show does not have to have the same appeal, meaning Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis can all watch their own programs. The show Friends hits the largest census; everyone has friends even if they are cats…
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The TV Show "Seinfeld" owes its success to its ability to recreate the odd things we do or people do to us. One comedian surrounded by a bunch of weirdoes. The formula is a success even if you don't like the show. Perspective plays a huge role in Seinfeld, because it superimposes one character's point of view in a humorous way on to your point of view. There is heavy amount of irony in character George, because he is so picky in a woman even though he's, well, who he is. Success does not make you a good person/ show.
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In Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" the reader response will vary depending on the reader's personal experiences. If a man that loves his wife were to read this story, he would probably think low of Mrs. Mallard, because of her response to the news of her husband's death. Yet, if a woman that is in an abusive relationship with a man would read this story her response would be satisfactory, know that Mrs. Mallard is now truly free from what seemed to her to be an oppressive relationship. Chopin's narration, being limited omniscient, is key for this open interpretation.
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Faulkner's "Rose for Emily" cannot be classified as a Ghost Story. Ghost stories have ghost. Emily and Homer where not ever mentioned as ghost. When they died, they stayed dead. The house was not haunted by any spirits (except for the smell of a decomposing body). Maybe if someone were to continue on the story, then maybe there would be evidents of Ghosts. A good title for that would be "For Emily Rose". As Faulkner's story is, it is not a Ghost story. It can be better described as a Horror story. Emily should be cast on "Six Feet Under".
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In God's "Bible" you can find the word of God. There are many verses, parables and stories from history. The words can change there meaning with every revision of any verse. The Word almost seems to be living. One day a verse means one thing to me. Then the next day it can mean something else. The Word seems to support me in every change or situation in my life. It perfectly relates to God and his characteristics, therefore it must be God. John1:1:In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.